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October 7, 2011

The American Fall Series #2: Global ReLoveution... Freedom or Greedom?

Hello Every One!

"For many people that I have talked to lately, a common issue is fear of the future and a feeling of being "alone against the world". That's not surprising because in their response to the global economic crisis our political and financial leaders have demonstrated their moral and intellectual bankruptcy.

In fact, as readers of this newsletter are well aware, the financial elites on Wall Street and our political leaders in Washington collaborated in a 30 year plan to deregulate banks and investment firms which resulted in the creation of a string of financial crises featuring massive equity, commodity and debt bubbles, world-class episodes of financial fraud and abuse such as the S&L crisis and Enron, the creation of $60 trillion dollars worth of opaque and mysterious financial products called "derivatives" which cannot even be priced by experts in today's markets, the re-distribution of wealth in America so that the top 1% own the vast bulk of all equities, cash and assets, and the impoverishment of the American middle class during the de-industrialization and financialization of the US economy.

This deregulatory neo-liberal political and economic regime collapsed in 2007-2008 resulting in a $15 trillion taxpayer bailout, the loss of over $10 trillion in financial assets, and the collapse of the American housing market, repository of the vast majority of middle class savings.

No financiers were put in jail. No indictments have been issued for players at major banks or Wall Street investment firms, no high-profile Congressional hearings have been scheduled, and other than New York state, no state attorney general is conducting serious investigations of the Wall Street meltdown. No substantive reforms and regulations designed to prevent a recurrence of the debacle have been put in place. Political and financial leaders in America and around the world have been united in their resolve to socialize the losses in the financial system, privatize all profits to the benefit of the big bankers and Wall Street firms who caused the collapse, and force austerity on the 99% of the population who do not have tens of millions of dollars worth of financial assets.

Austerity for the masses and taxpayer bailouts for the upper classes is the global prescription for recovery. Deregulation remains the default setting in the world's political capitals, and the neo-liberal economic prescriptions that generated this global meltdown remain the gold standard of economic theory among the world's elites.

The result is a series of rolling crises that affect first one part of the world, then another, with no end in sight. The financial plague has gone global, affecting economies and markets in Asia and Europe as well as America. All eyes are on Europe this month, where knowledgeable market watchers are anticipating a total financial meltdown and the breakup of the Euro zone.

“I’m very concerned of things getting out of control,” Professor Nouriel Roubini, Chairman of Roubini Global Economics LLC. explained in an October 2 interview at Bloomberg’s Dubai office. “You need a huge bazooka of at least 2 trillion euros, but you can’t wait three months. You have to do it in the next few weeks.” Roubini is justly famous for his predictions of the dire consequences of the 2007-2008 Wall Street Meltdown, which we brought you in our February 2008 newsletter, The Coming Collapse of Globalization. Roubini sees little hope for the Euro project. “Even if you have a debt reduction, that’s not going to restore growth unless you have a change in real exchange rates through a depreciation and you go back to national currencies,” Roubini continues. “The problem isn’t that Greece is insolvent, but that the fact of having two big elephants in the room – Italy and Spain,” Roubini said. “They’re too big to fail but also too big to save. Even if they are illiquid, but solvent given austerity reform, they’ve already lost market credibility.”

Roubini believes that a resolution of the current European crisis would require the following: easing of European Central Bank policies and rates, lowering the value of the euro, recapitalization of European banks, and an “orderly process to allow the exit of Greece from the euro zone,” There is a risk of a “self-fulfilling run” on their government debt, Roubini said. “What is the likelihood of all of these things occurring in a coherent, consistent and realistic way to avoid the mess?” Roubini asked. “I think it’s a low probability because of the political constraints.”

Roubini calculates that the consequences of European leaders' failure to adequately address their economic and political problems will likely be "worse" than the collapse of Lehman Brothers, which precipitated the onset of the "Great Recession" and the current global financial crisis.

The response of global elites to the financial meltdown seems to be "austerity for thee and bailouts for me." No new taxes on the super-rich. No new jobs and fewer government services for everyone else.

The elites of the world seem to have seceded from the human race. They no longer believe they belong to the human community. They want to secure their fortunes, their over-sized gated homes and their privileges at the expense of the other 99% of humanity. In their ego-mania these elites pursue a short-sighted Darwinian, rational materialist, winner-take-all philosophy of life that is as crippling to the souls of the winners as it is to the material well-being of the losers in the never-ending race for more and more.

The ongoing slow-motion global economic collapse has created a huge amount of stress. For many of us, it is no longer possible to trust our political leaders to do the right thing. It is no longer possible to believe that if we play by the rules of the financial game we will be able to achieve our life-goals -- to support ourselves and our families.

For many people, President Obama's performance has proved disillusioning and disappointing. The anti-torture, anti-unnecessary-war, rule-of-law, environmentalist, green-jobs creating, candidate of 2008 has veered so far to the right that he actually threatens to out-do former President George W. Bush in expanding the global war on terror and ratifying the use of torture as an everyday tool of American foreign policy. Instead of the green jobs program candidate Obama promised, President Obama favors building a new generation of nuclear reactors and creation of a new environmentally disastrous pipeline from Canada's tar oil fields into the US. Candidate Obama promised to put people first. Now President Obama wants to gut Social Security and Medicare to pay for his multi-trillion dollar bailouts of Wall Street and foreign banking interests. If George W. had behaved this way, the country would have been in open revolt by now.

Obama's performance looks good only in comparison to the intransigent and reactionary American Congress. Despite America's love affair with Obama, it is clear that a surge of public disapproval with financial and political elites is rising across the country.

A recent poll shows over 50% of Americans disapprove of Obama's performance, while 82.3% disapprove of the performance of Congress. These are lower numbers than George W. Bush posted at a similar point in his ill-starred Presidency, and the lowest approval ratings for Congress ever recorded. No one will be surprised to hear that the only group posting lower approval ratings than America's politicians is America's financial elite. In a recent poll 97% of respondents said they do not trust bankers.

This disapproval is manifesting in a series of protests against elite financiers and their political enablers that is beginning to sweep the country. This is appropriate considering that the Sabian symbol for the Sun at 19° Libra is "A gang of robbers in hiding: protest against disharmonic social privilege."

The American protests began at Liberty Square, a park in Lower Manhattan's financial district, on September 17, 2011, organized by a group called "Occupy Wall Street" in response to a call to confront the power of organized financial capital in a Canadian magazine called AdBusters. More than 700 anti-Wall Street protesters were arrested Saturday October 1, as they attempted to cross the Brooklyn Bridge.

The protesters say that "Occupy Wall Street is a leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants."

Protests have spread to Boston, Chicago, and dozens of other cities across the country. In downtown New York, the protesters hold workshops, informal concerts and community debates every day where discussions are held in a free-form open-ended manner.

People are donating money from all over the world. Car pools of reinforcements are arriving from Wisconsin, California and Florida. One woman who traveled a long way to join the protesters is Becky Wartell, 24, a massage therapist from Maine. "I am a small business owner!" she told a reporter from the UK Guardian. "What everybody's here protesting is that fact that 1% of the population controls so much wealth. We are the rest of society. We are the 99%," she said.

"One thing many of the protesters do know is their facts and figures," explains Guardian reporter Paul Harris. "For every hippy talking about world peace or traveler wanting to heal the world, another will mention the exact tax rates that rich Americans pay, or that 20% of the US population now control 84% of the wealth. Or that the richest 400 families have the same net worth as the bottom 50% of the entire nation."

"Brought together by outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, participants hope the New York protests can plant the seeds of a permanent national movement," reports Colum Lynch in an article in The Washington Post. "The site serves as a clearinghouse for information on the movement and includes a list of events around the country."

"The primary theme is that corporate capitalists, backed by corrupt politicians, have tipped the balance of the economic system too far in favor of the powerful, thus condemning the regular guy to a sea of debt and little opportunity. As one sign put it: 'The loan shark ate my world.'"

"The American dream is dead or dying," said Max Richmond, 26, a New York City-based carpenter from Millerton, N.Y. "Four or five weeks ago, I was just another apathetic, defeatist member of my generation. Being here, I’m not. We were all just waiting for something like this to happen."

"The movement has struck a chord in some liberal New York circles, attracting celebrities such as actress Susan Sarandon and former New York governor David Paterson," The Washington Post reports. "It also got a seal of approval from one of the world’s most successful capitalists, billionaire George Soros, who said the demonstrators had every reason to be angry at the U.S. financial system for jeopardizing their future."

" I can sympathize with their grievances," Soros told reporters at U.N. headquarters Monday, faulting U.S. banks for driving small businesses out of existence by boosting credit charges to unsupportable levels. Soros, who has profited during the financial crisis, suggested that the banks’ selfish conduct has provided grist for powerful anti-establishment movements, from the tea party to Occupy Wall Street.

So now America's political and financial elites are faced with twin protest movements -- the Tea Party on the right and the anti-Wall Street movement on the left.

Yet it appears that America's elites retain their confidence and expect to continue to determine the shape of our future -- for their own benefit, of course. And thus it is extremely likely that the 2012 Presidential election campaign will be an affair fraught with negative emotions, conflict, and attempts to find scapegoats to blame for the current crisis. Get ready for some really ugly realities and rhetoric to appear in prime-time as America's richest 1% attempt once again to trick Americans into voting against their own best interests for a charismatic politician who claims to have simple answers to our complex problems.

It appears that we cannot expect America's elites to provide us with leadership and guidance from our existing and obsolete social, economic and political system to a new, sustainable, equitable and more democratic future. It is up to each of us to attune ourselves to the energy of the Solar Age that exists beyond our addiction to material consumption. It is by envisioning a better future, and by taking small steps to manifest that future in our own lives that we magnetize ourselves to the energy of that future society that exists beyond the global warming crisis, the oil-based Industrial Revolution, and existing financial and political relations.

By taking time to envision creative solutions to our problems we will create an energetic vessel within us which can then be filled by our Guides and Teachers with the vision, the energy, the will forces and the power that we can use to create a new human civilization worthy of that name.

For as you align your energy signature with the energies of the more balanced future human civilization, you automatically attract those energies and the attention of the Beings of Light who guide humanity's footsteps into that new realm of being.

As you know, the Law of Resonance and Attraction states that you will attract to you energies that resonate in harmony with the vibrational frequencies you exhibit in your physical body, your emotional or astral body, your mind, and your mental or causal energy bodies.

We are at a world-historical turning point. Be the change you seek in the world, and the change you seek to make in the world will seek you out, providing golden opportunities for you to continue to be the change you most want to see and be!"

- Curtis Lang ( - Excerpted from Global News Roundup: Occupy Wall Street Protests Rock US in his October 7 newsletter Cosmic Weather Forecast: A New American Revolution?

I couldn't resist introducing this massive (236 pages 83,000 words, 693 links!!! to be emailed over the course of several days) compilation with this outstanding synthesis by long-time ERN subscriber Curtis Lang. You will find MUCH more below on what I call the Global ReLoveution now underway. Humanity has to choose between Freedom of Greedom, Light and Darkness, Rejuvenation and Extinction. The choice we face is as stark as that and the time to shift into higher dimensional Love Gear is NOW!

Here is another amazing soul I cannot resist to quote in this introduction...

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

- Steve Jobs - Watch his entire min) 2005 Stanford Commencement Address - Transcript of Steve Jobs' address. Quite moving from today's perspective now that he has crossed the veil - a premature death apparently caused by the chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments for cancer he underwent, according to Mike Adams who also talks about the dark side of Apple...

Much has been said about Steve Job in the last two days and I won't add much to the universal concert of praise for him. I've been a hard core - and sometime annoying for the PCers! - Mac fan since 1981. MacLuhan famously said, "The medium is the message." We can apply this to Apple's user-friendly computers and softwares. Always he knew that through making available to ordinary people the computing power once reserved to the elite, he would somehow stir a global revolution through enabling countless souls like you and me the possibility to share their thoughts, visions and creations, something obviously facilitated by the Internet - the outgrowth of a research project for U.S. Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in the late 1960s.

So what I've been doing in the past 12+ years on the Web as I followed the callings from my heart and intuition, wouldn't have been made possible without Steve Job relentlessy following his own heart and intuition.

We all owe you a big one brother! May you forever continue following your heart in heaven, and may you now enjoy the blissful feeling of a mission well accomplished.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

PS Je recommande aux abonnés francophones de la liste anglaise qui ne seraient pas abonnés à ma liste d'envoi française de prendre connaissance de...

Compteurs intelligents : Derniers développements - Diffusé le 30 septembre 2011
Vous avez peut-être entendu parler du projet d'Hydro-Québec de remplacer tous nos compteurs d'électricité par de nouveaux compteurs numériques dotés d'un puissant émetteur à micro-ondes dont les effets cumulatifs sur la santé risquent de causer bien des maux de tête parmi la population québécoise, tout particulièrement chez les personnes atteintes d'hypersensibilité électromagnétique. C'est un sujet auquel je m'intéresse plus particulièrement depuis le mois de mars dernier et je crois que vous serez également intéressé-e par ce sujet, que vous habitiez au Québec ou en France, car là aussi l'EDF a commencé à déployer ce cauchemar électromagnétique que certains décrivent comme des compteurs mouchards. Si vous désirez continuer à recevoir de temps à autres des nouvelles de ma part concernant les plus récents développements dans ce dossier particulier, vous devez m'envoyer un courriel au"> avec comme sujet « SVP m'ajouter à votre liste d'envoi sur les compteurs intelligents ». Je vous recommande également de consulter SPECIAL SECTION ON THE GROWING MICROWAVE RADIATION PROBLEM dans cette compilation.

The normal and special features in this compilation are...



1. Rebellion Has Arrived In America
2. Wealth and poverty in America
3. Thinking about revolution
4. Abandon False Hope … And Get Some Real Hope
5. The Occupied Turn Occupiers
6. The Day America Died
7. Be The Change You Want to See in the World
8. Gore takes climate change slide show around the world in 24 hours
9. Environmentalism’s Last Stand Tar sands and the future of our eco-system
10. Our way of life is the problem
11. Ecuador's Imperilled Paradise - One of the World's Most Important, If Least-Known Battles Oil or life?
12. Ecuador’s stark choice
13. Real Reason Gov. Rod Blagojevich was Arrested and Convicted
14. Opinion: Conservatives' new crime bill borrows from failed U.S. model
15. Camp Ashraf: Iran and Iraq’s crime against humanity
16. Science Lags as Health Problems Emerge Near Gas Fields

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STATS for this compilation: Over 83,000 words, and 693 links provided.

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"In the Middle Ages, 2% of the people owned 90% of the wealth. We are in a situation where 1% owns 95% of the wealth. We are worst than in the Middle Ages. We are serfs. It's time for the serfs to revolt."

- Kevin Zeese -- Transcript of his statement at the end of this Countdown TV interview.

"I am a universal citizen. I have been an activist for three decades. I had a private healing practice (alternative), which included counseling. I also have worked with war-affected children and their families. During that time I had some harrowing experiences and became acquainted with the deeper forces at work behind global politics. I then left private practice and became fully engaged in global healing. Presently I operate on two levels; physical and non-physical. There is a fierce resistance inside Libya which most of the world is unaware of. Over 70,000 troops from Nigeria joined the Libyan people's militias. I have heard that many more from other African nations are coming in. The Libyan army and people's resistance have managed to hold 80% of their country to date. The future is uncertain, especially in light of the latest developments at the United Nations. The resistance will continue, even if Libya should completely fall, along with the plans for a united and soverign Africa. Why is this so important to me? I love this world and humanity with a passion I cannot convey through any language, save action. I see what is possible and aim to bring it forth. Heaven is here, now. We must bring it forth. Libya has provided the unique opportunity for humanity to awaken, to see what is really happening in the world and who the "controllers" are. This is our gift as we approach the shift of the ages. The disclosure of the fact that Al Qaeda and other known terrorist organizations are working in tandem with the United States, Britain and France inside Libya, actually forming the NTC, is unprecedented. To have them sanctioned to represent Libya at the United Nations is another critical precedent. An opportunity is being given to humanity to see the truth and to take a stand for the Light. If humanity understands the implications of these developments, we can come to terms with what really happened regarding 9/11. We can then proceed to stop all the wars, embracing all humanity as our beloved brothers and sisters. Our light and fierce compassion can transform the force that presently is behind the violence and destruction. Before we can do this however, we must embrace Who We truly Are, embody our highest potential and proceed from there to be the co-creators of a healed world. Ascension is not the path I have been shown. How can we ascend while the innocents of this world are mercilessly slaughtered, while we do nothing? We ascend together or not at all."

- Alexandra Valiente ( -

"Americans not only feel powerless, they are powerless. They cannot do anything. The highly concentrated, corporate-owned, government-subservient print and TV media are useless and no longer capable of performing the historic role of protecting our rights and holding government accountable. Even many antiwar Internet sites shield the government from 9/11 skepticism, and most defend the government’s "righteous intent" in its war on terror. Acceptable criticism has to be couched in words such as "it doesn’t serve our interests." Voting has no effect. President "Change" is worse than Bush/Cheney. As Jonathan Turley suggests, Obama is "the most disastrous president in our history." Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who stands up for the Constitution, but the majority of Americans are too unconcerned with the Constitution to appreciate him. To expect salvation from an election is delusional. All you can do, if you are young enough, is to leave the country. The only future for Americans is a nightmare."

- Paul Craig Roberts - Taken from The Day America Died below

"Christ lives through anyone who has an open heart and a willingness to be an instrument of God - just as Jesus did. And it is as simple as that."

- Guess Who...


Pakistan’s floods leave millions bound by water, stalked by disease (Sep. 29, 2011)
(...) Some nine million people are now affected by widespread flooding in Pakistan; many have lost their homes, their possessions, and their livelihood for the foreseeable future as polluted water pools on the land they used to farm. These floods come one year after the largest natural disaster in Pakistan’s history, late-monsoon floods that submerged one-fifth of the country’s land mass and affected 20 million people. Many of those left homeless by the latest rains had already been displaced by the flood of 2010 and had yet to go home or were only just rebuilding when disaster came again. (...) Yet the response of the Pakistani government has been fitful or entirely absent, the displaced people say, while the international community, weary of the perpetual litany of disaster from this country, has been equally slow to offer help.Every major road in southern Sindh is now lined with shelters like the Abou Meghwars’ – in a few places there are thick canvas tents pitched on the asphalt; most are homemade affairs, an old sari or a plastic tarp stretched over bamboo poles. Toddlers play a few inches from transport trucks that thunder past on the road from Karachi. There are no sanitation facilities. And while there is water in every direction, the lack of water safe to drink is perhaps the most urgent crisis facing the displaced. As they drink, bathe, water livestock and relieve themselves in the surrounding water, outbreaks of diarrheal disease are imminent. The only medical assistance the people of Jio Kaloi have received was a visit by Pakistan army medics who gave everyone in the community a jar of cough syrup. CLIP

Aid Supply Shortage for Pakistan Flood Victims: UN
The humanitarian aide agencies could be running out of supplies and resources to help flood victims in Pakistan, says the United Nations. UN estimates a total of five million people in South Pakistan affected by floods. The funding request by United Nations to come to the aide of the government of Pakistan in addressing the needs of victims, has only received $19 million of the original $357 million requested after two weeks. The budget was requested to cover for a six months period. Currently humanitarian agencies in location have only food stocks to last for a month. Drinking water and emergency shelter materials are expected to run out in a few weeks. An OCHA (Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs) team leader for the flood relief said that there are families who worry that their children will go hungry and will be left without any water. The water at the location is contaminated, says the aid worker. The UN has already provided food aide to over 400 thousand people. It hopes to double the number in the next few weeks. The recent flood is the second of its kind that has ravaged through a very poor region of Pakistan. Last year’s flood devastated the Southern region of Pakistan leaving millions of victims. The current disaster has lasted more than a month leaving billions of dollars in damages and millions of Pakistanis displaced.

Hundreds dead, 660,000 displaced by Pakistan flooding (October 1, 2011)
Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- The death toll continues to rise from devastating flooding in southeastern Pakistan, with authorities saying Friday that 107 children are among the 434 people killed. Roughly 660,000 people are living in refugee camps in the wake of high waters that have wrought havoc for several weeks, Pakistan's national disaster authority said in a statement. This is fewer than the 700,000 reported by the same agency just over a week ago. About 8.9 million people have been affected by the floods, which have destroyed 1.5 million homes in 37,000 villages in Sindh province alone, according to the statement. CLIP

UN again sends SOS for the flood-hit - TIME FOR THE BILLIONAIRIES TO PITCH IN!!
ISLAMABAD: The United Nations has warned that humanitarian agencies are running out of resources to assist those affected by floods in Sindh, even as the need for basic items, shelter and health services increases among more than five million affected people. The UN appeal for $357 million under its “Pakistan flood rapid response plan”, launched two weeks ago, has received only $19 million so far, an official said here on Saturday. “Urgent relief is critical as families continue to suffer in the aftermath of the floods. Unless we receive new pledges to the Floods Rapid Response Plan, millions of people will be left in need of food, clean water and essential medicines for months to come,” UN Coordinator for Pakistan Timo Pakkala said. CLIP

UN voices concern over major human and economic toll by Asian floods (Oct 2, 2011)
The United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR) on Sunday voiced its concern at the millions of flood-hit people in many Asian countries in Asia, and urged governments to increase their investment in disaster risk reduction. Pakistan,the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Thailand are all suffering from the effects of flood waters, and many people have lost their lives as a result. “People shouldn’t die because of floods. We have the technology to alert communities before floods arrive. People can be evacuated in time, lives saved and livelihoods protected. Once again, early warning systems are the smart choice and the most efficient of all disaster prevention measures,” said Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction, Margareta Wahlstrom. She also expressed her concern over the long-term economic impact of the floods on the affected countries, many of which have seen their infrastructure damaged and their services interrupted by the heavy rains, and said this would be one of the main issues she will focus on during her upcoming visit to the region. According to a UNISDR report, floods account for a significant amount of damage to public assets such as health and education facilities, as well as to the livelihoods, homes and assets of poor people. However,most of these losses are not recorded by governments, making it difficult for them to invest in disaster reduction measures. “The invisible nature of this large volume of disaster loss is one reason why so many countries are finding it difficult to make both political and economic decisions to prioritize investment in disaster risk management,” said Wahlstrom. In Cambodia, tens of thousands of hectares of rice paddies have been inundated, and about 300 schools closed after the rains on Saturday. “The damage is very serious this year. It is the country’s worst flooding in a decade. More than 17,000 families have been evacuated to higher ground in 12 provinces across the country,” said Keo Vy, a Cambodian disaster official. In Thailand, more than two million acres of farmland are underwater and more than 635 schools have been damaged, leaving thousands of children out of school. In Pakistan, this is the second year in a row that the country has endured severe floods. The World Food Programme (WFP) reports that 5.4 million people have been affected, 73 per cent of the harvest has been destroyed, and 36 per cent of the livestock has been killed in flooded areas. Gaelle Sevenier, a spokesperson for WFP, said the agency has provided 7,000 tons of food rations to 490,000 people in flood-affected areas in Pakistan, and added it will increase its efforts to provide food assistance to 500,000 new beneficiaries by the end of the month.

The human cost of a global crisis (27 September 2011)
The full humanitarian impact of the world economic crisis became clearer this week, as UN and global agencies warned of huge job losses, a rise in the number of people afflicted by chronic undernourishment, and the "extraordinary price" being paid by children and other vulnerable groups as mass austerity programmes constrict the developing world.In a report prepared with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for G20 labour ministers meeting in Paris on Monday, the International Labour Organisation said the group of developing and developed nations had seen 20m jobs disappear since the 2008 financial crisis. At current rates it would be impossible to recover them in the near term and there was a risk of the number doubling by the end of next year, it said. "We must act now to reverse the slowdown in employment growth and make up for the jobs lost," ILO director general Juan Somavía said. "Employment creation has to become a top macroeconomic priority." The World Disasters Report, published by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, concluded that the number of people worldwide who are undernourished must be at least 1 billion. Of these, around 60% are women.A total of 178 million children under five have stunted growth as a result of lack of food, it found. The annual report, which this year focuses on hunger and malnutrition, says the rise in basic food prices, the impact of changing climate and a rise in population have led to the increase in hunger. Meanwhile, a study by the UN children's fund, Unicef, said there would be "irreversible impacts" from wage cuts, tax increases, benefit reductions and cuts in subsidies that bore most heavily on the most vulnerable in low-income nations. It found that between 2010 and 2012 a quarter of developing nations were engaged in what it called excessive belt-tightening, reducing spending to below the levels before the financial crisis began in 2007. CLIP


NASA Discovers Northern Arctic Ozone Loss (Oct 4, 2011)
Scientists have discovered an unprecedented depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer in the Northern Arctic region. A NASA-led study released on October 2 in the journal Nature reports that a loss of ozone similar to the one found in the Antarctic has begun to develop due to a prolonged period of low temperatures.The Ozone layer is the stratosphere, extending from about 10 to 20 miles (15 to 35 kilometers) above the surface of the Earth. Ozone is a molecule made up of three-oxygen-atoms that absorb 97 to 99-percent of the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. The Ozone layer suffers some amount of damage every winter, as the cold temperatures cause ozone-destroying forms chlorine to be converted from human-produced chemicals."The difference from previous winters is that temperatures were low enough to produce ozone-destroying forms of chlorine for a much longer time,” said lead author of the study Gloria Manney, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in a press release. "This implies that if winter Arctic stratospheric temperatures drop just slightly in the future, for example as a result of climate change, then severe Arctic ozone loss may occur more frequently." (...) The total loss of Ozone in the Arctic was over double the typical amount in the Antarctic, but the area of loss was 40% smaller. Ozone depletion occurs in an atmospheric cyclone system known as an Arctic polar vortex. Whereas the Antarctic vortex is larger and longer-lived, the northern vortex is smaller and shorter, but it is also mobile and often moves over densely populated regions, potentially endangering humans to direct UV exposure.


Where Did The Towers Go? The evidence of directed Free-energy technology on 9/11 By Judy Wood
The New investigation -- If you are among those who have called for a new, open, and independent investigation, today’s your lucky day! This is not only “The New Investigation,” it is the only comprehensive-forensic investigation to date in the public domain. As of this publication only one person —myself, Dr. Judy Wood— has conducted a comprehensive investigation to determine what happened to the World Trade Center (WTC) complex. This was part of the federal qui tam (whistleblower) case I filed (2007) in which I accused the defendants of science fraud. This book is a summary of the physical evidence submitted in my federal qui tam case accusing the defendants of science fraud. NIST was mandated by congress to “Determine why and how WTC 1 and WTC 2 collapsed…” yet NIST admitted to me that they did not analyze the “collapse.” The contractors they hired with taxpayer money knowingly allowed the fraudulent report to become final. Sadly, this case had no support from the “Truth movement,” leaving the judges free to ignore the law in order to dismiss the case (which they acknowledged they did) so they could sweep it under the carpet. Had this case been allowed to move forward, the defendants (whose expertise is energy weapons) would have been put under oath (equivalent to subpoena power). This book contains physical evidence, not theories or speculation, but physical evidence that is overwhelming and conclusive as to what happened. But for the record, I do not believe that our government is responsible for executing the events of 9/11/01; nor do I believe that our government is not responsible for executing the events of 9/11/01. This is not a case of belief. This is a crime that should be solved by a forensic study of the evidence. Before it can be determined who did it, it must first be determined what was done and how it was done.The order of crime solving is to determine.
(...) My own research is not speculation. It is a forensics investigation of what happened to the WTC complex on 9/11/01. I don’t address who did it, nor am I concerned with that question right now. Before issues of that kind can be addressed, we must first determine what happened.
(...) What is presented in this book is not a theory and it is not speculation. It is evidence. It is the body of empirical evidence that must be explained in order to determine what happened. Check the comments! such as...

(...) In her elegant 500-page text book, Dr. Judy Wood guides us through all anomalous phenomena of the WTC complex, focusing solely on “what happened” that morning, in a careful consideration of all observable physical/photographic evidence—after effects including seismic signals, magnetometer readings, unto the virtually unknown Category 3 hurricane off the eastern seaboard that very morning. She shows us the direct correlation of this startling evidence as it mirrors The Hutchison Effect—energy-field effects born out of the early 20th century scientist Nikola Tesla’s experiments and inventions—discoveries of a free-energy, not kinetic, activated via interferometry: the interference of various beams, energy fields, or electromagnetic waves. Dr. Wood resurrects to his rightful place Nikola Tesla, the true father of alternating current, wireless communication, and the rotating magnetic field. Though Dr. Wood does not name the exact device responsible as the mechanism of destruction on 9/11, she expertly delineates “the extraordinary effects that can result from electromagnetic interference.” CLIP - MUCH MORE THOUGH starting HERE preferably. Recommended by Angie Curtis ( who wrote: "Dr Wood's own website is also a mine of astounding information. The main point about this revelation is that if this technology was used – and all evidence (not speculation) points to it being so, then that means the technology for free energy exists!!! – this could change so many things on this planet in a very short space of time if it was in the right hands. This information needs to become widely known and the same passion that’s happening on Wall St at the moment must be directed to this issue, in every country. Thanks again for your important role in spreading truth." In her bio page - where we can see her impressive credentials and expertize in the field of structural mechanics amongst other things, Judy Wood wrote: "My intellectual integrity prevents me from calling this a collapse. This is why I have chosen to stand up. My conscience leaves me no other choice." Note from Jean: One of the best series of pictures can be found HERE as it clearly shows steel beams disintegrating into steel dust as they fall as a result of the Nikola Telsa scalar weapon - Check Stuff They Don't Want You To Know) used to pulverize the entire towers. The tightly directional beam of this weapon was most likely directed from the secret military space station (equipped with guns as you can see in this downloadable HD picture from the Orion Conspiracy website). The same weapon may also have been used to destroy the Deepwater Horizon Oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico as evidenced by the telltale hole in its helideck (Check also this video) As for free energy science, you might want to check The Orion Project Memorandum and...

Invention Secrecy Still Going Strong (October 21st, 2010)
There were 5,135 inventions that were under secrecy orders at the end of Fiscal Year 2010, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office told Secrecy News last week. It’s a 1% rise over the year before, and the highest total in more than a decade. Under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, patent applications on new inventions can be subject to secrecy orders restricting their publication if government agencies believe that disclosure would be “detrimental to the national security.” The current list of technology areas that is used to screen patent applications for possible restriction under the Invention Secrecy Act is not publicly available and has been denied under the Freedom of Information Act. (An appeal is pending.) But a previous list dated 1971 and obtained by researcher Michael Ravnitzky is available here (pdf). Most of the listed technology areas are closely related to military applications. But some of them range more widely. Thus, the 1971 list indicates that patents for solar photovoltaic generators were subject to review and possible restriction if the photovoltaics were more than 20% efficient. Energy conversion systems were likewise subject to review and possible restriction if they offered conversion efficiencies “in excess of 70-80%.” One may fairly ask if disclosure of such technologies could really have been “detrimental to the national security,” or whether the opposite would be closer to the truth. One may further ask what comparable advances in technology may be subject to restriction and non-disclosure today. But no answers are forthcoming, and the invention secrecy system persists with no discernible external review.

... As for Judy's book, check this comment from long-time ERN subscriber Cathy Garger:

"I began 9/11 research in 2004 but it was not until September 11, 2006, when I heard Dr. Wood speak in Washington, DC for the first time that I began to study her work in depth. After careful study of the pictures of evidence on her website and consideration of her thought-provoking questions in lectures and radio shows, I came to the conclusion that planted explosives alone could not possibly have taken down the towers. From this discovery I began to see how an entire movement - the so-called "9/11 Truth Movement" - became not a collaborative effort encouraging independent thinkers to thoughtfully explore all of the evidence, but rather, a controlled opposition movement designed to lead all into believing the towers were taken down by controlled demolition, a la explosives pre-planted in the towers. Dr. Wood's observations, discoveries, and thought-provoking questions are nothing short of brilliant. They make one think outside the box, as she encourages us always to think for ourselves. Based on years of following Dr. Wood and her work, I am delighted her book is now available for purchase. Not until the world realizes what actually happened on 9/11 can justice for the heinous crimes begin to take place."

Later Angie also recommended this quote from Dr Wood:

"We stand today at the dawn of an entirely new age. Man has in his hands a method of disrupting the molecular basis for matter and the ability to split the Earth in half on a moment's notice. (It gives the term, "scorched-earth policy" a new significance.) The technology that was demonstrated on 911 can split the Earth in half or it can be used to allow ALL people to live happily ever after with free energy. However, he who controls the energy, controls the people. Control of energy leads to destruction of the planet. But we have a choice. And this choice is real. Live happily ever after or destroy the planet. This is why I have been studying the evidence of what happened on 9/11. This evidence is central to it all. 9/11 was a demonstration of a new technology; free energy. It can be used for good, but we need to make that choice and help others to as well. We have a choice."

- Taken from the Comments section of Truth and the Twin Towers - Both Bite the Dust By Cathy Garger


Trader Alessio Rastani explains how Goldman Sachs rule the world, not the governments. He explains how the Eurozone crash will wipe out the savings of millions. He states Goldman Sachs rule the world, not our governments - something the BBC did not expect him to say. Spread this around, this is financial survival.

IMF Advisor Says We Face a Worldwide Banking Meltdown (5 oct. 2011)
Dr. Robert Shapiro who advised Presidents Clinton and Obama and who currently advises the IMF predicts a cascading meltdown of the World's banking system starting with Sovereign debt in the Eurozone, affecting the UK then finally bringing down the global banking system.

Incredible Speech By Wall Street Protester "End The Fed" 2011

Media collusion with Bilderberg Group confirms hidden agenda - Gerard Batten MEP
European Parliament, Strasbourg, 12 September 2011. Bilderberg agenda exposed in EU parliament! Also available HERE. Check also The Bilderberg group Explained (MOST excellent! the entire Jesse Ventura show is HERE) AND Media mum as Bilderberg seal world's fate in Swiss secrecy AND Bilderberg 2011 - Swiss Politician Lukas Reimann Talks About Attack on Mario Borghezio AND Ron Paul talks about the Bilderberg Group

Sarkozy: Time to reveal Karachi's secrets (27 September 2011)
It is outrageous! Right now, President Sarkozy is blocking a judicial investigation into Karachigate -- the biggest national corruption scandal in 50 years. Only a huge public outcry now could force him to unveil the truth. The national military secrecy committee has just recommended declassification of several documents, but Sarkozy is still turning a deaf ear, hoping this dirty saga will go away. As the presidential election draws near Sarkozy cannot afford to ignore the electorate -- if enough of us call for full transparency now, we could force him to reveal the truth and expose this corruption. It’s time to end the cover up! Let’s build a massive national outcry now and call on Sarkozy to immediately declassify all the documents for this case and clean up the system. Sign the petition on the right now and send this on to everyone -- we'll deliver it near the Elysee when we reach 100,000. To President Sarkozy: We call on you to immediately declassify all the documents relating to the Karachi Affair in response to the recommendations of the national military secrecy committee. It is time to unveil the truth of this shocking incident and take steps to reform the military secrecy legislation and clean up our democracy.

The 'Getting' of Assange and the Smearing of a Revolutionby John Pilger (October 6, 2011)
The High Court in London will soon to decide whether Julian Assange is to be extradited to Sweden to face allegations of sexual misconduct. At the appeal hearing in July, Ben Emmerson QC, counsel for the defence, described the whole saga as “crazy”. Sweden’s chief prosecutor had dismissed the original arrest warrant, saying there was no case for Assange to answer. Both the women involved said they had consented to have sex. On the facts alleged, no crime would have been committed in Britain. However, it is not the Swedish judicial system that presents a “grave danger” to Assange, say his lawyers, but a legal device known as a Temporary Surrender, under which he can be sent on from Sweden to the United States secretly and quickly. The founder and editor of WikiLeaks, who published the greatest leak of official documents in history, providing a unique insight into rapacious wars and the lies told by governments, is likely to find himself in a hell hole not dissimilar to the “torturous” dungeon that held Private Bradley Manning, the alleged whistleblower. Manning has not been tried, let alone convicted, yet on 21 April, President Barack Obama declared him guilty with a dismissive “He broke the law”.

This Kafka-style justice awaits Assange whether or not Sweden decides to prosecute him. Last December, the Independent disclosed that the US and Sweden had already started talks on Assange’s extradition. At the same time, a secret grand jury – a relic of the 18th century long abandoned in this country -- has convened just across the river from Washington, in a corner of Virginia that is home to the CIA and most of America’s national security establishment. The grand jury is a “fix”, a leading legal expert told me: reminiscent of the all-white juries in the South that convicted blacks by rote. A sealed indictment is believed to exist. Under the US Constitution, which guarantees free speech, Assange should be protected, in theory. When he was running for president, Obama, himself a constitutional lawyer, said, “Whistleblowers are part of a healthy democracy and must be protected from reprisal”. His embrace of George W. Bush’s “war on terror” has changed all that. Obama has pursued more whistleblowers than any US president. The problem for his administration in “getting” Assange and crushing WikiLeaks is that military investigators have found no collusion or contact between him and Manning, reports NBC. There is no crime, so one has to be concocted, probably in line with Vice President Joe Biden’s absurd description of Assange as a “hi-tech terrorist”. Should Assange win his High Court appeal in London, he could face extradition direct to the United States. In the past, US officials have synchronised extradition warrants with the conclusion of a pending case. Like its predatory military, American jurisdiction recognises few boundaries. As the suffering of Bradley Manning demonstrates, together with the recently executed Troy Davis and the forgotten inmates of Guantanamo, much of the US criminal justice system is corrupt if not lawless. CLIP check also Rule of Law in an Age of Terror Video of a talk given at UBC on Sept. 15 2011 - "I went to Guantanamo Bay as a lawyer and came out as a broken father. I never thought in my lifetime that I would go to such an evil place, and see such evil being done." - Dennis Edney


Death blow to GMOs? California ballot initiative calls for mandatory labeling of all genetically engineered foods by Mike Adams (October 03, 2011)
(NaturalNews) In what is perhaps the most significant breaking news we've heard on the GMO front in a long time, an effort has just been announced in California that seeks to gather enough signatures to put an historical initiative on the ballot which would require the labeling of GMOs in foods.I interviewed Ronnie Cummins from the Organic Consumers Association (, who is a key leader in advocating mandatory GMO labeling. His organization is playing a significant role in helping to get this initiative on the ballot in California.This is the pathway to victory against GMOs! With this initiative on the ballot, we have a very achievable strategy to deal a death blow to GMOs and restore sanity and integrity to our seeds and food crops. Listen to the full interview with Ronnie Cummins on SoundCloud: Highlights from the announcement for mandatory GMO labeling• This labeling initiative is effectively a "ban" on GMOs, because most consumers simply won't buy genetically engineered ingredients once they know they are present in conventional foods.• GMOs are only continuing to be grown and sold today because consumers have been prevented from knowing about the GMO ingredients in their foods.• 75% of all non-organic processed foods in grocery stores today contain genetically engineered ingredients.• 90% - 95% of Americans want to know which foods contain GMOs.• The GMO industry is already gearing up to fight this ballot initiative and plans to spread lies about GMOs such as "GMOs are necessary to feed the world" or "genetically engineered crops are perfectly safe!" (The quack scientists who push GMOs are no doubt gearing up to spread their lies and disinformation as part of the effort to confuse consumers and thereby protect their GMO profits.)• This initiative, if approved, would force health food retailers like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's to reformulate their own products and inventory to remove GMOs. "There's gonna be panic in the boardrooms of Whole Foods and Trader Joe's," says Cummins.• 700,000 signatures are needed in California to put this initiative on the ballot. This will require an army of volunteers with clipboards to gather the signatures. See below for how you can contribute to this effort.• Go to and click on the "Millions Against Monsanto" campaign page to see where you can sign up to be a volunteer.• Significant funding providers for this campaign include: Dr. Bronner's - $1 million, Nature's Path - $500k, - $500k, Organic Consumers Association - $250k and others. CHECK ALSO US Agencies Trying to Outlaw GMO Food Labelling and Health Ranger speaks out against GMOs on steps of capitol building in Austin, Texas



Dennis Trainor, Jr: Why I Will Be There
"There comes a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part, you can't even passively take part; and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop, And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, the people who own it, that unless you're free the machine will be prevented from working at all." - Mario Savio (1964)

‘Occupy DC’ protesters rally in Freedom Plaza (October 6, 2011)
They’re out of work. They’re from out of town. And they’re fed up.Many of those who “occupied” Freedom Plaza on Thursday said they had never been to a protest before but were inspired to come to downtown Washington by the Occupy Wall Street movement that began last month in New York and has spread to cities across the country. “This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this,” said Tina Strobel, an unemployed medical transcriptionist from Kansas who had driven 1,100 miles with her husband and teenage son for Thursday’s event. She sat in the grass, clutching a sign that read, “Lost my job, found an occupation.” Strobel said she had lost faith in the country’s political system during the past two years, but “when I read about this, I thought, well maybe this will be a beginning.” Hundreds opened sleeping bags and raised tents in the public plaza near the White House, vowing to stay indefinitely — or until their voices were heard. (They only have National Park Service permits through Sunday.)

First-timers like Strobel stood side by side with veteran antiwar and anti-poverty activists, chanting, singing and waving signs that said “Tax the rich.” They derided corporate greed, ineffective political leadership and the growing inequity between the rich and poor. Many carried signs that identified themselves as part of the “99 percent” — a dig at the 1 percent of American earners who take in a quarter of the country’s income.The four-day “October 2011” event — “Human Needs, Not Corporate Greed!” — had been in the works since April, but organizers quickly teamed up with the Occupy movement — which has spread to cities across the United States since a small band of protesters took up residence in a park near Wall Street in New York on Sept. 17. Occupy D.C. protesters have been rallying daily along the K Street corridor — long a bastion for Washington lobbyists.

After Thursday’s rally, scores of protesters in a line stretching four city blocks paraded past the U.S. Treasury and the White House, chanting, “We got sold out,” and ringing cowbells and pounding drums. They ended up massing along H Street Northwest in front of the heavy carved door of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, chanting, “We want jobs! We want jobs!” They then unfurled a banner that read “Chamber of Corporate Horrors” and left a symbolic sheaf of job applications and resumes behind. “People have been feeling they have no voice for so long. Now they are finding that voice, and it is really empowering,” said Margaret Flowers, 48, a Baltimore health-care advocate and organizer. U.S. Park Police said the protests were peaceful.In their Web manifesto, rally organizers spoke of transforming Freedom Plaza into “our Tahrir Square Cairo, our Madison, Wisconsin,” where they could “nonviolently” resist the “corporate machine” and ask that America’s resources be spent on human needs.

Organizers had three more days of activities planned, including another protest Friday at the Ronald Reagan Building against the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline planned to stretch from Canada to Texas.Christopher Bueker, 25, a paraprofessional in the Cincinnati public school system, set up a tent in Freedom Plaza with three friends who had traveled to Washington for the event. He said he was happy that a protest movement that he likened to those in Europe and the Middle East had finally been sparked in the United States.“We’re definitely influenced by movements happening all over the world,” he said. “This isn’t just happening in D.C. This is happening globally.”

Obama calls Wall Street protests an expression of the public’s frustration (October 6, 2011)
NEW YORK — Concerns over Wall Street practices and economic inequality that have led to sit-ins and rallies in New York and elsewhere reverberated up to the White House on Thursday, with President Barack Obama saying the protesters are expressing the frustrations of the American public. Thousands of protesters, including many in union T-shirts, marched the day before in lower Manhattan, joined by labor leaders who say they will continue to support the protests with manpower and donations of goods and services. The protests have slowly grown in size and attention over more than two weeks, with the president’s acknowledgment at a news conference a sign they might be jelling into a political movement.Obama said he understood the public’s concerns about how the nation’s financial system works and said Americans see Wall Street as an example of the financial industry not always following the rules.

(...) Among some protesters, reaction to Obama’s acknowledgment was less than enthusiastic.“His message is that he’s sticking to the party line, which is, ‘We are taking care of the situation.’ But he’s not proposing any solutions,” said Thorin Caristo, a 37-year-old antique store owner from Plainfield, Conn.New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Thursday police will continue to accommodate the protests “as long as they do it peacefully and in accordance with the laws and regulations.”The vast majority of the protests have been peaceful, “but there’s clearly a core group of self-styled anarchists ... who want to have a confrontation with police,” said Kelly, who added that the city has spent about $2 million in overtime to police the protests.The protesters have varied causes and no apparent demands, but have spoken largely about unemployment and economic inequality, reserving most of their criticism for Wall Street. “We are the 99 percent,” they chanted Wednesday, contrasting themselves with the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans.“The great thing about Occupy Wall Street is that they have brought the focus of the entire country on the middle class majority,” said George Aldro, 62, a member of Local 2325 of the United Auto Workers, as he carried the union’s blue flag over his shoulder through lower Manhattan.“We’re in it together, and we’re in it for the long haul.” CLIP

The Occupy Wall Street movement staged what is believed to have been its largest demonstration yet Wednesday, as protesters were joined by labor unions and students in their march from Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park to Foley Square. Throughout the afternoon, protesters marched peacefully holding signs and chanting. But as night fell, the demonstrations turned violent. NYPD officers became fed up with protesters after several people tried to push past a police barricade, and reportedly began swinging batons and firing mace into the crowd. A local Fox 5 reporter reports that he was hit with a baton in the abdomen, and his photographer hit in the eyes with pepper spray. Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, told the New York Times that one officer “possibly” used it. Between eight and 28 protesters were arrested, and one protester was charged with assault after an officer was knocked off his scooter. The number of arrests was far less than the 700 arrested on Brooklyn Bridge Saturday. New Yorker Evan Fogel, who lives on Wall Street with a street-facing window, captured this shot of police and protesters gathering: Watch the Fox 5 journalists’ report on clashes with police: Footage uploaded to YouTube shows a police officer beating back protesters with nightsticks:In another clip posted to YouTube, NYPD officers appear to be having an exchange about using their nightsticks on protesters. “My little nightstick’s going to get a workout tonight,” a male officer says. ”I haven’t used it,” the female officer replies, and he shoots back, smiling: “I have. Several times.”

Anti-Wall Street protests spreading across U.S. (OCTOBER 04, 2011)
NEW YORK - Anti-Wall Street protests that took shape in New York weeks ago, prompting hundreds of arrests, have spread across the United States with one organizer saying their message had “captured everyone’s imagination.” Demonstrations have sprouted from Los Angeles to Boston, and in plenty of cities in between, led by protesters voicing discontent and anger over such issues as high unemployment, home foreclosures and the 2008 corporate bailouts.Washington will be the site of a protest Thursday, according to organizer Kevin Zeese, who said economic insecurity was encouraging people to take to the streets. “Just like the Vietnam war draft made the war more personal, economic insecurity is making the economic policies of this country more personal,” Zeese said. The New York protests, working under the banner of “We are the 99 percent,” have become bolder since they started Sept. 17 and while they have been largely peaceful, aside from occasional scuffles, they have sometimes challenged police. CLIP

Here are - as of October 3 2011 - all the cities around the world where actions are organized or being organized (in most cases) as part of this global protest movement a mere 2 weeks after it started in NYC - Please go at to access all the links to each of those places (you may also access some of them HERE). Pretty ASTOUNDING isn't and we ain't see nothing yet!....

USA - MIDWEST - Illinois - Occupy Chicago - Occupy Springfield, IL - Indiana - Occupy Columbus, IN - Occupy Evansville - Occupy Indiana - Occupy Indianapolis - Iowa - Occupy Iowa - Kansas - Occupy Wichita - Michigan - Occupy Grand Rapids - Occupy Michigan - Minnesota - Occupy Minnesota - Missouri - Occupy Columbia, MO - Occupy Joplin, MO - Occupy Kansas City - Occupy St. Louis - Nebraska - Occupy Omaha - North Dakota - Occupy Fargo-Moorhead - Ohio - Occupy Cincinnati - Occupy Cleveland - Occupy Columbus, OH - Occupy Dayton - Occupy Toledo, OH - Occupy Youngstown - Oklahoma - Occupy OKC - Occupy OSU (Stillwater) - Occupy Tulsa - Wisconsin - Occupy Madison - Occupy Wisconsin - NORTHEAST - Connecticut - Occupy Hartford, CT - Occupy New Haven - District of Columbia - Occupy D.C. - Maine - Occupy Maine - Maryland - Occupy Baltimore - Massachusetts - Occupy Boston - New Jersey - Occupy New Jersey - New York - Occupy Albany - Occupy Binghamton - Occupy Ithaca - Occupy Rochester - Occupy Utica, NY - Pennsylvania - Occupy Allentown, PA - Occupy Harrisburg, PA - Occupy Philadelphia - Occupy Pittsburgh - Rhode Island - Occupy Providence, RI - Vermont - Occupy Vermont - West Virginia - Occupy Huntington, WV - Occupy Morgantown, WV - Occupy Wheeling, WV - SOUTHEAST - Alabama - Occupy Auburn - Occupy Birmingham, AL - Occupy Mobile - Arkansas - Occupy Arkansas - Florida - Occupy Daytona Beach - Occupy Fort Lauderdale - Occupy Gainesville - Occupy Jacksonville, FL - Occupy Miami - Occupy Ocala - Occupy Orlando - Occupy Pensacola - Occupy Sarasota - Occupy Tallahassee - Occupy Tampa - Georgia - Occupy Atlanta - Occupy Columbus, GA - Occupy Savannah - Kentucky - Occupy Lexington, KY - Occupy Louisville - Louisiana - Occupy New Orleans - Mississippi - Occupy Mississippi - North Carolina - Occupy Asheville - Occupy Charlotte - Occupy Durham - Occupy Greensboro - Occupy Raleigh, NC - Occupy Winston Salem - South Carolina - Occupy Columbia, SC - Occupy Florence, SC - Tennessee - Occupy Clarksville, TN - Occupy Knoxville - Occupy Memphis - Occupy Nashville - Virginia - Occupy Norfolk, VA - Occupy Richmond, VA - SOUTHWEST - Arizona - Occupy Phoenix - Occupy Tucson - New Mexico - Occupy Albuquerque - Occupy Santa Fe - Texas - Occupy Austin - Occupy Dallas - Occupy El Paso - Occupy Houston - Occupy McAllen, TX - Occupy San Antonio - WEST - California - Occupy Arcata - Occupy Berkeley - Occupy Chico, CA - Occupy Fresno - Occupy Humboldt (HSU) - Occupy Long Beach - Occupy Los Angeles - Occupy Merced - Occupy Modesto - Occupy Napa - Occupy Riverside - Occupy Sacramento - Occupy San Diego - Occupy San Francisco - Occupy San Jose - Occupy Santa Ana - Occupy Santa Barbara - Occupy Santa Cruz - Occupy Ventura - Colorado - Occupy Colorado Springs - Occupy Denver - Hawaii - Occupy Hilo - Occupy Kona - Occupy Oahu - Idaho - Occupy Boise - Occupy Idaho Falls - Montana - Occupy Montana - Nevada - Occupy Las Vegas - Occupy Reno - Oregon - Occupy Ashland, OR - Occupy Eugene - Occupy Portland - Occupy Salem - Utah - Occupy Salt Lake City - Washington - Occupy Olympia - Occupy Seattle - Occupy Spokane - INTERNATIONAL - Asia - Occupy Tokyo - Australia - Occupy Adelaide - Occupy Brisbane - Occupy Melbourne - Occupy Perth - Occupy Sydney - Canada - Occupy Calgary - Occupy Montreal - Occupy Newfoundland - Occupy Nova Scotia - Occupy Ottawa - Occupy Toronto Market Exchange - Occupy Vancouver - Occupy Victoria - Europe - Occupy Cologne - Occupy Cork, Ireland - Occupy Den Haag, NL - Occupy Denmark - Occupy Finland - Occupy Frankfurt - Occupy Hamburg - Occupy Ljlubljana, Slovenia - Occupy Manchester - Occupy Norwich - Occupy Prague - Occupy Stockholm - Occupy the London Stock Exchange - Mexico - Occupy Tijuana

Check also Cities with Active or Planned Occupations

NY Region: Wall Street Protesters Speak (October 4, 2011)

"Something Has Started": Michael Moore on Occupy Wall St. Protests That Could Spark Movement (September 28, 2011)
In the first part of his interview on Democracy Now!, Moore talks about the growing "Occupy Wall Street" protests in Lower Manhattan, which he visited on Monday night. "This is literally an uprising of people who have had it," Moore says. "It has already started to spread across the country in other cities. It will continue to spread. ... It will be tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people ... Their work ahead is not as difficult as other movements in the past ... The majority of Americans are really upset at Wall Street ... So you have already got an army of Americans who are just waiting for somebody to do something, and something has started."

Anthem For Wall Street (And Worldwide) Protests (September 29, 2011)
The king’s men have betrayed us, tricked us out of our homes. No one else gonna save us. We must stand up on our own. Divided we’ve been conquered for too long. We’ve played their game. United we’d be invincible. So rise up and shake off our chains. We’ve been fooled by the banker, the sheriff and the priest. We’ve been ruled by the con man, the scoundrel and the thief. Divided we’ve been conquered for too long. We’ve played their game. United we’d be invincible. So rise up and shake off our chains. Feel the power streaming out through our souls. [Note: if you're an atheist, think of it as our source of courage, or just change the last word to "soles"] Now’s the hour. Come together and let’s roll. Here we are in the meadow. It is time to decide from afar. The army’s nearing. Are we slaves or will we fight? Divided we’ve been conquered for too long. We’ve played their game. United we’d be invincible. So rise up and shake off our chains. Feel the power streaming out through our souls. Now’s the hour. Come together and let’s roll.

“Countdown” guest host David Shuster discusses the planned occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. (Starting next October 6) , by the group with one of its leaders, Kevin Zeese. After providing statistics that current economic conditions are worse than during the Middle Ages, Zeese said, “It’s time for the serfs to revolt.” Related Links: - Occupy Wall Street

Police: Hundreds of 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters arrested (October 2, 2011)
WITH 2 VIDEOS BOTH WORTH WATCHING, ESPECIALLY THE 2ND ONE WITH CORNEL WEST - Some of his recent tweets: Democratic awakening is taking place. It's the U.S. Fall responding to the Arab Spring. - To be human you must bear witness to justice. Justice is what love looks like in public -- To be human is to love and be loved. - Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. That's what keeps this country free and democratic. CHECK ALSO WHAT HE SAID LAST MAY ABOUT OBAMA IN The Obama Deception: Why Cornel West Went Ballistic where he talks about Obama's betrayal and describes him as “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats. And now he has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it.”
New York (CNN) -- Police arrested hundreds of protesters who occupied an iconic New York bridge during demonstrations against the nation's financial system, before releasing the demonstrators with tickets. The "Occupy Wall Street" protesters extended their rally to Brooklyn Bridge, where they were cited for blocking the roadway, authorities said late Saturday. Protesters banged drums and chanted, "the whole world is watching" as police moved in. Protesters unsure how to fix Wall Street Cornel West examines 'Occupy Wall Street'"Over 700 summonses and desk appearance tickets have been issued in connection with the demonstration on the Brooklyn Bridge ... after multiple warnings by police were given to protesters to stay on the pedestrian walkway," said Paul J. Browne, deputy commissioner for the New York City Police Department. Browne said authorities had warned protesters they would be arrested if they occupied the roadway." Some complied and took the walkway without being arrested," he said. Bridge traffic heading to Brooklyn from Manhattan was shut down for several hours, police said. Manhattan-bound lanes were open during the incident. The protesters are rallying against what they say are social inequities resulting from the financial system. Organizers have said they take their inspiration from the Arab Spring protests that swept through Africa and the Middle East this year. Crowds have taken up residence in the park in New York's financial district, calling for 20,000 people to flood the area for a "few months." The protest campaign -- which uses the hashtag #occupywallstreet on the microblogging site Twitter -- began in July with the launch of a simple campaign website calling for a march and a sit-in at the New York Stock Exchange. Over the past two weeks, demonstrations have addressed various issues, including police brutality, union busting and the economy, the group said. - CHECK ALSO Police Arrest More Than 700 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge

Wall Street protesters approve 'Declaration of Occupation' (October 2, 2011)
(...) The NYC General Assembly describes itself as a "horizontal, autonomous, leaderless, modified-consensus-based system." The body tries to achieve the most agreement possible and prioritizes under-represented groups. The general assembly keeps track of its meetings on its website. The New York Times had described the protest as a "noble but fractured and airy movement of rightly frustrated young people" whose purpose was "virtually impossible to decipher." Other media outlets repeated the criticism that the protest had no specific purpose or demands. Fox news co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle bashed the protest, saying it was composed of "people with absolutely no purpose or focus in life." Many progressive and liberal groups did not initially embrace the protest but that changed after a large coalition of unions and liberal groups announced their support for the "Occupy Wall Street" protest more than a week after it began. The protest has slowly spread to other cities, including Chicago, Lexington, Los Angeles, Denver, Boston, Seattle and more.

United Steelworkers announce support for ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest (October 1, 2011)
The United Steelworkers, North America’s largest industrial union, announced on Friday that it supported the ongoing “Occupy Wall Street” protest that began in lower Manhattan and has slowly spread to other cities across the United States.The protesters have pledged to occupy Wall Street until something is done about corporate greed and corporate influence on the U.S. government. They have been camped out in New York’s old Liberty Plaza since September 17.“The United Steelworkers union stands in solidarity with and strongly supports Occupy Wall Street,” Leo W. Gerard, International President of the United Steelworkers, said in a statement. “The brave men and women, many of them young people without jobs, who have been demonstrating around-the-clock for nearly two weeks in New York City are speaking out for the many in our world. We are fed up with the corporate greed, corruption and arrogance that have inflicted pain on far too many for far too long.” United Steelworkers has 850,000 members in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. The announcement comes after a number of labor unions and liberal groups said hey would throw their weight behind the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations. The United Federation of Teachers, 32BJ SEIU, 1199 SEIU, Workers United and Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 100 have said they will participate in the protest. The Working Families Party,, Make the Road New York, the Coalition for the Homeless, the Alliance for Quality Education, Community Voices Heard, United New York and Strong Economy For All also plan to support the demonstration.TWU Local 100 president John Samuelson appeared on Current TV’s Countdown and explained that his union was making common cause with the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters because they are, “singing the same song and fighting the same battle that our union has fought for the last eighteen months.” Many have criticized the movement for not having any clear purpose or goals, but’s Glenn Greenwald responded that most of those critiques were ludicrous. “Does anyone really not know what the basic message is of this protest: that Wall Street is oozing corruption and criminality and its unrestrained political power — in the form of crony capitalism and ownership of political institutions — is destroying financial security for everyone else?” he wrote on Wednesday.

Report: 100 New York Police Officers Boycott In Solidarity with Wall Street Protesters (September 27, 2011)
Are New York Police Boycotting to Protest Violence? After New York’s finest brutalized peaceful Wall Street protesters, rumor has it that police officers are boycotting. Occupy Wall Street notes: Today we received unconfirmed reports that over one hundred blue collar police refused to come into work in solidarity with our movement. These numbers will grow. We are the 99 percent. You will not silence us. But the 1% will certainly try to silence the 99%.

'The Marines are Coming to PROTECT the Protestors' (October 1, 2011)
TAMPA, FL - The Occupy Wall Street movement may have just received an unexpected surprise – United States Army and Marine troops are reportedly on their way to various protest locations to support the movement and to protect the protesters. Army serviceman Ward Reilly posted the following on Facebook: “I'm heading up there tonight in my dress blues. So far, 15 of my fellow marine buddies are meeting me there, also in Uniform. I want to send the following message to Wall St and Congress: I didn't fight for Wall St. I fought for America. Now it's Congress' turn. My true hope, though, is that we Veterans can act as first line of defense between the police and the protester. If they want to get to some protesters so they can mace them, they will have to get through the Fucking Marine Corps first. Let's see a cop mace a bunch of decorated war vets. I apologize now for typos and errors. Typing this on iPhone whilst heading to NYC. We can organize once we're there. That's what we do best.If you see someone in uniform, gather together. A formation will be held tonight at 10PM. We all took an oath to uphold, protect and defend the constitution of this country. That's what we will be doing. Hope to see you there!!”Reilly added, “Please note...this is from another veteran, NOT ME. (I was Army, he's a Marine)... and I am on my way to DC, not NYC. :">) ....but this is fantastic, and he's not a VFP guy....just a soldier that is outraged by what we have become in this country, as it should be. “A LOT of veterans get it,” Reilly stated. “Only one third of one percent of our citizens serve in the military, and we are the ones who sacrifice MUCH, and all we ask in return is that civilians control the people they elect. (miserable failure so far) But ... the image of police, or anyone else, pepper spraying veterans or even confronting them, is "priceless" as they say, and will help slap this country into seeing what we have become. (totally insane, politically and police-state-wise). And EXACTLY what I have requested from my brother and sister veterans in DC Oct.6.”

(...) This tipping point could be the defining moment that sends the Occupy Wall Street movement into perpetual motion.In this writer's opinion, these servicemen, and any other troops who join in, are heroes, just like the everyday heroes who have been there from day 1 along with those who are now joining in.JP Morgan Lobbying for Support?In related news, JP Morgan recently donated the largest gift in their history of $4.6 million to the NYPD. New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly sent CEO and Chairman Jamie Dimon a note expressing "profound gratitude" for the company's donation. Additionally, JP Morgan owns $79 TRILLION in derivatives. Let's go back in history. In 1893, bankster JP Morgan funded Tesla's free energy device. When Morgan found out that there was no way of charging people for it, he suppressed this technology. Shortly afterwards, Morgan became one of the founding fathers of the Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme. The corruption between JP Morgan, the individual and JP Morgan, the corporation, is undivided.This is the latest in5d alternative news headline: Mayor Bloomberg Claims ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters Are Targeting Bankers Who ‘Are Struggling To Make Ends Meet’ Struggling? What about the 300+ million Americans who are "struggling"? What about the numerous "struggling" people who had their homes foreclosed by the banksters? What about the record number of "struggling" unemployed Americans who cannot find a job in this recession? How dare he... CLIP

Make sure also to watch...

Day 12 - 9/28/11 Daily Recap
They have group meditations to get better clarity of mind! Really inspiring!


Declaration of the Occupation of New York City


As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. We write so that all people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your allies.

As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality: that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members; that our system must protect our rights, and upon corruption of that system, it is up to the individuals to protect their own rights, and those of their neighbors; that a democratic government derives its just power from the people, but corporations do not seek consent to extract wealth from the people and the Earth; and that no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power. We come to you at a time when corporations, which place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and oppression over equality, run our governments. We have peaceably assembled here, as is our right, to let these facts be known.

They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage.

They have taken bailouts from taxpayers with impunity, and continue to give Executives exorbitant bonuses.

They have perpetuated inequality and discrimination in the workplace based on age, the color of one’s skin, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.

They have poisoned the food supply through negligence, and undermined the farming system through monopolization.

They have profited off of the torture, confinement, and cruel treatment of countless animals, and actively hide these practices.

They have continuously sought to strip employees of the right to negotiate for better pay and safer working conditions.

They have held students hostage with tens of thousands of dollars of debt on education, which is itself a human right.

They have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers’ healthcare and pay.

They have influenced the courts to achieve the same rights as people, with none of the culpability or responsibility.

They have spent millions of dollars on legal teams that look for ways to get them out of contracts in regards to health insurance.

They have sold our privacy as a commodity.

They have used the military and police force to prevent freedom of the press. They have deliberately declined to recall faulty products endangering lives in pursuit of profit.

They determine economic policy, despite the catastrophic failures their policies have produced and continue to produce.

They have donated large sums of money to politicians, who are responsible for regulating them.

They continue to block alternate forms of energy to keep us dependent on oil.

They continue to block generic forms of medicine that could save people’s lives or provide relief in order to protect investments that have already turned a substantial profit.

They have purposely covered up oil spills, accidents, faulty bookkeeping, and inactive ingredients in pursuit of profit.

They purposefully keep people misinformed and fearful through their control of the media.

They have accepted private contracts to murder prisoners even when presented with serious doubts about their guilt.

They have perpetuated colonialism at home and abroad. They have participated in the torture and murder of innocent civilians overseas.

They continue to create weapons of mass destruction in order to receive government contracts. *

To the people of the world,

We, the New York City General Assembly occupying Wall Street in Liberty Square, urge you to assert your power.

Exercise your right to peaceably assemble; occupy public space; create a process to address the problems we face, and generate solutions accessible to everyone.

To all communities that take action and form groups in the spirit of direct democracy, we offer support, documentation, and all of the resources at our disposal.

Join us and make your voices heard!

*These grievances are not all-inclusive.


The Demand Is a Process
New York City General Assemblies are an open, participatory and horizontally organized process through which we are building the capacity to constitute ourselves in public as autonomous collective forces within and against the constant crises of our times.


Global Revolution Live - Occupy Wall Street

(Received through My Peace TV)

Occupy Wall Street 9 20 2011 The "Occupation" is LEGAL (1 oct. 2011)
The Protests are starting in the USA and Big Brother is not happy. Please support our protesters and end this Elite run system once and for all.

Occupy Wallstreet - Occupy NYPD HQ Plaza 30th September 2011 - No Sound
Here, we see history in the making as people, from all walks of life, gather in PEACEFUL protest against injustice, whether that is corporate, financial or in government. The Occupy Wallstreet movement, and others across the globe, represent all our hopes to create a better world where the 99% people come first. Let's hope so. Here humanity is finding its voice, waking up and saying no more. To me this feels like the real thing, the big deal - a time for change has arrived. Occupy the street. They are your streets. Be peaceful. Support humanity and the movement for change.

Wall Street Mocks Protesters By Drinking Champagne 2011

Noam Chomsky on Occupy Boston (9/30/2011)
Noam Chomsky with a few words of encouragement for the Occupy Boston movement.

Occupy Boston - This is what democracy looks like (9/30/2011)

Occupy Los Angeles has begun! (Oct 1, 2011)

Critical Mass, Occupy Chicago and the Police - RAW VIDEO (Oct 1, 2011)

Occupy Chicago - End Of Week One (Oct 1, 2011)
We marched again, this time down Michigan Avenue and through Millennium Park, and the number of overnighters camping out tonight in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago have more than doubled! Occupy Chicago:

Occupy Wall Street - San Francisco - Sept. 29th, 2011
Over 1,000 people came out to protest the corruption in our financial institutions! Occupy Wall Street - San Francisco -

October 15 2011- Occupy Toronto! - Nuit Blanche Renegade Parade Oct 1 T.O
Occupy Toronto Market Exchange:

Anonymous message - OccupyTogether IT IS IN OVER 30 US CITIES


"A cycle of mass demonstrations featuring spontaneous singing eventually collected 300,000 Estonians, in the end they regained independence without any bloodshed from tyrannical government. Let us follow the nonviolent resistance uniting in love and sing together in harmony. There is power in a peaceful collective of sound; love can conquer all that oppress- even melting the hardened spirits of those who 'control'. If all the people who are occupying cities across the US & World synchronized a time to sing a peaceful song, such as Imagine by John Lennon or One Love by Bob Marley for example, while focusing on peace, love and truth, we could perhaps once and for all know peace. Who will join me? In love, light, gratitude and peace."

- Dawn - Taken from



Rebellion Has Arrived In America
Wealth and poverty in America
Thinking about revolution
Abandon False Hope … And Get Some Real Hope
The Occupied Turn Occupiers


Date: 06 Oct 2011
From: "Emma Ruby-Sachs -" (
Subject: The World vs Wall Street

Dear friends,

Thousands of Americans have taken over Wall Street -- joining a global movement from Madrid to Jerusalem to take back democracy from corrupt interests. If millions of us stand with them, we'll boost their spirits and show the media and leaders that this is no fringe movement. Click below to sign the petition - every signature will be counted on a giant live counter in the middle of the Wall St. occupation: 

Thousands of Americans have non-violently occupied Wall St -- an epicentre of global financial power and corruption. They are the latest ray of light in a new movement for social justice that is spreading like wildfire from Madrid to Jerusalem to 146 other cities and counting, but they need our help to succeed. 

As working families pay the bill for a financial crisis caused by corrupt elites, the protesters are calling for real democracy, social justice and anti-corruption. But they are under severe pressure from authorities, and some media are dismissing them as fringe groups. If millions of us from across the world stand with them, we'll boost their resolve and show the media and leaders that the protests are part of a massive mainstream movement for change. 

This year could be our century's 1968, but to succeed it must be a movement of all citizens, from every walk of life. Click to join the call for real democracy -- a giant live counter of every one of us who signs the petition will be erected in the centre of the occupation in New York, and live webcasted on the petition page:

The worldwide wave of protest is the latest chapter in this year's story of global people power. In Egypt, people took over Tahrir Square and toppled their dictator. In India, one man's fast brought millions onto the streets and the government to its knees -- winning real action to end corruption. For months, Greek citizens relentlessly protested unfair cuts to public spending. In Spain, thousands of "indignados" defied a ban on pre-election demonstrations and mounted a protest camp in Sol square to speak out against political corruption and the government's handling of the economic crisis. And this summer across Israel, people have built "tent cities" to protest against the rising costs of housing and for social justice.

These national threads are connected by a global narrative of determination to end the collusion of corrupt elites and politicians -- who have in many countries helped cause a damaging financial crisis and now want working families to pay the bill. The mass movement that is responding can not only ensure that the burden of recession doesn't fall on the most vulnerable, it can also help right the balance of power between democracy and corruption. Click to stand with the movement:

In every uprising, from Cairo to New York, the call for an accountable government that serves the people is clear, and our global community has backed that people power across the world wherever it has broken out. The time of politicians in the pocket of the corrupt few is ending, and in its place we are building real democracies, of, by, and for people. 

With hope,
Emma, Maria Paz, Alice, Ricken, Morgan, Brianna, Shibayan and the rest of the Avaaz team


he Rule of law Has Been Abolished ( 2 Oct. 2 0 1 1 ) A MUST WATCH
Obama Admin Has No Proof Anwar Al Awlaki Was Involved In Terrorist Activity - The bottom line is that an American citizen was murdered by the US government without a trial or any evidence presented of his guilt. He was never given a chance to prove his innocence in a court of law. This was an execution without a trial and is completely illegal. According to the US government's definition of what a "terrorist" is, ANYONE can be considered a terrorist and be murdered by the government, and? being a US citizen won't protect you. - Check also Ron Paul on the murder of Anwar al-Awlaki (Sept 30, 2011) and Glenn Greenwald on the assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki (2 oct. 2011) Full interview HERE and When The President Can Kill Who Ever He Wants (15 min numerous view points) THIS IS MORE THAN A SLIPPERY SLOPE, THIS IS A TURNING POINT IN THE GLOBAL MURDEROUS ACTIVITIES THAT THIS COUNTRY'S GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN CARRYING FOR DECADES AGAINST WHOMEVER IN THE WORLD IT DEEMS TO BE AGAINST ITS CORPORATE/MILITARY INTERESTS. ONLY NOW IT IS GOING TO BE ALSO DIRECTED, OVERTLY AND UNASHAMEDLY, AGAINST US CITIZENS. IN YEARS FROM NOW, IF THIS DARK CABAL IS ALLOWED TO REMAIN IN POWER, PEOPLE WILL COME TO SEE AS NORMAL THE DISCRETIONARY KILLING OF ANYONE WHOSE OPINIONS ARE SEEN AS RADICALLY OPPOSED TO THOSE OF THE OLIGARCHS IN POWER.

Execution by secret WH committee (OCT 6, 2011)
(...) So a panel operating out of the White House — that meets in total secrecy, with no known law or rules governing what it can do or how it operates — is empowered to place American citizens on a list to be killed by the CIA, which (by some process nobody knows) eventually makes its way to the President, who is the final Decider. It is difficult to describe the level of warped authoritarianism necessary to cause someone to lend their support to a twisted Star Chamber like that; I genuinely wonder whether the Good Democrats doing so actually first convince themselves that if this were the Bush White House’s hit list, or if it becomes Rick Perry’s, they would be supportive just the same. Seriously: if you’re willing to endorse having White House functionaries meet in secret — with no known guidelines, no oversight, no transparency — and compile lists of American citizens to be killed by the CIA without due process, what aren’t you willing to support?Of all the things I’ve seen over the past several years, easily one of the most repellent has been the number of people — especially journalists — who are running around definitively asserting that Awlaki had an “operational role” in Terrorist plots and had “taken up arms” against the U.S. even though they have no idea whether that’s actually true CLIP- MAKE SURE TO ALSO READ The Day America Died by Paul Craig Roberts BELOW Launches Obama Impeachment Campaign (October 5, 2011)
"President Obama has confessed to murder," says Jim Babka, President of, Inc."The President admits that he ordered the killing of a natural-born American citizen, Anwar al-Alwaki, without due process of law. This is murder. Now the President must receive the due process he denied to Alwaki. Impeachment by Congress is the proper legal remedy when the President becomes a criminal," says Babka. is urging its 31,000 members to ask Congress for impeachment. provides a FREE online program that visitors can use to simultaneously submit a letter through the webforms of their Representative and Senators. The group hopes to generate tens of thousands of constituent letters to Congress. Babka went on to say…"This is not about personalities or partisan advantage. NO person with the power to order missile attacks on individuals should operate free from the strong constraints of legal due process.“The President assumed to himself vigilante powers, and in the process likely violated at least three Constitutional provisions, which he'd sworn to uphold. “The President's action sets a dangerous precedent that must NOT be allowed to stand. The President claims that we must trust him when he says that Awlaki was guilty of great crimes, but the whole point of our system is that it relies on publicly tested evidence, not trust.“We must restore due process by impeaching the President." CHECK ALSO NEW HERESY: Should Congress Impeach the President?

Impeach the President
It seems to us that nearly all politicians break the law nearly all the time. Politicians especially love to violate the Constitution. All of these violations are impeachable offenses. Sadly, it can be difficult to convince one set of lawbreakers (Congress, for instance), to take action against another political criminal (the President, for instance).This problem of "loyalty among thieves" is compounded when one set of politicians is actually complicit in the crimes of another set, as when the President signs an unconstitutional law, or Congress endorses some criminal act by the President. Even worse, partisan loyalties, and the hypocrisy that always seems to attach to such loyalties, can bias and tarnish the motives for impeachment.In other words . . .The impeachment process can be problematic. Even so, problematic is NOT the same as completely useless. Perhaps it's best use is by citizens. Calling for impeachment is another way citizens can withdraw consent. You can use this campaign for that purpose if you feel provoked to do so.


Project Censored 2012 Book release, Saturday, October 1st - Top 25 Censored Stories for 2010-11
In the last 35 years, the so-called mainstream media have been co-opted into a propaganda machine for the transnational corporate power structure, which serves a US/NATO Military Industrial Media Empire instead of We the People. Project Censored resists the goals of global empire at the expense of human rights, we resist top down managed news in favor of a truly free press, and we resist censorship in all its guises. Media Democracy in Action is our belief and we will firmly continue to build media from the bottom up by supporting independent news sources and validating content with our expanding number of affiliate colleges and universities worldwide. Functioning democracies are the result of an informed and participatory public and we need an informed electorate now more than ever to protect our civil liberties, our economy, and our Constitution. In this volume, there are 500 pages of real news you can use, plus ample analysis that eradicates civil paralysis, and antidotes to our current Truth Emergency that will strengthen societal media literacy. CLIP - Available NOW

Top Censored Stories of 2012

1. More US Soldiers Committed Suicide Than Died in Combat
2. US Military Manipulates the Social Media
3. Obama Authorizes International Assassination Campaign
4. Global Food Crisis Expands
5. Private Prison Companies Fund Anti–Immigrant Legislation
6. Google Spying?
7. U.S. Army and Psychology’s Largest Experiment–Ever
8. The Fairytale of Clean and Safe Nuclear Power
9. Government Sponsored Technologies for Weather Modification
10. Real Unemployment: One Out of Five in US
11. Trafficking of Iraqi Women Rampant
12. Pacific Garbage Dump—Did You Really Think Your Plastic Was Being Recycled?
13. Will a State of Emergency Be Used to Supersede Our Constitution?
14. Family Pressure on Young Girls for Genitalia Mutilation Continues in Kenya
15. Big Polluters Freed from Environmental Oversight
16. Sweatshops in China Are Making Your iPods While Workers Suffer
17. Superbug Bacteria Spreading Worldwide
Monsanto Tries to Benefit from Haiti’s Earthquake
19. Oxfam Exposes How Aid Is Used for Political Purposes
20. US Agencies Trying to Outlaw GMO Food Labelling
21. Lyme Disease: An Emerging Epidemic
22. Participatory Budgeting – A Method to Empower Local Citizens & Communities
23. Worldwide Movement To Ban or Charge Fees For Plastic Bags
24. South Dakota Takes Extreme Measures to Be the Top Anti–Abortion State
25. Extension of DU to Libya


Afghan Children Being Sold Into Forced Labor
Endemic poverty in parts of Afghanistan is forcing many poor families to sell their children in order to survive, RFE/Human rights officials say dire economic conditions have forced many families in the northern Jawzjan Province — one of the most undeveloped regions in Afghanistan — to sell their kids. RL’s Radio Free Afghanistan reports. The International Save the Children Alliance, an NGO dedicated to eradicating child labor worldwide, said in a 2010 report that some 28 percent of all children between the ages of 5-15 in Jawzjan have been sold by their parents or guardians. Farid, a 4-year-old boy in Jawzjan, was sold to a relative eight months ago following the death of his father. His mother, who remarried, received 12,000 afghanis ($280) for her son with the expectation that he would work for the relative. “When he was brought to the hospital a week ago, the burns on his body were badly infected and swollen,” Dr. Khalil Hidari, the head of the hospital, told RFE/RL. “He was suffering from malnutrition and was in very poor health.” “Unfortunately, many Afghans do not know their own rights or those for children and women,” says Maghferat Samimi, head of the provincial office in Jawzjan for Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission. “The Afghan government, which is obliged to stop the selling and trading of children under the convention, is ill-equipped to curb the increasing trend of children being sold into child labor. MORE ON THIS HERE -- CHECK ALSO...

- Madagascar: Poverty Forces 2 Million Children into Hard Labor
(...) The children work at local stone quarries, fishing industries, or as domestic servants. The children make about 1,900 Malagasy Ariary per day, which is equal to about one US dollar. There are now 1.8 million children between the ages 5 and 17 years working in hazardous occupations, despite the fact that child labor is against international and Madagascan law. About half of children say that their labor has caused them harm. International Labor Office (ILO) and Madagascan government have not held anyone responsible for breaking the child labor laws. These children are losing their childhood and being forced to work just to survive. CLIP

- Afghan Women: After Eight Years of War
It has been eight years since the Taliban has theoretically been removed from power, yet women’s rights have not improved for the larger population. In 2004 the Constitution proclaimed equality for sexes under the law, yet abuse, rape, arrests, and inadequate schooling for women are still issues that have not been fixed. The United Kingdom’s The Guardian stated that 52% of women are affected by physical violence, while only 17% of women disclosed instances of sexual violence. Human Rights Watch claims that the majority of women held in Afghan prisons were accused of “moral crimes,” which include adultery or running away from one’s home or from a spouse. Half of the marriages within the state are of women 16 years or younger, which is illegal under the law, and in 80% of marriages the young wife does not consent. In April of 2009, President Karzai signed a bill that gave sexual control to married men, essentially legalizing rape within a marriage. The law also allowed the husband to deny the wife food if she does not consent to sexual acts every four days and did not allow divorce or guardianship of their children. Under pressure from foreign diplomats, Karzai reviewed the bill, altered it slightly, and reinstated it as a law with few outside objections.
(...) Although the recent insurgency of troops and Obama’s updated security system have made mainstream news; however, information concerning the plight of the Afghan women and the brutality they still face even after the fall of the Taliban remains under reported. Seventy percent of the women living in Afghanistan are illiterate and living in poverty; therefore, they have no real way of achieving success without the help of the government. The increase in numbers of schools for women has been hailed by both Afghani and western politicians as a positive change, yet young women make up only 11% of the population. Humans Rights Watch recommend in the Women’s Rights in Afghanistan (2009), that the Afghan government, International donors, and the Supreme Court publicly condemn and hold those accountable for their actions against women, increase schooling, and administer justice in order for the women to survive.

- Congo: A War against Women
Recently, a study was conducted about rape in the Democratic republic of Congo (DRC). It has been widely documented about the rapes occurring in DRC, especially in conflict areas with nearly one woman a minute subjected to some form of sexual abuse. However, the study conducted suggests that sexual abuse goes farther than just conflict areas, but also within the home as well. The study found that 1,152 women are being raped every day – a rate equal to 48 per hours. This rate is 26 times more than the previous estimate given by the United Nations of 16,000 rapes a year. The study conducted included a nationwide survey of 3,436 Congolese women ages ranging from 15-49. A breakdown of the figure shows 12% of women had been raped at least once in their life. 22% of the women have been forced to have sex or perform sexual acts by their partner against their will. The UN has said the Congo uses rape as a weapon of war. There have been many reports and witness accounts of gang-rape amongst young women as well as elderly women by militia. Anthony Gambino, a former director for the US agency for International Development in Congo says the rate of rapes is much higher than seen anywhere in the world, and it is not only in Eastern Congo but Western and Northern as well. Many think it is due to years of economic and political decline. With an estimated 1.8 million of the 70 million populations have been raped, many are calling this a war against women. Margot Wallstrom, UN special representative says “The number of reported victims is just the tip of the iceberg of actual incidents.” And many would agree that the rates are rising and it must be stopped.

- The Curse of Sex Tourism
The sex industry is growing in the Philippines. According to UNICEF; the United Nations Children’s Fund states that 1.8 million children are held in sexual slavery worldwide and about 100,000 of those are minors. Over 60,000 children are being used for sex in the Philippines. Some children in the sex industry are as young as 11-14 years of age. Sex clubs proudly advertise local permits and licenses to operate and that the girls are free from sexually transmitted diseases. The sex clubs proudly admit that they have health workers come in and check out the girls, the health workers do not seem concerned for the well being of the girls though. Young women in the sex industry are exposed to physical and psychological harm. These sex deals are underground operations and are disguised as massage parlors, dance clubs and hotels. There are about 1.2 million young single men who travel to the Philippines each year, it is impossible to say how many of those men buy sex services since it is illegal.It is illegal to sexually abuse children, but it is almost impossible to bring perpetrators to justice. CLIP

- Paraguay’s Sex Traffic Hub Imperils Female Teens
In Paraguay, an intricate system of sex trafficking and exploitation centers in the city of Ciudad De Este. The tri-border location of this city links Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina making Paraguay a prime location for the system of sex trafficking. Weakening travel regulations and absence of authority allow the transportation of young girls and teens. The industrialized region attracts women from the rural countryside, where many women are desperate for money to feed their families. Women from ages ten to twenty are targeted and lured by traffickers with the false promise of gaining a domestic job or restaurant work. Captive girls are often forced to stay in the sex work through starvation and violence. Many are addicted to low grades of crack. The author, Andy Footner, believes that the impoverished state of many families in Paraguay is due to the large numbers of children caused in part by the Catholic Church’s prohibition on birth control. CLIP

- Trafficking of Iraqi Women Rampant
Human trafficking occurs throughout the world, yet has become increaingly more prevalent among the country of Iraq due to the instability produced by the Iraq War. Many Iraqi women and girls are widowed or orphaned by wartime casualties. Currently, more than 50,000 Iraqi women have fled to Jordan and Syria and are trapped in sexual servitude with no possibility of escape. Unable to support themselves or their households due to new goverenment restrictions, thousands of Iraqi women have been preyed on by sex traffickers taking advantage of this chaotic environment.In June 2010 The State Department released its annual Trafficking in Persons Report (TiP Report) which layed out a picture of human trafficking across the globe, and reaffirmed the US’s commitment to ending this scourge.These trafficked women have received scant attention from American policymakers who have the power to alleviate these women’s suffering and condemn the countries that allow it to flourish. The US holds the solution: it can protect these vulnerable women by making Iraqi trafficked women a priority resettlement group and putting greater pressure on the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to follow suit. Doing this would finally provide Iraq trafficking victims with a resettlement option that is fast and effective enough to actually help them.

- Human Trafficking in the United States
Every year an estimated 700,000 to two million women and children are trafficked globally. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) estimates that almost 50,000 of those women and children are brought to the United States. Major cities in the United States have become receiving centers for trafficked women and children, and brothels are formed. The Immigration and Naturalization Service believes that brothels are run incognito as massage parlors, nail salons, or spas. Brothels are also housed in suburban single-family dwellings to avoid suspicion. The women and children that are trafficked are poor and lured to the country under false pretenses. A promise of a good paying job and decent living conditions are found to be a scam, but only after it is too late. Travel documents are confiscated, and the woman and children are threatened with violence upon them or their families. These prisoners are forced into prostitution to pay back their debt to recruiters. Those trafficked suffer from severe mental and physical abuse that include imprisonment, rape, and forced abortions. The United States is still in denial that human trafficking and child prostitution exists.

- New Study: Sexual Assault in Air Force Goes Unreported
According to a study acquired exclusively by “The Christian Monitor,” one in five United States Air Force women is a victim of sexual assault. The study was conducted by the United States military in order to determine the amount of sexual assault that occurs within its ranks. According to the study, nearly half of the rape victims, mostly male airmen assaulting female airmen, never reported the crime when it occurred. The reason that some airmen gave for not reporting these attacks was that they feared that they would cause “trouble in their unit.” However, two percent of men surveyed also admitted having been sexually assaulted since joining the military. Of the nearly 20 percent of female airmen who admitted being assaulted, 58 percent reported being raped and 20 percent reported being sodomized, which the military classifies as “nonconsensual oral or anal sex.” The assaults allegedly occurred while the women were enlisted in the Air Force as well as at the military academies. The study was originated in order to create “prevention programs” and assess how much violence is truly going on within the United States military. This raises the question of how our troops can defend our country when there isn’t an appropriate means for them to defend themselves against threatening forces within the military itself.

- Queer Injustices: The Widespread Sexual Abuse LGBT People Face in Prison
Since sexual violence is one of the principal weapons of policing and punishing perceived sexual deviance and gender nonconformity on the outside, it may come as no surprise that it’s wielded to even greater effect in the highly controlled and violent environment of modern prisons.Studies indicate that as many as one in four female prisoners and one in five male prisoners are subjected to some form of sexual violence at the hands of prison staff and other prisoners. In a study done by the Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics found that 60,500 adults or 4.5 percent of the prison population were sexually abused in 2007 alone, while 3,220 or 12 percent of youth incarcerated in juvenile detention centers were sexually violated by a staff member, or by another youth within the first twelve months of their admission.While sexual violence is, in many respects, part of the daily prison experience for many inmates, whether they are victims, perpetrators, or forced observers, LGBT people are disproportionately targeted by staff and prisoners. Prisoners and detainees who are, or perceived to be gay, transgender, or gender nonconforming are more likely to be sexually assaulted, coerced, and harassed that their heterosexual and gender-conforming counterparts. CLIP

- Solitary Confinement in the US: Cruel and Usual Punishment
As incarceration rates explode in the US, thousands are placed in solitary confinement, often without cause. Every day in the US, tens of thousands of prisoners languish in “the hole”. Most are prisoners have committed minor disciplinary infractions within prison or otherwise run afoul of corrections staff while only a few of them are prison murderers or rapists who present a threat to others. By common estimate, more than 20,000 inmates are held in supermax prisons, which by definition isolate their prisoners. Perhaps 50,000 to 80,000 more are in solitary confinement on any given day in other prisons and local jails, many of them within sight of communities where Americans go about their everyday lives. Over the past 30 years, the rate at which prisoners have been placed in solitary confinement has greatly increased. The warden and prison staff often takes advantage of their power by playing the prosecutor, judge and jury in the amount of time a prisoner spends in isolation. Children in adult prisons and jails often end up in solitary because there is simply nowhere else to put them to prevent them being victimized, leaving them without physical contact or schooling for years. Even victims of prison rape and whistleblowers are often isolated “for their own protection”, or given a choice between solitary confinement and continued sexual assault. Unlike Europe, which has declared solitary confinement as a cruel and degrading treatment, American courts and politicians have, for the most part, failed to take a strong stand against solitary confinement. At the same time, the ACLU’s David Fathi believes that a combination of legislation and litigation, grassroots activism and investigative journalism are producing “a breakthrough in public awareness”.

-Family Pressure to on Young Girls for Genitalia Mutilation Continue In Kenya
Girls as young as 9 were threatened with death if they tried to escape the Kamunera location, where they awaited female genitalia mutilation in Mt. Elgon District in Kenya. Many girls have been forced to cut short their studies and married off at a young age while some of them are still in hiding because their parents would disown them after running away to avoid circumcision. Over 100 girls were targeted for circumcision in December in this region but were rescued by Maendeleo Y Wanawake officials. Parents and grand parents in this area tell the young girls they will never get married and no man would want them if they don’t do the procedure. Not many women in this region are left to peruse education beyond the standard age of 8 years old. Young Woman are told that education was not meant for women because they were suppose to get married and take care of their husbands. Uncircumcised women generally get looked down upon and discriminated against for not doing the genitalia mutilation. Because of this young girls agree to go through with the surgery so that they can be included in the rites of passage so that their community will accept them. Check also Human rights violations lead to obstetric fistula.


Sacred Sites Peacewalk for a Nuclear Free World - October 22 – November 6, 2011 - Diablo Canyon to Sogorea Te/Glen Cove, Vallejo, California
With Buddhist nun, Jun-san we plan a two-week interfaith peace walk from the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant near San Luis Obispo to the Bay Area. With the tragedy of Fukushima in our hearts, we will walk 15-18 miles a day looking into the safety of land and people along our route, the still-present danger of nuclear weapons, the poisonous nuclear fuel cycle and how to end the nuclear nightmare in California and worldwide. The Diablo Canyon plant defiled a site sacred to the Chumash people, reminding us of our unresolved history. Native lands still bear the brunt of toxic mining and waste disposal that mark the nuclear industry. The walk ends at an indigenous sacred site of true power, consecrated by years of struggle to protect it from development.We expect participation of Native elders and activists, Buddhist monks, Japanese people affected by Fukushima, and citizens who have worked for decades to expose nuclear danger and find alternatives to nuclear power. We will learn from each other and from communities along the way. Everyone is welcome to join for an hour, a day or a week. No alcohol, drugs, or weapons. We need help with lodging, food, organizing local community events, modest expenses, media/communications, and shuttle-transport. Walk schedule CLIP - Recommende by Carolynne (

Season for Interfaith-Intercultural Celebration September - December, 2011
Join hundreds of task forces around the world in meaningful demonstrations of interfaith and interculturalunderstanding that are foundational to the global peace-building to which we are so deeply committed. The menu at bottom left guides you through many general resources that will serve your program, dialogues, and projects. In addition to these resources, this year we feature several events that we hope will engage a critical mass of our annual participants: Global Oneness Day - Coinciding with the Season for Interfaith Intercultural celebration AGNT, partnering with the global Humanity's Team movement and more than 20 other organizations, invites New Thought centers to join in the second annual Global Oneness Day (G.O.D.) on Sunday, October 23. Coinciding with United Nations Day on October 24th, meet your global spiritual family to actively celebrate our inner oneness and manifest diversity. A template for G.O.D. Sunday Service has been designed so that New Thought centers can contribute to a pool of personalized video messages from around the world that AGNT makes available for projection in your sanctuary during the Service. CLIP

Fuel - Theatrical Trailer
Visit for more information, such as
"UNABASHEDLY INTIMATE"... Thanks to an informative, buoyant tone and the director'sown restless intelligence, the film preaches to the unconverted with passion, energy and graphics so clear that they would make Al Gore weep all over his PowerPoint."
- Jeannette Catsoulis, NEW YORK TIMES
"IMPRESSIVELY COMPREHENSIVE"..."FUEL" is a vital, superbly assembled documentary that presents an insightful overview of America's troubled relationship with oil and how alternative and sustainable energies can reduce our country's -- and the world's -- addictive dependence on fossil fuels."
- Gary Goldstein, LOS ANGELES TIMES

THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD is a screwball true story about two gonzo political activists who, posing as top executives of giant corporations, lie their way into big business conferences and pull off the world's most outrageous pranks.

Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic - March 13th, 2010 (Part 1) Part 2 HERE - Part 3 HERE - Part 4 HERE
Lance White (, the host of this radio show asked me to inform everyone that the interview he did with me last year is now available on YouTube. More on him through - He suggests that people would probably like to subscribe to his Youtube channel HERE. Here is the presentation blurb he has for this show: My Guest, JEAN HUDON, is a lifelong advocate for numerous peace and environmental movements. He wrote "The Immortal Child", whose main concept emphasizes that earth, our planet, is a living being - first called the GAIA Theory. In 1997 he began the Earth Rainbow Network, which has expanded into a bi-monthly global newsletter which includes a Global Meditation Focus. We spoke about spirituality, oneness, and the concept that we are eternal, immortal beings having a human experience. He is truly a pioneer and wayshower par excellence! Visit his site to sign up free to receive his Newsletter, which is chock full of news, links and videos you won't find anywhere else! All of the archived newsletters are available to read freely.

David Wilcock: The Source Field Investigations -- Full Video!
Did human extraterrestrials visit Earth -- and predict a Golden Age that will culminate in the year 2012, freeing us from evil, fear and doom? Did the founding fathers of America inherit this prophecy -- and encode it directly into the Great Seal of the United States? Why is there a pyramid with an eye inside a glowing triangle? Is Novus Ordo Seclorum quoted from an ancient prophecy text -- the greatest and most secret treasure of the Roman Empire -- predicting that humans on Earth will transmute into "light beings" and achieve Apotheosis -- where Man becomes God -- and the 'Gods' themselves return? David Wilcock reveals the stunning scientific proof that DNA and biological life emerge directly out of the Source Field... a universal matrix of energy creating all space, time, matter, energy, biological life and consciousness -- and we are indeed about to experience the Greatest Moment of All Time. Learn about the pineal gland, Illuminati, government conspiracy, UFOs, DMT, the Mayan Calendar and more! More details HERE - Note from Jean: I learned this Monday Sept 19 from the publisher in Montreal who hires me to translate books in French that The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies by David Wilcock (published August 23, 2011) is going to be my next assignment. It is based on a hugely popular Internet documentary The 2012 Enigma - viewed more than two million times (REALLY FASCINATING!) - in which David Wilcock exposed many great secrets: DNA, consciousness science, wormholes, stargate travel, sacred geometry, three-dimensional time, the Mayan calendar, and much more. And in this book, his seminal work, he is exposing even more. Needless to say, I'm thrilled! It will be released in 2 tomes in its French version, first one due next March. BTW check also David Wilcock And 'The Event'

Secret Illuminati Underground Cities Destroyed by Galactic Federation (September 23, 2011)
The recent rumblings in Virginia and Colorado on August 23rd, 2011, that millions of Americans were told were naturally occurring earthquakes were, in reality, not earthquakes, but explosions detonated by the Galactic Federation and their Earth allies that completely destroyed two underground military installations that were key Illuminati refuges that have been built at the massive expense of the American taxpayer, according to many sources of investigator Benjamin Fulford, popular researcher David Wilcox, as well as several channels for the Galactic Federation. Naturally occurring earthquakes leave a tell tale seismographic signature that was reportedly absent in either the Virginia or Colorado quake. Channels for the Galactic Federation have reported that these explosions were not nuclear in nature, but a very advanced technology that has reportedly left only small fragments of the once massive installations. David Wilcox has stated on his website “My intelligence suggests it is possible that as many as 30,000 people were in each of these two underground cities at the time that [the explosions] went off. So we’re talking about the potential of 60,000 deaths.” (Taken from Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed) Channels for the Galactic Federation on the other hand, are reporting that the GF safely removed all personnel to an undisclosed location before the blasts, which certainly fits the modus operandi of the spiritually enlightened organization. These underground cities, replete with hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and even hydroponic farms, have been built beneath many major cities all over the world by the elitist ruling class as safe havens to hide as their plan to instigate a planet wide cataclysm unfolded on the surface world. (There will be no natural cataclysm, and as stated many times by the Galactic Federation, all attempts by the dark cabal to cause one will be prevented.) The Galactic Federation has already cut off all lanes of escape through space, and are now eliminating any underground hiding places for the cabalists, whose days are now extremely numbered. This event may be the most important milestone reached to date in the efforts to remove the dark cabal and their minions from power, clearing the way for a return to a golden age for humanity. CHECK ALSO Pentagon now Joins 87 Country Alliance United to Crush Illuminati Federal Reserve Bankster Cartel (September 29, 2011) DUBIOUS... BUT WHO KNOWS!

U.S. military launches mystery space plane on secret mission (April 23, 2010)
Mystery surrounds the U.S. military's Orbital Test Vehicle, the X-37B OTV, which launched into space Thursday night from the Cape Canaveral Air Station in Florida.Is it an aircraft? Is it the next generation space shuttle? How much does it cost? And why is it such a secret? The X-37B OTV is a classified Air Force project that has never been fully explained by the Pentagon. Some worry it may be the start of military operations in space -- that the plane might some day carry weapons to shoot down enemy satellites. Some are concerned it may be used as a quick-response vehicle that could be sent very quickly with weapons to a danger spot, said Victoria Samson of the Secure World Foundation. The private group says it is "dedicated to maintaining the secure and sustainable use of space for the benefit of Earth and all its peoples."In a recent meeting with reporters, a top Air Force official rejected those types of suggestions. "I don't know how this could be called weaponization of space," said Gary Payton, deputy undersecretary for space programs. "Fundamentally, it's an updated version of the space shuttle."Unlike the re-usable space shuttle, the X-37B is unmanned and much smaller. It is controlled from ground stations. It can stay in space for 270 days, but the Air Force won't say how long it's staying up this time or what exactly it will be doing other than testing out its high tech guidance and navigation. The Air Force won't even say how many billions of dollars it's spending on the program. Military officials have said some of the things they hope will come from the X-37B. "The OTV has the potential to revolutionize how the Air Force operates in space by making space operations more aircraft like," said David Hamilton Jr., the Air Force Rapid Capabilities office director. CLIP CHECK ALSO Leuren Moret: US Space shuttle covert mission was chemtrails in space for HAARP

New proton-based chips could let machines control living things… like you, for example (SEPT. 22, 2011)
University of Washington scientists have just crossed another major threshold between humans and machines: they’ve built a transistor that uses protons instead of electrons. Their ultimate goal is to create devices that can communicate directly with certain biological functions that involve protons — eventually even control them.Amara D. Angelica wrote at that the ultimate goal is to create devices that can “communicate directly with certain biological functions that involve protons — eventually even control them — a ‘first step toward bionanoprotonics.’” Yes, that means creating devices that can remotely interact with, or even control, living things. Long term possibilities might include devices that can re-wire a human brain. CLIP

Wayback Machine
Browse through over 150 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago.

Fort Worth (silent) Explosions (May 11, 2011)
Check also Flashes Light Up Sky Over Fort Worth

Unbelievable UFO New York City! - August 26, 2011 before Hurricane Irene's arrival!
Check also Ufo sighting in bronx ny 8-26-2011. Note from Jean: This was most likely the USAF Top secret Nuclear Powered Flying Triangle TR-3B "ASTRA" patrolling the sky... (...) At least 3 of the billion dollar plus TR-3Bs were flying by 1994. The Aurora is the most classified aerospace development program in existence. The TR-3B is the most exotic vehicle created by the Aurora Program. It is funded and operationally tasked by the National Reconnaissance Office, the NSA, and the CIA. The TR-3B flying triangle is not fiction and was built with technology available in the mid 80s. Not every UFO spotted is one of theirs. (...) Sandia and Livermore laboratories developed the reverse engineered MFD technology. The government will go to any lengths to protect this technology. The plasma, mercury based, is pressurized at 250,000 atmospheres at a temperature of 150 degrees Kelvin and accelerated to 50,000 rpm to create a super-conductive plasma with the resulting gravity disruption. The MFD generates a magnetic vortex field, which disrupts or neutralizes the effects of gravity on mass within proximity, by 89 percent. Do not misunderstand. This is not antigravity. Anti-gravity provides a repulsive force that can be used for propulsion. (...) The TR-3B is a high altitude, stealth, reconnaissance platform with an indefinite loiter time. Once you get it up there at speed, it doesn’t take much propulsion to maintain altitude. At Groom Lake there have been whispered rumours of a new element that acts as a catalyst to the plasma. With the vehicle mass reduced by 89%, the craft can travel at Mach 9, vertically or horizontally. My sources say the performance is limited only by the stresses that the human pilots can endure. Which is a lot, really, considering along with the 89% reduction in mass, the G forces are also reduced by 89%. CLIP

UFO Sightings Massive Mothership Caught On Tape Aug 26, 2011
You'll see it clearly towards the end - but this could be a CGI artificial reality computer-assisted creation... Many other fascinating UFO videos through such as Fantastic New UFO Sightings Brazil (September 30, 2011) and UFO Sightings Car Chases UFO (September 27 2011) and UFO Sightings Massive Armada Extreme Close Up! and UFO footage from Norway stuns viewers - 2011 and Pyramid UFO Over Hebei Luannan Power Plant, China 2011-09-09 and Ufo drops into ocean after being chased by jets and Real UFO spotted in Oregon and UFO Sighting In Broad Daylight (June 23, 2011 - possibly CGI)

UFO AMAZING ENERGY VORTEX OVER RUSSIA, Ekaterinburg May 4 2011 (Part 1) Part 2 HERE


Andromeda Council: Molecular & Cellular Transformation to a 4D Earth
(...) First off, please understand, these original 5,000, now 50,000+ crew members, & their families, on this biosphere, and on the other biospheres, they’ve traveled a long way to help Earth with this coming shift. They are excited to be here & to help. And, up until recently it’s been a very challenging, difficult time because first they had to win a very hard war in space against an alliance of Orion Greys, Hydra, & Alpha Draconis Reptilians. Which they’ve done.“And in the cleanup process down on Earth, various affiliated Andromeda Council races, especially those from Procyon, used highly focused sonic energy beams to bust-up & collapse underground bases including the ones around your nation’s capital leading up to the hills in Virginia, ones in Colorado, and northern New Mexico. Again, these were highly focused, pinpointed, sonic energy beam blasts meant to cripple the tunnel systems & underground bases where the Greys & Reptilians have been hiding. They had been warned many, many times to leave, and didn’t. So, a positiveintervention. My contacts called these tunnels & base a “lattice network”. They’re destroyed, collapsed & inoperable... and closed off. These were not nuclear blasts. They said, and I quote: “ we would never used nuclear weapons, we don’t need to. We are far beyond this kind of technology. Moreover, use of nuclear weapons would absolutely endanger the lives of the people on the planet surface. And, even worse, nuclear radiation is poisonous to all humans, to all life on Earth. These were not nuclear weapons but highly focused, pin-pointed, sonic energy beam blasts.”

“The Andromeda Council’s goal is to eliminate as many of these remaining ‘rats under the wood pile’ as soon as possible... before your migration & complete immersion into the 4th dimensional area of space. As I’ve mentioned, we are about 90-92% complete in the wrapping up of the ‘cleanup’ phase of the last holdouts of these Grey & Reptilian menaces here on Earth.“So, back to the shift. Comparatively, this coming shift is nothing like anyone has experienced in a long, long, long time. A lot of things are happening with your solar system, all at once, which we are paying close attention to. And, this transformation you are about to experience is totally different because a whole solar system, your planet & its people get to become 4th dimensional human beings without having to “die”. Now, let me explain. From time memorial, normally humans on 3D planets like Earth get to live long or short lives, to have whatever overall learning experiences are best needed for their souls. When they die, rather when their bodies die their original birth spiritual essence, their soul, usually goes off planet for a while & decides, chooses, where it will incarnate next. Another 3D world like Earth, or Earth again. Or, if they feel they’ve really learned as much as they can over the course of many 3D lifetimes they can choose instead to migrate & live their lives in the 4th dimension on any number of 4D worlds. Or they can go back to their original 4D home world. This is the norm.“Again, in the case of this coming shift, this transformation of your solar system and planet no one, nobody’s 3D body has to die to become a 4th dimensional human. CLIP

Will Tokyo Be Evacuated Due to Fukushima Radiation? (September 19, 2011)
Tokyo Radiation Exceeds Chernobyl In Some Places … Japanese Government and Experts Discuss Evacuation


Pyramid UFO SuperIntending Hebei Luannan Power Plant, China 2011-09-09

Real alien grey found dead in Italy at a mountain

ufo ALIEN interview AREA51 majestic12 alien EBE-2 pt3
Check also Area 51: The Alien Interview Trailer - All other parts HERE


Strange rotating cloud over Canada !!

Enlightening Lightning

Record-Setting Poverty in US, Atrocities by US-Funded Afghan Militias, 9/11 Secrecy and Truth, More

WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race - Disclosure. Created: Sep 22, 2011
Disclosure Petition - Paradigm Research Group"We, the undersigned, strongly urge the President of the United States to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and immediately release into the public domain all files from all agencies and military services relevant to this phenomenon." Hundreds of military and government agency witnesses have come forward with testimony confirming this extraterrestrial presence. Opinion polls now indicate more than 50% of the American people believe there is an extraterrestrial presence and more than 80% believe the government is not telling the truth about this phenomenon. The people have a right to know. The people can handle the truth.Relevant Websites:, - MORE ON THIS HERE, CHECK ALSO White House ET/UFO disclosure petition: Sign, make it go viral! – Steve Bassett

The truth behind the Gary McKinnon hysteria (13 NOVEMBER 2009)
WHY oh WHY are the media not talking about what Gary McKinnon found out on those NASA networks? I have every sympathy for his dire situation, but the real truth behind all this hysteria is because of what he found out; that we are not alone in the universe, and that the American’s have NON-TERRESTRIAL military officers for crying out loud! The Cyber Security thing is a convenient distraction from what's really at stake. It's all about perpetuating the extraterrestrial truth embargo. Simple as that. If the American people (or the rest of the world) found out how much they have been lied to and where all those skimmed ‘Classified Black Budget’ tax dollars (supposedly equal in value or MORE than the entire US Economy) have really been going, there would be massive upheaval and civil unrest. That's why the US Government wants him- so they can find out exactly what he has seen, who he has told, and to make sure he keeps his mouth shut. It’s about National Security, but not in the way that you are made to think. And of course the mainstream media outlets discuss everything BUT what Gary saw on those networks. I dare say only a handful of highly authorized officials know the truth, and the news outlets will concentrate on whatever they are told to report because there is no such thing as free journalism anymore. Average folks everywhere are wasting so much time and energy debating what the highest authorities want us to think it’s all about, as reported by the controlled mainstream media (Cyber security, Asperger's syndrome, National security, the right to Extradition). This way we are kept as far away from the actual truth as can be. That truth I speak of is that we are not alone, we never have been, and we never will be.Here is today’s Daily Mail Article about Gary Mckinnon: Daily Mail Article. Here is Project Camelot’s Interview with Gary Mckinnon: Camelot Interview - Much more through such as Bulgarian scientists claim Aliens 'already exist on earth' - (...) "Aliens are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time," Mr Filipov told Bulgarian media. "They are not hostile towards us, rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them." Mr Filipov said that even the seat of the Catholic church, the Vatican, had agreed that aliens existed. He said humans were not going to be able to establish contact with the extraterrestrials through radio waves but through the power of thought. "The human race was certainly going to have direct contact with the aliens in the next 10 to 15 years," he said.

Super Sun Blast Fears Put Russian Nuke Plants In Lockdown (September 26, 2011)
The Federal Atomic Energy Agency (FAAE) states that “emergency notices” have gone out to all of Russia’s nuclear power plants warning them that a potential “blast” from our Sun could cause “massive power blackouts” and could even result in “spontaneous atomic explosions.”Prompting this unprecedented warning was our Sun’s unleashing of a massive X1.9 solar flare from the behemoth Sunspot 1302 yesterday, and that is just days away from putting our Earth squarely in its sights, that this FAAE report is blaming for the near total blackout that hit the entire South American nation of Chile within minutes of this event occurring. This FAAE report further warns that the blackout that occurred in Chile due to yesterday’s solar blast was forewarned about by a similar event that occurred earlier this month in the United States after their Southern California and Arizona regions were hit by a massive power blackout on 8 September.Even more concerning to the FAAE about these solar blasts were their being connected by Russian atomic scientists to the nuclear explosion at a nuclear-waste facility in southern France that occurred on 12 September and a Michigan nuclear plant “cooling failure” that occurred on 16 September, both of which were quickly followed by at least six more massive solar blasts occurring in less than 24 hours from 18 September until 19 September.The FAAE also states in their report that the fall from low-space orbit of NASA’s UARS climate satellite yesterday can, likewise, be blamed on these solar blasts too, a position supported by US space scientists who recently discovered that 90 minutes after these solar blasts die down, they spring to life again producing an extra surge of extreme ultraviolet radiation, and which, according to NASA scientist Rachel Hock:“The extra energy from the late phase can have a big effect on Earth. Extreme ultraviolet wavelengths are particularly good at heating and ionizing Earth’s upper atmosphere. When our planet’s atmosphere is heated by extreme UV radiation, it puffs up, accelerating the decay of low-orbiting satellites.” CLIP

Ring of Fire: The most active Volcanoes including El Hierro, Canary Islands – September, 2011 (September 25, 2011)
The most active volcanoes in the Ring of Fire including the El Hierro (Volcano) Canary Islands and the Etna in Italie the past week (September 14 to September 20). We restrict ourselves in this article to the volcano activity in the Ring of Fire and on the worrying situation in the Canary Islands. CLIP

Tsunami Atlantico La Palma (Simulation)
Check also Island of El Hierro prepares for potential volcanic eruption

CLIMATE ALERT! End the Geoengineering Madness Now! Tethering Artificial Volcanoes from Giant Balloons Risky Science, Not a Viable Climate Solution (September 20, 2011) THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ISSUE THAT REQUIRES URGENT ACTION FROM EVERYONE!  STOP THIS MADNESS. DON'T LET THEM WRECK OUR PLANET!
Geoengineering is the proposed large scale manipulation of Earth‚s oceans, soils, sunlight and atmosphere with the intent of combating climate change. The UK government and scientific establishment have begun dangerous experiments into the controversial idea of large-scale release of sulfur aerosol directly into the stratosphere in large volumes. They are acting like renegades, as international agreements are in place forbidding such experiments which are not in controlled settings. Simply, a biosphere cannot be engineered. The only way to address climate and ecology change is to end ecosystem loss and fossil fuel use; while equitably reducing emissions, consumption and population. Please tell UK scientists to cancel experiments planned to test equipment for injecting sulfur particles into the stratosphere to counteract global warming. It is too risky and continued geoengineering research - and all but certain implementation if field trials show promise - will certainly have horrific unintended consequences for our shared biosphere - necessary for a habitable Earth.

Additional Background

Next month researchers in the United Kingdom will start some of the first large-scale geoegineering field studies. Geoengineering is the proposed (and scientifically questionable) large scale manipulation of Earth’s biosphere to engineer sunlight and/or carbon levels at a global scale to address climate change. The Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering (SPICE) experiment will test an artificial volcano system composed of a long tube suspended at an altitude of 20 kilometers by a stadium-size hydrogen balloon, designed to spew sulfate particles into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight. The Universities of Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh - with the support of the UK Government, UK's Royal Society for Science, and defense industry contractors - are showing great hubris in breaking a UN ban on such field trials until important international oversight and consensus are reached. Establishing trials to build the infrastructure for geoengineering sends the signal that the UK and other industrial nations are bent upon high risk technologies rather than emissions reductions to address climate change.UK's government and prestigious scientific establishment claim that their testing of the equipment for atmospheric manipulations is only for research, but we know from the history of science that virtually all major new technologies, once developed and regardless of risk, almost certainly will be implemented. Modifying Earth at a planetary scale is so complex, that dire unintended consequences are certain. Releasing stratospheric aerosol is one of the most controversial geoengineering technologies under discussion, and for good reason. The impacts of sulfate based geoengineering upon ecosystems are largely unknown, as complex systems react chaotically and non-linearly. Yet it is predicted ecological patterns and processes such as rainfall and seasonality almost certainly will be disrupted at some distance. Further, potential impacts include more ozone layer damage, worsening ocean acidification, and disruption of the food supplies for billions of people. Those most likely to be affected are the poor with the least to lose, and failure could destroy Earth and thus humanity. CLIP

... And excerpted from the letter of protest you can send through this LINK...

It is not, nor will it ever be, possible to engineer global ecology. The human family is unable to control invasive species, build nuclear power plants that don’t leak, or keep oil from water; yet now humanity is going to engineer a livable biosphere - with stable climate, biodiversity and ecosystems - forever? Even planned and future geoengineering experiments and limited implementation have potential for catastrophic consequences upon climate, ecosystems, and people; as complex systems react chaotically and non-linearly. Tampering with these patterns will destroy atmospheric and oceanic patterns and oscillations, leading to further climate weirding, droughts, and food unavailability for the poor. The only way to address abrupt climate is to end fossil fuel use and ecosystem loss; while fairly and ethically reducing emissions, inequitable consumption and over-population. Your research efforts would be better advised to focus upon pathways for immediate massive emission reductions, ending coal and other fossil fuels, energy conservation and efficiency, achieving 100% renewable energy, and protecting and restoring old forests and other natural ecosystems.

What happens if the population forecasts are wrong? (19 September 2011)
The assumption that global population will peak around 9-10bn may be overly optimistic — and if it is, population will continue to rise, placing enormous strains on the environment -- In a mere half-century, the number of people on the planet has soared from 3 billion to 7 billion, placing us squarely in the midst of the most rapid expansion of world population in our 50,000-year history — and placing ever-growing pressure on the Earth and its resources.But that is the past. What of the future? Leading demographers, including those at the United Nations and the U.S. Census Bureau, are projecting that world population will peak at 9.5 billion to 10 billion later this century and then gradually decline as poorer countries develop. But what if those projections are too optimistic? What if population continues to soar, as it has in recent decades, and the world becomes home to 12 billion or even 16 billion people by 2100, as a high-end UN estimate has projected? Such an outcome would clearly have enormous social and environmental implications, including placing enormous stress on the world's food and water resources, spurring further loss of wild lands and biodiversity, and hastening the degradation of the natural systems that support life on Earth. It is customary in the popular media and in many journal articles to cite a projected population figure as if it were a given, a figure so certain that it could virtually be used for long-range planning purposes. But we must carefully examine the assumptions behind such projections. And forecasts that population is going to level off or decline this century have been based on the assumption that the developing world will necessarily follow the path of the industrialized world. That is far from a sure bet. Eyeing the future, conservationists have clung to the notion that population will peak and then start to decline later this century. Renowned evolutionary biologist Edward O. Wilson has propounded what he terms the bottleneck theory: that maximum pressure on the natural world will occur this century as human population peaks, after which a declining human population will supposedly ease that pressure. The goal of conservation is therefore to help as much of nature as possible squeeze through this population bottleneck. But what if there is no bottleneck, but rather a long tunnel where the human species continues to multiply? CLIP

Among the many comments posted there: "I can see no evidence that any of our politicians have managed to get their heads around just how big the world population has become and very few of the mainstream society has grasped the basics of arithmetic. If Noah had loaded the human population onto the Ark in a month, today it would take more like 11 years. The human race is uniquely challenged in the next 30 years to rethink how it makes things, grows things, keeps itself warm and moves around. It is a Herculean challenge and so far we haven’t even scratched the surface of it."

Lloyd's Sues Saudi Arabia for 9/11 Funding, 70% Drop in U.S. Violent Crime, More

US Government Openly Assassinates US Citizen, Wall St. Occupation Bribery, Global Protests Against Austerity

Tell the Congress and the FDA: The Draft Guidance on NDIs is Bad for Consumers PETITION
On July 1, the US Food and Drug Administration issued draft guidance for complying with the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification protocols required by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA)—seventeen years late. The biggest problem is that this guidance will turn a notification system into an approval system—a terrible precedent that will utterly cut off the supply of nutritional supplements. It will also create such huge barriers for supplement manufacturers that it will be much more difficult and expensive to produce them. But of course, that means consumers would either have to pay much more for nutritional supplements, or else risk not being able to buy them at all if the manufacturer deems them too expensive to produce.

Brazil judge halts work on Belo Monte Amazon dam (28 September 2011)
A judge in Brazil has ordered a halt to construction of a multi-billion-dollar dam project in the Amazon region. Judge Carlos Castro Martins barred any work that would interfere with the natural flow of the Xingu river. He ruled in favour of a fisheries group which argued that the Belo Monte dam would affect local fish stocks and could harm indigenous families who make a living from fishing. The government says the dam is crucial to meeting growing energy needs. Judge Martins barred the Norte Energia company behind the project from "building a port, using explosives, installing dikes, building canals and any other infrastructure work that would interfere with the natural flow of the Xingu river, thereby affecting local fish stocks".Legal battleHe said the building of canals and dikes could have negative repercussions for river communities living off small-scale fishing. The judge said building work currently underway on accommodation blocks for the project's many workers could continue as it would not interfere with the flow of the river. The consortium behind the project is expected to appeal against the decision. In June, the Brazilian environment agency backed the construction, dismissing concerns by environmentalists and indigenous groups who argue that it will harm the world's largest tropical rainforest and displace tens of thousands of people. The agency, Ibama, said the dam had been subjected to "robust analysis" of its impact on the environment. The 11,000-megawatt dam would be the third biggest in the world - after the Three Gorges in China and Itaipu, which is jointly run by Brazil and Paraguay. - VOIR AUSSI La justice brésilienne interdit la construction du barrage Belo Monte (29 Septembre 2011) ET Forêt amazonienne : le président bolivien recule devant la pression des indigènes (28 Septembre 2011)

Remember the Swine Flu Vaccine? You may wonder if there have been consequences for the millions of people who naively took it. Yes! There has been, It is called narcolepsy. It is a severe worldwide neurological damage, a chronic sleeping disorder that particularly affects children... To find out more check Narcolepsy and Swine Flu Vaccine: Is this the vaccine we use today?/ BBC - We need a vaccine inquiry
- Warning: More Children Struck Down By GlaxoSmithKline Flu Vaccine - Narcolepsy link to GSK Swine Flu vaccine established - victims to get compensation - Probe on narcolepsy–H1N1 vaccine link finds genetic risk factor/ CIDRAP - Finland confirms firm link between Pandemrix and narcolepsy - Narcolepsy cases rising after swine flu vaccine - New Swedish Study Confirms GlaxoSmithKline's Swine Flu Vaccine Causes Narcolepsy - Ireland Rise In Narcolepsy Cases From GSK Swine Flu Vaccine - Finland Chief Medical Officer: Swine Flu Vaccinating 5 To 20-Year-Old Children Was A Mistake

Pétition : Étiquetage des aliments contenant des organismes génétiquement modifiés (OGM)
Date limite pour signer : 23 décembre 2011

Pétition : Demande d’instituer une commission d’enquête publique sur la collusion et la corruption dans le domaine de la construction et sur le financement des partis politiques
Date limite pour signer : 30 octobre 2011

Khadir demande un moratoire sur La Romaine - Paul Journet, La Presse(21 septembre 2011)
Le complexe La Romaine serait un projet « insensé » d'un point de vue environnemental et économique, et tous les contrats octroyés par Hydro-Québec doivent donc être révisés par le Régie de l'énergie, demande Québec solidaire. Le parti de gauche a déposé avec la Fondation Rivières une pétition de près de 7000 signatures. «Il faut assujettir Hydro-Québec Production au contrôle de la Régie», a plaidé son chef Amir Khadir ce matin en point de presse. Il était accompagné par Alexis de Gheldere (réalisateur du documentaire Cherchez le courant) et le chanteur Yann Perreau (Fondations Rivières). Le groupe demande même un moratoire pour les projets 1, 3 et 4 de la Romaine, qui n'ont pas encore commencé. M. Khadir n'a pas été en mesure de dire si cela serait légalement possible en vertu des contrats qui auraient déjà été signés. Après avoir été accusée d'outrage au Parlement par le Parti québécois, Hydro-Québec a finalement déposé cette année des milliers de pages de documents sur ses contrats octroyés dans les dernières années. M. Khadir déplore toutefois que les données sur La Romaine soient «enterrées sous une masse d'information». Il veut qu'une commission parlementaire les examine. «Si on s'est déjà mis les pieds dans les plats légalement et qu'on s'est engagé à des pertes pour le Québec, il faut le savoir», lance-t-il. Il n'a pas non plus été capable de dire combien d'argent serait ainsi perdu. Il conteste la question. Car selon lui, ces projets sont déficitaires. «Lorsqu'il y a une perte, à n'importe quelle étape où on arrête cette perte, c'est un gain», dit-il. M. Khadir reprend essentiellement l'argumentaire de Cherchez le courant. Il dénonce le «saccage», selon lui, des «rivières patrimoniales» et des «écosystèmes précieux». Et il soutient que le projet est «économiquement irrationnel». Le complexe de La Romaine produira de l'électricité à presque 10¢/kWh et la revendra à 4¢/kWh, calcule-t-il.

En fait, peu après la diffusion du documentaire, Hydro-Québec annonçait que le coût unitaire du projet serait de 6,4¢/kWh, et non de 9,2¢/kWh comme cela avait été prévu dans son étude d'impact datant de 2007. L'argumentaire d'Hydro-Québec avait toutefois été critiqué par Jean-Thomas Bernard, économiste spécialisé dans les questions en énergie. Selon Khadir, ce type de grand projet hydroélectrique ne convient plus depuis longtemps aux besoins énergétiques du Québec. Cela avait déjà été établi en 1996 dans une consultation publique, qui avait débouché sur le rapport «Pour un Québec efficace».«Pour arroser les amis»?M. Khadir a essayé de faire un lien entre le projet La Romaine et le rapport de l'Unité anticollusion de Jacques Duchesneau. Si on développe un complexe «non rentable» comme La Romaine, ce serait pour «arroser de contrats des entreprises qui sont proches des partis politiques», a-t-il insinué.Il rapporte que neuf des 10 plus gros contrats de La Romaine-2 ont été accordés à des entreprises dont les dirigeants ont financé le Parti libéral du Québec. Quatre ont été accordés à Nielsen, qui appartient à la famille de l'argentier libéral Franco Fava, et deux autres à Louisbourg, de Tony Accurso.

Fluoration: consultez d'abord (26 septembre 2011)
Trois-Rivières va bientôt reprendre la fluoration lorsque les travaux de l'usine de filtration seront terminés. Le dogme de ses prétendus vertus est bien ancré dans la culture, la croyance populaire. On croyait que la fluoration de l'eau nous protégeait contre la carie dentaire, mais de nombreuses recherches médicales récentes prouvent le contraire.Les fluorosilicates serait la cause de nombreux désordres physiologiques dont certains cancers. Les fonctionnaires de l'Agence de santé publique qui continuent à promouvoir cette mesure devraient être amenés à témoigner sous serment afin qu'ils expliquent pourquoi ils s'entêtent à ignorer les données probantes qui démontrent des effets nocifs et non équivoques des fluorures sur la santé. CLIP - VOIR AUSSI Amos s'oppose fermement à la fluoration de son eau (4 Octobre 2011)


The EU dream has turned into a nightmare (1 Oct 2011) The Euro-skeptics in the UK are having a field day...
It was hard to know – as the danse macabre of the euro spirals towards its devastating denouement – which of last week’s utterances and events was the maddest. First, there was the speech by European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, in which, after admitting that this was the worst crisis the EU had ever faced, he renewed his wish for it to impose a tax on “financial transactions”, to provide Brussels with what has been estimated by Open Europe, the independent think tank, at up to £70 billion a year.Since Britain’s share of the EU’s financial markets is 72 per cent, the cost to the UK would thus be up to £50 billion. But that wouldn’t last long because, as the Commission itself admits, such a tax would soon send the financial industry fleeing out of the EU, destroying the biggest single earner in the UK economy.George Osborne may be right in saying that Britain would veto Mr Barroso’s proposal. But the very fact that the ex-Maoist in charge of the Commission should suggest anything so suicidal is a measure of just how surreal this crisis is becoming.Equally bizarre was the spectacle of Germany’s MPs defying the wishes of most of the German people by supporting the EU’s £380 billion bail-out fund, to pour much of it into the bottomless pit of Greek debt, which has reduced the Greek people to a state of catatonic trauma. The peoples of the EU’s richest and poorest countries are thus equally powerless in the face of what amounts to a bureaucratic dictatorship of unelected apparatchiks – who, in a vain bid to save their pet project, are now talking about the need for a further bail-out fund of £1.7 trillion, The truth about the euro project is that it was always based on a colossal act of make-believe, launched in defiance of all economic and political reality. And as history and storytelling have shown us again and again, when human beings, individually or collectively, attempt to act out a fantasy, there is a very clear and identifiable pattern to what follows. CLIP

North Sea gas production falls 25% (29 September 2011)
Alarming slump could put pressure on coalition to approve controversial shale gas projects -- North Sea gas production has slumped by 25% in the second quarter of the year, an alarming increase in the rate of decline that will cut tax revenues and could put more pressure on government to agree controversial shale gas developments.Figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) also show a 36% rise in coal imports, but a leap from 6.3% to 9.6% for the amount of electricity generated by wind and other renewables.The department records that the output of oil and associated gas liquids fell by 16% in the three months to the end of June, compared with a year earlier – the biggest decline since records began 16 years ago. (...) There is also mounting excitement and alarm about onshore shale gas, following drilling in Lancashire by Cuadrilla Resources, a small exploration company which has former BP boss Lord Browne on the board. Cuadrilla claims it could be sitting on 5.6tn cubic metres (200tn cubic ft) just a few miles from the seaside resort of Blackpool. Two more companies have applied to start drilling in the Mendip Hills behind the historic city of Bath in Somerset. Environmentalists are deeply concerned about the toxic chemicals used in the extraction process used with shale, while some academics have questioned whether the claims made by Cuadrilla can be justified on the back of only two wells. (...) Meanwhile Gordon Edge, director of policy at the RenewableUK pressure group, said it was highly significant that renewable energy now provided almost 10% of the UK's electricity." These statistics show the wind industry making a tremendous contribution to the nation's energy supply. Wind is now providing enough power to supply nearly three and a quarter million homes in the UK. This will stabilise energy prices, as well as generating tens of thousands of jobs, and helping us to build a new low-carbon economy".

With Pakistan Supply Route In Doubt, Washington Looks To Uzbekistan (October 02, 2011)
To critics of Uzbekistan, it was a disturbing phone call, disturbingly timed.The White House on September 28 confirmed that U.S. President Barack Obama had earlier in the day telephoned Uzbek leader Islam Karimov to congratulate his country on 20 years of independence. The phone call came nearly a month after the actual anniversary at the beginning of September, when Obama sent Karimov a commendatory letter, in which he said he looked forward "to developing even closer ties between our nations." The belated phone call, however, fell on the same day that human rights organizations publicly urged the U.S. government not to proceed with a plan to restore military assistance to Karimov, who is accused of torturing perceived political opponents and turning a blind eye to the widespread use of child labor in the country's lucrative cotton industry. It also comes at a time when Washington's bitter dispute with Pakistan is forcing it to reconsider its strategic alliances in the war in Afghanistan. Lilit Gevorgyan, a Russia and CIS analyst for Jane's Information Group, suggests the United States is now looking to northern supply routes in Central Asia to bypass or entirely replace the southern Pakistani corridor as the main channel for supplying the Afghan campaign. - Political Realities Forge Uneasy Friendships CLIP


Red money, blue money: The making of the 2012 campaign (SEP 29, 2011)
The hidden infrastructure of the 2012 campaign has already been built.A handful of so-called Super PACs, enabled to collect unlimited donations by the continued erosion of campaign finance regulations, are expected to rival the official campaign organizations in importance this election. In many cases, these groups are acting essentially as outside arms of the campaigns.These are America's best-funded political factions, their war chests filled by some of the richest men (and almost all are men) in the country.More than 80 percent of giving to Super PACs so far has come from just 58 donors, according to the Center for Responsive Politics analysis of the latest data, which covers the first half of 2011. The Republican groups have raised $17.6 million and the Democratic groups $7.6 million. Those numbers will balloon, with American Crossroads, the main Republican Super PAC, aiming to raise $240 million.) The exceptions are two public employee labor unions, whose massive donations match those of some of the largest moguls. The rest are individuals with vast fortunes at their disposal. They constitute two different tribes. The conservative red tribe is dominated by businessmen who have built or inherited fortunes. They also include Wall Street investors, oil and gas men, construction magnates, and retail executives. Mormons are well represented.The liberal blue tribe is dominated by men from Hollywood and media entrepreneurs -- often Jewish -- and the leaders of the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The Super PACs are not paragons of transparency, but what has been disclosed gives a sense of where the money is coming from and the interests of those giving it. Based on the donors and the origins of these groups, we can already discern what messages the Super PACs will generate in the home stretch of the campaign. CLIP

Obama fundraising drive targets the wealthy (30 September 2011)
President Obama’s week-long fundraising swing through the western United States, with stops in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Denver, showed his ability to combine demagogy about raising taxes on the wealthy with direct appeals to the super-rich to finance his reelection campaign. At least $5 million was raised in the California stops alone, according to press reports. The outpouring of support from the well-heeled, including Hollywood figures and Silicon Valley CEOs, shows that the ruling class understands very well that Obama’s calls for the rich to pay their “fair share” of deficit reduction is no threat to their own property and wealth. On the contrary, a sizable section of the financial elite understands that it needs the fig leaf supplied by Obama to stave off the real danger of a movement from below. The campaign tour began with Obama for America COO Ann Marie Habershaw alerting campaign teams that fundraising figures for the third quarter, which must be reported to the Federal Election Commission by October 15, would be critical. “What we do before midnight on September 30th determines our budget until the end of this year,” she wrote in an e-mail published by the Washington congressional daily The Hill. After raising a record $86 million in the April-June quarter, divided between his reelection campaign and the Democratic National Committee, Obama was compelled to cancel most fundraising events in July because of the protracted wrangling with congressional Republicans over the federal budget deficit. August, which is a month-long vacation for many of the super-rich, is traditionally the slowest month for campaign fundraising. As a result, the month of September was devoted to raising the bulk of the $55 million targeted for the third quarter. Obama has headlined 11 fundraisers, Vice President Joseph Biden 12, and Michelle Obama another four. Obama raised and spent $745 million during the 2008 campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination and then the presidency, by far the most of any candidate in history, and his reelection campaign is widely expected to top the $1 billion mark. Habershaw’s e-mail spelled out the financial goals of the campaign. “The scale we’re talking about is unparalleled,” she wrote, “and any time someone uses the word ‘unparalleled,’ that means it probably doesn’t happen for free.” At each of the four western cities, Obama combined private dinners where wealthy backers paid $35,800 each—the legal limit—to rub shoulders with him, and public appearances at campaign-style rallies. In several stops, there was more than one closed-door event, usually with the press barred and no public witnesses to the exchanges between the president and his big contributors. CLIP

China's new forests aren't necessarily green (September 21, 2011)
When most of Asia is cutting down its forests, China stands apart. In the last two decade the massive country has gained over 30 percent forest cover. However, a new opinion piece in Nature by Jianchu Xu, with the World Agroforestry Centre and the Kunming Institute of Botany, argues that China's growing forest is not what it appears to be. The problem, according to Xu, is that the statistics of forest cover include monoculture plantations. "Most of [the gain in forests] results from the increase in tree crops such as fruit trees, rubber and eucalyptus, not recovery of natural forest, yet Chinese data do not record this shift. The change threatens ecosystem services, particularly watershed protection and biodiversity conservation," Xu writes. A number of studies have shown that monoculture plantations are losers in terms of biodiversity conservation and carbon sequestration over natural forests. In China, Xu says some landowners have taken to cutting down natural forests and replacing them with plantations, but such environmental degradation is not reflected in the data. "Since 2008, forest tenure reform has encouraged the privatization of former collective forests, with more than 100 million hectares affected. Privatization can benefit local economies. But in the absence of any management framework, it has also promoted conversion of natural forests into plantations: smallholders often fell natural forests for immediate income, then plant monoculture tree crops for long-term investment," Xu explains. CLIP

Rich countries must maintain commitment to reducing emissions despite slow economy, says Indonesian official (September 22, 2011)
Industrialized nations must do more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy consumption, said an Indonesian official speaking at a workshop on climate finance. As reported by Tempo Interaktif, Boen Purnama, an official at the Ministry of Forestry, told workshop attendees that industrialized nations' efforts to reduce emissions have been slowed by the financial crisis. He urged rich countries to stick to their commitments. "The obligation of [developed nations] to reduce energy consumption is important," he was quoted as saying. Boen added that money from industrialized nations to help developing countries reduce their emissions has been slow to materialize. He said that Indonesia would nonetheless work to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation under its REDD+ program. The vast majority of Indoensia's carbon emissions result from deforestation, degradation of carbon-rich peatlands, and conversion of forests to plantations. By some estimates Indonesia is the world's third largest greenhouse gas emitter as a nation, although it trails China, the United States, and the E.U. (as a block) by a substantial margin.

Indigenous people blockade river against 'murderous' oil company (September 21, 2011)
Over the weekend more than 100 Shuar indigenous people, also known as Wampis, blockaded the Morona River in Peru in an effort to stop exploratory oil drilling by Canadian-owned Talisman Energy. The blockade in meant to prevent oil drilling in an area of the Peruvian Amazon known as Block 64, home to four indigenous tribes in total and the Pastaza River Wetland Complex, a Ramsar wetland site. "We do not consider the oil company as a creator of jobs but instead as murderous, criminal and abusive. We do not want Talisman in the Wampis territory," a statement from the Shuar reads pointing to Talisman Energy's track record in Peru as well as alleged human rights abuses in Sudan during the nation's civil war. The company sold off its Sudan holdings in 2003 after international criticism, while a lawsuit in the US against Talisman was thrown out due to sufficient admissible evidence. The US Supreme Court refused to hear the case.

(...) "Talisman must respect the decision of the indigenous people living in and around Block 64 and halt oil exploration," said Gregor MacLennan, Peru Program Coordinator with indigenous rights NGO Amazon Watch, in a press release. "The Shuar, together with the Achuar and other indigenous groups, are sending a clear message that they do not want to risk contaminating important watersheds and their ancestral hunting and fishing grounds by allowing oil development to go ahead. Around 70 percent of the Peruvian Amazon has been opened for oil and gas exploration and drilling under an aggressive industrialization of the Amazon by previous Peruvian president Alan Garcia. The opening up of so much of the Amazon to exploitative activities has led to numerous conflicts between large companies and indigenous people. The situation came to a head in 2009. A standoff between indigenous protestors and government police ended with 23 police officers and at least 10 protesters dead, though indigenous people say that bodies of protesters were dumped in rivers to hide the numbers killed.

Canadians breathe some of world's cleanest air: WHO (SEPTEMBER 26, 2011)
A new World Health Organization database on air quality places Canada as one of the world's top nations when it comes to clean air, but an expert says that despite this country's high scores, the air Canadians breathe will still cause health issues for thousands. On Monday, the international public health authority launched its first Air Quality database, which covers almost 1,100 cities in 91 countries, revealing the world's "hot spots" for air pollution as well as regions with the highest health burden due to poor air quality.Data on particulate matter, a kind of air pollution that results in particles floating in the air, were compiled from national records, websites and scientific articles to create the database. Compared to 90 other countries, Canada tied for third with Australia following Estonia and Mauritius in a ranking that looked at how many air pollutant particles were recorded in a cubic metre of air in each country."Canada did indeed score very well, which shows Canada has been taking good action over the years," said Annette Pruss-Ustun, a scientist in the WHO's public health and environment department. However, Pruss-Ustun said even the smallest amounts of particulate matter in the air can affect someone's health. The WHO estimates that 1.3 million people — with more than half of them in developing countries — die every year from outdoor air pollution.The effects of air pollution range from an increased risk of acute respiratory disease, such as pneumonia, to chronic conditions, such as lung cancer. Air pollution can also trigger cardiovascular disease in some. About 2,400 people die every year in Canada as a result of air pollution, Pruss-Ustun said.
(...) The findings should encourage countries to take action, such as investing in public transit to reduce car use and promoting physical activity, both of which should increase the health of citizens, Pruss-Ustun said. Most outdoor air pollution is man-made, coming from such sources as cars, furnaces and wood stoves, emissions from factories and coal-fired power plants. If countries reduced their annual concentration of PM10 from 70 to 20 microns per cubic-metre, the WHO estimates 15 per cent fewer deaths stemming from air pollution. Here is the list of the top 10 countries for air quality, followed by the year of the last sample, followed by the number of micrograms of particulate matter at least 10 micrometres in size, per cubic metre of air. Estonia 2008 11 - Mauritius 2009 12 - Canada 2008 13 - Australia 2009 13 - Ireland 2008 15 - Bhutan 2006 18 - Luxembourg 2008 18 - Monaco 2008 18 - United States 2008 18 - Finland 2008 19 - Other world hubs' rankings included: Beijing at 121 PM10 per cubic metre; Delhi at 198; Tokyo at only 23; and Paris at 38, based on annual mean results.


Limit cellphone calls, Health Canada suggests (Oct 4, 2011) A TINY STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION
Parents should encourage kids under 18 to limit the time they spend talking on cellphones, Health Canada said Tuesday in new advice on mobile phone usage. The guidance is a nuanced change from previous advice, which suggested that people could limit their use of cellphones if they were concerned about an unproven suggestion the devices increase one's risk of developing brain cancer."Really it's more proactive in encouraging cellphone users to find ways to limit their exposure, and ... to empower parents to make healthy choices to reduce their children's exposure," explained James McNamee, division chief for health effects and assessments in Health Canada's bureau of consumer and clinical radiation protection. The new advice, a response to a World Health Organization report issued in May, reminds people they can reduce their exposure to radiofrequency energy by limiting the length of their cellphone calls and substituting text messages or chats on hands-free devices in the place of phone-to-ear cellphone calls.

(...) Still, the department isn't advocating set limits or changing the safety regulations for cellphones. In fact, an industry spokesperson interpreted the statement as little change from the status quo. "It would be a slight shift in messaging, I suppose, but I believe that the updated information from Health Canada is simply a reminder to Canadians about the state of science on this topic, and any steps that individuals, and their children, can take," Marc Choma, director of communications for the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, said by email."I think Health Canada is reiterating that, to date, the science has not shown a link between cellphone use and health concerns, but that more research is recommended. The industry has always supported any calls for continued research that is deemed necessary by the international scientific community."Health Canada did not appear to want to hit the message too hard.McNamee objected to the suggestion the department was "urging" parents to restrict cellphone use by their kids. The tone the department is trying to set is more accurately reflected by the word "encouraging," he suggested. CLIP

Smart meters are dangerous to us (SEPTEMBER 23, 2011)
I attended the CVRD board meeting last week and heard the lobbyist from Hydro give their usual diatribe about how safe the new electrical so-called "smart meters" are. Professor Olle Johansson, a scientist who works for the World Health Organization, examines many studies with other scientists worldwide to determine safety levels of products. He was on the panel that determined that electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) should be considered class 2b, possibly carcinogenic. Here's what he says about EMF: "The recent determination of the World Health Organization to include radiofrequent radiation on the 2b list of carcinogens also applies to devices such as smart meters. Many smart meters are close to beds, kitchens, playrooms and similar locations. These wireless systems are never off, and the exposure is not voluntary... Based on this, the inauguration of smart meters with involuntary exposure of millions to billions of human beings to pulsed microwave radiation should immediately be prohibited ..."Placing the meter somewhere else on one's property, the only option Hydro offers, does nothing to stop our exposure to the EMF since the pulses cross yards and go through walls to reach a central meter on another building. Communities are effectively blanketed with this radiation. Our Liberal government shows a callous disregard for public safety by not using wired-in meters. For more information contact

Smart Meter Investigation by Martin Weatherall (4 October 2011)
Dear Premier McGuinty, I request that you initiate a criminal investigation and a public inquiry into the Ontario Smart Meter initiative, which your government introduced. This legislation and the careless way that it was implemented may have been the most harmful and wasteful political decision ever made in Ontario. Smart Meters have now been installed in virtually every Ontario home. When transmitting information about energy usage, they emit strong bursts of microwave radiation. In some homes those bursts may be every few minutes, in others it may be every few seconds, depending on location and distance to the wireless receiving point. There are thousands of scientific studies that show that electro magnetic radiation, such as is transmitted from Smart Meters, causes a vast array of adverse biological effects, even at low exposure levels. (...) I suspect that Hydro One knew about the dangers of microwave radiation, but were not willing to write a false report to state that Smart Meters were safe and do not cause biological harm. If they had written such a report, they would be lying and would be subject to Canadian Criminal Law. If Hydro One officials were, indeed, not aware of the health effects of electro magnetic radiation, then they should not be trusted to manage a light bulb, let alone the entire electrical distribution system in Ontario. The fact that Hydro One has failed to warn the Ontario Government about the dangers of microwave radiation from Smart Meters and proceeded with the installation of these devices throughout Ontario indicates that officials should be investigated for the offence of criminal negligence. The installation of dangerous smart meters throughout the province has been a huge financial cost to the citizens of Ontario , but there may yet be an even bigger cost to health and the health care system as a result of this plan. An investigation should look carefully at those involved in the Smart Meter initiative to determine who pushed the ideas forward, their motives, who may have profited, and whether “kick backs” were involved. CLIP

Smart meter fee about to come to a bill near you (SEPTEMBER 21, 2011)
Ontario homeowners can expect to see another fee added to their hydro bills in 2012 as the province begins billing for the costs associated with rolling out and maintaining millions of smart meters. The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), which is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the province’s electricity infrastructure, is looking to collect up to $33 million a year in 2012 and 2013 to pay for the costs associated with monitoring and running the smart meter initiative, and to begin making payments on around $62.4 million worth of debt the IESO has accumulated to get the smart meters running.
(...) According to the IESO’s 2011-2013 business plan, the cost to operate Ontario’s smart meter system ranges between $10.8 million and $14.8 million on an annual basis.The province’s smart meter program has been controversial. The Liberals argue the meters are worth paying for because they save money by encouraging users to use cheaper off-peak power. The Progressive Conservatives want to make the smart meter program voluntary, allowing any Ontarian to opt-out of time of use electricity pricing. The NDP is also promising major changes to the program saying the highly contentious meters actually cost consumers more.

Kelly McParland: Smart meters might make sense, but they stink anyway (Sep 21, 2011)
(...) Here’s why the smart meter plan stinks despite being rational:
• It’s a fraud. The Ontario government claims that you can bring down the extra charges if you make a few simple changes, like doing your dishes at night when rates are lower. Except you can’t. Other than the dishwashing example, the official “tips” for reducing usage are pretty useless: set the air conditioner higher (and use in conjunction with a fan); block drafty windows; use the blinds to keep out the sun. Gee, what great ideas. I bet nobody does that sort of stuff now. In reality there’s a limit to how much people can alter their time schedules: you have to work, you have to sleep, you have to drive all the kids to all their 800 daily activities. (And kids, by the way, are notoriously poor at stuff like, say, feeding themselves, much less adhering to the strict discipline of a Ministry of Energy tip sheet). Fine, stick the laundry in the washer and attach a timer. In the morning you have wet laundry, and no time to dry it. In real life, very few people will be able to make more than a few token allowances to accommodate the new, higher rates, and will see their bills increase sharply as a result.
• It’s dishonest. Since most people won’t be able to make major adjustments, the net effect of smart meters is to jack up the bill. It’s a revenue grab by the government, wrapped up in the warm-and-cuddly garb of an environmental program. It’s possible that a small change will occur in peak usage times; meanwhile, I’m willing to bet the relative revenue produced will be much higher.
(...) If the McGuinty government had levelled with Ontarians, admitting it has to find novel ways to increase it’s income to pay for all its programs, I might (emphasize might) have some sympathy. Instead it tries to pull a fast one, sending out notices to homeowners announcing that the meter is going to be switched whether they like it or not, and they better be home at the convenience of the installers to see it done. And then pretending it’s all about the environment. Even rational people are justified in feeling insulted at being treated like they’re dunces.

Homeowners raise protests over smart meters (SEPTEMBER 22, 2011)
Smart meters don’t qualify as a smart move as far as Brian Theissen is concerned.The new wireless electrical meters, to be installed in every Kamloops home starting in October, will enable two-way communication between the devices and B.C. Hydro. Yet some homeowners, wary of uncertain health risks, possible rate hikes and even security/surveillance concerns, are fighting back.Thiesen and about 30 other local residents are in the process of forming a community action group to delay or halt the installations. Cost — the conversion is expected to run close to $1 billion provincewide — is a major issue for him. “Where will the money come to pay for these meters?” said Theissen, a student of economics. “We already know B.C. Hydro is quite improperly managed and having difficulties. You and I are going to pay for them.”
(...) Petrina Gregson, another Kamloops resident, is one of many homeowners concerned about the health risks of exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and microwave radiation. She’s told Hydro and its contractor that they are not to come onto her Powers Addition property to install the new devices. “The more I read about it, the more I think it’s like cigarettes or leaded gasoline,” she said. “We just weren’t aware until they caused too much damage.” Customers cannot opt out of the wireless meters, Sharman said. The conversion to smart meters is legally mandated under the Clean Energy Act for completion by 2012. The legislation frees the conversion from the oversight of the B.C. Utilities Commission. “We do recognize some customers have concerns, se we’re trying to talk directly with them to find mutually agreeable solutions.” The only alternative is to have the meter installed away from a home, but the homeowner will be billed for the additional cost, he said.
Eva Lyman, a Celista senior, was told she would be put on a “delay list,” but that doesn’t satisfy her in the least. She has health sensitivities and is concerned about emission of electromagnetic radiation from the meters.“I’m really tired of the lack of concern for people’s health in this province and this country,” she said. “It’s really just money, money, money.” Sharman said wattage from the devices is well below Canadian safety standards for maximum exposure. The radio frequency is outside of homes, directional and backed by a metal plate. People are already exposed to greater levels of EMR through cellphones and Wi-Fi, defenders say.Walter McGinnis, an electrician who has tested for EMR for 20 years, argues otherwise. “Yes, there is absolutely conclusive evidence on health effects,” said McGinnis, co-chairman of the EM Radiation Health Alliance of B.C. The group is not just protesting smart meters; they intend to mount a referendum campaign to have the legislation repealed and the program halted. There are no benefits to the public, only risks, he argues. CLIP

Peevey OKs Analogs! (September 22, 2011)
On Thursday September 22, at the California Public Utilities Commission business meeting, President Michael Peevey told Chandu Vyas, who’s been suffering from headaches, that he could talk to PG&E and they would provide that he “could go back to the analog meter”. CLIP

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) president Michael Peevey has issued a ruling ordering San Diego Gas & Electric Company and two other utility companies to allow consumers who don’t want a “smart meter” installed to place their names on a delay list, pending the outcome of upcoming workshops on the issue. The order applies only to homes that do not yet have a smart meter, and does not provide an option for people who want to have a smart meter removed. The order came in response to complaints from numerous consumers alleging health problems that they believe are related to electromagnetic radiation emitted by smart meters at their homes, as well as to numerous communities that have taken formal actions to restrict or ban smart meters. The rule applies to Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison as well as San Diego Gas & Electric. Susan Brinchman, a La Mesa resident and director of the center for Electrosmog Prevention, believes the order doesn’t go far enough. A doctor has issued an opinion that Brinchman’s recent health problems may be linked to installation of a smart meter at her home.
(...) If you do not yet have a smart meter installed at your home and would like to be placed on the temporary installation delay list, e-mail or call 1-(800)411-7344.

Effects of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Signal Exposure on Brain Glucose Metabolism
Last Feb 2011, the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH found biological changes in the brain after only minutes of exposure to non-ionizing radiation.

Can cytogenetics explain the possible association between exposure to extreme low-frequency magnetic fields and Alzheimer's disease? (Sept 20, 2011)
Abstract - Recently, a number of epidemiological studies have suggested that occupational as well as residential exposure to extreme low-frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMFs) may be a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. This is not proven yet and there are no known biological mechanisms to explain this alleged association. Alzheimer's disease is characterized by a number of events that have, at least partially, a genetic origin. In particular, trisomy of chromosomes 17 and 21 seems to be involved. Overall ELF-EMFs have not been identified as genotoxic agents, but there are some papers in the scientific literature that indicate that they may enhance the effects of agents that are known to induce mutations or tumors. There are also some indications that ELF-EMFs may induce aneuploïdy. This opens some perspectives for investigating the alleged association between ELF-EMFs and Alzheimer's. This paper reviews the possibility of a cytogenetic association between the electromagnetic fields and Alzheimer's disease.

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION on May 31 2011 placed the Non-ionizing radiation coming from Wireless smart meters (and some other wireless devices) on the Class 2-B Carcinogen List.

The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields
Radiation emitted by cell phones and cell towers has been linked to DNA damage, cancer, immunological impairment, neurological diseases, impaired fertility and impacts on neurological function, including cognition, behavior, performance, mood status, and disruption of sleep. The radiation is also harming animals and nature, and is as much an environmental as human health issue. The program below from the Commonwealth Club of California presented riveting scientific and health policy presentations about the little known consequences of telecommunications technologies, electrification and new utility technologies like Smart Meters. Important new research was presented on EMF impacts on DNA, heart function and the role of electrification in the diseases of civilization, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and suicide.
LABORATORY SCIENTISTS have observed (1) Human Cell Damage (2) DNA Chain Breaks (3) Breaches in the Blood-Brain Barrier from levels of non-ionizing radiation lower than emitted by WIRELESS Smart meters.

The DNA & Cancer Connection (43 min audio)
LOTS of other audio interviews of experts there such as Public Health in Jeopardy and Smart Grid Sensibility

Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side Of The Wireless Revolution
Electromagnetic factors in health is an emerging public health issue globally, creating electrical sensitivity and being linked to illnesses of many kinds. Read this primer on EMF and health by Prof. Magda Havas of Canada and environmental activist and management consultant to change agents, Camilla Rees, founder of Learn what the independent science shows, what you can do to create electromagnetic safety and how you can help get Congress to pay attention to this important issue affecting humans, animals and nature. This book resulted from 110 Questions asked of the audience at The Commonwealth Club of California in 2008, the nations leading public affairs forum.

Multimedia Presentation on Wireless Health Hazards - Scientifically enlightening as it explains how over time the body becomes exhausted from struggling to compensate for the biological effects of EMF, thus leading to the onset of electrohypersensitivity. VERY comprehensive! founder presents 1 hour 20 minute overview on the emerging public health issue from excessive exposures to microwave radiation from wireless technologies. For health practitioners, media, government, businesses, schools, patients facing chronic illnesses and the general public. Learn from one of the country's leading health advocates--who took the long road getting up to speed on this from personal experience--and is now making her insight available to all. Learn how to sensibly protect yourself in high EMF environments and why it is important you join others in advocating for stricter safety standards for wireless technologies. Camilla Rees, co-author with Magda Havas, PhD of "Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution", and creator of the EMF Petition to Congress found at, will get you up to speed fast on this very important new health topic.

Urge Congress on EMF Safety, FCC Must Change Exposure Guidelines for Microwave Radiation Exposure
We the undersigned, the American people, petition Congress to take immediate and effective measures to protect the public from electromagnetic pollution. The following 4 steps should be taken:
1. Mandate the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) revisit its exposure guidelines for radiofrequency radiation (RF) immediately.
2. Repeal Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which took away the rights of state and local governments to stop the erection of cell towers and wireless antennas in their communities based on "environmental" grounds (defined by FCC as "human health").
3. Declare a national moratorium on further wireless infrastructure build-out, including the Wi-Max roll-out currently underway, a joint venture of Sprint, Time Warner Cable, Google, Clearwire and others.
4. Establish cell phone and wireless-free neighborhoods, transportation options, government buildings, and public spaces; require employers to establish wireless free zones; and, mandate the removal of cellular and wireless technologies from public schools and their properties.We ask members of Congress to act swiftly, decisively and with full integrity to stem the emerging electromagnetic radiation pollution increasingly permeating the lives of the American people. There has never before been a public health issue as important.

Uninsurable Risks - CBC The National (Sept 2010 - 3 minute video Cell Phones and Insurance Companies and other videos)
Wendy Mesley reports about how many insurance companies are not covering cell phone manufacturers and wireless carriers – 60% refuse to insure purveyors against future health damage suits. Devra Davis interviewed. - INSURANCE COMPANIES hired independent laboratory scientists and these scientists also observed Cell Damage and DNA chain breaks and now the Insurance Companies will NOT insure liability damage from wireless smart meters and other wireless devices. So shouldn’t installation of wireless smart meters on people's homes stop? Cell phone use and other devices are voluntary and can be shut off at the user’s discretion, but Smart meters are emitting radiation 24/7 and can not be shut off.

Daniel Hirsch on CCST’s ‘Fuzzy Math’
WIRELESS SMART METERS – 100 TIMES MORE RADIATION THAN CELL PHONES. Video Interview: Nuclear Scientist, Daniel Hirsch, (5 minutes)
(...) Here are the two charts that seek to compare microwave radiation from smart meters to cell phones, microwaves and other devices. The first is from the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) Report - taken directly from EPRI - an energy industry front group. The second is from Mr. Hirsch’s study (pdf), corrected for whole body, cumulative exposure.
The CCST report mixed units and published this highly misleading chart, which was presented as fact by many media outlets. Why is our state legislature allowing their ‘independent’ health study to be hijacked by industry? We learned in 6th grade math class never to compare different units of measurements on one chart- perhaps the industry ‘scientists’ who prepared this chart never completed grade school?

Smart Meters Pose Cancer/Health Risks- Medical expert warns
Video Interview: Dr. Carpenter, New York Public Health Department, Dean of Public Health, (2 minutes)

Scientists Urge Halt of Wireless Rollout and Call for New Safety Standards: Warning Issued on Risks to Children and Pregnant Women - PRESS RELEASE from the Karolinska Institute, Department of Neuroscience, Stockholm, Sweden, February 3, 2011
THE KAROLINSKA INSTITUTE IN STOCKHOLM (the University that gives the Nobel Prizes) ISSUES GLOBAL HEALTH WARNING AGAINST WIRELESS SMART METERS. Scientists who study radiofrequency radiation from wireless technologies have issued ascientific statement warning that exposures may be harming the development of children atlevels now commonly found in the environment. Pregnant women are cautioned to avoidusing wireless devices themselves and distance themselves from other users. The Seletun Scientific Statement has now been published in Reviews on Environmental Health (2010; 25: 307-317). The article recommends that lower limits be established for electromagnetic fields and wireless exposures, based on scientific studies reporting health impacts at much lower exposure levels. Many researchers now believe the existing safety limits are inadequate to protect public health because they do not consider prolonged exposure to lower emission levels that are now widespread.
“Current US and ICNIRP standards for radiofrequency and microwave radiation from wireless technologies are entirely inadequate. They never were intended to address the kindof exposures from wireless devices that now affect over 4 billion people.” (Olle Johansson, professor, The Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, and The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Email:

The combined effect of cell phones, cordless phones, cell towers, WI-FI and wireless internet places billions of people around the world at risk for cancer, neurological disease and reproductive and developmental impairments. “We are already seeing increases in health problems such as cancer and neurobehavioural impairments, even though these wireless technologies are fairly new in the last decades or sofor the general public. This finding suggests that the exposures are already too high toprotect people from health harm. Evidence suggests there are special risks for persons with occupational exposures to RF/MW as well as ELF.” (Elihu Richter, assoc. professor, Unit of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, HebrewUniversity-Hadassah School of Medicine, Jerusalem, Israel)

Safety standards also ignore the developing fetus, and young children who are more affected.
“Pregnant women and children of all ages should avoid using cell and cordless phones given the health effects we are seeing already.”
(Yuri Grigoriev, professor, Dr of Med Sci, Chairman of Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, Moscow, Russian Federation)

Many countries are promoting wireless communications on a community-wide scale for energy management and conservation. The Smart Grid concept could require every home to have a wireless electric and gas meter in place of their existing meters. If implemented, it will greatly increase the intensity of new wireless emissions in homes, schools and every other building that uses electricity and gas. “WI-FI routers, DECT phones and other wireless devices like baby monitors produce radio frequency emissions that will affect millions of people and babies in their homes, and should be halted until other, less harmful options are investigated.”
(Lukas Margaritis, professor, Department of Cell Biology and Biophysics, Faculty of Biology, University of Athens, Athens, Greece)

The Scientific Panel urges a halt to the rollout of new wireless technologies, especially those that cause exposures for pregnant women and for children. “New, biologically-based exposure limits are crucial to guide new technology development toward solutions that are not harmful to health. The global rollout of wireless technologies has outpaced both health studies and calls for more restrictive public safety limits.”
(Cindy Sage, co-editor of The Bioinitiative Report, MA, Sage Associates, Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

Seletun Scientific Statement adds weight to EMF debate, says RRT
The Radiation Research Trust has welcomed a new report by a group of international scientists published in the scientific journal, Reviews on Environmental Health, that has called for greatly reduced exposure limits for electromagnetic radiation from power line and telecommunication technologies, including cell phones and wireless technologies. The statement called the Seletun Scientific Statement represents the consensus conclusions of a scientific panel which meet in November 2009 in Seletun, Norway for intensive discussions on existing scientific evidence and potential public health implications of exposure to artificial electromagnetic fieldfs(EMF) from telecommunications and electric power technologies. The statement outlines ten recommendations to help protect public health including adopting traditional public health principles and reducing EMF exposures now rather than waiting for proof or understanding of mechanisms; the establishment of an international registry to track time trends in incidence and mortality for cancers and neurological and immune diseases and also proposes that there should be mandatory pre-market assessments of emissions and risks before deployment of new wireless technologies. The Panel also sets out its recommendations for new global exposure guidelines.

1. The global populations are insufficiently protected, thus currently at risk.
2. Sensitive populations are extra vulnerable.
3. Government actions are urgently warranted now, based on evidence of serious disruption to biological systems.
4. The burden of proof for the safety of radiation-emitting technologies should fall on producers and providers, not consumers.
5. EMF exposures should be reduced in advance of complete understanding of mechanisms of action.
6. The current operative measure of radiation risk - the specific absorption rate (SAR) - is inadequate, and misguides on safety and health risks.
7. An international disease registry is needed to track time trends of the incidence of illnesses to correlate the illnesses with exposures.
8. Pre-market health testing and safety demonstration is needed for all radiation-emitting technologies.
9. Parity is needed for occupational exposure standards, compared to those for the general public.
10. Persons with electrohypersensitivity need the classification functionally impaired.

RRT Chairman Brian Stein commented; “The RRT was closely involved in the development of this scientific panel and the facilitation of the Seletun meeting. The report is a valuable contribution to the debate. We believe we are already seeing an increase in health problems such as cancer and neurobehavioural impairments, even though these wireless technologies are fairly new in the last few decades. There is also strong evidence that children and young people are particularly susceptible to these risks. The RRT has campaigned strongly for the precautionary principle to be adopted. We believe it is essential to have these safeguards in place in the future.” An 18 minutes video of Olle Johansson, PhD of the Karolinska Institute, Chair of IEMFA’s Seletun Scientific Panel that issued the report is available here: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED VIDEO STATEMENT! Download the Seletun Scientific Statement at

Résumé en français de cette déclaration scientifique de Seletun: Un panel de scientifiques lance une alerte santé concernant les risques des champs électromagnétiques artificiels : le consensus, les justifications et les recommandations.

Stratford smart meter - RADIATION MEASURED FROM SMART METER MOUNTED ON A HOME (once active in the utility system) SHOWS RADIATION TRANSMISSION PULSES APPROXIMATELY ONCE EVERY FOUR SECONDS 24 HOURS PER DAY traveling through the bodies and brains of the inhabitants of that home. (6 minutes, 1st minute is sufficient) WIRELESS SMART METERS TRANSMIT RADIATION APPROXIMATELY 25,000 TIMES PER DAY, 24/7, not 45 seconds per day as claimed by California’s PG&E utility company.
A 'smart meter' was recently placed on this house. It replaced a safe electricity meter that was perfectly servicable and did not need to be changed. The meter is located on the outside wall of a bedroom. The microwave radiation from the meter, penetrates through the brick wall and engulfs the bedroom in very strong, very dangerous microwave radiation. Other areas of the house are also affected, to a lesser extent and the resident reports ill health effects since the meter was installed. The radio frequency meter shows how strong the radiation is and the sound illustrates how ofter the meter is transmitting. These Smart meters have been badly named, there is nothing smart about an electricity meter that harms people, animals and the environment. Festival Hydro, who installed these meters throughout Stratford, now face huge liability issues from citizens who are made ill from the radiation. Each wireless smart meter may emit up to 100 times more radiation than a cell phone. If you never saw it check Stratford Smart Meter Killing Shrub - FOR ANY EASY SOLUTION check also Foiling a "smart" meter on the street, San Francisco CA Covering it with an aluminium foil it cuts peak emissions to a tenth of the levels - AND Bees, honey, bats, stop your Smart meter with aluminum foil, EMF tests, PG&E, EMF radiation

Smart Meters Worse Than Cell Phones – Two Orders of Magnitude (February 21, 2011)
Debunking ‘Cut-and-Paste Science’ - New calculations suggest that continuous whole-body exposure to electro-magnetic radiation from so-called ‘smart’ meters – which operate around the clock – may be between 50 and 160 times worse that from cell phones. For over 40 years Committee to Bridge the Gap, under the leadership of Dan Hirsch, has provided accurate, authoritative scientific information on the public health dangers posed by ionizing radiation emitted by nuclear materials and technologies – much to the discomfiture of the nuclear industry. Now Hirsch has weighed in on the non-ionizing radiation emitted by ‘smart’ meters, cell phones and other other wireless RF devices. Hirsch’s critique of the recent draft report on ‘smart’ meter RF emissions issued by the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) in response to requests from State legislator Jerad Huffman and others, shows that “the CCST draft report does not appear to include much if any independent work on the subject but rather merely pastes in a table taken from an 8-page pamphlet released a few weeks earlier by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), an advocacy group for the electric power industry.” Hirsch observes, “The EPRI pamphlet is not a peer-reviewed scientific study. It is a brief item for an advocacy group that is supported by industry. If the elected officials wanted the industry’s views, it would have asked for them. Instead, it wished an independent, science-based study by an entity without the kinds of conflicts of interest EPRI has on this matter. But the CCST draft report is basically simply a cut-and-paste job from the EPRI brochure.”Working with two graduate student assistants, Hirsch used the CCST’s own figures to calculate corrections to the multiple errors he found in the CCST report. His findings focus on whole-body exposure and ‘duty cycles,’ or the length of time ‘smart’ meters operate (24/7) as compared with the much shorter normal operation times of cell phone and microwave ovens. They are summarized in the chart below. [ Download a full PDF of the Hirsch critique HERE. ]

CCST Report Waffles on Wireless Risks (January 11, 2011)
(...) The Sage Report Finds Multiple Failures to Meet Even Lax Federal ‘Guidelines’ The most rigorous and extensive study done to date on the electro-magnetic emissions of wireless so-called ‘smart’ meters reports many circumstances in which the devices – singly and in when aggregated in arrays and ‘mesh’ networks – fail to comply with Federal Communication Commission recommended ‘safety standards.’ The independent study – ‘Assessment of Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation Emissions from Smart Meters’ – was carried out by Sage Associates, a Santa Barbara consulting firm specializing in electro-magnetic radiation issues. The author, Cindy Sage is a respected researcher and consultant and Research Fellow, Department of Oncology, Orebro University Hospital, Sweden. Sage co-edited the internationally influential BioInitiative Report, which has let to several European countries enacting far stricter human exposure standards than those currently in place in the U.S. According to the Sage Report: “In addition to exceeding FCC public safety limits under some conditions of installation and operation, smart meters can produce excessively elevated RF exposures, depending on where they are installed. With respect to absolute RF exposure levels predicted for occupied space within dwellings, or outside areas like patios, gardens and walk-ways, RF levels are predicted to be substantially elevated within a few feet to within a few tens of feet from the meter(s).”

Cindy Sage’s comments on the CCST Report: The conclusions are indistinguishable from the industry mantra that saysproof beyond any doubt is required about wireless health risks before takingprecautions. It is reckless to require ‘clear evidence’ of harm as a precondition for takingreasonable actions for prevention. Installing millions of RF transmitters in peoples’ homeswhen we already have substantial scientific evidence about the risks of chronic, low-level RFis a risk not worth taking. Especially without any discussion, or disclosure to the publicabout trade-offs made without their knowledge or consent. What CCST should have done was to advise the Legislature to press industry and the CPUC for very detailed computer modeling to prove RF levels comply (or do not comply) with FCC standards in the manner they are being installed and operated. And to look atwhat low-level RF exposures might pose as a health risk, given the millions of people whocare deeply about this because ‘they are the experiment’.It is better for the CPUC and government agencies to make mid-course correctionsnow, than to go forward with inadequate information. Our report identified possible FCC violations in the manner that many metersare installed and operated. CCST had no new data from industry or anyother independent expert groups to evaluate, so why issue an “all-clear”? Comparing wireless meters to other wireless devices that are voluntary, and which manypeople choose not to use is not a fair comparison to government-mandated metersthat expose people in their homes 24 hours a day. Particularly when these devices are already reported to double the risk of malignant brain cancers in half the time it takes for low-dose ionizing radiation to do so in humans. CLIP

NOTE from Jean: In the pro-industry CCST report itself, we find the following candid admission...

Non-thermal Effects

There are emerging questions in the medical and biological fields about potential harmful effects caused by non-thermal mechanisms of absorbed RF emissions. Complaints of health impacts from “electromagnetic stress” have been reported, with symptoms including fatigue, headache, and irritability. Some studies have suggested that RF absorption from mobile phones may disrupt communication between human cells, which may lead to other negatives impacts on human biology. While concerns of brain cancer associated with mobile phone usage persist, there is currently no definitive evidence linking cell phone usage with increased incidence of cancer. But due to the recent nature of the technology, impacts of long-term exposure are not known. Ongoing scientific study is being conducted to understand non-thermal effects from long-term exposure to mobile phones and smart meters, etc., especially the cumulative impact from all RF emitting devices including that of a network of smart meters operating throughout a community. CLIP

... Of course, they won't go as far as stating that applying the precautionary principle would be a wise decision given the existing negative health impacts already observed and the much more troubling long-term cumulative impacts, that may include deadly cancers and a number of other debilitating ailments, but to anyone with a minimum of objectivity, such a prudent and well advised conclusion appears both sensible and inevitable.

Precautionary principle
The precautionary principle or precautionary approach states that if an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or to the environment, in the absence of scientific consensus that the action or policy is harmful, the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those taking the action.This principle allows policy makers to make discretionary decisions in situations where there is the possibility of harm from taking a particular course or making a certain decision when extensive scientific knowledge on the matter is lacking. The principle implies that there is a social responsibility to protect the public from exposure to harm, when scientific investigation has found a plausible risk. These protections can be relaxed only if further scientific findings emerge that provide sound evidence that no harm will result.In some legal systems, as in the law of the European Union, the application of the precautionary principle has been made a statutory requirement. CLIP

Skyrocketing Utility Bills after installation in California - TV News Video (3 minutes)
"My bill was $2,281, and we were gone three weeks," said Hahn, who said she's continued to see a 400 percent increase in her energy bill ever since. Marisa Banks told a similar story. Her mother went on vacation in July, but, she said, "In that month her bill was $873." Other PG&E customers told of their frustrating experiences in trying to get answers from the utility company."They said that the Smart Meters don't make a mistake. They're not designed to do that," said Hahn to a laughing audience of unhappy customers. CLIP

Systemic Smart Meter Billing Errors Over 200% Uncovered in Australia TV News Video (7 minutes)
An explosive investigation into the massive mistakes being made with power bills reveals serious flaws that affect nearly every electricity user. A whistleblower has told how his his power company offered to pay him off when he uncovered issues with their smart metre billing, sparking calls for a national inquiry.Australia's Energy bosses have reason to be concerned, as one man's discoveries are about to become public knowledge. Evidence of serious systemic billing errors affecting Australia's largest power company Origin Energy have come to light - resulting in overcharging and usage mistakes as high as 200 per cent. CLIP

CIA Director James Woolsey calls Smart grid “Stupid” due to National Security problems caused by so-called smart meters. News Video (1 minute)
Woolsey says the federal government's oversight of grid security is inadequate and attacks on the grid are "entirely possible.

What your utility doesn’t want you to see: A smart meter teardown
Want to know exactly what a Smart Meter is made of? Check out this step-by-step (don't try this at home). NOTE from Jean: In Step 3 of 12, we learn that these meters' WiFi emitters have an "operating voltage rating of 240 volts" (BTW who pays for the electicity these meter consume?... Most likely, the customer!), "operate on 25 channels across the 902-928 MHz ISM band using a controlled path mesh. A "controlled mesh" network is created when the thousands of smart meters in a city communicate with each other to relay power readings to a gateway device that indirectly channels the readings to a utility company. Elster's meters find the best path between themselves and other meters on the grid so that noise and duplication from repetitive signals is at a minimum. This works so well that only one in ten smart meters is used as a repeater to relay signals from other meters." In Step 9, we can read: "Elster designed the antenna pattern to force signals away from households. (I'd be curious to know if the Landis+Gyr meters bought by Hydro-Quebec are similarly designed...) Elster meters only relay information when they are spoken to by other meters in the mesh. When they relay information the amount of RF radiation emitted is ~1/4 W, which is less than most cellular phones. Elster designed its meters to transmit data every six hours for 40 ms (.04 seconds) at a time."

The roll out of smart meters/smart grid has been funded by our federal government with our own tax dollars. RF (radio frequency) electromagnetic radiation is a Class 2 B carcinogen, per WHO/IARC. If the US is engaged in a "war on cancer" is it not speaking out of both sides of our mouths to then propagate onto whole populaces a cancer causing agent? With 1 out of every 2 men getting cancer and 1 out of every 3 women, it is wrong to add to those odds by forcing this carcinogen on us. What about Pres. Obama's talk of prevention? We can cut down on utility usage without putting our lives at risk with a carcinogen. Cancer is not "green", it is "black". No consumers have been notified by our federal government or by the utility companies about the health effects or invasion of privacy. NOTE: Once you have signed this petition, go sign these 3 other related petitions to Ban WIFI from Schools, to mandate Warning labels on cell phones and to allow for local zoning of cell towers/antennas and revise the safety standards to include non thermal effects

Smart Meter Health Complaints - Read about the nightmare people must now endure since their home - their former safe haven - is exposed to the powerful microwaves coming non-stop from their new 'smart" meter...

The following comes from the website - this group is from British Columbia

ATTENTION! CORIX: No Trespassing Sign,73,1339
To be attached to 'regular' analogue (non-wireless) meter to alert Smart Meter installer

LAWN/DOOR SIGN: My Legal Right: No "Smart Meter" Here,73,864
Directions for a home-made sign to laminate and display

ALERT: LETTER OF NON-CONSENT for SMART METER (Sept 22, 2011),73,1220

Reply to Hydro,73,1335
This letter can be sent to Hydro and its affiliates if they say you must meet with them or accept the smart meter.

There goes the neighbourhood . . . (handout/flyer),73,1169
Comprehensive, 2-page information sheet to print and distributeThis handout is a canvassing tool, designed to encourage sharing in B.C. neighbourhoods far and wide. As presented here, it is printable back to back on letter sized paper.

Smart Meter Information Package for Councils,73,1299
This collection of files would make a good information package to send ahead to your City or Municipal Council prior to your presentation on the Smart Meter Issue.

Model Letter to Langley Township Mayor and Council re Smart Meters,73,1255
BC Hydro smart meter: concern and requests (...) The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the threats associated with wireless smart meters and to ask that you use your authority to raise our concerns to the Minister of Health.

Doctor's Letter Template for EHS and MCS,73,1350
Informative Format for doctors who wish to inform re ElectroHyperSensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

CALL TO ACTION HAND-OUT for Rallies or other public events,73,1067
A good back-to-back handout and info sheet to print and cut in two. Has basic "Yes" and "No" lists with websites and contacts. [Download it from HERE - and then save it on your computer's hard drive)

Smart Meters: Separating Fact from Fiction,73,1259
Commonly Made Statements: What's the Real Story? - Ce document serait un excellent modèle pour nos actions de sensibilisation ici au Québec...

Microwave Radiation Poster,73,754
This poster can be downloaded and printed out as a public awareness tool. It is meant to be displayed in public areas such as workplaces, communal living spaces, medical offices, health stores, or any places where people congregate. Download it from HERE

Electrohypersensitivity: State-of-the-Art of a Functional Impairment BY OLLE JOHANSSON
Recently, a new category of persons, claiming to suffer from exposure to electromagnetic fields, has been described in the literature. In Sweden, electrohyper- sensitivity (EHS) is an officially fully recognized functional impairment (i.e., it is not regarded as a disease). Survey studies show that somewhere between 230,000– 290,000 Swedish men and women report a variety of symptoms when being in contact with electromagnetic field (EMF) sources. The aim of our studies has been to investigate possible alterations, in the cellular and neuronal systems of these persons’ skin.
(...) In the Stockholm municipality—where I live and work as a scientist with the responsibility to investigate comprehensive issues for people with electrohypersensitivity—such persons have the possibility to get their home sanitized for EMFs. This means, for example, that ordinary electricity cables are changed to special cables. Furthermore, the electric stove can be changed to a gas stove and walls, roofs and floors can be covered with special wallpaper or paint with a special shelter to stop EMFs from the outside (from neighbors and mobile telephony base stations). Even the windows can be covered with a thin aluminum foil as an efficient measure to restrain EMFs to get into the room/home. If these alterations turn out not to be optimal they have the possibility to rent small cottages in the countryside that the Stockholm municipality owns. These areas have lower levels of irradiation than others. The Stockholm municipality also intend to build a village with houses that are specially designed for people who are electrohypersensitive. This village will be located in a low-lewel irradiation area.
(...) Recently, some politicians in the Stockholm municipality even proposed to the politicians responsible for the subway in the Stockholm City that a part of every trainset should be free from mobile phones; that the commuters have to switch of the phones in these selected parts to enable people with electrohypersensitivity to travel with the subway (compare this with people who have an allergy for animal fur whereupon people consequently are prohibited to have animals, such as dogs or cats, in selected parts of the trainset). CLIP

Mobile phone-induced honeybee worker piping
Abstract – The worldwide maintenance of the honeybee has major ecological, economic, and political implications. In the present study, electromagnetic waves originating from mobile phones were tested for potential effects on honeybee behavior. Mobile phone handsets were placed in the close vicinity of honeybees. The sound made by the bees was recorded and analyzed. The audiograms and spectrograms revealed that active mobile phone handsets have a dramatic impact on the behavior of the bees, namely by inducing the worker piping signal. In natural conditions, worker piping either announces the swarming process of the bee colony or is a signal of a disturbed bee colony.

Forced to Disconnect - Electrohypersensitive fugitives in Sweden
This book is about people in Sweden who after having developed hypersensitivity to electricity or/and microwave radiation from wireless technologies have become fugitives in their own country.I must first say that neither I nor anyone in my family has been affected by this condition. I started to write about the issue after learning about the health hazards caused by cell phones and other wireless communication gadgets. That’s how I met a number of people who had become electrohypersensitive (EHS). This condition has disabled some of them to such an extent that they had to flee from their homes and workplaces to find refuge in forested areas as far away from electrical power and cell phone towers as possible.Hearing their stories was a major eye-opener. The fact is that some of my fellow citizens are forced to live as fugitives in their own country! They are not fleeing from wars or terrorism, but from modern technology. They are fugitives in one of the safest countries in the world, or, what once, before the introduction of the latest in information technology and wireless communications systems, was a safe country.The stories of these people need to be told – for their own sake because of the obvious injustice, and because this is everybody’s business. Their stories are stories about us. People with EHS are no different from you or me. The only thing that separates us from them is luck. I have travelled around the country and met many EHS fugitives. I have interviewed some twenty people out of more than 600 identified by The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive1. As certain themes in their stories kept coming up again and again, I decided to dedicate separate chapters to them. CLIP

WiFi in schools proven dangerous (17 Oct 2010) EXCELLENT REPORTAGE! Apèrs avoir vu ce reportage
WiFi causes heart problems, headaches and other neurological disorders in children. Canadian Documentary exposes the truth. More info at - You can't see it but it's everywhere. WiFi connects computers to the internet, no cords required. Now kids are using it in wireless classrooms across the country. But is it an invisible danger? Carolyn Jarvis investigates why some parents say WiFi in schools is making our kids sick. Check also Health Dangers of WiFi in Schools and Parents removing kids from WIFI Schools and Parents Against Wi-Fi Gagged by School Board (29 April 2011)

On peut voir le même reportage avec des sous-titres français...

Le Wi-Fi dans les écoles est une aberration À FAIRE CIRCULER
Après avoir vu ce reportage on comprend et on sympathise avec la frustration des parents qui veulent protéger leurs enfants des radiations dangereuses auxquelles ils sont exposés à l'école. Et on a envie de tordre le cou ou de déplorer la stupidité congénitale des porte-paroles de Santé Canada. On peut voir à 5 minutes dans ce reportage une preuve manifeste des réactions physiologiques sur le rythme cardiaque d'une personne hypersensible. On peut en déduire aisément quelles seront les conséquences sur les enfants qui seront constamment exposés aux puissantes émissions des compteurs WiFi d'Hydro-Québec - en plus d'être exposés aux émissions d'émetteurs WiFi à leur école.

Ontario School removes Wi-Fi over safety concerns (September 9, 2011)
A private school in Collingwood, Ontario has removed Wi-Fi and has installed wired technology. This is excellent news. I wish other schools would follow their lead. I understand that the teachers in the school are grateful as are the parents that their children are NOT going to be exposed to microwave radiation, a possible carcinogen.I find it fascinating that the public school system is promoting Wi-Fi, refuses to listen to parents, silences teachers, ignores the research, and can’t get Wi-Fi installed fast enough, even though many of these schools already have a wired system, so the Wi-Fi is redundant. It seems that they were allotted money for this (money that can’t be used for anything else) and every schools is following like sheep to the slaughter.Several private schools, in contrast, are either not installing Wi-Fi or are removing it because of health concerns. I certainly know which school I would want my children to attend. It is a no brainer. I expect these private schools are also teaching their students to think independently, to question authority, to believe in their own convictions and not be lead down the garden path. If public schools are teaching independent thinking, they are certainly not walking their talk.Hear the hour-long interview and phone-in at this LINK: Also see news report on CTV - Ontario school cuts Wi-Fi over safety concerns and Health Dangers of WiFi in Schools and Parents removing kids from WIFI Schools and Parents Against Wi-Fi Gagged by School Board (29 April 2011)

More WiFi and Cellphone Radiation Worries (March-14-11)
All I can say is Thank God Dr. Mercola (with his list of over 2 million) is informed and active on this whole WiFi, cellphone, electromagnetic, microwave radiation debacle! His latest article, estimating that deaths from microwave radiation will surpass deaths from cigarette smoking and asbestos combined, features this latest EXCELLENT video from EMR expert, Magda Havas PhD. I did a teleseminar with Dr. Magda Havas a few months ago to try and get clear on the risks of this technology and what each of us can do to protect ourselves and our children, you can download the mp3 recording here and / or download the pdf transcript here. DNA BreaksOf special note in Mercola’s article is this slide from the European Reflex Report, visually showing DNA breaks in a comet assay test from 24 hours of cell phone radiation exposure compared with DNA breaks from 1600 chest x-rays: Cell Towers And CancerAnd what REALLY freaked me out is the data about the cell tower in the UK – 500 metres away from the village. My eight-year-old daughter Zara’s gymnastics club has 4 cellphone towers, mounted on a high voltage powerline, less than 100 metres away from the club- and she’s there 9 hours/week:

(...) Increase In Cancer & Effects On Microorganisms - Then you have the statistical picture: If current trends show that daily WiFi exposure increases the risk of cancer tenfold (for example), but cancer incidence in children is only 14.8 per 100,000 kids, then a tenfold increase would equal 148 kids per 100,000 – which is still only a 0.15% risk. So then, even if my kids are exposed, if their risk is only .15%, is that worth taking them out of school and sports for? Especially if sports confers a protective effect against cancer?Emotionally, I want to grab onto the above statistical scenario with both hands and breathe a big sigh of relief: Whew, I don’t have to worry after all! But then you have other nasty little bits of research that show (for example) yeast increases rapidly when exposed to microwave radiation – scientists theorize this may be because the micro-organisms feel under attack and so replicate quickly to fend off the threat. Other preliminary studies have shown that microwave radiation at 2.5 GHz can reduce airborne microorganisms. So, just one more aspect to wonder/worry about: how is this technology affecting the balance of microorganisms in our bodies, our environment, animals, etc? Just one more thing no one’s bothered to test before flooding us with microwaves! And what about viruses and bacteria inside our bodies? How do they behave when exposed to WiFi and cell phones? CLIP

What would happen if kids just stopped going to school because of the wireless radiation? Would that get parents, teachers and schools to finally listen to what kids are trying to say about the dangers of wireless computers and cell phones? CLIP

Why Is WiFi Bad?

WiFi, Cell Phone Radiation – Problems, Solutions Part 1

WiFi And Cellphone Radiation with Dr. Havas – Part 2

WiFi And Cellphone Radiation Protection – Part 3

Cell and WiFi Radiation Protection with Dr. Havas – Part 4

Micro-ondes au Québec : Ça va mal !ébec-ç-va-mal
1- Le premier ministre du Québec annonce à l’Assemblée Nationale, l’installation du WiFi dans toutes les écoles du Québec. « Tableau intelligent » et « ordinateur pour chaque enseignant » sont les mots clés pour que les Commision Scolaire puissent mettre de l’avant leurs projets de WiFi dans toutes les classes de toutes leurs écoles. Pitié pour les enfants…svp informez-vous… Voir les deux liens suivants : Global News - HESA WIFI Schools OCT 28 - Émission canadienne de Global « 16/9 »
2- L’arrondissement Ville-Marie de Montréal va installer des antennes relais sur tous les feux de circulation du centre-ville. Avec le WiFi prévu par la STCUM dans le métro, il fera bon de vivre ailleurs qu’à Montréal. Et c’est toujours au nom du progrès… Oui au progrès financier des Cies de cellulaires, non à la protection de la santé des citoyens… Journal Métro du 24 février 2011 Des antennes cellulaires sur les feux de circulation de la villeAntennes relais cellulaires: les preuves d'effets biologiques s'accumulent (12 novembre 2010)

Every Child has a Right to a Healthy and Safe School - Health Hazards from WiFi
(...) A novel group of symptoms has emerged in children attending schools in Simcoe County since the Board installed microwave WiFi transmitters.

Swisscom admits that WiFi can Harm People
Swisscom reveals the true DANGER of WiFi in a patent application. Swisscom is the leading telecom provider in Switzerland and it devised a way to reduce the microwave radiation from WiFi (also known as WLAN or wireless local area network). In its patent application, Swisscom clearly states the elevated risk of cancer and genetic damage from the constant low level microwave/RF exposure from WiFi. Below are excerpts from page one and page two. The full application is at the bottom of the page. "The influence of electrosmog on the human body is a known problem. The health risk from mobile radio transmitters (WiFi base stations) handys and DECT telephones has been an explosive subject among the general public...To meet the concerns of science from the legislative side, the permissible limit values have thus been lowered several times (in Switzerland) and technology has been increasingly focused on this problem. The risk of damage to health through electrosmog has also become better understood as a result of more recent and improved studies. When, for example, human blood cells are irradiated with electromagnetic fields, clear damage to hereditary material has been demonstrated and there have been indications of an increased cancer risk.

(...) The entire Swisscom international patent application can be viewed click here -- It was filed September 2004. Since that time, hundreds of more studies confirming health effects and biological changes from microwave/RF exposure have been published. Personal experiences of harm and illness from wireless devices have been routinely reported. Despite all the evidence, Health Canada and our provincial governments and school boards, promote unlimited exposure to microwave radiation and refuse to investigate when children or adults get sick from it. Our governments and school boards act like a sales team for wireless. Even the telecom companies don’t say their products are without risk. Only our governments do. See also Telecom Warnings

Germany warns citizens to avoid using Wi-Fi (9 September 2007)
(...) The Ministry recommended that people should keep their exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi "as low as possible" by choosing "conventional wired connections". It added that it is "actively informing people about possibilities for reducing personal exposure". CLIP - Check also Israeli Knesset panel endorses plan to minimize electromagnetic radiation exposure in schools (23 Nov. 2010)

EMF-Omega-News 24. September 2011
Bioelectromagnetic phenomena are affected by aggregates of many radiofrequency photons - Pulsed digital microwave radiation from cell phones can be harmful - Electrosensitivity: A patient with skin abnormalities looking like burns - Breast cancer sufferer's fury over approved mobile phone masts - Radiation protection in conflict with science - Non declared conflict of interests: how many are there? - Ignoring the effects of electrosmog is unsafe, unwise, and expensive - How concerned are you about wireless devices' effects on your health? - Wi-Fi in Schools: Testing for Microwave Radiation Dangers in the Classroom - Beware of That Which is Not Discussed - Smart meters are dangerous to us - Teresa Treacy Ordered to Jail over ESB Powerlines - Coseley phone mast plan set to be approved - Homeowners raise protests over smart meters - Community Advisory Board op-ed: A towering health issue - Next-up News - News from Mast Sanity

EMF-Omega-News 1. October 2011
Non-thermal Tera-Hz Affect Gene Expression - Cancer risk for mobile phones - Biodiversity and our health - MRI scans CAN make you dizzy - COURSE: Electrosmog and Electrosensitivity - Tracking equipment could be harming wild birds, experts warn - Close call for bats as phone mast threatens flight path - Appeal Over Phone Mast Refusal - Tower a tough sell to residents - Wistaston phone mast plans



Rebellion Has Arrived In America


From Mike Krieger of KAM LP

The Bill of Rights is a literal and absolute document. The First Amendment doesn't say you have a right to speak out unless the government has a 'compelling interest' in censoring the Internet. The Second Amendment doesn't say you have the right to keep and bear arms until some madman plants a bomb. The Fourth Amendment doesn't say you have the right to be secure from search and seizure unless some FBI agent thinks you fit the profile of a terrorist. The government has no right to interfere with any of these freedoms under any circumstances.

- Harry Browne

The inherent right in the people to reform their government, I do not deny; and they have another right, and that is to resist unconstitutional laws without overturning the government.

- Daniel Webster

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.

- Samuel Adams

Rebellion Has Arrived in America

As most of you know, I spend almost as much time studying social changes and geopolitics happening around the world as I do studying markets. While carefully observing those areas are always important to a macro investor such as myself, when you are smack in the middle of a Fourth Turning they take on an increased level of importance. What has shielded the U.S. from a lot of the social strife sweeping the rest of the globe at the moment has been the U.S. dollar’s reserve status since this allows us to print seemingly infinite amounts of paper dollars and shove them down the throats of the rest of the world for their resources. This keeps the populace fat, happy and most importantly asleep and apathetic. Well I am pleased to announce that those days are OVER. The American populace is now in the very beginnings of a state of open peaceful rebellion against the criminal oligarchic mafia that runs the nation through fraud and corruption. The status quo is likely to become increasingly defensive as a result and may lash out aggressively like a cornered rat, but they cannot and will not win. They can only really win when they own your mind and that battle has already been lost. Six months from now the state of rebellion will have moved from just beneath to the surface to the forefront of everyone’s mind. It will be a peaceful and constitutional rebellion and it will end with new ways of doing things, more freedoms and a very long road toward rebuilding a safe, fair, free and localized society once TPTB’s prison planet grid of control has been torn down forever.

Occupy Wall Street 

I will be the first to admit that I faded the whole idea of this “Occupy Wall Street” protest. I had already seen several failed attempts at protest in NYC come and go and I just sadly assumed the spirit of that once great city had died forever. I am extraordinarily happy to report that I was wrong. When I watched some video of police brutality at NYC protests this weekend I was stunned. Not because the cops acted like some mercenary storm trooper thugs, but because this protest that has started the week before still had momentum! Check out this link regarding what is going on. It has two must watch videos.

The first one already has over 400k watches on youtube. This is the spark I have been waiting for and I am pleased beyond belief that it happened in Manhattan right where it should. How about this appearance of Cornel West at the protest on Tuesday. I am proud of my old home today. This is a big deal. The serfs are coming together. Keep it up.

Most of you reading this right now are thinking that this is interesting but he is exaggerating and this will blow over. I am here to assure you that it is not and this whole thing is about to grow exponentially as the economy continues to stagnate and people climb the learning curve. Are you aware that the founder of, David Talbot, is publicly calling for an “American Spring?” This of course is a reference to the Arab Spring, in which revolution swept across North Africa earlier this year and led to the collapse of the Tunisian and Egyptian governments and then major government bribes to the people living in the oil rich kingdoms. Mr. Talbot writes “In these increasingly hard times, Salon is dedicating itself to an American revival. Our editorial mission will become more explicitly and aggressively populist. We will be publishing more investigative pieces, exposing the shadow dance of power. And both Democratic and Republican targets will be fair game, since both parties are increasingly under the control of the same corporate forces.” His full piece is here. You need to read it if you want to understand where all of this is headed. How about journalist Chris Hedges talking about “Occupy Wall Street”. We the people now understand it is not “rich vs. poor,” businessperson vs. teacher.” It is serf vs. oligarch. They are 0.1% and we know what they are up to. GAME ON.

Jaime Dimon Proves he is a Complete and Total Psychopath

I am not even going to write my own thought paragraph about how delusional and insane this man’s statements were the other day on banking regulations. Rather I will provide links to articles by people that have done a great job of exposing the absurdity of this parasitic oligarch’s comments. My favorite line by far on this is from fellow ex-Wall Streeter Nomi Prins who writes:

“There are few things more cringe-inducing than a government-subsidized bank CEO spouting self-serving, entitlement-laden idiocy to the world just because he and his bank might be subject to some extra constraints. That hasn’t stopped JPM Chase CEO Jamie Dimon from acting like a spoiled, sociopathic brat while characterizing proposed Basel III capital requirements and regulations as ‘anti-American’ at every opportunity. They are not ‘anti-American’ but globally risk-mitigating in a time of widespread economic Depression, a point lost in the haze of Dimon’s megalomania.”

Her full article is here. Precious metals hero and money manager Eric Sprott chimed in with this letter to the Globe and Mail.

Jaime Dimon is a real piece of work. It is as if he is asking for a custom made guillotine (metaphorically speaking of course as I do not condone violence in any way shape or form). At least Lloyd Blankfein had the sense to read the writing on the wall, shut up and hire an attorney.

So in conclusion, rebellion has arrived on America’s shores and it is about time. The moment is here for each of us to make important decisions. Save freedom and liberty or allow the oligarchs to enslave us and your children for generations. Peter Orzag recently wrote that “We need Less Democracy.” This is what these guys are gunning for. Just think about who this “WE” he is talking about is.

And don’t kid yourself. Pretty much everyone on this list is a serf no matter how rich you are. Don’t kid yourself.

Peace and Wisdom,



Related videos and articles:

Cornel West at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest: The elite will tremble (09.27.11)
Public intellectual and Princeton professor Cornel West appeared at the “Occupy Wall Street” protest on Tuesday, the eleventh straight day of the demonstration. He gave a speech during the General Assembly in Liberty Park applauding the “sweet spirit in this place” and denouncing “the greed of Wall Street oligarchs and corporate plutocrats who squeeze the democratic juices out of this country.” “I am so blessed to be here” West said. “You got me spiritually break-dancing on the way here. Because when you bring folk together, of all colors, of all cultures, of all genders, of all sexual orientations the elite will tremble in their boots. And we will send a message that this is the U.S. Autumn, responding to the Arab Spring.” “Don’t be scared to say revolution,” he added.

Chris Hedges: Occupy Wall Street is ‘where the hope of America lies (09.25.11) 6 videos
Journalist Chris Hedges put in an appearance at the Occupy Wall Street protest on Sunday morning and engaged in a lengthy interview, during which he described the protest as “really where the hope of America lies.” Hedges was particularly impressed by the significance of Saturday’s mass arrests on the part of the New York Police Department. He told the interviewer, “The real people who are scared are the power elite. Of course, they’re trying to make you scared and us scared. But I can tell you, having been a reporter for the New York Times, that on the inside they’re very, very frightened. They do not want movements like this to grow, and they understand on some level — whether it’s subconscious or, in other cases, even overt — that the criminal class in this country has seized power.” Hedges went on to say that the protesters should be seen as “conservatives” because “they call for the restoration of the rule of law.”“The real radicals have seized power,” he asserted, “and they are decimating all impediments to the creation of a neo-feudalistic corporate state, one in which there is a rapacious oligarchic class, a thin managerial elite, and two-thirds of this country live in conditions that increasingly push families to subsistence level.” According to Hedges, the corporate state wants to “reduce the working class to a status equivalent to serfdom. … They want us to remain passive and to remain frightened. And as long as we remain passive and frightened, entranced with their electronic hallucinations, we are not a threat.” “The moment people come out and do this [kind of protest],” Hedges concluded, “the corporate state is terrified — and if you doubt me, look around you at the huge numbers of cops, and not only that but the kind of brutality the cops have visited on peaceful protesters.” These videos are from the Occupy Wall Street livestream and were posted at YouTube on September 25, 2011.

Keiser Report: The Greek Depression (29 sept. 2011)
This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, ask why wallstreet protesters are maced in the face for merely walking on the sidewalk while JP Morgan's CEO can throw a tirade in the face of regulators and a central banker without being pepper-sprayed. They ask why Vince Cable doesn't pack some pepper spray.

Occupy Wall Street: inquiries launched as new pepper-spray video emerges (28 September 2011)
NYPD officer Anthony Bologna faces two investigations as video emerges of a second pepper-spray incident -- The senior New York police officer at the centre of the Occupy Wall Street pepper spray controversy fired the gas at protesters a second time just moments later. After new video emerged on Wednesday showing the second incident, New York police commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters that the Civilian Complaint Review Board would investigate the officer, deputy inspector Anthony Bologna. The New York Police Department's own internal affairs bureau also plans to open an investigation, the New York Times reports.The investigations were announced after bloggers and activists drew attention to video posted online which showed that Bologna fired pepper spray on two occasions last Saturday as officers broke up a protest march through Greenwich Village. The first footage shows him targeting a group of female protesters who were being penned in by officers on East 12th Street. The latest video shows another incident on the same street, shortly after the first, when he fired more pepper spray towards at least one of the same women, after they were recovering from the first incident.

(...) According to the guidance, officers are permitted to use pepper spray when "necessary to effect an arrest of a resisting suspect, for self-defense or defense of another from unlawful force, or to take a resisting emotionally disturbed person into custody." The patrol guide also specifies that officers should "not use pepper spray on subjects who passively resist." Officers with special training, however, do have latitude "in the use of pepper spray for disorder control."Donna Lieberman, director of New York Civil Liberties Union, said: "There's no excuse for using pepper spray in the faces of peaceful demonstrators whether or not they are engaging in minor disorderly conduct. The use of pepper spray appears to be gratuitous and in violation of police department rules. What the video demonstrates how harmful it is for the police to engage in excessive force against protesters because it causes fear and how harmful it is for the police department itself." The NYPD were forced to change some of their policing practices during demonstrations, specifically their use of pens, after a lawsuit brought by NYCLU which accused them of excessive restrictions in movements of protesters during the February 2003 anti-war protests in New York. According to recent statistics, 1722 people complained of being wrongfully pepper-sprayed by New York police officers between 2006 and 2010. Of that number, the civilian review board substantiated just 22 complaints.

Occupy Wall Street: 'Pepper-spray' officer named in Bush protest claim (27 September 2011)
Anthony Bologna, NYPD officer named in pepper-spray incident, is accused of civil rights violations at the time of the 2004 Republican national convention protests -- A senior New York police officer accused of pepper-spraying young women on the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations is the subject of a pending legal action over his conduct at another protest in the city. The Guardian has learned that the officer, named by activists as deputy inspector Anthony Bologna, stands accused of false arrest and civil rights violations in a claim brought by a protester involved in the 2004 demonstrations at the Republican national convention. Then, 1,800 people were arrested during protests against the Iraq war and the policies of president George W Bush.Alan Levine, a civil rights lawyer representing Post A Posr, a protester at the 2004 event, told the Guardian that he filed an action against Bologna and another officer, Tulio Camejo, in 2007. The case, filed at the New York Southern District Court, is expected to be heard next year. CLIP

Wall Street Protest Growing (September 29, 2011)
Major Unions Join Wall Street Protest - The Teamsters Union and New York Transit Workers Union have thrown their support behind the Wall Street protests. Alexander Higgins – reporting live from the protests – notes that United Airlines pilots marched in the protest wearing their full pilot uniforms: This may seem at first glance like a liberal cause, but as I’ve previously noted, that is a false dichotomy, and true conservatives support it: The whole left-versus-right thing is just a distraction trick. It’s really the American people versus the giant bankers, captains of the military-industrial complex, and handful of others who are benefiting by shafting the average American. Remember that one of the founders of the Tea Party – Karl Denninger – has slammed the current Tea Party (which was quickly co-opted by the mainstream GOP) for serving the rich and the Republican party instead of fighting against the giant banks, and is calling for non-partisan, Gandhi-style nonviolent resistance to take on the banskters. And see this. Protests Spreading World-Wide - The protests are spreading world-wide. There are now purportedly 80+ copycat protests planned world-wide, including London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Las Vegas and many other locations. Mainstream Media Now Covering Protest - And the police brutality on innocent Wall Street protesters is finally being covered by the mainstream news. The Guardian and Atlantic Wire also have good write ups on these incidents. They discuss the following video of yet another unprovoked pepper spray attack (this one on a media photographer not directly taking part in the protests): As with the police use of firehoses on African-American children in the American South during the 1960s or the murder of non-violent South African activists, police violence seems to have backfired and turned public opinion in favor of the protesters.

A Report from the Frontlines: The Long Road to #OccupyWallStreet and the Origins of the 99% Movement (September 29, 2011)
How Anonymous, AmpedStatus, the NYC General Assembly, US Day of Rage, Adbusters and Thousands of Individual Actions Led to the Occupation of Liberty Park and the Birth of a Movement -- As the occupation of Wall Street moves into its third week, there are many questions about the organizers behind the ongoing protests and the origins of the 99% Movement. As one of the many people who actively supported the effort, and helped launch the 99% Movement, I will give my perspective on the events leading up to the occupation of Liberty Park.As I understand it, the #OccuppyWallStreet 99% Movement is a decentralized non-violent rebellion against economic tyranny. It is a leaderless movement that has been dependent upon tens of thousands of individuals taking it upon themselves to take action and fight back against their own personal financial hardships, and in defense of their family and friends who are desperately struggling to make ends meets. The road that led to the successful occupation has been a long, hard and winding one. When you go to Liberty Park, into the heart of the occupation, you will see a very diverse group of people with opinions across the entire political spectrum. It is the very essence of a ground-up grassroots decentralized movement. Everyone there has their own individual story on what brought them to take such a strong and inspiring stand in support this action. I urge members of the press and people interested in the movement to begin a dialogue with any one of the people taking part. There are many fascinating stories to be heard and a deeper understanding of what’s happening is impossible without hearing from a plurality of voices.To give some background information, the following is a timeline of my 19-month long personal experience within the movement: CLIP



Thinking about revolution

26 September 2011

Dear friends,

As mounting economic insecurity and hardship are making more and more Americans realize, it is time for a revolution in the United States, as well as throughout the world. The attached Call for Democratic Revolution (also online at was written to help people discuss how to build a revolutionary movement, and it includes a vision of a new world that revolution can make possible. This Call addresses the practical question, “If I want to help build a revolutionary movement but I still need to make a living and support my family, what should I actually do, starting today?” The Call is meant to be read by everyone who knows something is very wrong about our current society—i.e. most people—whether they are activists or consider themselves “political” or not. Please read this Call and make copies to share and discuss with your friends and neighbors. And please let me know what your thoughts are about it. Thank you. – John Spritzler ---



Once again the time has come for revolution in America

by John Spritzler and Dave Stratman

“What do we mean by the Revolution? The war? That was no part of the revolution; it was only an effect and consequence of it. The revolution was in the minds of the people, and this was effected from 1760 – 1775, in the course of fifteen years, before a drop of blood was shed at Lexington.”

–John Adams, Letter to Thomas Jefferson, August 24, 1815

What follows is a brief synopsis of “Thinking about Revolution,” which can be found in its entirety at

Once again the time has come for revolution in America. Instead of a British king we have a ruling class of bankers and billionaires who control the government and all the important institutions of society. The future holds misery for the many and privilege for the few.

The problems we confront are part of a system in which money is power and most people don’t have any. The powerful men and women who run our world were not elected and cannot be unelected. They can only be removed from power by revolution.

The goal of democratic revolution is to break the power of the ruling elite and create a society run by and for the people. The principles underlying that society, we believe, should consist of these three: equality, mutual aid, and democracy.

By equality we do not mean “equal opportunity” to get ahead in an unequal society. We mean equality of condition. By mutual aid we mean a society based on sharing and cooperation rather than competition. By democracy we mean not this lying, fake democracy but a society in which the real decision-making power is in the hands of the people. 

Real democracy will require a new organization of society. “Thinking about Revolution” proposes radical changes in how we think about ourselves and what we imagine human possibilities to be. It proposes a democratic structure based on confidence in the values and good sense of ordinary people.

Some elements of that structure include:

- All who contribute to society have free and equal access to its goods and services, which are shared according to need, not bought and sold. Money is not used. There are no rich and no poor.

- All the things that people use to produce goods, such as factories and mines and large tracts of land, belong to all the people. These things are a common treasure for all of society, not the property of a few.

- The goal of economic production is to provide the goods and services people need and want, not to make profits for capitalists.

- All political power is vested in local community and workplace assemblies. Congress, state legislatures, city and town councils, and all other instruments of the former capitalist state are disbanded.

- The Pentagon, the military, the police, and other instruments of capitalist power are dis-banded. Communities organize to meet local needs for safety and protection.

Some people believe a better world is not possible because inequality and greed are “human nature.” We reject this view. The logic of capitalism is dog-eat-dog competition, yet most people in their everyday lives struggle to create loving and supportive relationships with their loved ones and friends and co-workers, in the face of a brutal culture. Most people, in other words, are engaged in a struggle against capitalist values. The most personal acts of kindness and the most public and collective acts of revolution are on continuum of struggle to humanize the world.

When people have more confidence in themselves and other people, they try to shape more of the world with their values. They reach beyond their immediate circles. They build networks and strikes and movements. When they have enough confidence and the circles of relationships have grown large enough, they make revolutions.

Others believe the history of Communism shows that revolutions only make things worse. We argue that the undemocratic fate of Communist revolutions lay in Marx’s view of the world. Marx accepted the capitalist view, that economic development is the basis of human development, and the capitalist view of human nature, that individuals seek only their own self-interest. Marxism thus presented Lenin with a question: “Who shall look to the needs of the whole society?” Lenin’s answer: the Communist Party.

Still others think that the great power of the ruling elite makes revolution impossible. While capitalism has enormous tactical power, it is strategically at perhaps its weakest point in history. The capitalist system holds no promise, not even an illusion, of a better world for most people.

There remain only two alternatives for the world’s people: either be sucked ever deeper into a vortex of war, tyranny, suffering, and mass liquidations—the planned die-off of “excess” populations in societies that cannot be sustained—or make a fresh start, rebuilding society on a fundamentally different model.

We have been on the defensive for too long, trying to stop one more bad thing from happening—a very demoralizing situation. We need to go on the offensive.

How can we do that? The revolutionary strategy we propose is to confront capitalism’s right to exist and the possibility of an alternative society: to make the need and possibility of revolution the issue of public and private discussion, the issue in every struggle, the issue wherever people come together to discuss their concerns. This is how we can take the offensive.

John Adams wrote in 1815 that the American Revolution was not the revolutionary war. The war was only “an effect and consequence of the Revolution in the minds of the people, from 1760-1775.” This is the Revolution that we are here attempting to achieve: a Revolution in the minds of a world of people, to transform their sense of the possibilities of human society and of their own power to fulfill them. From this Revolution in the minds of the people will come the transformation of society.

We intend “Thinking about Revolution” as a small contribution to a national and international discussion of how to defeat the forces that control our society and create a new world. The full document is posted at

Check this!

U.S. Department of Defense Contract Awards for Sept. 29, 2011


HERE IS AN EXCERPT FROM Thinking about Revolution

Abolition of Money

“Money is a new form of slavery, and distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is imper- sonal—that there is no human relation between master and slave.”

- Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

- Henry Ford, founder, Ford Motor Company

Perhaps the most surprising feature of the new society is that money is abolished. Why is this necessary and how does it make sense?

The economy of revolutionary democracy is based on the principle of “From each according to ability, to each according to need.” It is a “Contribute what you can and take what you need” economy, not a ‘If you give me this I will give you that” economy. This means people share things rather than exchange them. Money, which is a means of exchanging things more conveniently than barter, is therefore not necessary in the new society.

Furthermore, buying and selling is not an equitable way for the wealth of society to be distributed. Goods ought to be shared on the basis of need. If someone who contributes to society is in need of food or shelter, he should receive them, whether he has money or not. (Most homeless in the U.S. are full-time workers whose jobs pay too little to afford them a home.) If somebody is sick and needs care, it is immoral that he should only receive as much health care as he can buy. The Golden Rule is to share, not buy and sell.

Money may not be necessary in a good society but it is, however, extremely important for a society based on inequality. In a society based on money, a single individual can accumulate a great deal of money and use it to buy many things and pay many people, and thus control the use of things and the behavior of people on a vastly greater scale than would otherwise be possible.

Money thus makes inequality easy to impose because it makes it easy to concentrate power in the hands of a few, even in a society like ours today that purports to be a democracy. Money enables wealthy people to buy the votes of politicians, make laws to benefit themselves at the cost of society and sway public opinion through their corporate media. A society based on money is incompatible with genuine democracy and equality.

On the surface it might seem that without money there would be no way to accumulate capital for investing in new enterprises. But if we look closely at what “capital” is, we see that capital accumulation for new enterprises does not require money in a society based on sharing.

Today, when a businessman wants to start a new enterprise, he needs money to buy or rent the necessary equipment and to pay wages for the necessary labor. In the new society, when people decide to start a new enterprise and the larger society democratically approves of it, then the people who carry out the enterprise may freely use the required land and natural resources and machinery, and the workers may freely take what they need to live on. The point is that in a money-based society, money is indeed important, but in a moneyless society it is not.

There remain two additional major reasons for not using money: money is an instrument of elite social control, and money poisons social relationships.

Money Is an Instrument of Elite Social Control

In an earlier time in America, the rich landowner or bank would extend credit to the tenant or farmer for seeds and fertilizer and food to sustain his family till harvest. At harvest the farmer would often find that his debt combined with the interest owed exceeded the value of his crop; with each passing year he would sink further into debt-peonage. In current times in the United States, a young person graduates from college saddled with gigantic loans, which by law he can never escape, not even through personal bankruptcy. He is in debt-peonage to the bank. He is forced by his debt to seek out the highest paying job he can find, no matter what career he would prefer. Economic pressures make him work at an unfulfilling job for a boss he may despise. The more successful he is at finding that high-paying job, the more pressure he is under to conform to capitalist values and keep his mouth shut.

At the same time his parents may carry a mortgage on a home worth perhaps half of what they paid for it. They are in debt peonage to the bank. Someone with a car loan or needing health insurance is under similar pressure to find and keep a job and make the daily compromises necessary to stay employed in a corporate dictatorship. Young people under economic stress join the military and are trained to kill their class brothers and sisters on command. As the rulers crank up the economic pressure on families, more parents are forced to work two or three jobs and barely have time to share with their children. Money reduces life to a rat race.

The banks gain and exercise their power in society through the power of money. The power of the banks looms over all our lifechoices. They hold our lives in their hands. A society based on money enables the few who are wealthy to control the many who are not.

Money Poisons Social Relationships

In a society based on money, many human interactions are mediated by money, with one person using money to exert power over another. The more money plays a role in society, the less of a role is played by the Golden Rule: moral persuasion, mutual agreement, or reciprocity of good deeds among equals. Money suppresses the role of positive human values and replaces it with greed and domination.

In a money society, money confers on its possessor an almost magical power. If the owners of a corporation want a manager to fire long time employees in order to increase profits, they just pay the manager to do the nasty deed. No need to persuade the manager that it is a morally good thing to do. The owners of the corporation have a perverse power over the manager.

In the absence of money, social power comes from one’s ability to persuade others that doing this or that is morally right or at least that it benefits them. It also comes from having relationships of mutual support: because one has helped others in the past, they want to return the favor. In the absence of money, social power is not power over people but power to act with people to accomplish goals that are shared.

It has long been said that the love of money is the root of all evil. Only in the absence of the power of money will people’s moral feelings and their best values truly shape society.



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Should there be a maximum wage? (September 22, 2011)
The cleavage of the hyper-rich away from the rest of society has never been more evident. The disproportionate wealth, resources, power and influence of this small group are under increased public scrutiny. But would an imposed limit on what people earn really help balance society? Faiza - We need a maximum wage to complement the minimum wage. That is, we need maximum pay ratios within companies and across sectors to put an end to chief executives getting paid more than 250 times what cleaning staff earn. Why? The top three reasons are:Greater equality: rising wage disparities are one of the key drivers of inequality. By putting a plug on both ends of the pay scale we help ensure decent living standards for all and avoid the negative consequences (eg higher crime, poorer public health) of living in a highly unequal society. The need to tame executive pay: extremely high levels of pay among executives have encouraged risk-taking behaviour (leading to the banking crisis) and have been found to hinder, not aid, the overall productivity of a company. Tackle over-consumption and debt: as social beings we constantly rate ourselves relative to others. Keeping up with the Joneses in an era of high inequality has led people to take on higher levels of debt and to over-consume at a level they and the planet cannot sustain. Beyond the costs to society, academic evidence shows that once people earn an annual wage above $80,000 their wellbeing grows by very little. Thus a maximum wage would help both business and society without damaging the wellbeing of the well-off. CLIP NOTE: There follows an enlightening discussion betwen Max who disagrees with Faiza and Faiza countering his objections and adding more useful perspectives on this quite revolutionary idea...



Wealth and poverty in America

23 September 2011

Two reports this week underscore the shocking growth of social inequality in the United States. The historically unprecedented concentration of wealth in the hands of a few people is the corollary to mass poverty on a scale not seen since the Great Depression.

On Wednesday, Forbes magazine released its annual tally of the 400 richest Americans, whose combined net worth has soared to $1.53 trillion, up 12 percent since last year. To even make the list, it was necessary to have a fortune of at least $1.05 billion, more than ten thousand times the median net worth of an American household.

Among those at the top of the list were some of the standard corporate executives and Wall Street speculators: Microsoft CEO Bill Gates ($59 billion, up from $54 billion last year); hedge fund manager Warren Buffett ($39 billion); Oracle CEO Larry Ellison ($33 billion); the Walton family, owners of WalMart (ranging from $20.9 billion to $25 billion); etc.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the sector with the largest representation by far in the ranks of the super-rich was “investors,” that is, individuals whose primary occupation is speculating in financial markets. There were 96 such individuals on the list, compared to only four for manufacturing.

Typical of this social layer, utterly parasitic in its relationship to society as a whole, was hedge fund manager John Paulson, who ranked 17, with a wealth of $15.5 billion. Forbes commented on the “Paulson paradox”—the fact that Paulson’s personal fortune has soared 25 percent even though the main hedge fund he operates has fallen 30 percent due to bad bets on Bank of America and other stocks. Last year, Paulson took in a personal income of $4.9 billion.

The increasing wealth of this layer is a direct product of the infusion of trillions of dollars into the financial system, orchestrated by the Obama administration. Three years after rampant speculation led to the greatest world economic crisis in generations, the speculators are doing better than ever.

Vast wealth on one side is accompanied by mass impoverishment on the other. Also on Thursday, the US Census Bureau released its “American Community Survey,” a detailed breakdown of poverty, income and other metrics for different areas of the country, including the main states and cities.

Thursday’s report followed figures released earlier this month showing that the number of Americans living in poverty—defined as about $22,000 for a family of four—soared to 46.2 million last year, its highest level on record. The official poverty rate is 15.1 percent, or one out of every six people. The child poverty rate is 22 percent.

In certain regions of the country, the growth in poverty—and the level of inequality—is even more shocking. In New York, the home of Wall Street and a city where the cost of living is far higher than in many parts of the country, the official poverty rate increased to 20.1 percent last year. Among children, the poverty rate soared nearly 3 percentage points in one year, to 30 percent. This is two years after the supposed “recovery” began.

Paulson’s personal wealth of $15.5 billion was approximately equal to the total net income of the bottom 20 percent of the New York City Metropolitan area, or about 1.6 million people.

In Detroit, the center of the collapse of manufacturing in the United States, the poverty rate was 37.6 percent. More than half of all children in the city—or 53.6 percent—live in poverty. For the state of Michigan as a whole, the poverty rate rose to 16.8 percent. Median income has fallen 19.3 percent, by nearly one-fifth, since 2000.

In California, 6 million people were living below the official poverty line in 2010—16.3 percent, up from 15.3 percent a year before. Similar figures are present in virtually every state.

Soaring poverty is driven by an unprecedented jobs crisis, the scale of which is masked by the official unemployment rate of 9.1 percent. The employment-to-population ratio has collapsed over the past several years. To cite one example: only 55 percent of young adults aged 16-29 were employed last year, down from 67.3 percent in 2000 and at its lowest level since World War II.

Three years ago this month, the collapse of Lehman Brothers set off a financial crisis that has plunged the world into a new depression. At the time, on the eve of the inauguration of Obama as president of the United States, the World Socialist Web Site explained that there would be no “socially neutral” response to the crisis, that the reaction of world governments, led by the United States, was dictated by the interests of the corporate and financial elite which controls the entire political system.

The present conditions are a product of the response of the ruling class to this crisis. They are a damning indictment of the entire political establishment and the capitalist system that it defends.

Now, under conditions of a renewed economic slump, with world economic growth stalling and Europe on the verge of financial collapse, the response of the ruling class is to escalate the campaign of austerity.

In the United States, the Obama administration is spearheading an unprecedented attack on social programs, releasing this week a proposal to cut hundreds of billions from government health care spending. Over the next two months, Washington will be consumed by a discussion over how far it can go in undermining and ultimately dismantling Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other social programs.

On Thursday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner stressed that the turmoil in the markets meant that it was necessary to proceed with redoubled energy in implementing these measures. He worried whether Washington would be able to address the “long-term challenges of growth and competitiveness and fiscal sustainability”—in other words, tax reform to lower corporate taxes and sharp cuts in every program that benefits the working class.

The working class, in the United States and internationally, must advance its own program in response to the crisis of capitalism. This must begin with the understanding that nothing can be gained except through mass struggle. It is necessary to break free from the stranglehold of the official trade unions and political subordination to the Democratic Party.


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The End of Poverty? Video Documentary 1 hr 44 min
Global poverty did not just happen. It began with military conquest, slavery and colonization that resulted in the seizure of land, minerals and forced labor. Today, the problem persists because of unfair debt, trade and tax policies — in other words, wealthy countries taking advantage of poor, developing countries.Renowned actor and activist, Martin Sheen, narrates , a feature-length documentary directed by award-winning director, Philippe Diaz, which explains how today's financial crisis is a direct consequence of these unchallenged policies that have lasted centuries. Consider that 20% of the planet's population uses 80% of its resources and consumes 30% more than the planet can regenerate. At this rate, to maintain our lifestyle means more and more people will sink below the poverty line.Filmed in the slums of Africa and the barrios of Latin America, The End of Poverty? features expert insights from: Nobel prize winners in Economics, Amartya Sen and Joseph Stiglitz; acclaimed authors Susan George, Eric Toussaint, John Perkins, Chalmers Johnson; university professors William Easterly and Michael Watts; government ministers such as Bolivia's Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera and the leaders of social movements in Brazil, Venezuela, Kenya and Tanzania. It is produced by Cinema Libre Studio in collaboration with the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation. Can we really end poverty within our current economic system? Think again. CLIP

US becomes a center of poverty-wage manufacturing (29 September 2011)
Earlier this month, the World Socialist Web Site reported that production workers are now being hired at $12 an hour at Volkswagen's Chattanooga, Tennessee plant, and that BMW has opened a new assembly line in Spartanburg, South Carolina that employs mostly contract workers earning $15 per hour. These wages, among the lowest for autoworkers anywhere in the developed world, are the result of the unrelenting assault on living standards of American workers over the last three decades. This has reached new heights since the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008. With the full backing of the Obama administration, US and foreign-based corporations are exploiting levels of mass unemployment and poverty not seen since the Great Depression in order to transform the US into a cheap labor platform in direct competition with Mexico, China and other low-wage countries. Tennessee, like nearly half of all US states, has an unemployment rate hovering around 10 percent, and its real jobless rate is probably double. When Volkswagen began taking applications for 1,700 jobs in Chattanooga, it received over 65,000 responses in the first three weeks. On the basis of cutting labor costs by at least a third at its US factory, Volkswagen is able to sell cars for $7,000 less than comparable models made in Germany.Aided by the plummeting dollar, the wage gap between American workers and their brutally exploited counter-parts in Mexico and Asia is increasingly being narrowed. CLIP

The Economic Elite Have Engineered an Extraordinary Coup, Threatening the Very Existence of the Middle Class (February 15, 2010),_threatening_the_very_existence_of_the_middle_class?page=entire
The economic elite have robbed us all. The amount of suffering in the United States of America is literally a crime against humanity. -- "The American oligarchy spares no pains in promoting the belief that it does not exist, but the success of its disappearing act depends on equally strenuous efforts on the part of an American public anxious to believe in egalitarian fictions and unwilling to see what is hidden in plain sight." -- Michael Lind, To Have and to Have NotWe all have very strong differences of opinion on many issues. However, like our founding fathers before us, we must put aside our differences and unite to fight a common enemy.It has now become evident to a critical mass that the Republican and Democratic parties, along with all three branches of our government, have been bought off by a well-organized Economic Elite who are tactically destroying our way of life. The harsh truth is that 99 percent of the U.S. population no longer has political representation. The U.S. economy, government and tax system is now blatantly rigged against us.Current statistical societal indicators clearly demonstrate that a strategic attack has been launched and an analysis of current governmental policies prove that conditions for 99 percent of Americans will continue to deteriorate. The Economic Elite have engineered a financial coup and have brought war to our doorstep...and make no mistake, they have launched a war to eliminate the U.S. middle class. CLIP

Financial Terrorism in America: Over 1 Million Deaths Annually, 62 Million People With Zero Net Worth, As the Economic Elite Make Off With $46 Trillion (August 12, 2011)
Shocking statistics proving the economic elite have launched a deliberate systemic financial terrorist attack against 99.9% of the population. An all out campaign of corporate and government propagand has obscured the truth of the blatant reality that economic elite have raped and pillaged a generation of Americans. The veil of secrecy that keeps us blinded to our oppressors is disguised beneath obfuscated financial data and blatantly manipulated government statistics. The truth of the matter is every single American feels the stress and pain of increasingly burdensome economic hardships on a daily basis.While we have been fooled to believe our troubles are isolated the light of truth is revealed from the great dark beyond and the fog that clouds our thoughts begin to clear.What was once distorted now becomes obvious, thanks to a very lengthy compilation full of some of the most shocking economic statistics every American should be made aware of. Due to the length of the article, I fear many will shy away from it. To remedy the problem, I present here an abbreviated version containing the just the meat of the original along with a bit of my own spice here and there. However, I fully encourage you to read the full meat and potatoes version because while meat helps us build strong lean muscle it is the potatoes that give us the much needed energy to move those muscles.The article is based on excerpts from the book “The Road Through 2012: Revolution or World War III” written by David DeGraw’s book, the editor and founder of AmpedStatus which will be Released September 28th. I begin here with the abstract of the book followed by the stripped down version of the shocking statistics used to prove his case that the middle class is the victim of a deliberate systemic financial terrorist attack by the super elite who have raped and pillage a generation of Americans. CLIP

The Wall Street Pentagon Papers: Biggest Scam In World History Exposed – Are The Federal Reserve’s Crimes Too Big To Comprehend? (July 28, 2011)
What if the greatest scam ever perpetrated was blatantly exposed, and the US media didn’t cover it? Does that mean the scam could keep going? That’s what we are about to find out. I understand the importance of the new WikiLeaks documents. However, we must not let them distract us from the new information the Federal Reserve was forced to release. Even if WikiLeaks reveals documents from inside a large American bank, as huge as that could be, it will most likely pale in comparison to what we just found out from the one-time peek we got into the inner-workings of the Federal Reserve. This is the Wall Street equivalent of the Pentagon Papers.I’ve written many reports detailing the crimes of Wall Street during this crisis. The level of fraud, from top to bottom, has been staggering. The lack of accountability and the complete disregard for the rule of law have made me and many of my colleagues extremely cynical and jaded when it comes to new evidence to pile on top of the mountain that we have already gathered. But we must not let our cynicism cloud our vision on the details within this new information. Just when I thought the banksters couldn’t possibly shock me anymore… they did.We were finally granted the honor and privilege of finding out the specifics, a limited one-time Federal Reserve view, of a secret taxpayer funded “backdoor bailout” by a small group of unelected bankers. This data release reveals “emergency lending programs” that doled out $12.3 TRILLION in taxpayer money – $3.3 trillion in liquidity, $9 trillion in “other financial arrangements.”Wait, what? Did you say $12.3 TRILLION tax dollars were thrown around in secrecy by unelected bankers… and Congress didn’t know any of the details?Yes. The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves. The original copy of the Constitution spontaneously burst into flames. The ghost of Tom Paine went running, stark raving mad screaming through the halls of Congress.The Federal Reserve was secretly throwing around our money in unprecedented fashion, and it wasn’t just to the usual suspects like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Bank of America, etc.; it was to the entire Global Banking Cartel. To central banks throughout the world: Australia, Denmark, Japan, Mexico, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, England… To the Fed’s foreign primary dealers like Credit Suisse (Switzerland), Deutsche Bank (Germany), Royal Bank of Scotland (U.K.), Barclays (U.K.), BNP Paribas (France)… All their Ponzi players were “gifted.” All the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations got their cut. Talk about the ransacking and burning of Rome! Sayonara American middle class…If you still had any question as to whether or not the United States is now the world’s preeminent banana republic, the final verdict was just delivered and the decision was unanimous. The ayes have it. CLIP - Check also The truth about Wikileaks

6 Ways the Rich Are Waging a Class War Against the American People (September 25, 2011)
Denying the very existence of an entire class of citizens? That's waging some very real warfare against them. -- There hasn't been any organized, explicitly class-based violence in this country for generations, so what, exactly, does “class warfare” really mean? Is it just an empty political catch-phrase?The American Right has decided that returning the tax rate paid by the wealthiest Americans from what it was during the Bush years (which, incidentally, featured the slowest job growth under any president in our history, at 0.45 percent per year) to what they forked over during the Clinton years (when job growth happened to average 1.6 percent per year) is the epitome of class warfare. Sure, it would leave top earners with a tax rate 10 percentage points below what they were paying after Ronald Reagan's tax cuts, but that's the conservative definition of "eating the rich" these days.I recently offered a less Orwellian definition, arguing that real class warfare is when those who have already achieved a good deal of prosperity pull the ladder up behind them by attacking the very things that once allowed working people to move up and join the ranks of the middle class.But there's another way of looking at “class war”: habitually vilifying the unfortunate; claiming that their plight is a manifestation of some personal flaw or cultural deficiency. Conservatives wage this form of class warfare virtually every day, consigning millions of people who are down on their luck to some subhuman underclass.The belief that there exists a large pool of “undeserving poor” who suck the lifeblood out of the rest of society lies at the heart of the Right's demonstrably false “culture of poverty” narrative. It's a narrative that runs through Ayn Rand's works. It comes to us in bizarre spin that holds up the rich as “wealth producers” and “job creators.” CLIP



Abandon False Hope … And Get Some Real Hope

Posted on January 4, 2010 by WashingtonsBlog

It is easy to be skeptical.

Virtually all of our politicians are corrupt. See this, thisand this.

The giant banks are running the show.

The healthcare bill being rammed through Congress “is just another bailout of the financial system”, and law school professors say that it is unconstitutional.

America is on a permanent war footing, when the people (and soldiers) are sick of war.

Our civil rights have been eroded, and yet we are not being made any safer.

Top scientists, economists and environmentalists all say that cap and trade being pushed through in American and around the world is a scam which won’t significantly reduce C02 emissions, and will only help in making the financial players who crashed the economy even more wealthy.

Obama has sold us out.

So there’s nothing we can do, right?

Well, actually – as I have previously documented, things would actually change very quickly if enough people started raising a ruckus.

The ironic thing is that if all of the people who think of themselves as cynics or skeptics made noise, things would instantly change for the better. In other words, the millions upon millions of cynics/skeptics/self-described “realists” aren’t raising a ruckus against the fraud being committed by the giant banks, the corruption of our political system, or the lawlessness and imperial arrogance of our military-industrial complex because they think things can’t change.

But by staying silent, they are actually creating the conditions in which nothing can change.

If the millions of cynics woke up to the fact that they are a huge group – especially when combined with the people who are already actively working for the restoration of a democratic republic, justice, and the rule of law – they would suddenly realize that collectively we can change things in a heart beat.

Don’t believe me?

Read what Daniel Ellsberg and Dean Baker and others say.

And remember that hoping that Obama will change things is a “hopiate”. We must stop smoking the “hopium” – no good daddy or heroic leader will save us.

We have to save ourselves.

The truth is that:

- “Hope has never trickled down. It has always sprung up.”

- “It’s time to stop waiting for hope to be handed down, and start pushing it up, from the hoperoots.”

The truth is that real hope is an act of will. Real hope is like a muscle that needs to be developed. Real hope is an act of freedom, defiance and courage in the face of power, corruption and tyranny.

Skepticism, cynicism and “realism” is an act of fear, of cowardice, of apathy. Because if the skeptics just got off their backsides and made some noise, things would change.

So abandon false hope (as the skeptics have properly done). But start getting a backbone, take some steps that can actually change things, and start getting some real hope.

Note: I am not going to tell you what to do. But if you don’t have any ideas, start here.


We’ve Fought Too Hard to Abandon Our Ground (September 30, 2011)

We’ve been down this road before
Shown worse devils to the door
Throw off our chains of slavery
Now is the time to set ourselves free
And reclaim our liberty
We’ve come too far to give up now
We’ve fought too hard to abandon our ground
Though the battle may be long
And the oppressors are strong
In time, the battle will be won
Tyrants have come, tyrants have gone
Ever since the days of Babylon
The chance of winning may seem low
But there is something I know
Something that gives me hope…
We’ve come too far to give up now
We’ve fought too hard to abandon our ground
Though the battle may be long
And the oppressors are strong
In time, the battle will be won
They bought the politicians and the news
They’ve got all the weapons (which they like to use)
But they are few and we’re billions strong
We are the giant … been sleeping for too long
Time to wake up and sing our victory song
We’ve come too far to give up now
We’ve fought too hard to abandon our ground
Though the battle may be long
And the oppressors are strong
In time, the battle will be won



The Occupied Turn Occupiers

by David Swanson - 27 September 2011

In a recent debate Congressman Ron Paul claimed the United States military had troops in 130 countries. The St. Petersburg Times looked into whether such an outrage could actually be true and was obliged to report that the number was actually 148 countries. However, if you watch NFL football games, you hear the announcers thank members of the U.S. military for watching from 177 countries. The proud public claim is worse than the scandalous claim or the "investigative" report. What gives?

We are supposed to be proud of the U.S. empire but to reject with high dudgeon any accusation of having an empire. Abroad, this conversation makes even less sense, because those troops and their bases are in everyone's faces. I lived near Vicenza, Italy, years ago. The people tolerated the U.S. Army base. The addition of a many-times larger one in the same town, now underway, has led to outrage, condemnation, and bitter resentment of being handed second-class citizenship in one's own country while being asked to show gratitude for it.

As President Obama encircles Russia with missile bases and China with naval bases, the people who live or used to live where the bases are built resent the occupation, just as the people of Iraq and Afghanistan resent the occupation. A global movement against U.S. military bases is rapidly rising from all corners of the empire. But so is a movement against the occupation of Der Homeland by an unrepresentative and unrepresenting police state.

Those of us not in the Forbes 400 have been handed second-class citizenship in the place we are supposedly protecting through the occupation of every other place. A large majority of us want the rich and the corporations taxed heavily, but they are not. We want the wars ended, the troops brought home, and military spending cut. None of this happens. Nor do the outcomes of elections impact the likelihood of any of these things happening. We want to keep and strengthen Social Security. We want Medicare protected and expanded to cover us all. We want rights enlarged for human beings and curtailed for corporations. We want to cut off the corporate welfare and the bankster bailouts. We want to invest in infrastructure, green energy, and education. We want the right to organize and assemble. And we want a clean system that allows public pressure through ordinary means: publicly funded elections, verifiable vote counting, no gerrymanders, no media and ballot barriers to candidates. None of this is forthcoming. We are paying taxation and receiving no representation.

Here's an "End Empire" agenda:

- Cut a half a trillion dollars out of the $1.2 trillion national security budget; putting half of it into tax cuts for non-billionaires, and half of it into useful spending on green energy, education, retraining for displaced military-industrial workers, etc.

- Bring the National Guard home and de-federalize it.

- Ban the redeployment of personnel currently suffering PTSD.

- Ban no-bid uncompeted military contracts.

- Restore Constitutional war powers to the Congress.

- Create of a public referendum required prior to launching any war.

- Close the foreign bases.

- Ban weapons from space.

- Ban extra-legal prisons.

- Ban kangaroo military courts outside of our ordinary court system.

- Restore habeas corpus.

- Limit military spending to no more than twice that of the next highest spending nation on earth.

- Ban secret budgets, secret agencies, and secret operations.

- Ban the launching of drone strikes into foreign nations.

- Forbid the transfer of students' information to military recruiters without their permission.

- Comply with the Kellogg-Briand Pact.

I've had people across the political spectrum tell me this all seems reasonable and necessary. But that doesn't make it happen. What could make change possible is the process of reversal now underway through which the occupied are becoming the occupiers. On Wall Street, protesters of plutocracy are risking their bodies. Police are assaulting, pepper-spraying, and tasering peaceful demonstrators, as uppercrusters guzzle champagne on balconies, gawking at the spectacle. But reports are leaking out of police refusing to participate in assaulting people  -- people who are acting on behalf of the police as much as anyone else. If the NYPD finds the decency found by some members of the militaries of Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, the decency to refuse evil orders, the tide will quickly turn. If they do not, the tide will slowly turn. But turn it will.

Occupations are now being organized across the country, building up to a massive occupation of Washington, D.C., beginning October 6th:

This is how it starts. There is no other moral option than nonviolent resistance. There is no other possible outcome than success. That's the beauty of ending an empire; victory is guaranteed sooner or later by the inevitability of imperial collapse. Our task is to speed it along and ease the pain during the process. The last word goes to U2:

And the trees are stripped bare
Of all they wear
What do I care
And kingdoms rise
And kingdoms fall
But you go on


Check also...

This Is How It Begins - Occupy
We are occupying Wall Street. We will not be moved. Without anyone having to set themselves on fire, a group of nonviolent fed-up people, young and old, has sparked something new. In less than two weeks they have gone through all of the stages of public protest: being ignored, mocked, attacked, and beginning to win. People are joining together across race, age, gender, and culture. Labor unions are joining in a movement that was not begun by labor unions. Insider groups that would rather not be seen at protests are promoting this one. Cable television is denouncing police brutality. A conversation has been launched about the damage the wealthiest one percent is doing to the rest of us. And integral to the demand being made for social justice is the demand to cut military spending and end immoral wars.Now is the moment to nonviolently resist on Wall Street ( and around the country (, and beginning October 6th in Washington, D.C. ( Wall Street's servants on K Street, in the Pentagon, and in our government think Wall Street is comfortably far away. Pledge now to bring the occupation to Washington on October 6th:
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"Obama is the most disastrous president in our history." SADLY TRUE!


The Day America Died

by Paul Craig Roberts

September 30, 2011 was the day America was assassinated.

Some of us have watched this day approach and have warned of its coming, only to be greeted with boos and hisses from "patriots" who have come to regard the US Constitution as a device that coddles criminals and terrorists and gets in the way of the President who needs to act to keep us safe.

In our book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, Lawrence Stratton and I showed that long before 9/11 US law had ceased to be a shield of the people and had been turned into a weapon in the hands of the government. The event known as 9/11 was used to raise the executive branch above the law. As long as the President sanctions an illegal act, executive branch employees are no longer accountable to the law that prohibits the illegal act. On the president’s authority, the executive branch can violate US laws against spying on Americans without warrants, indefinite detention, and torture and suffer no consequences.

Many expected President Obama to re-establish the accountability of government to law. Instead, he went further than Bush/Cheney and asserted the unconstitutional power not only to hold American citizens indefinitely in prison without bringing charges, but also to take their lives without convicting them in a court of law. Obama asserts that the US Constitution notwithstanding, he has the authority to assassinate US citizens, who he deems to be a "threat," without due process of law.

In other words, any American citizen who is moved into the threat category has no rights and can be executed without trial or evidence.

On September 30 Obama used this asserted new power of the president and had two American citizens, Anwar Awlaki and Samir Khan murdered. Khan was a wacky character associated with Inspire Magazine and does not readily come to mind as a serious threat.

The Tyranny of Good Intentions

Awlaki was a moderate American Muslim cleric who served as an advisor to the US government after 9/11 on ways to counter Muslim extremism. Awlaki was gradually radicalized by Washington’s use of lies to justify military attacks on Muslim countries. He became a critic of the US government and told Muslims that they did not have to passively accept American aggression and had the right to resist and to fight back. As a result Awlaki was demonized and became a threat.

All we know that Awlaki did was to give sermons critical of Washington’s indiscriminate assaults on Muslim peoples. Washington’s argument is that his sermons might have had an influence on some who are accused of attempting terrorist acts, thus making Awlaki responsible for the attempts.

Obama’s assertion that Awlaki was some kind of high-level Al Qaeda operative is merely an assertion. Jason Ditz concluded that the reason Awlaki was murdered rather than brought to trial is that the US government had no real evidence that Awlaki was an Al Qaeda operative.

Having murdered its critic, the Obama Regime is working hard to posthumously promote Awlaki to a leadership position in Al Qaeda. The presstitutes and the worshippers of America’s First Black President have fallen in line and regurgitated the assertions that Awlaki was a high-level dangerous Al Qaeda terrorist. If Al Qaeda sees value in Awlaki as a martyr, the organization will give credence to these claims. However, so far no one has provided any evidence. Keep in mind that all we know about Awlaki is what Washington claims and that the US has been at war for a decade based on false claims.

But what Awlaki did or might have done is beside the point. The US Constitution requires that even the worst murderer cannot be punished until he is convicted in a court of law. When the American Civil Liberties Union challenged in federal court Obama’s assertion that he had the power to order assassinations of American citizens, the Obama Justice (sic) Department argued that Obama’s decision to have Americans murdered was an executive power beyond the reach of the judiciary.

In a decision that sealed America’s fate, federal district court judge John Bates ignored the Constitution’s requirement that no person shall be deprived of life without due process of law and dismissed the case, saying that it was up to Congress to decide. Obama acted before an appeal could be heard, thus using Judge Bates’ acquiescence to establish the power and advance the transformation of the president into a Caesar that began under George W. Bush.

Attorneys Glenn Greenwald and Jonathan Turley point out that Awlaki’s assassination terminated the Constitution’s restraint on the power of government. Now the US government not only can seize a US citizen and confine him in prison for the rest of his life without ever presenting evidence and obtaining a conviction, but also can have him shot down in the street or blown up by a drone.

Before some readers write to declare that Awlaki’s murder is no big deal because the US government has always had people murdered, keep in mind that CIA assassinations were of foreign opponents and were not publicly proclaimed events, much less a claim by the president to be above the law. Indeed, such assassinations were denied, not claimed as legitimate actions of the President of the United States.

The Ohio National Guardsmen who shot Kent State students as they protested the US invasion of Cambodia in 1970 made no claim to be carrying out an executive branch decision. Eight of the guardsmen were indicted by a grand jury. The guardsmen entered a self-defense plea. Most Americans were angry at war protestors and blamed the students. The judiciary got the message, and the criminal case was eventually dismissed. The civil case (wrongful death and injury) was settled for $675,000 and a statement of regret by the defendants.

The point isn’t that the government killed people. The point is that never prior to President Obama has a President asserted the power to murder citizens.

Over the last 20 years, the United States has had its own Mein Kampf transformation.

Terry Eastland’s book, Energy in the Executive: The Case for the Strong Presidency, presented ideas associated with the Federalist Society, an organization of Republican lawyers that works to reduce legislative and judicial restraints on executive power. Under the cover of wartime emergencies (the war on terror), the Bush/Cheney regime employed these arguments to free the president from accountability to law and to liberate Americans from their civil liberties. War and national security provided the opening for the asserted new powers, and a mixture of fear and desire for revenge for 9/11 led Congress, the judiciary, and the people to go along with the dangerous precedents.

As civilian and military leaders have been telling us for years, the war on terror is a 30-year project. After such time has passed, the presidency will have completed its transformation into Caesarism, and there will be no going back.

Indeed, as the neoconservative "Project For A New American Century" makes clear, the war on terror is only an opening for the neoconservative imperial ambition to establish US hegemony over the world.

As wars of aggression or imperial ambition are war crimes under international law, such wars require doctrines that elevate the leader above the law and the Geneva Conventions, as Bush was elevated by his Justice (sic) Department with minimal judicial and legislative interference.

Illegal and unconstitutional actions also require a silencing of critics and punishment of those who reveal government crimes. Thus Bradley Manning has been held for a year, mainly in solitary confinement under abusive conditions, without any charges being presented against him. A federal grand jury is at work concocting spy charges against Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange. Another federal grand jury is at work concocting terrorists charges against antiwar activists.

"Terrorist" and "giving aid to terrorists" are increasingly elastic concepts. Homeland Security has declared that the vast federal police bureaucracy has shifted its focus from terrorists to "domestic extremists."

It is possible that Awlaki was assassinated because he was an effective critic of the US government. Police states do not originate fully fledged. Initially, they justify their illegal acts by demonizing their targets and in this way create the precedents for unaccountable power. Once the government equates critics with giving "aid and comfort" to terrorists, as they are doing with antiwar activists and Assange, or with terrorism itself, as Obama did with Awlaki, it will only be a short step to bringing accusations against Glenn Greenwald and the ACLU.

The Obama Regime, like the Bush/Cheney Regime, is a regime that does not want to be constrained by law. And neither will its successor. Those fighting to uphold the rule of law, humanity’s greatest achievement, will find themselves lumped together with the regime’s opponents and be treated as such.

This great danger that hovers over America is unrecognized by the majority of the people. When Obama announced before a military gathering his success in assassinating an American citizen, cheers erupted. The Obama regime and the media played the event as a repeat of the (claimed) killing of Osama bin Laden. Two "enemies of the people" have been triumphantly dispatched. That the President of the United States was proudly proclaiming to a cheering audience sworn to defend the Constitution that he was a murderer and that he had also assassinated the US Constitution is extraordinary evidence that Americans are incapable of recognizing the threat to their liberty.

Emotionally, the people have accepted the new powers of the president. If the president can have American citizens assassinated, there is no big deal about torturing them. Amnesty International has sent out an alert that the US Senate is poised to pass legislation that would keep Guantanamo Prison open indefinitely and that Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) might introduce a provision that would legalize "enhanced interrogation techniques," an euphemism for torture.

Instead of seeing the danger, most Americans will merely conclude that the government is getting tough on terrorists, and it will meet with their approval. Smiling with satisfaction over the demise of their enemies, Americans are being led down the garden path to rule by government unrestrained by law and armed with the weapons of the medieval dungeon.

Americans have overwhelming evidence from news reports and YouTube videos of US police brutally abusing women, children, and the elderly, of brutal treatment and murder of prisoners not only in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and secret CIA prisons abroad, but also in state and federal prisons in the US. Power over the defenseless attracts people of a brutal and evil disposition.

A brutal disposition now infects the US military. The leaked video of US soldiers delighting, as their words and actions reveal, in their murder from the air of civilians and news service camera men walking innocently along a city street shows soldiers and officers devoid of humanity and military discipline. Excited by the thrill of murder, our troops repeated their crime when a father with two small children stopped to give aid to the wounded and were machine-gunned.

So many instances: the rape of a young girl and murder of her entire family; innocent civilians murdered and AK-47s placed by their side as "evidence" of insurgency; the enjoyment experienced not only by high school dropouts from torturing they-knew-not- who in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, but also by educated CIA operatives and Ph.D. psychologists. And no one held accountable for these crimes except two lowly soldiers prominently featured in some of the torture photographs.

What do Americans think will be their fate now that the "war on terror" has destroyed the protection once afforded them by the US Constitution? If Awlaki really needed to be assassinated, why did not President Obama protect American citizens from the precedent that their deaths can be ordered without due process of law by first stripping Awlaki of his US citizenship? If the government can strip Awlaki of his life, it certainly can strip him of citizenship. The implication is hard to avoid that the executive branch desires the power to terminate citizens without due process of law.

Governments escape the accountability of law in stages. Washington understands that its justifications for its wars are contrived and indefensible. President Obama even went so far as to declare that the military assault that he authorized on Libya without consulting Congress was not a war, and, therefore, he could ignore the War Powers Resolution of 1973, a federal law intended to check the power of the President to commit the US to an armed conflict without the consent of Congress.

Americans are beginning to unwrap themselves from the flag. Some are beginning to grasp that initially they were led into Afghanistan for revenge for 9/11. From there they were led into Iraq for reasons that turned out to be false. They see more and more US military interventions: Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and now calls for invasion of Pakistan and continued saber rattling for attacks on Syria, Lebanon, and Iran. The financial cost of a decade of the "war against terror" is starting to come home. Exploding annual federal budget deficits and national debt threaten Medicare and Social Security. Debt ceiling limits threaten government shut-downs.

War critics are beginning to have an audience. The government cannot begin its silencing of critics by bringing charges against US Representatives Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. It begins with antiwar protestors, who are elevated into "antiwar activists," perhaps a step below "domestic extremists." Washington begins with citizens who are demonized Muslim clerics radicalized by Washington’s wars on Muslims. In this way, Washington establishes the precedent that war protestors give encouragement and, thus, aid, to terrorists. It establishes the precedent that those Americans deemed a threat are not protected by law. This is the slippery slope on which we now find ourselves.

Last year the Obama Regime tested the prospects of its strategy when Dennis Blair, Director of National Intelligence, announced that the government had a list of American citizens that it was going to assassinate abroad. This announcement, had it been made in earlier times by, for example, Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan, would have produced a national uproar and calls for impeachment. However, Blair’s announcement caused hardly a ripple. All that remained for the regime to do was to establish the policy by exercising it.

Readers ask me what they can do. Americans not only feel powerless, they are powerless. They cannot do anything. The highly concentrated, corporate-owned, government-subservient print and TV media are useless and no longer capable of performing the historic role of protecting our rights and holding government accountable. Even many antiwar Internet sites shield the government from 9/11 skepticism, and most defend the government’s "righteous intent" in its war on terror. Acceptable criticism has to be couched in words such as "it doesn’t serve our interests."

Voting has no effect. President "Change" is worse than Bush/Cheney. As Jonathan Turley suggests, Obama is "the most disastrous president in our history." Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who stands up for the Constitution, but the majority of Americans are too unconcerned with the Constitution to appreciate him.

To expect salvation from an election is delusional. All you can do, if you are young enough, is to leave the country. The only future for Americans is a nightmare.


Paul Craig Roberts [send him mail], a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, has been reporting shocking cases of prosecutorial abuse for two decades. A new edition of his book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, co-authored with Lawrence Stratton, a documented account of how Americans lost the protection of law, has been released by Random House.



Be The Change You Want to See in the World

June 27, 2011

Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”

“The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problem.”

“If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide.”

Mahatma Gandhi needs no long introduction. Everyone knows about the man who lead the Indian people to independence from British rule in 1947.

So let’s just move on to some of my favourite tips from Mahatma Gandhi.

1. Change yourself.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.”

If you change yourself you will change your world. If you change how you think then you will change how you feel and what actions you take. And so the world around you will change. Not only because you are now viewing your environment through new lenses of thoughts and emotions but also because the change within can allow you to take action in ways you wouldn’t have – or maybe even have thought about – while stuck in your old thought patterns.

And the problem with changing your outer world without changing yourself is that you will still be you when you reach that change you have strived for. You will still have your flaws, anger, negativity, self-sabotaging tendencies etc. intact.

And so in this new situation you will still not find what you hoped for since your mind is still seeping with that negative stuff. And if you get more without having some insight into and distance from your ego it may grow more powerful. Since your ego loves to divide things, to find enemies and to create separation it may start to try to create even more problems and conflicts in your life and world.

2. You are in control.

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”

What you feel and how you react to something is always up to you. There may be a “normal” or a common way to react to different things. But that’s mostly just all it is.

You can choose your own thoughts, reactions and emotions to pretty much everything. You don’t have to freak out, overreact of even react in a negative way. Perhaps not every time or instantly. Sometimes a knee-jerk reaction just goes off. Or an old thought habit kicks in.

And as you realize that no-one outside of yourself can actually control how you feel you can start to incorporate this thinking into your daily life and develop it as a thought habit. A habit that you can grow stronger and stronger over time. Doing this makes life a whole lot easier and more pleasurable.

3. Forgive and let it go.

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

“An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

Fighting evil with evil won’t help anyone. And as said in the previous tip, you always choose how to react to something. When you can incorporate such a thought habit more and more into your life then you can react in a way that is more useful to you and others.

You realize that forgiving and letting go of the past will do you and the people in your world a great service. And spending your time in some negative memory won’t help you after you have learned the lessons you can learn from that experience. You’ll probably just cause yourself more suffering and paralyze yourself from taking action in this present moment.

If you don’t forgive then you let the past and another person to control how you feel. By forgiving you release yourself from those bonds. And then you can focus totally on, for instance, the next point.

4. Without action you aren’t going anywhere.

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.”

Without taking action very little will be done. However, taking action can be hard and difficult. There can be much inner resistance. And so you may resort to preaching, as Gandhi says. Or reading and studying endlessly. And feeling like you are moving forward. But getting little or no practical results in real life.

So, to really get where you want to go and to really understand yourself and your world you need to practice. Books can mostly just bring you knowledge. You have to take action and translate that knowledge into

results and understanding.

5. Take care of this moment.

“I do not want to foresee the future. I am concerned with taking care of the present. God has given me no control over the moment following.”

The best way that I have found to overcome the inner resistance that often stops us from taking action is to stay in the present as much as possible and to be accepting.

Why? Well, when you are in the present moment you don’t worry about the next moment that you can’t control anyway. And the resistance to action that comes from you imagining negative future consequences – or reflecting on past failures – of your actions loses its power. And so it becomes easier to both take action and to keep your focus on this moment and perform better.

6. Everyone is human.

“I claim to be a simple individual liable to err like any other fellow mortal. I own, however, that I have humility enough to confess my errors and to retrace my steps.”

“It is unwise to be too sure of one’s own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err.”

When you start to make myths out of people – even though they may have produced extraordinary results – you run the risk of becoming disconnected from them. You can start to feel like you could never achieve similar things that they did because they are so very different.

So it’s important to keep in mind that everyone is just a human being no matter who they are.

And I think it’s important to remember that we are all human and prone to make mistakes. Holding people to unreasonable standards will only create more unnecessary conflicts in your world and negativity within you.

It’s also important to remember this to avoid falling into the pretty useless habit of beating yourself up over mistakes that you have made.

And instead be able to see with clarity where you went wrong and what you can learn from your mistake. And then try again.

7. Persist.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Be persistent. In time the opposition around you will fade and fall away. And your inner resistance and self-sabotaging tendencies that want to hold you back and keep you like you have always been will grow weaker.

Find what you really like to do. Then you’ll find the inner motivation to keep going, going and going.

One reason Gandhi was so successful with his method of non-violence was because he and his followers were so persistent. They just didn’t give up. Success or victory will seldom come as quickly as you would have liked it to. I think one of the reasons people don’t get what they want is simply because they give up too soon. The time they think an achievement will require isn’t the same amount of time it usually takes to achieve that goal. This faulty belief partly comes from the world we live in. A world full of magic pill solutions where advertising continually promises us that we can lose a lot of weight or earn a ton of money in just 30 days.

Finally, one useful tip to keep your persistence going is to listen to Gandhi’s third quote in this article and keep a sense of humor. It can lighten things up at the toughest of times.

8. See the good in people and help them.

“I look only to the good qualities of men. Not being faultless myself, I won’t presume to probe into the faults of others.”

“Man becomes great exactly in the degree in which he works for the welfare of his fellow-men.”

“I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.”

There is pretty much always something good in people. And things that may not be so good. But you can choose what things to focus on. And if you want improvement then focusing on the good in people is a useful choice. It also makes life easier for you as your world and relationships become more pleasant and positive.

And when you see the good in people it becomes easier to motivate yourself to be of service to them. By being of service to other people, by giving them value you not only make their lives better. Over time you tend to get what you give. And the people you help may feel more inclined to help other people. And so you, together, create an upward spiral of positive change that grows and becomes stronger.

9. Be congruent, be authentic, be your true self.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

“Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.”

I think that one of the best tips for improving your social skills is to behave in a congruent manner and communicate in an authentic way. People seem to really like authentic communication. And there is much inner enjoyment to be found when your thoughts, words and actions are aligned. You feel powerful and good about yourself.

When words and thoughts are aligned then that shows through in your communication. Because now you have your voice tonality and body language – some say they are over 90 percent of communication – in alignment with your words.

With these channels in alignment people tend to really listen to what you’re saying. You are communicating without incongruency, mixed messages or perhaps a sort of phoniness. Also, if your actions aren’t in alignment with what you’re communicating then you start to hurt your own belief in what you can do. And other people’s belief in you too.

10. Continue to grow and evolve.

”Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position.”

You can pretty much always improve your skills, habits or re-evaluate your evaluations. You can gain deeper understanding of yourself and the world.

Sure, you may look inconsistent or like you don’t know what you are doing from time to time. You may have trouble to act congruently or to communicate authentically. But if you don’t then you will, as Gandhi says, drive yourself into a false position. A place where you try to uphold or cling to your old views to appear consistent while you realise within that something is wrong. It’s not a fun place to be. To choose to grow and evolve is a happier and more useful path to take.



Gore takes climate change slide show around the world in 24 hours

Umair Irfan - September 16, 2011

Five years after the release of his Academy Award-winning documentary, former Vice President Al Gore is once again attempting to build awareness and momentum behind action on climate change with a slide show.

The "24 Hours of Reality" program, created by Gore's Climate Reality Project, started at 8 p.m. EDT on Wednesday in Mexico City, concluding with a speech from the former vice president. Speaking from New York City yesterday evening, Gore said the program marks a new era for action. "Climate change is really not a political problem. It is a human problem," said Gore. "We can start by addressing the deniers of climate change."

The presentations consisted of a one-hour slide show in 13 languages highlighting the dangers of climate change, tailored to the local presenters and staggered across every time zone over the course of a day. The entire program can be seen online at The website's counter indicated 8.5 million people viewed the site while the presentations were streamed live.

Slides prominently featured large natural disasters over the past few years, showing scenes from floods in Australia and Pakistan, droughts in East Africa, and hurricanes along America's Atlantic Coast, and linked these weather events to shifting climate patterns. "Global warming has changed the conditions in which all storms form," said Gore, who quoted a scientist stating that the phenomenon represents a "new normal."

"They used to say that you can't connect any single event to climate," said Gore, but now large weather events are more likely and more severe. "We're not only loading the dice; we're painting more dots on the dice." He cited examples of record temperatures set throughout the world in the past year, including more than 200 instances in the United States of record highs being met or broken.

World tour of weather catastrophes

The high temperatures have caused droughts around the world, said Gore, and crop losses in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan forced those countries to withdraw their crops from international markets to feed their populations, causing a spike in world food prices. Gore said this spike in prices is part of what led to the frustrations of Mohamed Bouazizi, the food vendor in Tunisia who immolated himself earlier this year, setting off the Arab spring.

Gore implored skeptics to "open their minds and their hearts" to his argument that climate change is driven by human activities and requires immediate and far-reaching action. In the presentation, Gore said climate skepticism resulted from a concerted effort by major polluters to sow uncertainty among the public, likening the effort to tobacco companies attempting to cast doubt on the link between smoking and harmful health effects. According to Gore, many of the same lobbyists and institutions that aided the tobacco companies are now trying to thwart action on climate change.

During the slide show, Gore played a clip of House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) saying that volcanoes contribute substantially more carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere than people do. "I don't believe for one moment that Speaker John Boehner intends to deceive," said Gore. "I do believe someone told him that in a persuasive way." Gore described the volcano argument as a red herring and said that these sentiments arise from the role industry plays in politics. "It is a fact that the largest carbon polluters are the single largest source of campaign contributions," he said.

Gore then lauded some countries' efforts in addressing the problem, like China's adoption of wind energy, becoming the largest wind user in the world, or how solar photovoltaic cells are seeing widespread use in Sierra Leone. "The Vatican has the goal of being the world's first carbon-neutral country," said Gore. "They have two advantages: They are very small, and God is on their side."

The slide-show marathon did draw some criticism, both for the method and the message. Tom Harris, executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition, said the program was largely a wasted effort. "I think it's sad to see them spend so much time and energy on something that's not true," said Harris, who described his group as offering a "climate-realist perspective." "This extreme weather thing is not a function of temperature," he said.

A doubter's lament

Harris also said "90 percent of the important facts [in the presentations] are wrong or misrepresented." He cited temperature data and solar activity data that contradicted some of the trends Gore displayed.

Though he acknowledged that climate change is occurring, Harris said humanity is not necessarily driving the phenomenon, so attempting to stop warming trends doesn't make much sense. "The amount of climate change impact that humans have is very small," said Harris.

Harris said that the focus should instead be on preparing communities to deal with changes in weather patterns. "The sensible response to climate change is to work hard to help people adapt," he said. "We have a moral obligation to help people in other parts of the world." The assistance, Harris said, should focus more on helping people immediately with disaster warning systems, sea wall construction and evacuating vulnerable areas, rather than on long-term solutions like carbon emissions cuts that will have a negligible payoff.

"We have houses in northern Canada falling down because the permafrost is melting," said Harris, referring to the below-ground layer of ice that usually remains frozen year-round. He said residents of those areas were disappointed in how officials responded to the problem. "The government offered a strategy to help their grandchildren but not them" by lowering carbon emissions, said Harris.

Harris said that the climate debate is fraught with demagoguery, which will hamper finding solutions to these climate issues. "One of the troubles is that on both sides, there is a tendency to demonize the other side. It prevents people from actually having a dialogue," Harris said, recalling an interaction on a plane with a scientist who believed humans are causing climate change.

En route to the international climate talks in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2009, the two of them realized that though they disagreed on the science, they were seeking similar goals. "We both had the same moral compass, but operate from different data," said Harris.


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By storing more heat, oceans create 'hiatus periods' in rise of global warming -- study (September 19, 2011)
The "missing heat" needed to balance the Earth's energy budget may be lurking in the deep oceans, a new study finds. That deep ocean heat storage could help explain periods when global warming has slowed, even though satellite data show no change in the amount of energy trapped in the Earth's atmosphere. That "missing heat" is hiding out in ocean waters at depths of 1,000 feet or more, according to researchers from the United States and Australia. Their findings, based on computer climate simulations, were published yesterday in the journal Nature Climate Change.The study also predicts that the continued warming of the climate will be punctuated by brief periods when the rate of warming slows, stops or even reverses, slightly."We will see global warming go through hiatus periods in the future," said the study's lead author, Gerald Meehl of the National Center for Atmospheric Research. "However, these periods would likely last only about a decade or so, and warming would then resume. This study illustrates one reason why global temperatures do not simply rise in a straight line."Understanding what's happening during such warming hiatuses will help scientists and policymakers weigh the merits of policies to fight climate change and determine which natural events are driven by warming. CLIP

Warming Oceanic Temperatures cause Largest Movement of Marine Species in Two Million Years (June 26th 2011)
The overall rise in ocean temperature has led to the largest movement of marine species in two to three million years, according to scientists. The rise in oceanic temperatures during the most recent summers has melted enough ice that it has created a passage from the Pacific Ocean to the North Atlantic, allowing plankton, fish, and whales into unfamiliar territory. The discovery has sparked fears delicate marine food webs could be unbalanced and lead to some species becoming extinct as competition for food between the native species and the invaders stretches resources. The scientists, who have been collaborating on the Climate Change and European Marine Ecosystems Research project, found the plankton species, called Neodenticula seminae, traveled into the Atlantic through a passage through the Arctic sea ice around that has opened up a number of times in the last decade from the Pacific Ocean. Larger species including the grey whale have also migrated through the newly formed passage.Professor Chris Reid, from the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, said: “It seems for the first time in probably thousands of years a huge area of sea water opened up between Alaska and the west of Greenland, allowing a huge transfer of water and species between the two oceans.“The implications are huge. The last time there was an incursion of species from the Pacific into the Atlantic was around two to three million years ago. “Large numbers of species were introduced from the Pacific and made large numbers of local Atlantic species extinct.” MORE ON THIS HERE



Environmentalism’s Last Stand: Tar sands and the future of our eco-system

Written by Mickey Z. - Sept 6, 2011

Over the past few weeks, while most Americans were enjoying summer vacations or discussing the upcoming NFL season or dealing with hurricanes and earthquakes, over 1200 of their fellow primates were arrested near the White House for protesting against a proposed tar sands pipeline.

At first glance, this may not qualify as a major event or even a particularly large protest (e.g. 14,000 protestors were arrested in DC at a single 1971 anti-war demonstration) but since many have called Canada’s tar sands projects the “most destructive” on Earth (Note from Jean: there is a MUST see and MUST read slideshow there!), we just might be witnessing environmentalism’s last stand.

Tar Sands 101

“Our modern industrial economy takes a mountain covered with trees, lakes, running streams and transforms it into a mountain of junk, garbage, slime pits, and debris.”

- Edward Abbey

In contemporary green conversation, the term “tar sands” usually refers to a specific Canada-based project. More generally, tar sands (also known as “oil sands”) are a combination of clay, sand, water, and heavy, black viscous oil called bitumen. Since the bitumen cannot be pumped from the ground in its natural state, tar sand deposits must be extracted and processed via strip mining or open pit techniques. These highly intensive (read: ecocidal) methods require the use of large hydraulic and electrically powered shovels and mammoth trucks that can carry up to 320 tons of tar sands per load.

Dig this: About two tons of tar sands are required to produce one barrel of oil and the production of one gallon of oil requires thirty-five gallons of water. (Ben Tre Logic, anyone?)

Lloyd Alter of lists some of the major impacts of Canada’s massive tar sands projects:

- Oil sands mining is licensed to use twice the amount of fresh water that the entire city of Calgary uses in a year.

- At least 90% of the fresh water used in the oil sands ends up in tailing ponds so toxic that propane cannons are used to keep ducks from landing.

- Processing the oil sands uses enough natural gas in a day to heat 3 million homes.

- The toxic tailing ponds are considered one of the largest human-made structures in the world.

- The ponds span 50 square kilometers and can be seen from space.

- Producing a barrel of oil from the oil sands produces three times more greenhouse gas emissions than a barrel of conventional oil.

To which, the Sierra Club adds:

- Greenhouse gas emissions from tar sands production are three times those of conventional oil and gas production

- Tar sands development is already Canada’s largest single emitter of greenhouse gases

- In the US, growing interest in tar sands development could increase greenhouse gas emissions from new tar sands projects from 27 to 126 million tons by 2015

I could go on but, hey, that’s what search engines are for (and it’s a great first step towards empowering yourself with information on this earth-killing project). Instead, I’ll inform you that even the propaganda wing of Corporate America is beginning to quiver and quake.

On August 22, 2011, a New York Times editorial came out against not only the aforementioned pipeline but also against tar sands production in general.

The Times offered what they called “two main concerns”: The risk of oil spills along the pipeline and drastically increasing greenhouse emissions. The editors added: “Canada will double its current tar sands production over the next decade to more than 1.8 million barrels a day. That rate will mean cutting down some 740,000 acres of boreal forest—a natural carbon reservoir.”

Don’t Follow Leaders

“Somehow we need to get back the President we thought we elected in 2008. We are just now finishing up the largest civil disobedience in this country in this century. We won’t attack the President. We will only hold him to the standard he set in 2008. We have been arrested for two weeks straight, but without bitterness or hate. Only joy and resolve.”

- Bill McKibben

It’s an odd dilemma when the New York Times takes a more holistic view than environmental activists. One protest website, for example, states as its goal: “Convince President Obama to reject the notoriously destructive Keystone XL pipeline, which would carry nearly a million of barrels a day of tar sands oil from Canada to refineries in Texas.”

Sadly, it’s not surprising that mainstream eco-activists would imagine themselves able to convince a corporate-owned war criminal to act in the interests of our landbase. On the Tar Sands Action website, they urge: “If you wore an Obama button during the 2008 campaign, why not wear it again? We very much still want to believe in the promise of that young Senator…”

Glaring lack of political savvy aside, I’d strongly suggest that it would be far more useful for activists to not just focus on begging the latest figurehead of empire to veto the pipeline but rather, to take a broader stance against all tar sands production. This requires both a new vision and also a big chunk of skepticism aimed in the direction of those organizing the White House protests.

One such organizer is Bill McKibben (quoted above), founder of Consider this exchange I had with him during an interview in December 2010:

MZ: Of your work,
Derrick Jensen has said: “One of the problems that I see with the vast majority of so-called solutions to global warming is that they take industrial capitalism as a given and the planet which must conform to industrial capitalism, as opposed to the other way around.” How do you respond to this critique?

BM: It strikes me that the single biggest variable explaining the structure of the world today is the availability of cheap fossil fuel—that’s what happened two hundred years ago to create the world we know, especially its centralization. I think if we can put a serious price on fossil fuel, one that reflects the damage it does to our earth, than the fuels that we will depend on—principally wind and sun—will push us in the direction of more localized economies. Those kind of changes have been the focus of my work as a writer in recent years.

Can you say “evasive”?

News Flash: Ecocide Spares Nothing

“The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Of tar sands production, Greenpeace declares: “Areas of wilderness the size of small countries are chewed up and replaced by a landscape of toxic lakes, open pit mines, refineries, and pipe lines. The tar sands are what unrestrained fossil fuel use and unchecked greenhouse gas emissions look like. They are pushing us towards runaway climate change.”

Fortunately, not all protestors are drunk on the hope-and-change Kool-Aid.

“If he [Obama] chooses the dirty needle it is game over [for the earth's climate] because it will confirm that Obama was just greenwashing, like the other well-oiled coal-fired politicians with no real intention of solving the addiction,” said James Hansen of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. “Canada is going to sell its dope, if it can find a buyer. So if the United States is buying the dirtiest stuff, it also surely will be going after oil in the deepest ocean, the Arctic, and shale deposits; and harvesting coal via mountaintop removal and long-wall mining. Obama will have decided he is a hopeless addict.”

Yes, we are a nation of addicts and yes, we are approaching “game over” for the eco-system…so guess what? Stopping the pipeline is not nearly enough. Not even stopping all tar sands projects is nearly enough. When the Sierra Club warns that greenhouse gas emissions from tar sands production are “three times those of conventional oil and gas production,” the subtle implication is that “conventional” is somehow tolerable.

Au contraire, comrades. “Conventional” is what started us on the path towards “game over.”

Three suggested paths to one crucial destination:

- If this article represents the first time you’ve ever heard of tar sands, perhaps you should get on board with the pipeline protests happening now<BR>
- If you’re currently rallying against the pipeline, it’s probably time to aim for a larger target: tar sands production itself

- For those who already recognize the destructive potential of eco-industrial projects like tar sands extraction, well…let’s go for the big changes: downsizing an inarguably unsustainable oil-based culture that—by definition—requires the relentless exploitation of resources and is thus killing the eco-system

There’s enough work for all of us and it’s gonna take a lot of us to rescue the landbase we share with all life. Today, the tar sands pipeline. Tomorrow?

Mickey Z. is the author of 11 books, most recently the novel Darker Shade of Green. Until the laws are changed or the power runs out, he can be found on an obscure website called Facebook.


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Our way of life is the problem

Written by Mickey Z. ArticlesAug 12, 2011

When Barack Obama was inaugurated in January 2009, he clearly and firmly announced to the planet:

“We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense.”

Let’s just say the Pope of Hope is working mighty hard to keep his promise.

With that in mind, since Rosa Luxemburg believes the first revolutionary act is to call things by their true names, well…get ready for some revolting:

“Our way of life” is based on violence, expansion, consumption, domination, and predatory capitalism.

Our way of life means 1 in 31 American adults is in prison, on parole, or on probation, yet we live in land of the free.

It means the US military—the planet’s worst polluter and recipient of 54% of US tax dollars—can carpet bomb civilians from 15,000 feet in the name of “humanitarianism,” but somehow we dwell in the home of the brave.

Our way of life means homelessness. It means sweatshops. It means “illegal” is a noun and “union” is an insult.

It means nearly 200 animal and plant species go extinct…every single day.

Our way of life means there aren’t any cod in Cape Cod, and soon no ice at the North Pole.

It means strip malls; it means strip mining.

Our way of life means New Hampshire license plates read: “Live free or die.” It also means New Hampshire license plates are manufactured by prisoners.

Our way of life means Mumia abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier remain in prison, while war criminals like Madeleine Albright and Dick Cheney walk free. Speaking of war criminals, our way of life also means President Obama can take time out from waging two wars to accept a Nobel Peace Prize.

Our way of life teaches us what to accept as “normal” and, as a result, normal means every 46 seconds, a woman is raped in America. It means depleted uranium and landmines. Normal means gay bashing and racial profiling; veal crates and vivisection; clear cutting and ocean trawling.

Normal will have you taking off your shoes at the airport, getting shot at by trigger-happy cops, but never having to walk more than two blocks to find the nearest Starbuck’s. (Did I say walk? I meant drive, of course. Walking…how Third World of me.)

Every square mile of ocean hosts 46,000 pieces of floating plastic? Women earn 77 cents for every dollar a man is paid? The meat and dairy industries slaughter 9 billion animals each year and are responsible for 51% of human-created greenhouse gases?

All normal. All part of our vaunted way of life—the same way of life that has removed 80% of the world’s forests and over 90% of the large fish in the ocean and will not stop until they’re all gone.

Make no mistake about it, our beloved way of life was built on a nearly exterminated indigenous population, an African slave trade, and all those killed in places like Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Southeast Asia, Central America, Middle East, etc. etc.

It was created on stolen land, using stolen oil.

Our way of life is built on terror and it is maintained by terror—the terror of cops, prisons, military, and the psychological terror of propaganda

The first step to end terrorism remains this simple: Stop practicing it yourself.

Many Americans automatically defend their country’s rampant illegalities because they perceive these actions as falling under the seductive justification of “defending our way of life.” The US constitutes roughly 5% of the earth’s population but consumes more than 25% of the earth’s resources. Maybe “our way of life” makes us the real terrorists.

Besides, if our way of life is so sacred, so ideal, so worthy of being defended by any means necessary, why do we need so many homeless shelters, alcohol and drug rehab centers, rape crisis hotlines, battered women’s shelters, and suicide hotlines? Why does a sexual assault occur every two minutes?

If America is the world’s shining light, why are its citizens left with no choice but to organize in a desperate attempt to protect human, environmental, civil, and animal rights?

If America is the zenith of human social order, why does our vaunted way of life provoke terror as a tactic and an emotion?

With the point of no return fading in the rearview mirror (or at least obscured by an SUV), the time is long overdue for all of us to recognize the real enemy is that which inspires terror. The real enemy just might be what we see as normal.

The precarious state of things on Planet Earth is not some preordained theology or an unstoppable force of nature. We’re in this mess thanks to human decisions. If different decisions had been made in the past, different outcomes would’ve likely occurred.

If different decisions are made and different actions are taken—starting right now—perhaps different outcomes can still transpire.

I say we find out…


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(...) "According to a new report from World Watch, animal byproducts are responsible for 32.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year, or 51 percent of annual worldwide human caused greenhouse gas. Robert Goodland and Jeff Anhang, are the co-authors of a new report called Livestock and Climate Change. In their study, they discuss how the widely cited UN FAO estimates grossly undervalues that sector's impact. Goodland, who was the lead environmental adviser for the World Bank for 23 years, and Anhang, also an affiliate of the World Bank as a research officer and environmental specialist, find that previous,calculations have misjudged and ignored certain emissions sources as well as assigned emissions they deem to be livestock-related to the wrong sectors. The authors bring to light these inconsistencies through analysis of livestock respiration, land use, and methane emissions."Animal byproducts are responsible for 51 percent of annual worldwide human-caused greenhouse gas. Is your jaw dropping yet? "Based on their research," continued Bohanec, "Goodland and Anhang conclude that replacing animal products with soy-based and other alternatives would be the best strategy for reversing climate change. The report states, 'This approach would have far more rapid effects on GHG emissions and their atmospheric concentrations—and thus, on the rate the climate is warming—than actions to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy.' They argue that food producers should mount a major campaign to promote the consumption of plant-based foods, including meat analogs."Hope sums up: "This is now one of the sharpest tools in our toolbox." 2 Steps You Can Take Right Now: 1. Spread the Word: Send this post out far and wide and save the link to use as a retort to all those who believe what they eat is merely a "personal choice."2. Go Vegan: Just say no to animal products and yes to plant-based life. It's good for you, the animals will thank you, and Planet Earth will breathe a tiny sigh of relief.

Forest Holocaust
The statistics paint a grim picture. According to the World Resources Institute, more than 80 percent of the Earth’s natural forests already have been destroyed. Up to 90 percent of West Africa’s coastal rain forests have disappeared since 1900. Brazil and Indonesia, which contain the world’s two largest surviving regions of rain forest, are being stripped at an alarming rate by logging, fires, and land-clearing for agriculture and cattle-grazing. Among the obvious consequences of deforestation is the loss of living space. Seventy percent of the Earth’s land animals and plants reside in forests. But the harm doesn’t stop there. Rain forests help generate rainfall in drought-prone countries elsewhere. Studies have shown that destruction of rain forests in such West African countries as Nigeria, Ghana, and Côte d’Ivoire may have caused two decades of droughts in the interior of Africa, with attendant hardship and famine. Deforestation may have catastrophic global effects as well. Trees are natural consumers of carbon dioxide—one of the greenhouse gases whose buildup in the atmosphere contributes to global warming. Destruction of trees not only removes these “carbon sinks,” but tree burning and decomposition pump into the atmosphere even more carbon dioxide, along with methane, another major greenhouse gas.

Big-Fish Stocks Fall 90 Percent Since 1950, Study Says (May 15, 2003)
Only 10 percent of all large fish—both open ocean species including tuna, swordfish, marlin and the large groundfish such as cod, halibut, skates and flounder—are left in the sea, according to research published in today's issue of the scientific journal Nature." From giant blue marlin to mighty bluefin tuna, and from tropical groupers to Antarctic cod, industrial fishing has scoured the global ocean. There is no blue frontier left," said lead author Ransom Myers, a fisheries biologist based at Dalhousie University in Canada. "Since 1950, with the onset of industrialized fisheries, we have rapidly reduced the resource base to less than 10 percent—not just in some areas, not just for some stocks, but for entire communities of these large fish species from the tropics to the poles." CLIP


THIS IS A KEY ISSUE THAT THE WORLD MUST ADDRESS! It could pave the way for many other similar initiatives. First some Key Facts:

- Yasuni: One of the most bio-diverse spots on Earth

- One hectare in Yasuni contains more tree species than are native to the whole of North America

- Ecuador indefinitely foregoes extraction of 846 mill. barrels of oil and more than US$ 7.2 bill. in income

- Avoidance of 407 million metric tons of CO? emissions due to non-extraction and burning of oil

- Avoidance of 800 million metric tons of CO? from avoided deforestation

- 78% of Ecuadorian citizens support the Yasuni Initiative

- The Yasuni ITT Trust Fund administered by UNDP was established in August 2010

- Agreement requires US$ 100 mill. by 30 Dec 2011

(Taken from where this is MUCH more on this issue)

Save the Yasun rainforest: Ecuador must not drill for oil in this natural wonderland (September 23, 2011)
Deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon, one of the planet's last unspoiled ecological treasures is on the verge of destruction. For decades, scientists have flocked to Yasun National Park, an unspoiled laboratory for evolution and scientific discovery. It was one of the few places in the world that did not freeze during the last ice-age, becoming a refuge for thousands of species of amphibians, birds, mammals and plants that would eventually repopulate the Amazon. Yasun remains arguably the most biodiverse spot in the world today. But this pristine sanctuary has now been deemed disposable. Driven by the recent discovery of nearly 1 billion barrels of crude oil in its Ishpingo Tambococha Tiputini (ITT) oil fields, there is intense pressure on Ecuador to drill. Without urgent action from the international community, Yasun will succumb to the same forces that have ravaged rainforests from Brazil to Indonesia. Ecuador is famous for its awe-inspiring natural riches - it was the Galapagos Islands, after all, that inspired Charles Darwin. But Yasun is more than just surface beauty. One hectare contains more species of trees than are found in all of Canada and the U.S. There are likely thousands of undiscovered species in Yasun and scientists believe that the vast array of organic life forms in Yasun may hold important medicinal secrets, including potential cancer cures. It is also home to the Tagaeri and Taromenane tribes, which live in voluntary isolation. We've only discovered about a quarter of the estimated 8.7 million species of life on Earth, according to a study published by the Public Library of Science. As famed Harvard biologist E. O. Wilson has said, losing these species means that "we won't know the benefits to humanity, which are potentially enormous. If we're going to advance medical science, we need to know what's in the environment." Yet Ecuador is on the verge of losing Yasun. A developing nation of 15 million, Ecuador earns more than half of its export revenue from oil, making it the country's primary source of income. The tradeoff is that much beautiful land has been destroyed.



Ecuador's Imperilled Paradise - One of the World's Most Important, If Least-Known Battles

A Conversation with Dr. Ivonne Baki


In 2007, Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa proposed protecting his country’s biodiversity against huge oil revenue prospects. This was the archetypal mother of all environmental contests, and remains so. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) signed on to President Correa’s proposal, and it was again discussed at the UN’s most recent 66th General Assembly. At that United Nations meeting, US$52.9 million of both public and private sector donations were committed to the proposal, as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon joined President Rafael Correa in a special meeting, along with Ecuador’s indigenous Huaorani tribe. Two packed rooms at the U.N., and an overflow crowd of dignitaries there to listen indicates the excitement of the Yasuni-ITT Campaign. But will the rest of the world listen?

The stakes are high: oil revenues in Ecuador to the tune of billions of dollars, or nations coming to Ecuador’s assistance to collectively help her leave that oil in the ground and thereby save some of the world’s most precious wildlife?

I spoke with Dr. Ivonne Baki, Ecuador’s Plenipotentiary Representative and head of the Yasuni-ITT Initiative about this unique opportunity – or crisis – in her country.

Michael Tobias (MT): Dr. Baki, Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park, designated in 1979, is among the most biologically prolific areas on the planet and home to at least two indigenous non-contacted ethnic groups. It also holds, apparently, vast amounts of heavy crude oil in the ground, the equivalent of an estimated 407 million tons of carbon dioxide, carrying a US dollar value in excess of 7 billion. For nearly two decades there has been controversy, social, economic and scientific debate over how Yasuni’s indigenous people, habitat and potential oil revenues for all of Ecuador might be reconciled?

Dr. Ivonne Baki (IB): Well, Michael, as chair of the Yasuní-ITT Commission, my views are pretty straightforward! As you note, on the one hand we’ve got this incredibly beautiful, biologically and culturally diverse National Park. On the other hand, a developing country with a third of its population in poverty, and massive oil reserves underground. How do you maintain a sustainable balance between biodiversity and oil extraction? I don’t know if that is possible. Oil extraction by definition is not a sustainable endeavor. Yasuní biodiversity has been evolving for thousands of years – but damage from oil extraction could drive some of its unique species to extinction. That would represent massive long-term damage in the name of short-term profit. Moreover, looking at Ecuadorian history, oil revenues have not lead to investment in sustainable development. An entirely new energy matrix is needed – which is where the Yasuní funds will be invested.

MT: In what ways?

IB: We now hear a global call for clean, alternative energy sources and Ecuador has a huge unexplored potential to develop geothermal, solar, wind, and hydraulic energy. What we need to see are countries that will actually face the difficult decision of foregoing oil dependency to move towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly model of energy production.

MT: Is Ecuador up to it?

IB: Let me put it this way: if we continue to depend on oil to such a degree, IPCC studies demonstrate that there is no future for the planet and humanity; we are reaching a tipping point of CO2 emissions, the Earth’s tipping point. The balance between nature and oil extraction is simply not sustainable.

IB: To reach the goal of conserving Yasuní’s biodiversity, to protect the non-contacted indigenous people and the indigenous communities living in the Amazon and transit towards a clean energy model, the Yasuní-ITT Initiative is the one and only path to be taken. Yasuní is the ultimate precedent towards affecting such a paradigm shift.

MT: How much oil has already been extracted, what has the damage been, if any, and what, in your opinion, can be done as soon as possible to inhibit any further potential conflict (oil extraction versus in situ biodiversity) within Ecuador, and Yasuní specifically?

IB: Like many small developing countries around the world, throughout South America and in the Middle East for instance, oil has been the lifeline of our economy. Oil accounts for more than 50% of Ecuador’s export revenue. But what is different about a place like Ecuador, and Yasuní in particular, is the sheer abundance and richness of life here. And then consider that Ecuador has already extracted more than half of its original oil reserves in the Amazon basin.

MT: With effects that have been documented – to varying degree –  for years.

IB: Exactly. Consider the analysis by Bob Herbert of the New York Times, “Disaster in the Amazon.”(A MUST READ AS WELL AS THE NUMEROUS COMMENTS ON THIS HEART-WRENCHING ARTICLE) In the Yasuní National Park, oil activity has been limited, the oil, located in the ITT block, is considered to represent about 20% of the country’s reserves.

MT: And those reserves have been left alone, to date?

IB: Yes, they are so far unexploited. But, to go back, the environmental impact of the more than 40 years of oil exploitation in Ecuador has been evaluated as severe, particularly regarding the impact of roads and infrastructure construction for this activity, related deforestation and oil spills. In Ecuador, we have already witnessed the tragic side effects of this oil drilling. International oil companies have dumped billions of gallons of toxic waste into our water supplies over the past few decades through illegal practices from which we are only now recovering. Biological studies have shown that many species have already disappeared throughout Ecuador.

MT: And the ITT initiative?

IB: The best strategy for Ecuador will be to concentrate on the oil extraction of its mature oil fields, what is called improved oil recovery, where the additional environmental impact is relatively low and profits can compete with those from new blocks that could thereby remain untouched, hence promoting the conservation of the most sensitive areas, such as the Yasuní National Park. The Initiative promotes the creation of new clean energy technologies which can create methods that work with nature instead of against it; in favor of our future as human beings without compromising environmental preservation, and the future of coming generations. The recognition of the importance of biodiversity has also to be internalized so that the thought of harming the environment in the name of energy seems counter-intuitive and even immoral.

MT: One journalist who visited Yasuní (Esme McAvoy) described the conflict as “Oil or life? Ecuador’s stark choice.”("> Ecuador’s new Constitution, ratified in 2008, is one of the few documents in human history that enshrines “the rights of nature.” How is this Constitutional declaration currently playing out in your country?

IB: Ecuador is indeed the first country in the world to recognize nature as a subject of rights, an example that should not only be praised but followed. The post-2008 situation is playing out gradually, as the country is starting a transition towards a model of development based on well-being and rights of nature, in which the Yasuní-ITT Initiative exerts a very important role in promoting this important transition. The Proposal’s objective can be qualified as both holistic and revolutionary because, in addition to addressing the root of global warming and biodiversity loss, it also aspires to fight poverty and inequality within Ecuador; to stop deforestation and promote reforestation, to protect the National Parks and invest in research and sustainable development. Given the fact that the Yasuní-ITT Initiative is a governmental project, it offers an opportunity for oil-producing developing countries, such as Ecuador, to end their dependence on an extractive economy and seek dignified development opportunities through the sustainable use of its natural resources.

MT: And in relation to the Kyoto Protocol?

IB: Considering the Kyoto Protocol’s current limitations, Ecuador has put forward this innovative alternative, that even promotes a new climate change mitigation mechanism (Net Avoided Emissions) to allow the active participation of developing countries in the mitigation of climate change, protecting biodiversity, the rights of indigenous peoples and promoting a new style of human development, that is equitable and sustainable.

MT: The Fund’s administration?

IB: The Yasuní Fund, administered by UNDP, will collect the contributions during a 13-year period. Taking into account the positive international reception of the Initiative, we expect that the adverse effects of the recent economic crisis will be overcome in the future, and the need for effective solutions to climate change and biodiversity conservation will prevail. What Ecuador is doing is to convey the importance of this Initiative by stressing the international community’s shared responsibility and interest in its success. Yasuní is definitely a world ecological reserve that is worth much more than its oil underground. A new internationally-binding agreement is necessary for climate change mitigation, and cannot be postponed indefinitely.

MT:  How will the assets be targeted, the funds allocated?

IB: This fund will enable the State to earn interest in perpetuity, which will be invested in five areas: 1) Conservation and prevented deforestation in at least 19% of national territory; 2) Reforestation and afforestation of 1 million hectares; 3) Efficiency improvements in national energy consumption; 4) Social development and sustainable production for the populations living in the areas, particularly in the Amazon region; and 5) Scientific and technological research in topics related to the Initiative.

MT: And the precise financial goal?

IB: The goal of the Yasuní-ITT Initiative is to raise $3.6 billion by 2024; half of what Ecuador could have expected to reap in profits from drilling for Yasuní-ITT’s oil. The President’s commitment to the Yasuní-ITT Initiative is firm and consistent with the environmental laws under the new Ecuadorian Constitution, comporting with the important rights of nature, as well as the National Development Plan policies. The commitment that nations and individuals need to exercise is not a mere cooperation but a necessity, in my opinion, in order for humanity’s future to be sustained on this unique planet.

MT: Ultimately, it really does come down to that verypoignant statement by biologist E. O. Wilson, “The one process ongoing…that will take millions of years to correct is the loss of genetic and species diversity by the destruction of natural habitats. This is the folly our descendants are least likely to forgive us.”



Dear President Correa,

I strongly urge you to keep your promise to protect the indigenous people and biodiversity of Yasuni National Park, and aid in the fight against global warming. Your government's proposal rightly recognizes natural resource conservation and investment in alternative energy, instead of oil extraction, as the sustainable source of Ecuador's national wealth.

On April 14, you stated that your government's "first option" with regard to the Ishpingo-Tamboocha-Tiputini (ITT) oilfields, located within Yasuni, would be to forgo extraction in exchange for international compensation. Various efforts are underway in Ecuador and internationally to evaluate the feasibility of compensating Ecuador for forgone revenue from ITT.

A first step would be to establish a sustainable development fund so that compensation will be managed transparently and for the benefit of Ecuadorian citizens. I urge you to establish this fund as a trust with representation from the international community, Ecuadorian civil society, and affected Waorani and other indigenous communities.

As a symbol of my commitment to protect Yasuni's incredible biodiversity and the indigenous people who depend on the ecological integrity of the Park, and to reduce my impact on the global climate, I pledge to consume (two) less barrels of oil, representing (one) ton of C02 emissions, to help keep the ITT oilfields unexploited.

Please go sign this petition at



Oil or life? Ecuador’s stark choice

April 1, 2011

Esme McAvoy goes to the Amazon to find out what is happening to the audacious Yasuní proposal – to keep oil in the ground for the good of the planet.

A 360-degree spin on my heels confirms that I’m surrounded. By trees. A dense forest stretches as far as the eye can see. Trees of every possible shade of green, with leaves the size of parasols and the occasional towering ceiba – a giant variety that pokes head and shoulders above the rest of the rainforest canopy. I’m 36 metres up a bird-watching tower, overlooking a fraction of the mighty Yasuní National Park in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon, and I feel tiny.

It is here that Ecuador is confronting a dilemma of epic proportions. Beneath a pristine patch of this Park – which scientists now agree is the most biodiverse swathe of rainforest on earth – lies over $7 billion-worth of oil. The estimated 846 million barrels lie in three oilfields – Ishpingo, Tambococha and Tiputini, or ITT for short – and equate to a fifth of Ecuador’s total oil reserves. But rather than exploiting the oil, Ecuador’s president, Rafael Correa, has put forward an unprecedented alternative: leave the crude underground indefinitely and instead seek compensation from the rest of the world to the tune of $3.6 billion – roughly half its market value.

Locking up the oil would avoid the emission of 407 million tonnes of CO2 – roughly equal to France’s annual emissions. The money raised would be invested in renewable energy projects, helping Ecuador reduce its dependency on oil, while the expected returns would be put in a second pot to fund environmental conservation and community projects nationwide.

First announced in 2007, the Yasuní ITT proposal was considered one of the few bright spots in the deadlocked UN climate negotiations. It offered a new model of shared responsibility and shifted the debate away from ‘carbon offsetting’ and mitigation towards something far more sensible: avoiding emissions in the first place.Yet since then, the initiative has burned through three committees, suffered ministerial resignations, false starts and backtracks. President Correa’s threats to drill have damaged the proposal’s credibility and, despite some progress, words of support have largely failed to turn into cash.Ecuador isn’t prepared to wait around forever. If there isn’t at least $100 million in the pot by the end of December this year, President Correa has the right to call off the initiative, clearing the way for ‘Plan B’: drilling the oil.

CLIP - Please go at to read the missing part.

Chile was the first to contribute, though its $100,000 was more a token gesture of neighbourly solidarity. Spain has since added $1.4 million and the regional Walloon government of Belgium $415,000. Italy has offered a ‘debt swap’, to the tune of $35 million. Germany, one of the earliest to voice support, now looks likely to pull out after a change in government. According to Larrea, however, contributions from private business and social institutions had swelled the fund to $38 million by February 2011.

Now, the initiative has reached a critical stage. The committee has until December 2011 to secure at least $100 million and Ivonne Baki, Ecuador’s former Ambassador to the US, has been tasked with the job of the initiative’s chief negotiator.

The doubts won’t fade

Despite Baki’s enthusiasm for the ITT proposal, serious concerns about how it is being handled and where it is heading persist. The biggest threat has always been the ever-present spectre of Plan B, and when I was in Coca, plenty of government officials expressed concern that plans to drill were moving faster than the initiative.

The proposal has always only aspired to protect 20 per cent of the Park. But in early 2010, the government floated the idea of making the ITT block even smaller, leaving Tiputini out of the proposal entirely so that it could drill there more easily. Esperanza Martinez received information in January this year that suggested this plan could still be on the cards. Clandestine negotiations between the government and Chinese oil company Petroriental have led to changes to the shape of their nearby oil concession, block 14, adding to it a corridor of land perilously – or strategically – close to Tiputini. ‘The idea is to exploit Tiputini,’ concludes Martinez. ‘This change is absolutely illegal as the new corridor is within the National Park.’ At the same time, Enrique Morales told me that ‘Petroamazonas began work in January this year in block 31’, right next to ITT. Drilling here could seriously degrade the ITT block, and could create a domino effect, with new infrastructure later used for exploiting it.

Also in January, less than two months after Correa enthusiastically presented the Yasuní initiative at the Cancún climate summit, the issue of drilling in ITT inexplicably appeared on a list of possible questions being considered for a national referendum. ‘There are too many contradictory signals,’ says Martinez. ‘People are thinking, “Hold on, why are we contributing millions if they are now going to let the people decide whether to drill?”’

Another concern is that when the money wasn’t forthcoming, the committee began to look at possible funding from burgeoning carbon markets. Keeping the oil locked up will prevent over 400 million tonnes of CO2 emissions; but the concept of ‘avoided emissions’ is not recognized under the Kyoto Protocol, meaning Yasuní’s certificates cannot be traded as carbon credits. However, the agreement signed with the UNDP doesn’t rule out the possibility in the future, should the rules change. As if in anticipation, the wording of the trust fund agreement defines the oil not in millions of barrels but in tonnes of avoided emissions.

Acción Ecológica is worried. ‘The original initiative was a critique of carbon markets,’ says Martinez. ‘It was saying that Kyoto wasn’t working, that Kyoto was created precisely not to affect the oil markets, so that industrialized countries could continue polluting.’ Unlike Kyoto’s Clean Development Mechanism – carbon ‘mitigation’ projects paid for by big polluters so they can carry on polluting – the Yasuní plan to leave oil underground directly threatens the world’s oil supply. If the model is rolled out to other countries and sizeable reserves are locked up worldwide, it would push us faster along the road to oil shortages and price hikes – but also to genuinely reducing CO2 emissions.

Finally, it is not clear how supportive of the proposal President Correa truly is. It’s true that some of the biggest leaps in environmental legislation have taken place under Correa’s presidency. Ecuador’s new Constitution, signed in 2008, is the only constitution in the world that recognizes the rights of nature. Animals and ecosystems have the right to flourish and survive and Ecuadorians are able to sue for any actions taken that damage the environment.

However, according to Martinez, the ‘deep green’ Constitution that emerged was largely a result of key figures such as Alberto Acosta within the government, rather than Correa himself. Notably, many have since quit the government, Acosta included. ‘Since the Constitution was created in 2008, the government has been distancing itself from it, pulling out a rule here, an article there, weakening the initial principles behind it,’ says Martinez. ‘It’s clear that the President doesn’t like the Constitution he’s agreed to, and issues of environmentalism even less, but he’s trapped because it has given him praise and worldwide attention.’

Furthermore, Correa has one moment supported indigenous rights to land and clean water, and the next cracked down heavily on any peaceful indigenous protests against threats to those very same rights. Three indigenous leaders were detained in February this year charged with terrorism and sabotage for taking part in a 2009 protest against a water reform bill and large-scale mining in the southern Amazon.

Ripples of influence

Almost four years on, the ITT proposal has survived and its influence has rippled out beyond the borders of Ecuador. ‘The concept of non-exploitation is now being discussed both in developed and developing countries,’ says Martinez. ‘The initiative has created its own momentum and will continue to exist and develop, regardless of its success or failure under Correa here in Ecuador.’

It is telling that even those who resigned from the proposal still support it. ‘I think as a country we must push the initiative,’ said former foreign affairs minister Falconí shortly after his resignation. ‘We are defining new ethics of conservation… I am willing to sacrifice my own hide for this because I believe we are talking about building a different society.’

As darkness falls in the Napo Wildlife Centre two young teens from the community take me out in a canoe to go cayman watching. The reptiles’ heads are lifted just out of the still, ink-black waters, their eyes lit up by our torchlight and the moon. Ecuador’s offer is still on the table but it won’t be there forever. Only a serious injection of cash can keep exploitation at bay. And perhaps that’s our job. The fund is now open for individuals symbolically to ‘buy’ a barrel of Yasuní oil, guaranteeing that it will stay underground. The proposal came from civil society – it may ultimately be down to us as global citizens to ‘crowd fund’ the initiative and protect this priceless patch of the Amazon forever.

The ITT initiative: what’s the deal?

Where will the money go?

The funds raised will be invested in renewable energy projects and environmental and social development projects nationwide, to be selected by a steering committee of representatives from the government, civil society and the contributing countries. The focus will be on: forest conservation and reforestation; social development and sustainable livelihoods; energy efficiency; and research into clean energy and conservation.

The small print

The Ministry of Finance will issue Yasuní Guarantee Certificates to contributors stating that the ITT oil will remain untapped indefinitely. The money will be held in a trust fund administered by the UN Development Programme (UNDP). If any future government should decide to drill, all investments will be returned to the contributors. The fund aims to attract a minimum of $3.6 billion over the next 13 years – the estimated time it would take to drill the oil – and requires a minimum of $100 million by December 2011. If this is not reached, the government can opt to break the agreement and return all the money.

Official government website:

UNDP fund website:


Forwarded by Olga Scully (

From: Jim Condit Jr. (

June 28, 2011 NA (Network America) e-wire

Real Reason Gov. Rod Blagojevich was Arrested and Convicted

What was Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich doing the day before he was arrested at his home at 7 AM in the morning on December 9, 2008?

He was holding a televised press conference with the workers of a struggling factory in Chicago behind him. And . . .

In that press conference, on December 8, 2008, Blago was announcing that he had ordered every agency in the State of Illinois to stop doing business with the Bank of America -- until the Bank of America released some of the billions of the bailout money that institution had just received – in order to provide struggling businesses in Illinois with the lines of credit they needed to continue employing their workers and survive the (Bankster created) “hard times” the nation was “going through”.

The press conference was being held in the weeks before Christmas, and Blago was also trying to arrange food deliveries for the abruptly laid off workers and their families so they could have a reasonably good Christmas.


The next morning, December 9, 2008 – FBI enforcers (wittingly or unwittingly, we don’t know) for the Rothschild Banksters showed up at Governor Blagojevich’s home, and basically rousted him out of bed to put him in handcuffs.

Thanks to an email alert from the intrepid video service,, -- I was alerted to this televised press conference and this “strange coincidence” of the “next day” arrest -- a few days after the back to back events had transpired.

Once I saw the 4 minute video at BrasscheckTV (now removed by YouTube, but a grainier one has replaced it, see below), I remember thinking to myself how strange it was that the FBI went to Blago’s house to arrest him in his pajamas in front of his family at 7 AM – when they knew he would be at the Governor’s office a few hours later.

The reason for this RUDE way of arresting a sitting Governor was to send the message to all sitting public officials in the USA that they had no power compared to the Rothschild/Goldman Sachs Talmudic-Jewish Shadow Government that is really running “our” country via money, the big media, the secret computer-count votefraud system on election days, the occupied Congress, and the occupied White House.

Here are two videos on Youtube. The first is introductory to the second, but the second is the actual press conference.

The actual Blagojevich press conference, grainier in quality – but see it before it is taken down by the ADL-Abe Foxman infected YouTube.

And while the page no longer has the original video, their analysis below the video on this page is just about right on target.


I’m not inclined to be overly favorable to Blago. Here is a man with a Serbian, Orthodox Christian background who is pro-abortion in his public stance. And I don’t like the sound of the audio tapes with Blago insinuating, it seems, that he wants some consideration for appointing someone to a Senate seat. But that’s not the point.

Let’s assume Blago is crooked. BUT – there are HUNDREDS of far bigger crooks out there than former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich – among them, current Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel, Senator Chris Dodd, and Barack Hussein Obummer himself, etc., etc., etc., etc. And these men are all DARLINGS of the same Bankster controlled mainstream media that has vilified Blago.

To cite Pat Buchanan’s great line about Nixon and Watergate: “He rustled a calf, and was hung by the biggest horse thieves in town.”

This line applies to Blago also. He was arrested and has now been convicted in a second trial (whatever happened to double jeopardy?) for his virtues, not his vices.

In the press conference you will see something I never remember seeing in my lifetime: a prominent sitting office holder clearly standing up for the American people against the criminal Banksters in New York City and Washington D.C.

In this press conference, I see a now-grown up American kid with an ethnic background, who is doing what he had always wanted to do – stand up for the common people. It’s a type of “real” moment rarely seen in American politics since the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963.

If what Blago was doing caught on, it could have been the beginning of a proper exposure of what these evil Money Changers are doing to America and the world.


Of course, Blago was on the right track. He should have gone further and called for the arrest of the Talmudic Jew moral monsters running the banking system in New York City and Washington D.C. – starting with Ben Bernanke at the FED, and all the officers of Goldman Sachs in New York City.

But, of course, even now, Blago knows better than to cite this as the real reason for his arrest.

As one YouTube commenter stated: “Suspending business with Bank Of America is the REAL reason they wanted to get rid of him. Actually, he must be happy he did not end up like some Kennedy with a bullet in his head because that is the "normal" way the secret power holders deal with politicians that do not do what banksters tell them to. So, God bless you, Rod, for trying to do the right thing. Thanks to youtube we now know the truth.”

In this one case, I agree with the above sentiment. (Even YouTube is still free enough that people can get these types of videos up, at least for a while.)

Also, note in the video the leader of the workers who speaks after Blago. He is not identified by CNN, as is often the case when the Big Networks don’t want to facilitate networking amongst honest, normal Americans. But he says some very insightful things, such as, “The workers must be paid enough to buy the products they produce.”

-- Along those lines, see the “Money Myth Exploded” by Louis Even, and his two essays which follow the cartoon parable. These short articles explains how the money system would be run (essentially) by an Office of American Credit, established by an honest Congress – after we clean house and end the abominable FED. Find it here:

Hang in, our full video offensive and “Total Victory in our Life Time” program is coming.

Jim Condit Jr.

Network America

PO Box 11339 Cincinnati, Ohio 45211 US



Opinion: Conservatives' new crime bill borrows from failed U.S. model

By Stephen Maher -- September 21, 2011

OTTAWA — Here's what I learned from reading the government's new crime bill: It is best to avoid a career as either a marijuana farmer or a politician.

The Conservatives are bringing in stiff new penalties for anyone caught growing weed, which will increase our prison population without doing anything to make us safer.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, who seems to be a very intelligent fellow, likely knows that, but it's his job to go around saying the opposite.

That can't be any fun at all, but he doesn't have much choice. Throughout the minority years, the Conservatives promised that they would get tough on crime, using crime bills to cow their opponents during games of parliamentary chicken.

Now that they have a majority, they must keep their promises and get tough.

So on Tuesday, Nicholson introduced the Safe Streets and Communities Act, combining measures from nine bills.

Many of the measures may provide some modest benefit, since some horrible people will be kept off the streets. That will cost us a lot of money — and it's not a magic crime-killing bullet since most of the bad guys will get out some day — but there is logic behind it.

The measures aimed at marijuana growers, though, seem awfully stupid.

The government wants to lock up everyone caught growing six or more pot plants for at least six months. The maximum penalty will be 14 years.

This is going to cost us all a lot of cash, but the government won't say how much.

According to the Parliamentary Budget Officer, in 2008-09, each federal cell cost taxpayers $162,376. Most people busted for running grow ops now get off with a fine or house arrest, so we are going to need more prisons.

Last year, police reported 18,256 cases of cannabis production or trafficking. Drug offenders make up 21 per cent of federal offenders, many of whom now serve their sentences under house arrest. After this bill passes, a lot of small time pot farmers will end up in the big house.

Since many of the sentences will be less than two years, much of that cost will be borne by the provinces.

All that might be worth it, if it were going to make our streets safer, but it will not do that.

Grow ops pose a fire risk, they provide cash to criminal organizations, and smoking marijuana is bad for you. It would be nice to shut them all down, but anyone who thinks that is possible has been smoking too much B.C. bud.

An ounce of pot fetches between $150 and $200, so there will be never be a shortage of suppliers.

Nicholson is obviously no fool, so I'm sure he knows that. And he knows that mandatory minimum sentences are bad policy, because he was vice-chairman of the justice committee that reviewed criminal sentencing in 1988.

That committee concluded that mandatory minimum sentences couldn't "be designed to deal with the complex variables" in criminal cases.

Say a single mother grows a dozen pot plants in her backyard to make a few extra bucks. Under the law as it stands, a judge could let her off with a slap on the wrist. After this law passes, she's going to the slammer for six months and her kids are going into custody no matter what the judge thinks. That's the kind of discretion that judges are supposed to exercise, Nicholson's committee pointed out.

"Moreover, there is some evidence that guidelines have had the undesirable effect of contributing to rapidly increasing prison populations in the United States," his report said.

No kidding. Every year, a million Americans are imprisoned on drug charges, about a quarter of them for marijuana. The number spiked after mandatory minimum sentences were introduced in the 1980s. This huge, painful war on drugs has done nothing to reduce the supply of street drugs, and American taxpayers are footing the bill for a huge prison population.

They are now tiring of paying. Cash-strapped state governments have begun to release drug criminals from overcrowded prisons to save money. Conservatives — including Newt Gingrich and Jeb Bush — have formed an organization aimed at reducing the prison population.

In Canada, though, we are just getting started, and the tough-on-crime message is gold at the ballot box, even though crime rates are moving steadily downward.

According to demographer David Foot, author of Boom, Bust & Echo, crime rates are falling because there are fewer people in the age group that commits most crimes — late teens and early 20s. The crime rate was highest when the baby boomers were wearing bell-bottoms and listening to Jimi Hendrix.

Now that they're older, boomers feel vulnerable, and are more likely to support "tough-on-crime" policies.

Since there are so many boomers, and they vote — unlike young people — politicians design policies that appeal to them, whether those policies are wise or not.

It's the kind of thing that could drive you to drink.


Related articles:

Critics slam Tory crime bill as costly, ineffective (SEPTEMBER 20, 2011)
OTTAWA — Canada's spending watchdog is among the most vocal critics of sweeping criminal reform legislation introduced Tuesday that seeks to crack down on young offenders, drug dealers, sexual predators and Canadians in foreign prisons.The new Safe Streets and Communities Act combines nine crime bills that died during the previous parliamentary session into one omnibus piece of legislation the government hopes to pass within the first 100 sitting days of Parliament now that it has a majority in the House of Commons. But Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page said the Harper government needs to come clean immediately on the cost of the bill and is raising questions about whether the Conservatives adequately budgeted for the new measures."Parliament needs to see the numbers and if they don't see the numbers, that's a major concern," he told Postmedia News."Hopefully, we're not repeating the practices of the past because I think that would be a big mistake." Page noted that governments planning major policy changes traditionally release detailed documents outlining both the costs of the programs and where the government will find the funding."It raises issues about whether this money has been set aside in the fiscal framework," he said. "We have not seen any adjustment to the budget." He wants the federal government to identify operating and capital costs, as well as the expected outcomes, impacts on the number of inmates, sentence lengths and other pertinent information. CLIP

Omnibus bill leaves out online monitoring, for now (SEPTEMBER 20, 2011)
Electronic privacy advocates expressed relief Tuesday that the Harper government's omnibus crime bill did not include measures to allow for greater spying of people's online activities, saying the omission gives them time to press for fuller debate on the issue."I take this as a positive, that even if (Prime Minister Stephen Harper) is going to reintroduce this, he'll allow Canadians to debate it," said University of Toronto law professor Lisa Austin, who joined a coalition of academics and advocacy groups last month in sending an open letter to the prime minister expressing concerns about the proposed "lawful access" measures. Government officials stressed Tuesday that the sweeping omnibus crime bill was "just the beginning" in a series of criminal justice reforms planned for the new parliamentary session and that further details would be announced in "due course." "In the coming weeks we will move forward swiftly to reintroduce other important law and order legislation," Justice Minister Rob Nicholson told a news conference.

(...) In recent weeks though, the law-and-order issue that seems to have generated the most heated debate is electronic surveillance.Critics say they are worried that the government's proposals would allow authorities to access subscriber information from Internet Service Providers or intercept private communications without a warrant. "There's this belief that if we have access to everything, we'd catch all the bad guys. It simply doesn't work that way," said Valerie Steeves, a professor of criminology at the University of Ottawa. "What disturbs me is once you get warrantless access to my identity online, you've crossed that line."Canada's privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart and her provincial counterparts also expressed their concerns in a letter earlier this year to the deputy minister of public safety. They said the government's proposals would "substantially diminish" the privacy rights of Canadians and that there was "insufficient justification" for the new powers. Government officials, however, have said that authorities need "21st century tools" to fight high-tech criminals, organized crime groups and those involved in online child-sex exploitation.



Camp Ashraf: Iran and Iraq’s crime against humanity

Posted by Naghmeh Rajabi - September 28, 2011

Since the beginning of this year, Iran has hanged 490 prisoners, according to the International Campaign for Human Rights in that country.

Under the current government, Iran is one of a very small number of nations which carries out public hangings and executes minors and those whose political or religious beliefs, or sexual orientation, do not conform to what the state thinks is right. The regime still stones women to death and uses the worst methods of torture on prisoners.

One of the biggest crimes that this regime has committed is the mass killing of 120,000 members and supporters of the Iranian opposition group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), which is dedicated to replacing the current regime with a democratic alternative.

Amongst those murdered are two of my own aunts. Afsaneh Rajabi, 22 years old, was executed by a firing squad in Tehran on 7 April 1983. She had escaped prison once, where she had faced horrific torture, and went underground. Some time later, an individual close to her was arrested and tortured into disclosing Afsaneh’s location. She was re-arrested and detained in Qasr and Evin prisons before being executed.

My other aunt, Zahra Rajabi, 39, was assassinated on 20 February 1996 in Istanbul by a hit squad sent from Tehran and commanded by the mullahs’ consular secretary in that city. Zahra was a senior member of the PMOI and had arrived in Turkey a few days earlier to attend to the problems of Iranian refugees in that country.

A more recent crime against humanity, carried out by the Iranian regime, is the instructions they have given to destroy a refugee camp which has been home to 3,400 Iranian dissidents for over two decades. These residents took refuge in Iraq in order to escape the danger of getting killed by the Iranian regime.

Camp Ashraf’s residents are members of the PMOI. They have in the past two years come under bloody attack from an Iraqi regime acting on the orders of the Iranian government. In two separate attacks, the latest of which was in April this year, 47 innocent men and women were murdered by Iraqi forces firing on unarmed residents. Shots were aimed directly at the head and vital organs to ensure maximum death toll.

These crimes against Camp Ashraf residents took place despite the fact that all 3,400 members were given ‘protected persons’ status under the Fourth Geneva Convention at the time when US forces invaded Iraq. The US had promised to protect each individual from the Iranian regime.

The residents are today under 24/7 psychological torture through the use of 300 loud-speakers, which have been placed all around the camp by the Iranian regime. Through the speakers, they shout out abusive, humiliating and degrading words targeted mostly at the camp’s 1,000 female residents. One can only imagine the impact of such an intense and sickening method of mental torture on the residents.

Additionally, on numerous occasions, the Iraqi authorities have mentioned the plan to close the camp down ‘by all means’ by the end of 2011 and relocating the residents to another location within Iraq. This plan is the precursor for a further massacre.

This bloodbath in Camp Ashraf is a crime against humanity and cannot be ignored by the United Nations or the international community. The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has taken an important step in recognizing the residents as asylum seekers, while the EU has added its support for finding a solution to this humanitarian crisis by appointing a special representative for Camp Ashraf. The international community must now support and facilitate a permanent UN presence at the camp until such time as the UNHCR has dealt with the refugee applications of the residents. Granting the residents status as asylum seekers will be futile if they are left in the hands of an Iraqi regime intent on their murder.

Fail to act and another massacre will ensue. This time the number of deaths will undoubtedly be in the hundreds. The international community must act now.

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Camp Ashraf under fire

The shame of Camp Ashraf (27 April 2011)
A press release from the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom: MPs and Peers on Wednesday accused Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of committing a ‘Gestapo-style massacre’ at Camp Ashraf which led to the death of 35 Iranian dissidents and caused hundreds to be injured. At a press conference, the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom disclosed new video footage of the 8 April attack, showing direct shooting at camp residents and the various military weaponry used. Committee chair Lord Corbett of Castle Vale (Labour Peer), said: ‘The attack on Camp Ashraf was an organized military massacre on the orders of Nuri al-Maliki who is publicly committed to erasing the camp from the face of the earth.’ Medical practitioner Hoda Hosseini pointed to photographic evidence of the injuries sustained by the wounded which clearly indicated that a targeted shoot-to-kill policy was used by Iraqi forces. ‘Traces left in the bodies of those killed and the wounded, and a study of the wounds and x-rays show that the Iraqi forces used automatic Kalashnikov machine guns with live, tracer and armour-piercing bullets as well as firing sonic grenades directly at the heads and chests of the civilian population at Camp Ashraf.’

Former Home Secretary Lord Waddington demanded a UN investigation into the attack to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice, while Lord Maginnis of Drumglass said: ‘Prime Minister Cameron and President Barack Obama must use the appropriate language in describing this attack as a massacre.’Mark Williams MP (Liberal Democrat) demanded that Iraqi forces immediately withdraw from Camp Ashraf and that the United Nations take over protection of the camp as part of their mandate. Malcolm Fowler, a solicitor and member of the Law Society’s human rights committee, said that the Law Society, which represented more than 130,000 solicitors, had issued a statement urging the UN to help protect the residents.Pointing to video footage evidencing the continued menacing presence of Iraqi armed forces in and around Camp Ashraf, on behalf of the Committee Lord Corbett urged the UN to establish a permanent monitoring team at the camp and take over responsibility for protection of the residents to prevent a further such ‘Gestapo-style massacre’.Camp Ashraf, 60 kilometres northeast of Baghdad, is home to 3,400 members of the main Iranian opposition group, the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI), who are ‘protected persons’ under the 4th Geneva Convention. British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom


Swiss mull asylum for Iranian opponents (Sep 30, 2011)
Switzerland is considering whether to take in refugees belonging to the controversial Iranian group, the People’s Mojahedin, currently living in Camp Ashraf in Iraq.The organisation, which opposes what it calls the “mullahs’ regime” in Iran, was supported by the ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, and had several bases in Iraq when he was in power.However, the current Iraqi government has friendly ties with Iran and wants to get rid of the Mojahedin as soon as possible. The Swiss cabinet discussion of the issue comes after the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said on September 13 that camp residents who had submitted requests for refugee status are to be regarded as asylum-seekers under international law. Government spokesman André Simonazzi told the Swiss News Agency on Friday that the cabinet had discussed whether Switzerland might take a contingent from the camp. Any decision would be taken in conjunction with the UNHCR and the European Union. He did not say when a decision might be reached, or how many asylum-seekers could be involved. Camp Ashraf, about 80 kilometres north of Baghdad, currently houses about 3,400 people. CLIP

Euro MPs Welcome Appointment of EU Special Envoy for Camp Ashraf (30 September 2011)
Stop Fundamentalism - A cross political party intergroup in the European Parliament discussed the latest developments concerning Camp Ashraf, where members of the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (MEK/PMOI) reside, in a meeting at the EP site in Strasbourg on Wednesday, September 28. Participants that included some 40 Euro MPs and their assistants from different political groups expressed grave concern against threats posing the defenseless residents of the camp. They described the deadline to close the camp by the year's end "impossible" and urged the UN Secretary General and UNHCR to adopt strong measures to protect the unarmed and defenseless residents of Ashraf.MEPs stressed that installations of two new telecommunication towers and jamming and surveillance equipment along-side the current 300 powerful loudspeakers continuously torturing the residents of Ashraf are matters of serious concern that must be addressed immediately. "This clearly demonstrates that the Iraqi government and their Iranian sponsors are preparing the grounds for another violent assault," said the statement issued by the EP intergroup Friends of a Free Iran (FoFI) Thursday.

US gives Iranian Opposition Choice: Die or Commit Suicide (4 July 2011)
(...) The camp residents have already announced their complete agreement to the European plan for their resettlement outside Iraq to resolve the situation once and for all. They consider that the only party disagreeing with their relocation outside Iraq would be the Iranian regime; rather it wants all the 3400 residents of the camp to be destroyed. In fact it has been the Iranian regime and its Iraqi collaborators who have been calling for their relocation inside Iraq for the past few weeks.That makes the United States’ support for such plan quite peculiar and unconstructive. Having to go to another location in Iraq for the residents of Camp Ashraf is equivalent to an immediate death sentence. Anyone in the right mind would not do such thing voluntarily. It is suicide. Comments by James Jeffry could only mean one thing. He is trying to say to Ashraf residents that, “The Iranian and Iraqi governments want you dead and so does the United States.” The European Parliament introduced an initiative last May to resettle the camp population in Europe to prevent further massacre of the unarmed residents. United States should not obstruct these life saving efforts by introducing diversions.What is even more disturbing is Ambassador Jeffry’s suggestion that for being granted refugee status, they have to “disband.” Such assertion would only please Khamenei and Ahmadinejad and their proxies in Iraq. The residents of Ashraf are genuine political refugees and it is shameful for a U.S. ambassador to say refugees should not have any political affiliation. As everyone knows, PMOI is a political organization and all residents of Ashraf were recognized by the US as civilian in 2004. So, talking about “paramilitary organization” is very questionable? Is he sending a message to Tehran? Let it be very clear, whatever happens in Ashraf is and will be direct responsibility of the United States.

Why does Iran Ache For Camp Ashraf Destruction? (19 April 2011)
As disturbing events of 8 April, 2011 in Camp Ashraf, Iraq still unfold, more than ever, the intentions of the Iranian regime, in persuading Nuri al-Maliki to create such massacre, which by no means will help his already pathetic public image and disgraceful record of human rights, become clear. When the news of the attack on Camp Ashraf by Iraqi military forces began reaching the news media, swarms of critic and condemnations started pouring in. On the other hand, and from the very early hours, the Iranian regime’s media started propaganda to support the aggression in an orchestrated effort with Nuri al-Maliki forces at the scene. Some of the regime’s hoorays and cheers interestingly and infuriatingly resembled that of torturers and executioners. Before all, Salehi, Foreign Minister of the regime praised the attack and Iraqi government’s crackdown. “We appreciated the Iraqi government’s measures in this regard,” said Salehi in a press conference on 9 April. In a letter to Nuri al-Maliki by an Iranian Habilian Association, Fars News Agency on 9 April 2011, described the attack as, “A brave action that deserves applaud,” But expressed concern that, “If it stays at the current measures, it will only be a temporary remedy on a 26 year old cancerous tumor.”

(...) The Iranian regime has two very good reasons to want Ashraf destroyed. And both reasons correlate to its survival.As the discontent towards the Ayatollahs grow inside Iran and waves of democratic crave overcomes the region, the Iranian regime becomes more than ever horrified by any type of resistance. A true Iranian resistance is symbolized in Ashraf. Thus, it does anything in its power to destroy the camp. On the other hand, to expand its defense line into the region, Iranian regime needs to have control of Iraq. Ashraf is Iranian regime’s primary obstacle against completion of that goal which is to use that country to springboard into the rest of the Arab world and Middle East.That is why for the Iranian mullahs, Ashraf must be destroyed at any cost. And those two reasons are exactly why, we, the rest of the world, need Ashraf to stay there and survive.


Note from Jean: We don't hear often enough about the tragic health consequences of hydraulic fracking in gaz shale deposits, a worldwide scourge that particularly affects the U.S. as detailed in this article I found on the ProPublica website a US-based independent investigative news agency that covers LOTS of controversial issues. If you don't have the patience to read this whole article, I've italicised key relevant elements for a quicker review. Check also the comments at the end and the many related articles I've excerpted from the same website.

Les lecteurs francophones peuvent lire un commentaire que j'ai fait à ce sujet dans un envoi de cet article à une liste de personnes et de groupes impliqués dans la lutte contre l'explotation du gaz de schiste au Québec.


Science Lags as Health Problems Emerge Near Gas Fields

by Abrahm Lustgarten and Nicholas Kusnetz -- Sep. 16, 2011

On a summer evening in June 2005, Susan Wallace-Babb went out into a neighbor's field near her ranch in Western Colorado to close an irrigation ditch. She parked down the rutted double-track, stepped out of her truck into the low-slung sun, took a deep breath and collapsed, unconscious.

A natural gas well and a pair of fuel storage tanks sat less than a half-mile away. Later, after Wallace-Babb came to and sought answers, a sheriff's deputy told her that a tank full of gas condensate—liquid hydrocarbons gathered from the production process—had overflowed into another tank. The fumes must have drifted toward the field where she was working, he suggested.

The next morning Wallace-Babb was so sick she could barely move. She vomited uncontrollably and suffered explosive diarrhea. A searing pain shot up her thigh. Within days she developed burning rashes that covered her exposed skin, then lesions. As weeks passed, anytime she went outdoors, her symptoms worsened. Wallace-Babb's doctor began to suspect she had been poisoned.

"I took to wearing a respirator and swim goggles outside to tend to my animals," Wallace-Babb said. "I closed up my house and got an air conditioner that would just recycle the air and not let any fresh air in."

Wallace-Babb's symptoms mirror those reported by a handful of others living near her ranch in Parachute, Colo., and by dozens of residents of communities across the country that have seen the most extensive natural gas drilling. Hydraulic fracturing, along with other processes used to drill wells, generates emissions and millions of gallons of hazardous waste that are dumped into open-air pits. The pits have been shown to leak into groundwater and also give off chemical emissions as the fluids evaporate. Residents' most common complaints are respiratory infections, headaches, neurological impairment, nausea and skin rashes. More rarely, they have reported more serious effects, from miscarriages and tumors to benzene poisoning and cancer.

ProPublica examined government environmental reports and private lawsuits and interviewed scores of residents, physicians and toxicologists in four states—Colorado, Texas, Wyoming and Pennsylvania—that are drilling hot spots. Our review showed that cases like Wallace-Babb's go back a decade in parts of Colorado and Wyoming, where drilling has taken place for years. They are just beginning to emerge in Pennsylvania, where the Marcellus Shale drilling boom began in earnest in 2008.

Concern about such health complaints is longstanding—Congress held hearings on them in 2007 at which Wallace-Babb testified. But the extent and cause of the problems remains unknown. Neither states nor the federal government have systematically tracked reports from people like Wallace-Babb, or comprehensively investigated how drilling affects human health.

"In some communities it has been a disaster," said Christopher Portier, director of the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) and the National Center for Environmental Health. "We do not have enough information on hand to be able to draw good solid conclusions about whether this is a public health risk as a whole."

Exemptions from federal environmental rules won by the drilling companies have complicated efforts to gather pollution data and to understand the root of health complaints. Current law allows oil and gas companies not to report toxic emissions and hazardous waste released by all but their largest facilities, excluding hundreds of thousands of wells and small plants. Many of the chemicals used in
fracking and drilling remain secret, hobbling investigators trying to determine the source of contamination. The gas industry itself has been less than enthusiastic about health studies. Drillers declined to cooperate with a long-term study of the health effects of gas drilling near Wallace-Babb's town this summer, prompting state officials to drop their plans and start over.

These factors make a difficult epidemiological challenge even tougher. Doctors and toxicologists say symptoms reported by people working or living near the gas fields are often transient and irregular. They say they need precise data on the prevalence and onset of medical conditions, as well as from air and water sampling, to properly assess the hazards of drilling.

"There are considerable issues about health effects," said John Deutch, former director of the CIA and a professor of chemistry at MIT, who heads a Department of Energy panel examining the environmental effects of shale gas drilling, with an emphasis on hydraulic fracturing. "Frankly, I'm not even sure ... what serious public health work has been done in making a connection."

The health questions are intensifying at a moment when communities and states are already weighing the benefits and costs of drilling for natural gas. Drilling has brought much-needed jobs and cash infusions to some of the nation's poorer regions; bullish estimates of U.S. gas reserves promise plenty of drilling development in the future. At the same time, fracking's lasting environmental toll—particularly the threat it may pose to water supplies—has become the subject of intense debate. Since 2008, ProPublica has reported about hundreds of cases of water contamination in more than six states where drilling and fracking are taking place as well as the difficulties of handling the vast quantities of waste the drilling processes produce.

Medical and government groups are beginning to sound alarms about drilling's potential to damage health.

In May, Sen. Robert Casey Jr., D-Pa., wrote to Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state officials, asking them to investigate illness clusters in Pennsylvania. "Despite being above the normal rate, these disease groupings are often dismissed as statistically insignificant," Casey wrote.

In July, when the EPA proposed new emissions rules for the drilling industry, it warned that without them there could be an unacceptably high risk of cancer for people living close to major facilities. In August, a national association of childrens' doctors published a fact sheet detailing concerns about fracking and warning that children are more susceptible to chemical exposure. The group called for more epidemiological research and disclosure of chemicals used in drilling.

The gas drilling industry says it supports such research and that health concerns should be taken seriously, but that the public should be careful of jumping to conclusions. "Sound science does exist on these issues," wrote Chris Tucker, a spokesman for the industry group Energy in Depth, in an email. Tucker pointed to a case in Pennsylvania where a woman alleged that drilling had contaminated her water and made her sick. A state investigation found that her water was indeed foul, but that it had been that way long before drilling began. "Eventually, pretty firm conclusions can be made with respect to potential causes and effects. Unfortunately, it takes time to do all that in a rigorous, data-driven way."

No such research is under way on a significant scale, however.

Portier, whose agency is a sister agency of the CDC and charged with determining the toxicity of industrial chemicals and preventing exposure to them, says the anecdotal evidence of environmental illness is sufficient to warrant a more serious and systematic approach to studying it. His agency, in conjunction with the EPA, is performing at least five health consultations for communities concerned about health impacts, including two in Pennsylvania. These smaller-scale studies assess health risks based on data already collected, giving a snapshot of a community at a particular moment. But what's needed is a nationwide study that tracks people living close to drilling over time, Portier said. That could cost upward of $100 million. "We can't do everything yet," Portier said. "We only have so much money available."

* * *

The number of new natural gas wells drilled each year in the United States has skyrocketed, from 17,500 in 2000 to a peak of more than 33,000 in 2008. Fracking technology, once used in just a small percentage of wells, has made it possible to get gas out of deeply buried reserves and has become an essential part of drilling almost every new well. At the same time, fracking has opened up vast new reserves in the eastern United States. The wells are now being drilled in heavily populated parts of Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Colorado, and even into urban neighborhoods of Fort Worth.

Alongside the growth in drilling, reports of fouled water, bad odors and health complaints also have increased. In the few places where basic environmental sampling has been done, the results confirm that water and air pollution are present in the same regions where residents say they are getting sick. Last spring, the EPA doubled its estimates of methane gas leaked from drilling equipment and said the amount of methane pollution that billows from fracking operations was 9,000 times higher than researchers had previously thought.

In Colorado, the ATSDR sampled air for pollutants at 14 sites for a 2008 report, including on Susan Wallace-Babb's property. Fifteen contaminants were detected at levels the federal government considers above normal. Among them were the carcinogens benzene, tetrachloroethene and 1,4-dichlorobenzene. The contamination fell below the thresholds for unacceptable cancer risk, but the agency called it cause for concern and suggested that as drilling continued, it could present a possible cancer risk in the future. Even at the time of the sampling, the agency reported, residents could be exposed to large doses of contaminants for brief "peak" periods.

"Since residents may be repeatedly exposed to these peak concentrations of benzene," the ATSDR report said, "the concentrations ... warrant careful monitoring and exposure evaluation."

In Pavillion, Wyo., where residents have complained of nerve damage and loss of sense of taste and smell, EPA superfund investigators found benzene and other hydrocarbons in well water samples, as well as methane gas, metals, and an unusual chemical variant of a compound used in hydraulic fracturing. A health survey conducted there by an environmental group in late 2010 found that 94 percent of respondents complained of health issues they thought were new or connected to the drilling, and 81 percent reported respiratory troubles. The ATSDR, in consultation with the EPA, advised at least 19 families in Pavillion not to drink their water and to ventilate bathrooms when they bathed, in part because volatile organic compounds can become airborne in a shower. But the government stopped short of saying that drilling caused the contamination or their symptoms.

In 2009, an environmental-sciences firm also found widespread air contaminants in Dish, Texas, a small town in the heart of the Barnett Shale just north of Fort Worth. Wolf Eagle Environmental, hired by the town's mayor and local residents, collected readings from seven monitoring stations and detected 16 chemicals, including benzene and other known and suspected carcinogens. Benzene exceeded Texas' exposure standards at three of the stations.

Wilma Subra, the environmental consultant who ran the survey in Pavillion, also surveyed Dish residents about their health. About 60 percent of respondents reported symptoms that would be expected in people exposed to high levels of the chemicals found in the air samples, Subra said.

Texas' Commission on Environmental Quality reviewed Wolf Eagle's work and agreed that the contaminants could pose a long-term health risk to residents. This year, it followed up with air monitoring of its own in nearby Fort Worth. While the agency determined that contamination levels did not present a public health risk, emissions at five test sites violated state regulatory guidelines. The state documented high levels of benzene and formaldehyde—both carcinogens—in those spots.

"Evidence like that really gives our agency a bit of urgency in its work," said Al Armendariz, the EPA's regional administrator for south central states, based in Texas.

* * *

One of the byproducts of the natural gas boom has been that environmental agencies set up to handle issues of permitting and waste disposal are grappling with questions of health and epidemiology, subjects in which they have little training or experience.

In Pennsylvania and Colorado, regulators are still taking the first awkward steps toward developing processes to track and investigate reports of illness related to drilling.

Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection has received 1,306 drilling-related complaints since 2009—45 percent of which alleged water pollution—but officials acknowledged they couldn't separate out how many involved health issues. Officials with the state Department of Health said they coordinated with the DEP on drilling-related health complaints but would not respond to questions for this story and denied ProPublica's request for complaint records, citing privacy concerns.

Pennsylvania's secretary of health has urged the creation of a registry to track health complaints in the state's drilling areas—at an annual cost of about $2 million—but so far, the governor has not acted upon the recommendation.

Records show Colorado's Oil and Gas Conservation Commission received 496 complaints between mid-2006 and the end of 2008. But officials there, much like their Pennsylvania counterparts, have no way to separate those related to health—even the ones passed on by the state Department of Public Health and Environment—from those concerning spills, or noise, or other disruptions.

In an internal government report, the commission separated out complaints related to odors for this period. There were 121. But there are limited public records reflecting what state officials did in response to these reports. Often, records show state officials pursued or fixed the source of an odor, but not whether they tracked any possible health effects connected to the odors.

"Those are allegations, they're complaints, they may or may not be valid complaints," said Debbie Baldwin, the commission's environmental manager. "Given the number of people in the state, the number of wells in the state and the amount of activity associated with oil and gas ... that's a small number."

It is unclear from available records whether the commission ever independently evaluated Susan Wallace-Babb's assertion that toxic emissions harmed her health. The agency's report shows that inspectors confirmed her story about an overflow and fumes and asked Williams, the company drilling near her home, whether dangerous pollutants had been emitted. The company said no, assuring inspectors "this is a non-incident," records show. In the segment of the incident report labeled "resolution," the agency also noted that the company suspected Wallace-Babb "may have been influenced by others annoyed with local gas-field operators."

In response to a request for comment, Williams referred ProPublica to a letter it submitted to the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform committee after Wallace-Babb testified in 2007. In the letter, the company says that it placed a cap on an open tank near Wallace-Babb's home and conducted its own air monitoring for pollutants that would post a health risk, finding none. State and federal air monitoring also did not find levels of emissions that would clearly pose a health risk, the company said. "We had employees or contractors at the well site on a regular basis and none of them ever complained about feeling sick as a result of being near the tank," Williams’ letter states.

Colorado's health department responded to questions by email about how the state tracks health complaints from people in drilling areas. The department's spokesman said the state had insufficient data to show a relationship between drilling and health issues. "There continues to be much interest in the potential health effects of gas production activities," wrote Mark Salley. "This department will continue to work with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to protect the public's health."

* * *

In September 2009, Range Resources began drilling a natural gas well near the home of Beth Voyles in one of the most heavily drilled counties in southwestern Pennsylvania. The following spring, Range began filling a giant waste impoundment near Voyles' home, and wastewater accumulated in puddles on the dirt roads, where the water was sprayed to hold down the dust, according to a lawsuit Voyles filed against the state and interviews with ProPublica. The family immediately noticed a stench, and its dog, which lapped the fluid from the puddles, got sick.

A veterinarian determined that the dog had been exposed to ethylene glycol, a component of antifreeze that is also used in hydraulic fracturing. The dog's organs began to crystalize, and ultimately failed, the vet told Voyles, and the family had to euthanize the dog. A short time later the family had to euthanize a horse after it exhibited similar symptoms, Voyles told ProPublica. "If it's crystalizing their organs," Voyles said of her animals, "just how long before it's going to do that to us?" Then the whole family started getting rashes, aches and blisters in their noses and throats. Her doctors couldn't pinpoint what was causing their symptoms.

"You feel like you're drugged because your brain's not thinking," she said. "We want our life back."

When Voyles began to suspect drilling might be the cause, she had her doctors run blood tests for chemicals known to be used in the processes. The results came back showing high levels of benzene, toluene and arsenic.

In August 2010, after several complaints from the area, according to Voyles' lawsuit, the state Department of Environmental Protection asked Range to treat the impoundment pond for hydrogen sulfide, a toxic gas that can be fatal at high levels and cause nausea, vomiting and headaches in lower amounts. The impoundment was briefly emptied in June, Voyles said, but then filled again in August. Now the rashes are back, she's lost much of her sense of smell and she says everything tastes like metal.

Voyles is suing the DEP, which she says ignored her concerns that the chemicals in her blood could be from the waste in the impoundment nearby, never advised her that its tests showed that her well water was also contaminated with an industrial solvent and never issued any violations to Range. Among the clear violations that DEP overlooked, she alleges, was that the waste impoundment did not meet minimum state regulatory requirements. Her lawsuit does not seek compensation, but asks that the agency investigate her complaints according to state regulations. The DEP did not respond to calls requesting comment.

Range Resources did not respond to a call from ProPublica about Voyles' case either. In an earlier report, the company denied there were problems with the impoundment near her home.

After seeing several medical specialists and epidemiologists, Voyles still doesn't know what to do about her family's health.

"They don't know how to treat us," she said.

* * *

In assessing Voyles' case and others like it, environmental epidemiologists warn that proximity and correlation don't add up to proof. Even when symptoms and contamination occur in the same place, they say, it doesn't necessarily mean the contamination caused the symptoms.

"You have a community where there is a putative exposure, and a community with putative illness," said Daniel Teitelbaum, a toxicologist who has spent years examining health issues around drilling and helped frame some of the early research in Colorado. "But you can't say whether the people exposed are the people who are ill."

In the Pennsylvania case pointed out by industry spokesman Chris Tucker, for example, a woman complained for years of symptoms similar to Wallace-Babb's. She alleged that drilling activities had contaminated her water with barium. She spoke at anti-drilling rallies and environmental groups used her case. But when Pennsylvania officials investigated, they found her intense exposure to barium hadn't come from drilling—it was a natural seepage into her well.

Teitelbaum says that collecting measurements of contaminants in the air and water is an essential first step. But he said epidemiologists then set out to track an "exposure pathway," comparing people exposed to pollutants to people not exposed and then identifying how the exposure occurred. No such scientific protocol has been developed to examine the gas fields. Without one, the more common respiratory and skin ailments are increasingly accepted as being related to pollution, Teitelbaum said. But whether the more serious symptoms have anything to do with drilling is a complete unknown. "You hear and see everything you can possibly imagine, from miscarriages to multiple sclerosis to brain tumors," he said. "There is no way to document whether those things are real or not real."

That's why a health registry—a database to cross reference patterns of symptoms and locations where they occur with water and air tests—is so important, he said. Without this context, complaints from residents may not be taken seriously by doctors or environment officials, partly because people respond to chemical exposures differently. Their symptoms can vary widely and can be difficult to recognize.

"If someone comes in and just says I can't think straight, or I'm really tired or I have headaches, that's not measureable," said Dr. Kendall Gerdes, a Denver-based physician who specializes in ecological exposure cases and has seen a number of patients complaining about the gas patch. "Therefore it's considered psychosomatic by most doctors' training."

Gerdes said many of the symptoms roughly fit what ecological-disorder specialists in ecological disorders call multiple chemical sensitivity. It's a sort of catch-all to explain intense reactions to chemical compounds ranging from skin maladies to nerve damage.

According to Gerdes, those predisposed to chemical sensitivity are likely to have the most pronounced reactions to chemical exposures in drilling areas. "Characteristically that person will know they can't be around fresh paint, or can't wear perfume," he said. "So to me, it is an unrecognized vulnerability that, when put together with significant exposures, is enough to cause troubles."

The more people with chemical sensitivity are exposed, the more sensitized they get, Gerdes said. Before Susan Wallace-Babb passed out in the field by her truck, she had felt wooziness and headaches. In the weeks after, she couldn't bear the slightest exposure in places where she had previously felt safe.

"I would wake up in the middle of the night in pain and vomiting and so sick I could barely make it to the bathroom," she said. "And that was with the house closed."

Gerdes and others experts say that whatever affected Susan Wallace-Babb likely also affected others in her community, but they may not have exhibited the same symptoms or reacted as quickly.

For all the mysteries surrounding Wallace-Babb's condition, one thing was clear: When she was away from home, she felt better. When she returned, her symptoms worsened. "That's probably the clearest association you can make," Gerdes said. "When it happens several different times there is a correlation."

Wallace-Babb reluctantly decided to move.

"My body could not rid itself of the toxins," Wallace-Babb said. Her doctor warned her that if she didn't leave, she would never get better. "I thought gosh, there is my dream house. There is my dream all gone and what am I going to do?"

* * *

By late 2009, stories like Wallace-Babb's had become common in Garfield County, Colo., where she had lived and the natural gas production had jumped eightfold in the previous eight years.

Rick Roles, whose ranch is dotted with gas wells and used to be near a set of large open-air waste pits, complained of intense fatigue. His eyes and throat burned relentlessly, he told ProPublica during a visit in 2008. Light work made his heart race, and, like in the case of Voyles, doctors detected benzene in his blood. Roles was a smoker, which could explain the benzene. But he also raised goats with prized bucks, and after the wells were drilled, many of the kids were stillborn or deformed.

A few miles away another woman, Laura Amos, was diagnosed with a rare adrenal tumor she believed was caused by drilling chemicals that are used in fracking. In 2001, her water well exploded with methane and gray sediment the same day drillers pumped fluids underground to frack a well nearby. By 2003 she was sick. After her lawyers obtained documents from the drilling company, EnCana, showing that the suspected chemical was used in nearby wells, Amos accepted a multimillion-dollar settlement. The terms remain confidential, except for the fact that Amos is no longer allowed to talk about her case. Colorado fined EnCana for failing to contain its drilling waste properly. EnCana has said it disagreed with the state action and that there was no proof that fracking caused Amos' well problems.

Another local couple, the Mobaldis, experienced symptoms similar to those of Wallace-Babb and Voyles, but worse. Steve Mobaldi testified about his wife's condition at a 2007 congressional hearing. "Chris began to experience fatigue, headaches, hand numbness, bloody stools, rashes, and welts on her skin," he said. "Tiny blisters covered her entire body. The blisters would weep, then her skin would peel. ... Canker-type sores appeared in her mouth and down her throat, and they would disappear the next day. ... The racking pain was unbearable."

Chris Mobaldi developed a pituitary tumor and died in 2010 from a complication in her treatment.

In response to these cases and others, state and county health officials conducted a series of monitoring projects that found that gas drilling was the area's largest source of several hazardous air pollutants, including benzene and ozone-forming emissions. For several years, with the cooperation of federal health officials, Colorado monitored air quality in Garfield County, determining repeatedly that while pollution in the area did not exceed health standards, it probably meant there was a slightly elevated risk of cancer and other health effects. But none of those steps were sufficient to help officials determine the precise risk level. They didn't have a way to systematically record health complaints or to track which residents might have been exposed to which pollutants and when—the essential link in completing an epidemiological study.

Still, the incremental studies underscored concern among residents.

When Antero Resources announced plans in the spring of 2009 to drill 200 more wells in Battlement Mesa, a golf-course community almost within sight of Wallace-Babb's old home, about 400 residents petitioned the county to study the potential health impacts before they permitted the drilling.

In February 2010, the Garfield County board of commissioners hired researchers at the Colorado School of Public Health to conduct another health impact assessment, analyzing air samples collected by federal and state officials over the years to gauge the dangers of new drilling and how best to mitigate them. Whereas previous research had analyzed samples of emissions from sites across the county, this time researchers focused on the risk to one small, well-defined area, trying to assess the potential of risk increasing over time. The researchers also were tasked with designing a long-term plan to collect data on the drilling once it began, tracing how emissions affected residents. The two-pronged effort promised to be one of the most in-depth analyses so far of gas field health effects in the nation.

In a draft of the health impact assessment released in February 2011, the School of Public Health researchers concluded that without pollution control measures, emissions from drilling would likely be high enough to cause disease in Battlement Mesa, including respiratory and neurological problems, birth defects and cancer. The report said that air pollution was a greater risk than water pollution and pointed to fracking as the stage of drilling that released some of the most toxic emissions. The conclusion was starkly different from past government assessments, which were limited to determining whether pollution was dangerous at the time the samples were taken. The School of Public Health's view was that the drilling was clearly emitting carcinogens and that sooner or later this would lead to problems, according to Roxana Witter, an assistant research professor at the Colorado School of Public Health and the lead author of the study.

The authors stressed that data from the long-term monitoring phase of their research were needed to fill crucial gaps in evaluating the risks from drilling emissions, but the project wouldn't get that far.

The draft findings were immediately controversial.

"It got political," said John Martin, one of the Garfield County commissioners who oversaw the study. Martin said environmental groups wanted to use the study to stop drilling. "It got blown completely out of proportion and they took advantage of that issue to further their agenda."

The drilling industry was highly critical of the draft and its authors and pressed county officials to delay issuing its final report by extending the period for public comments. Money from outside interest groups had been flowing into elections for Garfield County commission seats, and in November 2010 a commissioner seen as a supporter of more health research was defeated.

In May, the commission decided not to extend the researchers' contract, and a final draft of the report was never produced, limiting the impact of its conclusions.

"The study wasn't finalized," said David Neslin, director of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. "We always have to be careful about using draft documents which haven't been finalized."

Martin, one of the commissioners who voted against paying to finish the project, said the commissioners had already gotten what they were looking for: general recommendations for how to mitigate potential health effects. If there are larger uncertainties about how drilling can affect public health, Martin said, that's for state and federal agencies to study.

"We have limitations and this is beyond the scope of what we need to be doing," he said.

For the next phase of the study—the long-term monitoring project—the county and the School of Public Health sought the help of Colorado's health department. The department had planned to apply to the EPA for funding to measure drilling emissions and track their movement as drilling progressed.

But in August, local gas drilling companies informed government officials they would not cooperate with the study unless Garfield County and the state agreed to replace Witter's team with other academic researchers and start over.

"GarCO operators have collectively decided a Garfield County air study, conducted by the Colorado Public School of Health [sic], is unworkable and one they are unable to participate in moving forward," wrote David Ludlam, executive director of the West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association, in an Aug. 3 email that was forwarded to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Antero did not respond to requests for comment. In an email to ProPublica, Ludlam explained the industry wanted to see a scientific organization like Colorado State University's Department of Atmospheric Science do the work, rather than Witter. "It is less about a tangible bias and more about an overall environment of distrust in Garfield County resulting from their previous work product being politicized by outside parties," he wrote.

The state health department abandoned, for the time being, its plans for the research one week after receiving Ludlam's email, withdrawing its application for federal funding.

The project's demise has left the state's leading environmental doctors discouraged. "It is tragic," said Teitelbaum. "We are going lickety split ahead with the drilling along the East Coast and nobody knows what the hell is going on. And nobody wants to spend any money on it."

While Teitelbaum and others wait for answers, Wallace-Babb continues to grapple with the ailments that drove her from Colorado.

In 2006, she moved to Winnsboro, Texas, a small town two hours east of Dallas. For three years her symptoms gradually improved, until she could work in her garden and go about her normal daily routine. Then, early last year, Exxon launched a project in an old oil field 14 miles away and began fracking wells to get them to produce more oil. Within months, Wallace-Babb's symptoms returned. Again, she wears a respirator to visit the grocery store. Again, she is looking to move.

"It's one thing if you choose to work for that industry and you get damaged from that exposure," Wallace-Babb said. "At least they made money. But if you are just living and minding your own business and your life gets torn asunder, it's different.

"I made nothing. I got all the damage."



me2 - Sep. 16

I can’t stress enough, people need to read the book “INCONCLUSIVE BY DESIGN,” PDF download, free on the net. This will answer WHY science always lags behind, or NEVER CATCHES UP to the reality.

Regulatory Agencies protect the perpetrators, NOT THE PEOPLE.

Nancy Sep. 16

But fracking is totally safe. Natural gas companies and republicans say so. Science? What science? I feel like we’re living in an alternate universe where America has been taken over by greedy monsters. Have we?

Stuart Davies Sep. 16

Compare the list of symptoms that people suffer near fracking wells to those who have been exposed to the dispersant corexit in the gulf states. The similarities is not surprising, given that many of the same highly toxic chemicals are used in both areas, including 2butoxyethanol. Here is a good site with a fairly detailed list of many of the nasty chemicals used in fracking: .

All of this poisoning of groundwater and people all over the world, in order to create another opportunity to fleece investors in another elaborate scam, otherwise known as the great shale gas “bonanza” that has been hyped so much in the corporate media of late.

The story about the vast new reserves of natural gas supposedly made available by this extraction method has been reported as fact over and over, and continues to be reported as such, in spite of the reports from numerous gas industry insiders which have been leaking out for many months that indicate it is a campaign of mass deception on the magnitude of the ENRON scam.

Here are a few links to some good articles on that aspect of the fracking outrage:

The Delusional People Who Want to Frack This Country Up

bicbic - Sep. 16

Natural gases coming from the ground are odorless and cannot be detected by their odor.

Gas companies add hydrogen sulfide so household gas can be detected.

Being gases they are wafted around by breezes, etc and are present sometimes, so symptoms of exposure can be transient.

Controlled tests are needed to determine toxicity and carcinogenity. I suggest exposing gas company executives to known concentrations and monitoring their symptoms and health over time.

Alex - Sep. 16

A musical tribute to the public relations assault by the industry and kid glove treatment by certain media networks to make it seem so harmless and job-producing:

Perhaps the proper encouragement for safer practices would be a regulation requiring energy executives to live on site of an active well, 24/7 for one month out of every year (with no protective gear other than a hard hat.)

Canucnik - Sep. 16

The “Big Plan!”

Seriously over estimate the amount of Natural Gas Reserves in North America so that you can seriously totally exploit the Alberta Tar Sands sooner rather than later as was the original plan…slower, cleaner, safer and use a way less water…

Note 1: the heavy crude is extra to the daily refinement of the oil that goes on in the 150 of 300 oil refineries and requires a lot more gas in the process.

Enbridge to expand with another big pipe, piggy back, to the present “Big Pipe Line to Texas” from 500,000 to 800,000 to 1,000,000 barrels a DAY (projected to 2 million barrels). The extra gas and fresh water required will be enormous…it will totally wipe out what is left of the fresh air in Texas.

Note 2. Chesapeake Energy with 2 million acres in the Marcellus Shale Field is the number one long term investment in the oil patch right now!

So New York be ready they are coming for ya!

In order to refine and off-shore (It’s not for North America) this heavy crude at 2,000,000 barrels a day, these boys are going to have to hydraulically fracture every shale gas field and gas well, old and new, in North America.

Can you imagine the water used up to frack just one well 7 times to make sure Exxon gets all of it…

The secret chemicals alone will cost Halliburton a small fortune…

The water, the air, the landscape…we, all North Americans, are going to be living in our own science fiction movie!

Kim Feil - Sep. 16

In my blog, I detail the shortcomings of the million dollar Ft Worth air study that the rest of the country may look at and think it is just compressor stations that failed the air tests…but the recent feedback has been that the study IS INCONCLUSIVE BY DSEIGN. As I type this here in Arlington TX downwind from 22 gas wells at UT Arlington, I dread going to sleep at night only to be awaken by severe joint pain (my husband’s shoulder hurts too). I have had hip pain for a year now, my 14 year old has had the whole BP symptom - 10 day lethargic, dizzy, eyes dilated when we think he was exposed to a cooling inversion that pushed the toxins to ground level. A friend also living downwind to a drill site was gassed when the well near her went off line after a storm, her 200 lb dog couldn’t walk right the next day. I wear a respirator sometimes outside the air is so bad. We need a revolution to stem this flow of gas drilling….the only way I can describe this is that ” we are being poisoned like a NAZI DEATH CAMP, only it is our homes where it is happening over time and we have to endure this until it kills us.

Juanita Sneeuwjag

Sep. 16, 11:25 p.m.

We have the same problems here in the Appalachian Mountains of Southwestern Virginia as those stated above. Will anyone listen or take us seriously? NO! As far as EQT, CNX, and Range Resources are concerned, we are just expendable. Our County and State leaders look the other way. It appears everyone who could and should do something about the contamination brought on by fracing gas wells is on the payroll of big gas companies. Cheap energy?

David McFatridge

Sep. 17, 12:26 a.m.

In Texas the regulatory (TCEQ) agencies have been compromised by the polluters. Rick Perry has been given over $1,000,000.00 per year by Big Oil & Gas, he inturn appoints the agency heads that are pro business to TCEQ. To see how TCEQ operates check out these news videos: and This is just the tip of a very big iceburg!


Sep. 17, 8:43 a.m.

@“Mike H”...

Seems like when you flat-out contradict something and throw in another statement that infers collusion to commit wrong-doing you should provide links to the data that supports your statements.

Liz Rosenbaum

Sep. 17, 9:50 a.m.

PA Governor Corbett has cut $165 million from the PA DEP budget this year. Yet DEP Secretary Krancer assures us that Pennsylvania doesn’t need the EPA or the multi-state Delaware River Basin Commission to protect its citizens from the adverse health effects of shale drilling - it would be “redundant.” At the recent Shale Gas Industry Expo in Philadelphia, they were actually laughing, saying that renewable energy exists only in “fantasy land.” Pennsylvania has become one big Fact-Free zone. Science is mounting, whether they want to acknowledge it or not. It’s time to get these frackers out of office….


Sep. 17, 10:48 a.m.

I live in an extremely conservative district and the commissioners want the hydraulic fracturing because it’s money for the county. It will take 80% of the population sickened for them to realize these energy companies are not out to help them but to make a profit at the expense of their health. It’s sad that Americans has been dumped down to the point that thier life has to be ruined before they will stop buying into the propaganda. It’s true for all areas in medicine and the financial crisis, we simply aren’t getting it. I just hope that these problems wake up Americans to what is being done to them before it is too late.

Susan Marie

Sep. 17, 11:11 a.m.

Same old thread running through all the environmental articles, be it about fracking, contaminants in water, food, drugs, soil, nukes, dioxin, pesticides, etc.

Guaranteed response from the official spokesmen of companies or supposed government agency officials assigned oversight of the problem: “We need further study.” “We lack complete information.” “Let’s set up an advisory committee to monitor the situation.”

In the meantime nearby residents become ill or die from continuous exposure to poisons, inadequate regulation and lack of response from the government bureaucrats.

There should be no “proprietary” ingredients kept secret from the public, who deserve and are entitled to be informed about toxics being used around them, instead of being told that there are no “immediate” or “significant” health effects. The truth is that the bureaucrats either are totally ignorant or totally deceptive.





Does an Old EPA Fracking Study Provide Proof of Contamination? (Aug. 4, 2011)
For years the drilling industry has steadfastly insisted that there has never been a proven case in which fracking has led to contamination of drinking water. Now Environmental Working Group, an advocacy organization engaged in the debate over the safety of fracking, has unearthed a 24-year-old case study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that unequivocally says such contamination has occurred. The New York Times reported on EWG's year-long research effort and the EPA's paper Wednesday. The 1987 EPA report, which describes a dark, mysterious gel found in a water well in Jackson County, W.Va., states that gels were also used to hydraulically fracture a nearby natural gas well and that "the residual fracturing fluid migrated into (the resident's) water well." The circumstances of this particular well are not unique. There are several other cases across the country where evidence suggests similar contamination has occurred and many more where the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing have contaminated water supplies on the surface. ProPublica has written about many of them in the course of a three-year investigation into the safety of drilling for natural gas. But the language found in the EPA report made public Wednesday is the strongest articulation yet by federal officials that there is a direct causal connection between man-made fissures thousands of feet underground and contaminants found in well water gone bad. The explanation, presented in the EPA's own words, stands in stark contrast to recent statements made by EPA officials that they could not document a proven case of contamination and a 2004 EPA report that concluded that fracturing was safe."This is our leading regulatory agency coming to the conclusion that hydraulic fracturing can and did contaminate underground sources of drinking water, which contradicts what industry has been saying for years," said Dusty Horwitt, EWG's senior counsel and the lead researcher on the report. CLIP

Scientific Study Links Flammable Drinking Water to Fracking (May 9, 2011)
For the first time, a scientific study has linked natural gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing with a pattern of drinking water contamination so severe that some faucets can be lit on fire. The peer-reviewed study, published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, stands to shape the contentious debate over whether drilling is safe and begins to fill an information gap that has made it difficult for lawmakers and the public to understand the risks. The research was conducted by four scientists at Duke University. They found that levels of flammable methane gas in drinking water wells increased to dangerous levels when those water supplies were close to natural gas wells. They also found that the type of gas detected at high levels in the water was the same type of gas that energy companies were extracting from thousands of feet underground, strongly implying that the gas may be seeping underground through natural or manmade faults and fractures, or coming from cracks in the well structure itself. “Our results show evidence for methane contamination of shallow drinking water systems in at least three areas of the region and suggest important environmental risks accompanying shale gas exploration worldwide,” the article states.The group tested 68 drinking water wells in the Marcellus and Utica shale drilling areas in northeastern Pennsylvania and southern New York State. Sixty of those wells were tested for dissolved gas. While most of the wells had some methane, the water samples taken closest to the gas wells had on average 17 times the levels detected in wells further from active drilling. The group defined an active drilling area as within one kilometer, or about six tenths of a mile, from a gas well.The average concentration of the methane detected in the water wells near drilling sites fell squarely within a range that the U.S. Department of Interior says is dangerous and requires urgent “hazard mitigation” action, according to the study. CLIP

Natural Gas Drilling: What We Don’t Know (Dec. 31, 2009)
(...) ProPublica has uncovered more than a thousand reports of water contamination from drilling across the country, some from surface spills and some from seepage underground. In many instances the water is contaminated with compounds found in the fluids used in hydraulic fracturing. ProPublica also found dozens of homes in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Colorado in which gas from drilling had migrated through underground cracks into basements or wells. But most of these problems have been blamed on peripheral problems that could be associated with hydraulic fracturing – like well failures or leaks – without a rigorous investigation of the entire process. ProPublica has also found that drilling procedures that can prevent water pollution and sharply reduce toxic air emissions – another frequent side effect -- are seldom required by state regulators and are mostly practiced when and where the industry wishes.Another uncertainty arises from the enormous amounts of water needed for “fracking.” The government estimates that companies will drill at least 32,000 new gas wells annually by 2012. That could mean more than 100 billion gallons of hazardous fluids will be used and disposed of each year if existing techniques, which often involve 4 million gallons of water per well, are used. Proposals for new regulations that might prevent many of these problems almost always lead to a fight. And more often than not, that fight devolves into stark, overdrawn choices between turning on the lights or having clean drinking water; getting rich or staying poor. Energy lobbyists portray skeptics as hysterical and would-be-regulators as over-reaching. Environmentalists cast the dangers as more proven than is the case, and as unsolvable. In less contentious settings, even the industry acknowledges the lack of science on key issues.

Buried Secrets: Is Natural Gas Drilling Endangering U.S. Water Supplies? (Nov. 13, 2008)
In July, a hydrologist dropped a plastic sampling pipe 300 feet down a water well in rural Sublette County, Wyo., and pulled up a load of brown oily water with a foul smell. Tests showed it contained benzene, a chemical believed to cause aplastic anemia and leukemia, in a concentration 1,500 times the level safe for people.The results sent shockwaves through the energy industry and state and federal regulatory agencies.Sublette County is the home of one of the nation's largest natural gas fields, and many of its 6,000 wells have undergone a process pioneered by Halliburton called hydraulic fracturing, which shoots vast amounts of water, sand and chemicals several miles underground to break apart rock and release the gas. The process has been considered safe since a 2004 study (PDF) by the Environmental Protection Agency found that it posed no risk to drinking water. After that study, Congress even exempted hydraulic fracturing from the Safe Drinking Water Act. Today fracturing is used in nine out of 10 natural gas wells in the United States.Over the last few years, however, a series of contamination incidents have raised questions about that EPA study and ignited a debate over whether the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing may threaten the nation's increasingly precious drinking water supply. CLIP

Underused Drilling Practices Could Avoid Pollution (Dec. 14, 2009)
As environmental concerns threaten to derail natural gas drilling projects across the country, the energy industry has developed innovative ways to make it easier to exploit the nation's reserves without polluting air and drinking water.Energy companies have figured out how to drill wells with fewer toxic chemicals, enclose wastewater so it can't contaminate streams and groundwater, and sharply curb emissions from everything from truck traffic to leaky gas well valves. Some of their techniques also make good business sense because they boost productivity and ultimately save the industry money -- $10,000 per well in some cases.Yet these environmental safeguards are used only intermittently in the 32 states where natural gas is drilled. The energy industry is exempted from many federal environmental laws, so regulation of this growing industry is left almost entirely to the states, which often recommend, but seldom mandate the use of these techniques. 

(...) Interviews with state officials and industry executives in states across the country show the industry tends to use these environmental safeguards only when political, regulatory, cost or social pressures force it to do so. When states have tried to toughen regulations aimed at protecting the environment or institutionalizing these practices, energy companies have fought hard to defend the status quo. They argue that current laws are sufficient, that mandating practices imposes specific solutions on regions where they may not work best, and that the cost of complying with additional laws and safeguards would bankrupt them.

(...) Few notions have sparked more hope among environmentalists than the possibility of replacing toxic chemicals used in drilling with what are being called "green" or non-toxic drilling fluids. A review of scientific documents and interviews with drilling companies and the chemists who supply them shows that the transition is more than theoretical. It's starting to happen.EnCana, a Canadian company that operates on both sides of the border, recently said it stopped using 2-Butoxyethanol, a solvent that has caused reproductive problems in animals. BJ Services, one of the largest fracturing service providers in the world, has discontinued the use of fluorocarbons, a family of compounds that are persistent environmental pollutants. Neither company would say what it is using to replace these chemicals. But a presentation made by Denver-based Antero Resources and obtained by ProPublica says that plant-based oils are occasionally replacing mineral oil and that soy can replace some toxic polymers. David Holcomb, director of research for the Texas-based drilling chemistry company Frac Tech, offered more specifics: He uses orange citrus to replace some solvents, and palm oil in place of a common slicking agent that has been prohibited in Europe but is still allowed in the United States. The "single biggest move" the industry has made to reduce the toxicity of its fluids, according to David Dunlap, chief operating officer for BJ Services, is phasing out diesel fuel, a solvent that contains the potent carcinogen benzene.

(...) Despite these improvements, it is still difficult to say how safe the drilling and fracturing fluids are for people, and for the environment. The EPA says "green" chemistry should not be dangerously toxic and should not build up in plants or organisms. But because there are no laws that dictate what chemicals can be used for drilling on U.S. soil -- and because most companies still keep the exact makeup of their fluids a secret from state and federal regulators -- the definition of "green" remains subjective. "Green" is often shades of gray.New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation raised the "green" issue in its new environmental review for drilling in the Marcellus Shale. The report said that while non-toxic fracturing fluids would be preferable, "it may not be feasible to require the use of 'green' chemicals because presently there is no metric or chemicals approvals process in place in the U.S."Actually, such standards do exist, but only for the fracturing fluids used in offshore drilling. Both European law and the regulations of the U.S. Minerals and Management Services dictate that chemicals used in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico must be safe enough that they won't kill fish and other organisms if they are dumped overboard."You can always do it," said BJ Services' Dunlap, whose company has been a leader in innovating sustainable materials. But, Dunlap said, the chemistry costs more, and is justifiable to his shareholders only because the regulations for offshore drilling left no choice. CLIP

My Water's On Fire Tonight (The Fracking Song)
The song is based on ProPublica's investigation on hydraulic fractured gas drilling (read the full investigation here:

B.C. agency probes possible link between gas 'fracking' and earthquakes (SEPTEMBER 29, 2011)
VANCOUVER — B.C.'s energy regulator says it will investigate a link between hydraulic fracturing and new earthquake activity in the extreme northeastern corner of B.C.Hydraulic fracturing, commonly called fracking, is a controversial natural gas extraction-technique where the rock is literally fractured by forcing water and chemicals underground at high pressure.B.C. Oil and Gas Commission spokesman Hardy Friedrich said a recent examination of seismic survey data in northeastern B.C. showed the Horn River Basin area near Fort Nelson warranted a closer look.Since 2009, there have been 31 earthquakes in the Horn River Basin, an active natural gas extraction area. Before 2009, the area had not experienced any recorded earthquake activity, said Friedrich.The earthquakes ranged in size from 2.5 to 3.5 on the Richter scale, which typically means they can be felt but rarely cause damage.Three of the earthquakes took place as hydraulic fracturing was underway, said Friedrich."There hasn't been a link between the hydraulic fracturing and anomalous seismic activity, but we wanted to take a proactive approach," Friedrich said Thursday.The plan is for the oil and gas commission to work with the Pacific Geoscience Centre, which monitors and researches earthquakes.However, Friedrich could not provide any details on the scope of the study, or say when it would start or when it would be completed.The Pacific Geoscience Centre, located in Victoria, could not provide any comment on Thursday afternoon.The concern over whether hydraulic fracturing can trigger earthquake activity is part of a larger concern with the technique, which also include the use of large volumes of water and some toxic material.In some cases, this waste is forced back under pressure into empty reservoirs.Concerns focus on groundwater contamination and the migration of gases to the surface.No harm to groundwater has been reported in B.C., but the practice has been banned already in the state of New York and in France. Moratoriums have also been placed on fracking in Quebec and New Jersey.Simon Fraser University geologist John Clague said he believes the earthquakes in northeastern B.C. are clearly related to the natural gas activity in the region. CLIP

Ottawa launches reviews of shale gas 'fracking' (SEPTEMBER 21, 2011) OTTAWA — The federal Conservative government is launching two separate reviews on the science and use of hydraulic fracturing by the energy industry in Canada and its impact on the environment. The move comes as jurisdictions around the world, including Quebec and New York state, have halted 'fracking' operations or have launched extensive reviews on the use of the technique to tap shale gas reserves and other fossil fuels.Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent already has said the federal government is monitoring shale gas extraction and has the power to regulate its development, although it's mostly an area of provincial and territorial jurisdiction. He has now asked the Council of Canadian Academies — a not-for-profit agency that provides science-based studies — for an independent, expert-panel assessment "of the state of scientific knowledge on potential environmental impacts from the development of Canada's shale gas resources."Kent also has ordered department officials to develop an internal work plan to examine any potential environmental consequences of shale gas development, according to his parliamentary secretary, Michelle Rempel, a Calgary MP. "One study will be conducted by an independent panel of experts, while a further in-house study examining shale gas development will be undertaken within Environment Canada," Rempel said during a debate in the House of Commons. "We are committed to the safe, responsible and sustainable development of Canada's natural resources . . . and to ensuring economic growth occurs within a framework of environmental stewardship."

(...) There is no large-scale production of shale gas in Canada, but the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers believes it could play an important role in meeting a growing demand for natural gas for decades to come.Earlier this month, CAPP — the oil and gas sector's main lobby group — published five broad guidelines it wants its members to follow during shale gas fracking. They include safeguarding groundwater, as well as more public disclosure on how much water is being used and what fracturing fluid additives are included in the process.Tom Huffaker, CAPP's vice-president of policy and environment, said the group welcomes the review and hopes the science-based examination will address any public concerns and further prove the safety of shale gas fracking."We get that our social licence to operate is about how we perform. It's also about how we communicate," Huffaker said. "When people are concerned about things, we need to address that, we need to talk about it." Matthew Bramley, director of research for the Pembina Institute, an Alberta-based environmental think-tank, said an independent review of fracking is needed because there remains insufficient scientific information on its environmental consequences. Moreover, very little is known about the overall state of groundwater in Canada, he said. He said he welcomes CAPP's guidelines for petroleum producers, but is calling for stronger federal regulations, as well as mandatory disclosure of industry's use of water and chemicals when extracting shale gas."There certainly is a significant hazard that is posed by hydraulic fracturing," Bramley argued. "You're injecting a chemical cocktail underground in the vicinity of groundwater."

Alta. fears green 'misinformation' on fracking: documents (AUGUST 18, 2011)
EDMONTON — Leaked Alberta cabinet documents suggest the province is worried environmental groups will undermine public support for shale gas development by spreading "misinformation" about health and environmental effects of chemical fracking. The records show the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers has offered to work with the government to "enhance" public relations efforts. CAPP, a powerful industry lobby group, is the only non-governmental organization that will be consulted during inter-governmental talks.

(...) NDP environment critic Rachel Notley called on the government to launch an independent investigation into the safety of hydraulic fracking. "The Conservative government has already made its decision around the safety and the pros and cons of hydraulic fracturing of shale gas," Notley said. "Having made that decision, they are now proceeding to simply find ways to enable industry to access it as quickly as possible." She said the documents show the government was "colluding" with other government and industry to manipulate public opinion." The Conservative government is working behind closed doors with industry without any kind of public participation," she added.The briefing note was prepared by environmental policy officials and says "the Ministry of Energy is seeking the support of Alberta Environment for this project. "Energy Department spokesman Jay O'Neill said the project outline is a draft document and has not been formally adopted by Alberta. "There were still changes being made to it as late as last week," O'Neill said of the document. The government has not decided whether to collaborate with CAPP regarding public relations, he said, and he is unaware of any plans to conduct an independent or scientific review of fracking safety. CLIP




Canada sitting on 'massive' store of geothermal energy

By Margaret Munro - September 13, 2011

VANCOUVER — A "massive" store of clean, renewable energy is sitting at Canadians' feet, according to a federal report on geothermal energy.

Tapping into hot rocks that are tantalizingly close to the surface in western and northern Canada could generate more electricity than the entire country now consumes and generate few greenhouse gas emissions, says the report by a team of 12 scientists led by Stephen Grasby at the federal Geological Survey of Canada.

"As few as 100 projects could meet Canada's energy needs," according to the team's findings, to be presented at a geothermal conference in Toronto on Thursday.

The 322-report suggests the clean, renewable source of energy could be a game-changer.

"Canada's in-place geothermal power exceeds one million times Canada's current electrical consumption," the report says.

The heat is closest to the surface in large swaths of British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon and Northwest Territories, but the report says geothermal energy opportunities exist across Canada.

It notes that geothermal has distinct advantages over not only fossil fuels and nuclear energy but also wind, solar and biofuels, as the Earth's heat is available 24 hours a day, year-round.

Grasby said that geothermal is not without technological and environmental risks. But there is no question there is a vast amount of clean energy underfoot, he said, and the country is well placed to start drilling for it.

"Of anywhere in the world, Canada has the technology and knowledge to move this forward," Grasby said, pointing to expertise devised for energy exploration and mining.

Co-author Michal Moore, an expert on geothermal energy at the University of Calgary, said Canada should be testing advanced geothermal energy systems, as they promise an assured source of clean, reliable energy. Geothermal is free of the greenhouse gases generated by electricity plants powered by coal and other fossil fuels, he said, and it sidesteps the problems with nuclear power, which are making headlines again this week after an explosion at a nuclear waste treatment site in France.

"It is just silly not to take advantage of a heat source like this," said Moore.

Canada's fledging, and in many ways frustrated, geothermal energy industry welcomes the federal report.

Craig Dunn, chief executive officer of Borealis GeoPower in Calgary, said "people often look at us like we're crazy" when trying to promote Canada's "phenomenal" geothermal resource.

"Well, now we can now point to this report by a team of very reputable people," said Dunn.

Temperatures at the centre of the Earth hover around 5,500 degrees Celsius, which is about as hot as the sun's surface. The lava spewing out of volcanoes, and hot water from geysers and hot springs, give just a glimpse of the heat available within five kilometres of the surface.

One of biggest advantages of geothermal is that it is constantly available.

"You don't need the wind to blow or the sun to shine," said Alexander Richter, director of Canadian Geothermal Energy Association.

The biggest downside to geothermal energy is the high upfront costs. Wells must be drilled kilometres deep to bring the heat to the surface and plants must be built to turn the heat into electricity. It takes five to seven years to get a geothermal energy system operating, said Richter.

But once the plant is in place the energy, at least in theory, would flow indefinitely, said Richter, whose association is looking to Ottawa for more technical and regulatory support.

Geothermal energy has long been used in Iceland to directly heat homes and buildings, and it is increasingly used in the U.S. and elsewhere to generate electricity.

In conventional geothermal systems, hot water it is drawn up from depths and used to drive generators to produce electricity.

Canada has yet to plug into geothermal electricity but there are several small projects on the drawing boards in western and northern Canada.

But those projects just scratch the surface, said Richter and his colleagues. They estimate there are at least 5,000 megawatts of geothermal electricity available in B.C., Alberta, and the Yukon.

As evidence, Dunn points to northern B.C. where companies have hit on water up to 180 degrees C while drilling for oil and gas.

B.C. is "blessed" with so much geothermal energy that he said it could produce as much electricity as the controversial $7.9-billion, 1,100 megawatt Site C hydroelectric dam proposed by the B.C. government.

"You would not need to build Site C if you chose to develop the geothermal resources in northeast B.C.," said Dunn, who also sees plenty of the Earth's heat going to waste in Alberta.

One Alberta energy company has wells producing two per cent gas and 98 per cent hot water, which at 80 degrees C is hot enough to make plenty of power, said Dunn.

"Enhanced" geothermal holds the potential to generate even more energy and is available across the country, says the report. It entails drilling deep wells and then fracturing or "fracking" rock several kilometres underground.

Water, or possibly even carbon dioxide gas, is injected down the wells and migrates through the cracked rocks to capture heat. The heated water, or CO2, is then brought back to the surface to produce electricity, said Grasby, who notes enhanced geothermal systems are being tested in Europe and Australia.

He and his colleagues estimate 100 enhanced geothermal plants could supply all of Canada's electricity needs. The researchers point to the Meager Mountain, about 150 kilometres north of Vancouver, as one of the most promising sites. Water hotter than 270 degrees C was discovered three kilometres underground at Meager Mountain when exploratory wells were drilled there as part of a national geothermal energy program, which ended in 1986.


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