August 24, 1999

Subject: Another X-Files issue: "ET Contact" a Real Possibility and "Living the Days of Prophecy", the coming Prophets Conference + EXTRATERRESTRIALS MAY CAUSE REVOLUTION IN CHINA + Chinese persecution of Ghi Gong practitioners + Some mostly natural remedies to help with changes in the EMF + The Mothman Prophecies + the mystifying Crop formations in UK and around the world and much much more

Hello everyone

Before sending you another series of feedbacks on the August 11 meditation day, I'd like to share with you this compilation of ET-related material, particularly because there will soon be an important event: "Living the Days of Prophecy", the Prophets Conference taking place on August 27-29 in Port Townsend, Washington, USA (see below). I've also included some other items of interest such as the Chinese persecution of Ghi Gong practitioners that was mentioned a couple weeks ago in the news.

Also, in relation to the feedback below from Laurel Rivera about genetically modified foods, may I invite you all to go on my site at:
to read a long document I just posted there whose subjects includes: Extensive Anti-Genetic Engineering Resource list + Farming's genetic revolution has yet to materialise + New Study Links Monsanto's Roundup To Cancer + DIOXIN ON OUR PLATES + Japanese Choke on American Biofood + British 'Supergerm' Created For Defense and more.

I'm sure this will prove to be an enlightening experience

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. In addition to the 3rd series of feedbacks on August 11, I will also send you soon a post about the Aspartame Awareness Day worldwide on August 28 and after that all these Y2K updates I've collected for you.

And then the deck will be cleared for a Good Laugh with an hilarious collection of jokes :-)

Oh! and check also below a very small sampling of the extraordinary pictures you will find at - The mysterious authors of these pictograms have really surpassed themselves this summer...

From: "Laurel Rivera" <>
Subject: Re: Other news you may have missed:

Jean...Regarding GM August 99 issue "Vegetarian Times"...good
article. Check it out on the web: This will really
get out to the "mainstream" folks who aren't as aware of what's going on.

Appreciate your service on this earth.


Date: 06 August 1999
Subject: Fw: Conscious Life, Dr. Steven Greer & The Prophets Conference

"ET Contact" a Real Possibility

An Interview with Dr. Steven Greer

- By Randy Peyser

Dr. Steven Greer, an emergency room physician and the International
Director for The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
(CSETI) will be a featured speaker at The Prophet's Conference in Pt.
Townsend, WA, Aug. 27-29. Presenters include Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. John
Mack, Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, Gregg Braden, James Twyman, John A. Keel,
and others.

Randy Peyser: You state that you have successfully established preliminary
contact and communication with extraterrestrial spacecraft at close range.
Can you talk about that?
Dr. Steven Greer:

Yes. This is a major theme of my new book, Extraterrestrial Contact: The
Evidence and Implications. CSETI has teams which go out all over the world
establishing contact with these life forms at close range.

RP: How do you establish contact?

SG: We use lasers, electromagnetic systems, high-powered light, and radio
signals that we send which have beeping tones on them that have been
recorded off of UFOs. We transmit these signals out into space as sort of a
beacon so they can pick up exactly where we are. Then we remotely vector
these crafts into the site, using thought.

RP: You use thought?

SG: I believe that's what these life forms are using for communicating through
interstellar space because the speed of light is too slow. If your star
system is only a thousand light years away, you're going to have some means
of communication that bypasses linear space and time. The Moody Blues
weren't too far off the mark when they said, "Thinking is the best way to
travel." I would modify that to say that thought is operating outside the
constraints of linear space and time. Therefore, communication can be
instant even if it's across an entire galaxy of 150,000 light years, such
as the Milky Way.

RP: Do you train people to do this?

SG: Yes. We take people through this program where they can not only remotely view the spacecraft, but they can remotely vector it, showing them where we are
and guiding them in. On many occasions we've had these craft appear
overhead, right above the ground. Sometimes they're phase-shifted so they
almost look like a hologram, like a translucent sort of craft.
We train people all over the world, not for the purpose of giving people a
curiosity seeker's show of the universe, but to give people the skills to
be citizen ambassadors. In my experience, ETs are interested in not only
understanding us, but in helping us. They are ready to interface with us in
a peaceful way if we approach them in a peaceful way.

RP: Can you address the fear factor associated with UFOs? We've all heard
reports about abductions, implants, and experiments conducted upon people
by the Grays.

SG: It's nonsense. We have a very serious problem where advanced black budget
covert projects that operate outside of any constitutional oversight have
taken extraterrestrial materials and biological matter and created
scenarios using those to make it look like there are extraterrestrial
events going on which are, in fact, 100 percent human in origin. For
example, the Grays that I know that exist are artificial biological life
forms that are made out at a facility in New Mexico named Dulce which is
connected underground to Los Alamos.

We have already cloned not only humans, but things that look
extraterrestrial but aren't. They're based on the genetic material that we
have retrieved. I'm telling you on the record for the first time that we do
have this ability and I have people who can confirm this.
Humans have also been targeted for abduction by paramilitary units using
very sophisticated warfare systems, electronics that can interface with
consciousness and have set up these things called, "abductions."
I'm not saying that every person who's had an ET encounter has been the
victim of a military encounter, but the ones you hear about for the most
part are victims of military operations. This sounds more bizarre than
saying there are ETs, but it also happens to be the truth. I have spoken to
people who have been on abduction squads and they don't know why they're
doing this. They're commanded to do it and they do it.

For many years we have had what are called, "alien reproduction vehicles,"
that look like UFOs but are manufactured by a consortium of companies such
as Lockheed Martin, Northrup, E-Systems, and FAIC and others. These things
in conjunction with electronics that allow an interface with conscious
thought and the conscious state of a human have been used to simulate
extraterrestrial abductions.

What's disturbing about this is that people who have had real ET encounters
have subsequently been targeted for this kind of faux experience to confuse
the database and put a spin of fear on the subject. There has been a
deliberate attempt to demonize and frighten people about this issue.

RP: But why?

SG: Abductions, cattle mutilations, and other frightening scenarios have been
militarily orchestrated for the purpose of putting information out which
would discredit the field in the eyes of mainstream scientists, policy
makers, and the media.

The reason behind this is that people profit from war. Military spending in
the world just hit a trillion dollars this year. To grow it to a three
trillion dollar business in the next millennia, you've got to have an enemy
off planet, because everyone knows that with every small country in the
world getting nuclear weapons, we can't afford any more international
conflicts that are of any significance.

There is an attempt in my opinion to export this "threat." I'm almost
quoting now from Ronald Reagan who on multiple occasions said, "Wouldn't
our task of creating world unity and peace be easier if we had a common
alien threat to unite against and fight?"

Instead of the "evil empire" being the Soviet Union, there has been an
attempt to gradually indoctrinate and condition people to be afraid of and
to hate everything extraterrestrial so that there could be a justification
for the military industrial complex to have a very strong, space-based
presence in the next century.

We've been working with the government trying to encourage them to totally
close down all these secret projects and get this information out so that
we can safely begin to come together as a people and discuss how to
peacefully establish long-term relations with these life forms. People have
to begin to empower themselves to be citizen diplomats.


Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999
From: Ron Henry <>
Subject: Living the Days of Prophecy - Gregg Braden at The Prophets Conference

Because of the great number of people registering to attend, the
unprecedented visiting faculty, and the extraordinary location, The Prophets Conference ~ Port Townsend, Washington, taking place August 27-29, is rapidly becoming a major event for the last year of the 20th Century. Linking the physical and the metaphysical, this gathering calls together the community of compassionate bearers of change - new planetary humans busy filling the space left empty from our old order's decline.

Together, we create a history-making event.

I invite you to join Gregg Braden at The Prophets Conference Port Townsend
as he takes us on a very special journey into earth mysteries, ancient
traditions and human relationships. He will give an insightful individual
presentation, "Living the Days of Prophecy," and will be joining Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Joan Ocean, James Twyman, and Ilona Selke on the panel "Evoking the Numinous: A Path of Revelation, Evolution, Awakening."

You may find out much more about Gregg Braden and this special gathering by
visiting If you would like to
receive more information, you may call toll-free: 1-888-777-5981 to receive a conference brochure or by emailing

The following interview with Gregg gives us an appreciation for his work. (TAKEN OUT FOR LACK OF SPACE - CHECK HIS WEBSITE INSTEAD)

Thank you and aloha,


To find out more about Gregg Braden's teachings go to:

MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
July 30, 1999, (609) 654-0020


The largest political group in China outside the Communist Party is
the Falun Gong that attempts to improve a person's health through
exercise, mediation, and contact with unseen extraterrestrial forces.
The group has up to 70 million members, (wow!) and is considered the
most serious threat to communist rule since the 1989 pro-democracy
protests. Falun Gong doctrines draw on a belief in extraterrestrial
forces, martial arts, Buddhism, Taoism, high moral standards, and
traditional values. This belief system results in members who are
seldom sick, and so they rarely use Chinese medical facilities.

On April 25, ten thousand Falun Gong members conducted a silent
protest against government harassment outside the Beijing compound
where President Jiang Zemin lives. Additional silent protests were
carried out in more than 30 Chinese cities allegedly coordinated over
the Internet by sect founder Li Hongzhi, who lives in New York.
Coupled with the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in
Yugoslavia the Communist government is extremely worried.
Thousands of Falun Gong members are being arrested and put in
prison while millions of their books are being burned.

Old Chinese legends talk of fiery dragons on which the sons of
Heaven rode. Although China has asked the United Nations in
recent years to join them in studying UFOs, this spreading belief
in extraterrestrials terrifies the government. The threat of a civil
uprising against Communism in China is more likely than is
generally realized. China is attempting to stop further trouble by
issuing an arrest order for the popular Li Hongzhi the leader of
Falun Gong.

A significant sign from heaven, such as UFO sightings could set
off spectacular events in China. Revolutions have been won by
extraordinary things.


Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999
Subject: Chinese persecution of Ghi Gong practitioners
From: "Karuna Thal" <>

Aloha Jean,

There's a lot of information here - please put it out in some way to your
list. This is a situation that must not be ignored! Thank you for all your
excellent work.

You may or may not be aware of the persecution in China of practitioners of
a form of Chi Gong called Falun Dafa. It is a peaceful practice of the
cultivation of chi which has become very popular world wide. I downloaded
the press statement below from a web site created by practitioners in the U.
S. They are calling for help for the people in China who are being terribly

NATO bombed to protect people in Kosovo. What will the western powers do in
this situation? So far nothing. I just spoke by phone to Gail Rachlin, a
practitioner in New York. She said the Western governments are doing
nothing, and the western media is touting the Chinese Govt. line, continuing
to call the practitioners cult members, and showing a few mentally ill
people (who were mentally ill before they started doing the Chi Gong

It appears to me this is a movement which can shift the energy on the planet
positively. Let's support these people in whatever way our conscience

Gail told me this is not a cult, religion, or sect. It is a spiritual
meditation practice. It is always shared for free. She asked us to please
spread the word to our local media.

The Chinese government has now put out an award on Master Li's life--for
anybody who will kill him. Interpol has interceeded to protect Master Li.
The Chinese govt is going after assistants in China, with orders for them to
be shot. There is now a death penalty in China for leaders.

The USA group is now being persecuted. Dan Rather was going to interview
the U. S. people, then called back and said he couldn't. I'd say the powers
that be don't want the truth to get out.

(Gail said don't go into Falun Dafa CA website--people who did had their
computers crash)

Take whatever action you think appropriate. To help you contact congress
people, here are lists of email contacts.

With love for all, Karuna

We, the citizens of the world, have an opportunity to speak out and make a

From website:


We have called this press conference today because, as we all know, we
currently have a crisis situation in China. If we allow things to escalate
any further, no one, not the Chinese government nor Falun Dafa
practitioners, will stand to benefit. The kind of brutal suppression that
has been displayed this past week by the Chinese authorities has not been
seen since the Tiananmen incident ten years ago. And the kind of scare
tactics and ideological "re-education" programs that are being used seem
like some throwback to an era that is better forgotten.

Is China and the rest of the world really prepared to see yet another
Cultural Revolution? With the lives of tens of millions of practitioners at
stake, the consequences of continued escalation could be staggering, both
economically and politically. Is a government that attacks its own one that
the people will ultimately trust and respect?

Falun Dafa is a peaceful practice by nature and we harbor no ill will
towards the Chinese government. We only hope that the government will
release the practitioners that they have detained because they have done no
wrong. Practicing a peaceful Qigong practice in the parks to better one's
physical and mental health is a popular traditional activity in China and
can hardly be called dangerous.

If the government were to grant us the freedom to exercise our beliefs and
end the brutality and harassment, they would find that there is nothing to
fear. There is no political agenda. Falun Dafa has existed in China for
several years now and there were never any problems previously. Quite the
contrary, U.S. News and World Report quoted an official in the Chinese
Sports Commission a few months ago as saying that the practice of Falun Gong
was saving the government hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare

The current conflict can only damage us all if it is allowed to continue. We
are asking that you, as members of the international community and the
media, help us express our continued goodwill to the Chinese government and
convey our wish to resolve this issue through peaceful means. This may be
time for an open and sincere dialogue so that we can draw up a plan that is
acceptable to all.


Falun Dafa is a phenomenon that is utterly unprecedented, and attempts to
compare it to religions or various mass movements in Chinese history will
inevitably fall short. This practice has captured the hearts of literally
tens of millions of people around the world, and not without good reason.
Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, is a kind of traditional Chinese
Qigong practice. Practicing different types of qigong like Tai-chi is a kind
of national pastime in China in the same way baseball is here in the U.S.
People in China like to practice in the parks in the morning and then they
go to work or school feeling refreshed.

But what attracts people to Falun Dafa in particular is its powerful and
proven healing effects on many illnesses and ailments, as well as the
spiritual guidance it provides. Stories of cured diseases and new-found
spiritual well-being abound. The practice has spread so quickly in seven
short years almost purely through word of mouth, not because there is some
insidious master plan to challenge any government. When someone sees that
their neighbor has fully recovered from a previously debilitating case of
arthritis or heart disease or depression, how can they not be curious?
Falun Dafa teaches that for a person to be truly healthy in both mind and
body, one needs to become a person of high moral character and one must have
great virtue in order to reach higher spiritual levels. A true practitioner
of Falun Dafa always tries to hold himself to to the principles of
Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, seeking to discard negative
habits and to be kind and considerate of others.

Practitioners come from all walks of life from prominent scholars and
government cadres to elderly women and young children. There is no set
structure or membership -- people just show up at practice sites or practice
on their own as they please.


As all of you are probably aware, the government of the People's Republic of
China is brutally suppressing the practice of Falun Dafa. Tens of millions
of peaceful people are being denounced as supporters of an 'evil religion'
and promoters of superstition.

Last week, police in China arrested almost a hundred key Falun Dafa contact
persons, ransacking their homes and confiscating materials in the middle of
the night. When tens of thousands of other practitioners started gathering
in groups all over the country to request their release, the Chinese
authorities responded by forcing people out of the cities, often dragging
them by the hair and kicking and beating them, then holding them in stadiums
for days on end without food or water. Police have not hesitated to use
force against elderly women and even young children.

The latest word we have now is that 1,200 practitioners who are also
Communist Party members have been sent to a school near Beijing for
so-called "re-education." Authorities say these practitioners must guarantee
that they will "quit" Falun Dafa before they will be released, even though,
technically, there is no organization to quit. One either believes and
practices or one does not. No one has been released to date.


We are convinced that the government of China has made a serious error by
suppressing our practitioners. They falsely accuse us of opposing the
Chinese government, and we do not. They falsely label us a 'cult' and a
'sect', and we are not. Falun Dafa is not an organization. Its practitioners
are volunteers. It is not political. And it is not resisting. We are
non-violent, and anxious to begin a dialogue with a government which has
convinced itself that we are dangerous opponents -- and we are not.
The Chinese government outlawed Falun Dafa last week. They claim that the
practitioners in China are being controlled and funded by overseas interests
to go against the Chinese government. This is completely untrue. There would
be no way to externally 'control' the actions of so many tens of millions of
people under the watchful eyes of the PRC authorities. The Chinese
government also charges Falun Dafa practitioners with damaging public
property when they have large gatherings, but all assemblies have been
peaceful and orderly, to the point where no one even litters or blocks
traffic. No practitioner who holds to the principles of Truthfulness,
Compassion, and Forbearance would willingly damage anything or harm anyone.
We are mentioning these charges and accusations because we have heard that,
according to the 'laws' that the Communist regime drew up a few days ago,
conviction on these charges based on 'evidence' is now punishable by death.
The government has also listened to and believed a few stories in which
people either killed themselves or others or entered into a state of trance
after learning Falun Dafa. But these people were mentally ill to begin with
and were practicing different Qigong systems at the same time. Falun Dafa
clearly requires that no mentally ill patients are allowed to practice Falun
Dafa. It is a well known fact in the community of cultivators that it is
dangerous for mentally ill individual to practice any form of Qigong,
including Taichi. Moreover, these individuals cited by the government tried
different systems at the same time. Is it fair to blame Falun Dafa for the
tragic end of their lives?

The government labeled us as superstitious. But by the same token, are
religions like Catholicism, Protestantism and Buddhism superstitious, too?
What we have been taught in Falun Dafa does not really exceed the scope of
their teachings. Does the constitution allow the freedom of belief?
There are too many false allegations in the Chinese government's smear
campaign against Falun Dafa to address here. We have attached responses to
many of the accusations.


We need your help and need it now. This is a serious problem of
international dimensions involving as many as one hundred million people.
They are truthful, compassionate and peaceful. But the human rights of these
practitioners to assemble, to free expression and the practice of their
beliefs is being suppressed in violation of the constitution of the People's
Republic of China and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is not
an internal matter for China but an issue of urgent concern to the
international community.

Just as the international community is alarmed by ethnic cleansing in other
parts of the world, it must speak out against this insidious type of
spiritual cleansing in China. We are appealing to the international
community including the United Nations and concerned governments all over
the world to immediately intervene and help us resolve this crisis
peacefully and justly.

We are urgently asking that you assist us in establishing a dialogue with
the Chinese government and encourage them to release those practitioners who
have been detained, and to reestablish the rule of law and a culture of

We understand that the government is unnerved by the large numbers of Falun
Dafa practitioners, even more so when a considerable portion are members of
the Communist Party, but the two are not mutually exclusive. How does the
government expect to control the minds of so many?

Falun Dafa has not and will not get involved in politics. Practitioners of
Falun Dafa have no interest in political power. Our only hope is that the
detained practitioners be released and that we all resolve this crisis
peacefully so that we can continue to exercise our beliefs in peace.

Contact: Gail Rachlin (212) 501-8080


Date: Mon, 02 Aug 1999
To: (jean hudon)
From: Charlotte King <>
Subject: Some mostly natural remedies to help with changes in the EMF...

Jean as you know I am a Biological Sensitive meaning I feel my environment
much more than most.. I react to the changes in the Earths EMF and have
learned to transmitt the pain into earthquake and volcanic eruptions.. with
85 percent accuracy or higher..

There are several things I have learned in the last 22+ years I have been
conducting my research. I want to share several of these things with your
readers now.. This is for when you may not be able to get the medicines you
would normally use.. Remember I am not a doctor, all these are safe to use,
but if you are really sick, seek medical attention if at all possible.

One.. some of the locations that are having alot of quake activity are
proceeded with what I call the classic "Green Apple Belly Ache" and the best
thing you can use to help ease this pain is Peppermint Tea AS HOT AND AS

If you are really spacey and can't think clearly eat some corn.. POP CORN is
always a good choice.. CORN BREAD is also tolerated well, even CORN CHIPS..
Did you know people crave Popcorn before large earthquakes?

In the last couple of years with the solar events what they are, many
persons have been experiencing what I coined Solar flu.. this is when all
the sudden you get pain in the area of the sternum and it goes through to
your back.. we are not talking about heart attacks here.. so if you think
you are having a heart attack seek medical attention ASAP..

This pain is like a pressure, and goes through to the upper back, it
resembles most a gall bladder attack.. so after a trip to the hospital in a
ambulance with one of these attacks after 5 straight days of X flares..
being given dilauid and or morphine.. which made me very sick..

I did some research and found that Lecithin is used to control gall bladder
colic.. I bought some of the 1200 mg capsules and take 2 three times a
day..MANY LESS ATTACKS and if I feel an attack coming on I take 2 more..
followed by an antiacid like TUMS as pressure/gas builds up with these
attacks.. and finally if all this fails I take a kitchen towel and fill it
with ice cubes and place it directly on my skin on the sternum, and lay
back.. and relax, taking deep breaths.. usually within 30 minutes the pain

When you are so disorintated and can't function I have found that .25 mg
meclizine and or BONINE across the counter chewable antimetic for motion
sickness works wonders..( Be sure it is meclizine..) it is safe and
effective.. my kids used BONINE since they were 2 years old.. READ THE BOX..

This works by balancing the eyes, inner ear and brain and that in turn
clears your disorintation.. this helps with some migraines if caused by
Seismic activity.

I was on codine fairly large doses for migraine, the meclizine worked better
and the doctor said it was much safer than codine.

I don't know if you want to post this, its up to you, but I have had so many
persons contact me lately that appear to be responding to the solar events,
that I thought it might help someone who is in pain..

Charlotte King

Thanks Charlotte ;-) It's kind of you to share your tips with others, Some who may have been falsely diagnosed with illnesses that, for lack of any other explanation, the medical science cooked up to try to explain away some bizarre, multi-symptoms recurrent health problems for which they have no explanation nor cure -- such as chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia -- may find through your sharing that they are also "simply" ultra sensitive to subtle changes in the Earth's electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). And just knowing what you have can also often be a real psychological relief.

Take care


The Mothman Prophecies
from "Everything is Under Control" by Robert Anton Wilson

In 1968, West Virginia, especially in the area bordering on Ohio, became
the scene of an outbreak of weirdity that crisscrosses several categories
of controversy. As documented in John Keel's The Mothman Prophecies, the
phenomena included:

the first in the series of mysterious "cattle mutilations- that have
recurred regularly in many other states, usually further west;
over 100 sightings of strange lights (or UFOs) in the sky;
three classic "close encounter" cases, in which people saw, or thought
they saw, extraterrestrials, or critters they considered extraterrestrial;
about 70 sightings of Mothman, a traditional "monster' of the area who,
like Bigfoot and Nessie, keeps coming back to shock or terrorize a few
witnesses, but never lingers long enough to be scientifically confirmed; and
a long parade of men in black, most of them driving black Cadillacs and
looking vaguely "Oriental." Mothman is, or appears as, or is hallucinated
as, a humanoid figure with giant mothlike wings and glaring red eyes.

Another spook visiting the area called himself Indrid Cold and said he came
from a planet named Lanulos. He appeared twice to a salesman named Woodrow
Derenberger, with whom he seemed to communicate by telepathy. Derenberger
was thereafter vexed by strange phone calls combining threats, electronic
hums, and code-like beeps. (See "Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts. ')

While trying to investigate this combination of real weirdity (the cattle
mutilations, the UFO sightings confirmed on radar) and growing mob
hysteria, Keel himself became the target of the weirdness. A maelstrom of
electronic and mechanical accidents haunted him, and strange people
contacted him by strange means to prophesy future events. The major
repeated prophecies were (1) the Pope would be stabbed while visiting the
Middle East, (2) Robert Kennedy was in danger, and the threat waited for
him in a hotel kitchen, (3) there would be a nationwide power failure on
December 24 at noon.

The Pope was not stabbed in the Middle East; he was stabbed the next year
in Manila. Robert Kennedy was shot dead in a hotel kitchen by Sirhan Sirhan
and/or persons unknown. There was no power failure on December 24 at noon,
but at that exact hour a bridge collapsed in West Virginia, right in the
center of the UFO/ Mothman activities, killing over 100 people.

Keel claims that most major UFO flaps have this penumbra of magick and
surrealism about them, usually ignored by both skeptics and the ardent
believers in the ETH (extraterrestrial theory.) He prefers to call the
entities involved ultra-terrestrials, existing on the borderland between
matter and energy, or reality and dream, and regards them as mischievous,
deceptive, often dangerous, and likely to produce mental illness in those
who insistently try to communicate with them.

The Mothman Prophecies, by John Keel, IlumiNet Press, Avondale
Estates, Ga., 1991

Robert Anton Wilson may be found at