March 9, 1999

Subject: About Fear, the Elite, Local Currencies and much much more

Hello everyone

Well, on the last one I received quite a lot of feedbacks which I've decided to send you all immediately in a separate email to clear a bit my plate here because I have some other important and frankly horrifying matter to share with you all shortly. I've already sent the basic information on this to a selected group of people so that we may respond to this potential coming crisis in a united way. This will most likely turn out to be the Mother of all Crisis and it will take all our collective determination, courage and most importantly love to prevent the world, beginning with the US, to enter into a most tragic experience on a much larger scale than even the Holocaust, and I'm weighting up my words here.

Of course, this all hinges on the truthfulness of the information I have received, which is not exactly easy to verify from here. But I'll do my best to make sure it is real -- but it appears so to me.

Well in preparation to that, it's quite propitious to ponder a bit on fear and how to face it - which is a bit similar to denial as well, for denying something is often an ultimately foolish survival strategy all humans adopt to maintain their sanity and balance when faced with a too formidable challenge or too horrendous information.

So here is first my take on this from an email sent yesterday to a friend. Then you'll have other people's take on this.

"Where there is true love, there is no place for fear or any evil influence"

The very fear of any evil thing is what opens a door to it in us. It is my experience that where there is true love, there is no place for fear or any evil influence. The love vibration is simply on a level of frequency that makes the originating source of it out of reach to any negative influence.

All those so-called negative experiences are there only to teach us this lesson. As for the teachers of those lessons, they also deserve to be loved for their service and mission in testing our strength and resolve to stick with love and *be* Love. If we were ever to harbour the slighest thought or emotion of hate or fear, it would mean we have still not learned the lesson and then we could "fall" again under their "influence" which is really of our own creation.

Our soul is vibrational in nature and just like a totally versatile musical instrument, it can resonate any note we wish/will it to express. And since likes attract likes, if we resonate a low vibrational tone of fear or hate or anger, all that resonates on that frequency will be naturally attracted to us. If we consciously choose instead to vibrate to the purest frequency of love, harmony and compassion we *can* resonate, then again, the universe will respond in kind and we will attract only beautiful lights of love around and through us - for most of it all emanates from deep within, from the crystal core of our immortal being which is One with All That Is.

Love and blessings to all

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Date: Thu, 04 Mar 1999
From: Susan Ferguson <>
Subject: AN OPEN LETTER on Fear/Carol M. Rosmorduc

From: Carol M. Rosmorduc <>
AN OPEN LETTER TO THOSE WHO ARE CAUGHT IN FEAR OVER: Y2K problems, CIA mind control experiments, New World Orders, Revelations prophecies,

March, 1999

I felt I had to write concerning Kathy O'Brien's book "Trance: Formation of America." My runaway curiosity was piqued and I just had to read it, having seen it referred to on Susan Ferguson's e-mails. Once began, I couldn't put it down, even though it was activating fear terror on the emotional level.

It was the most sordid, scary tale I've ever read. It was all the more scary because it wasn't just a story of one woman's sexual abuse in her family, but it went all the way to the top levels of government.

No one could have made up all those details, unless the whole thing was fabricated. But I would like to share with you the valuable lesson I learned in opening this door into Pandora's Box.

I have spent over 30 years in the metaphysical/spiritual area searching for myself, the TRUTH, a truth, a PATH, like many others. We were in a group communing with spiritual teachers through a trance channel in 1974, before even Shirley MacLaine!

I focused on doing astrology, finding it more mental
usable than much of the rest of what was found. In 1987, we moved to VA outside Wash. DC
I began offering workshops to explore the subconscious with spiritual teachers through channels from all over the U.S. Over 5 years from 1990-1995, we probably did 31 workshops.

Toward the end of this period in 1994, we began an exploration of lifetimes in what the channel called the Gray Empire---wars, slavery, controls, doing away with "undesirables," sexual manipulations, devices drugs to control.

I became more
more fearful, as it sounds a lot like the secret world of the Illuminati, the New World Order. Details were emerging on what the channels themselves were doing right here in the "now," matching their "past" actions, but in more subtle dimensions.

We were having controls put on us energetically, devices to lock us in, etc., this was true of many well-known metaphysical teachers gurus.

Susan speaks of this in her chapter on Phantasmal Hierarchies in "Inanna Hyper Luminal." Some of what was going on was overt easy to spot, but a lot was VERY subtle. The past, present, future are one. Things began bleeding through from the astral to physical-fire alarm going off, bruises from attacks.

Well, in Oct. '95, this channel died of cancer when we didn't even know she was sick. This threw me into even more fear. I had a bleeding fissure for the years since the exploration began not until last week did I connect it with activating fear.

In the 3 years since the channel's death, I have gone deeply into the cosmic process to learn apply its rules. We have been living in a polarity universe.

As we move through the 4th into the 5th dimension, we will be integrating those poles-dark-light, good-bad. The universe rearranges itself to reflect your pictures of reality. If you focus on the dark, the sordid, the awful things going on, guess what you get more of?

The more we focused on the attacks above, the more we found. We couldn't even go to a restaurant without the energy being sucked out of us. It's like fighting Hitler - it fueled him with more energy.

We're at the end of the Kali Yuga, as Susan says, so all the sordid
awful is coming out like an abscess. It has to lift out of the consciousness of humanity before it can be transmuted. That's why it appears to look worse than it is. But we are here to create heaven on earth, we don't have much of a pattern for that! IT'S VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW HOW YOU ARE CREATING.

With all the fear running rampant all over the Internet
e-mails, it's easy to get caught up in Y2K problems, survival consciousness. The Dark Forces love to feed off this fear would like to have you stuck there.

I AM NOT ADVOCATING TO BE IN DENIAL OF WHAT IS GOING ON but to create differently. As I had shifted my focus into creating heaven on earth, trusting Spirit to have me in the right place at the right time, I had no more fissure problems.

After finishing that book (O'Brian's Trance), they returned. At last, the light came on. I saw the connection to how I had been living in fear was able to shift out of it in a week's time.

Yes, all those things are going on, but some people have chosen to dance in those realms one more time, for whatever reason. If we choose to raise our vibrations not participate in the dance, we won't be manifesting that.

Because your thoughts are manifested so fast in the 4th dimension, the universe gives you way more than what you bargained for. If you can let go of your fear, no one can control you. So please, please learn to shift your consciousness into creating heaven on earth- not to be in denial of what is going on but to create a new reality. 1999 is the Year of Conscious Choice.

Sincerely, Carol Rosmorduc

Date: Fri, 05 Mar 1999
From: Antares <>

Thanks, Carol, for putting what I feel about FEAR in a nutshell. It's an amazing transition we're in - part of me stills feels very involved in polarized issues like eco-rape
genocide (fast or slow) of indigenous tribes
the unbelievable greed
cynicism of megacorporations, while another part keeps finding blind spots within my own consciousness from where these planetary plagues escaped into the 3D!

Discussions like this one on the Internet are immensely helpful. That's why I always read Susan's postings (and also Jean Hudon's). She and Jean have excellent instincts when it comes to selecting
editing cyberbulletins.

Once again, Susan, Inanna hologram, THANKS! And, Carol, a big fat hug for that one.


Date: Wed, 03 Mar 1999
From: Dowen <>
Subject: re: ABOVE BLACK, Insider Account of Alien Contact Government

Dear Jean,

Thank you for including the posting from Susan Ferguson (source: Dan Sherman) about Above Black. As it happens I am missing X-Files, in order to type my response :~)

The image of the world management team (the *They*) trading DNA for technology evokes a similar image, 'though one which is "raised an octave" -- an image of Lightworkers offering themselves as channels for the Light, trading their individual subtle patterns for spiritual (ascension) technologies, for the sake of creating a bridge between people and galactic beings, clearing the way for intuitive communications.

This not only raises the vibration of the "Government Cover-Up" scenario, but releases the fear. Instead of living in a world where the big bad World Management Team is in league with powerful aliens, we ourselves are the powerful ones -- not in the power-over tradition of the empowering, co-creative, co-evolutionary sense.

We are the ones in this myth who are in league with the powerful, "extra human" beings, for the benefit of ALL - even the human and "grey" participants in the global domination drama. Once again, we draw the larger circle, not only "taking them in", but joyously co-evolving an experience of human being at once Earthy and Galactic. After all, the planet Earth does float in the galaxy all the time (even while we my be feeling particularly "Earth bound" - or "not grounded enough").


As a joyous, liberating exercise, I invite you to re-read the posting -- replacing the perspective of a black operative with that of a Lightworker - "Did you ever feel that there was an ulterior motive to your work in that you were perhaps being trained for something more than what you had been told?" This resonates with my journey from healer of individuals to Lightworker, tribal healer, etc. (being 'trained' by my own higher self, etc.).

At any rate, something to ponder with a smile, shining out from underneath the frown of fear.

Let peace prevail,



From: <>
Date: Friday, 5 March 1999

Dear Sue Arnold and Jean Hudon,

I am interested in the notion of expanding networks of information and positive, pragmatic problem solving.

This is a raw and pivotal time, full of potential for change. It is important to remain well informed but also grounded in farsighted solutions as opposed to short term fears, projections, dramas, etc.

Thank you, Jean Hudon, for the large family you hold together.

Peace, AH


From: "sue arnold" <> Subject: Re: expanding networks

Hi AH, thank you for your message. The response to my call has been nothing short of bewildering. Lightworkers got back to me but when I wrote that we wanted support for a boycott in support of whales, of whales' right to life, they told me this was not a suitable message. Another organisation which calls itself Idealist - Actions without Borders similarly decided that even a suggestion of a boycott was not their style either in spite of the fact they have a forum for environmental news. World Animal Network refuses to deal with whale and dolphin issues.

It seems to me that we have huge networks of people linking on the net without focus other than to list groups and provide information on what those groups do. There are many individuals in these organisations who appear to drive the ethics of these webs in ways that are unlikely, in my opinion, to result in change or to generate the sort of protest that I'm thinking about (like the MAI protest).

There is a skew in philosophy which has me truly puzzled. So many people want to focus entirely on the positive. This mind set defies physics .. for instance there would be no electricity without the positive and negative which gives the charge.. there can be no light without darkness, no day without night. This huge wave of thinking that encourages people to only deal with one reality is certainly going to see mass extinction of wildlife continue; the pollution of oceans become a life threatening possibility and it will certainly ensure that corrupt political systems remain in power.

This collective desire to censor out the shadow, to only dwell in the "light" is so perplexing and worrying in its out of balance viewpoint that it probably has the makings of a new syndrome. A syndrome that I believe is encouraging people everywhere to do nothing - to take no responsibility - to ignore suffering, sickness and their need for accountability and service for the common good.

So I m still willing to try and set up the mother of all lists but the signs are not encouraging. With regards to you both, Sue.

David Icke, "the most controversial author in the UK," was on Art Bell's "Coast to Coast" Radio Show last Monday, March 1, 1999 - 10PM-1AM PST, to talk about his latest blockbuster book. (Real Audio archives available at


The Book that Will Change the World!

Icke's new book is his most powerful and explosive book to date, and includes:

* How Diana, Princess of Wales, was murdered in 1997 - and why;

* How big religion, big politics, big banking, and big business were designed from the start to control and suppress human potential;

* A devastating expose of the true origins of Christianity and the other major religions and documents the suppressed science which explains why the world is facing a time of incredible change and transformation.

* The Biggest Secret also exposes the true and astonishing background to the British Royal Family.

"The truth of what is going on is so bizarre that most people will not believe it and so you have the perfect situation for ongoing, unchallenged control."

Available now at: Banned Books online store:;

Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999
From: Shanna Mac Lean <>

Hello Jean: Here is a wonderful focus for our creativity for the coming period. As people come together to share and plan for Y2K, seeds can be planted for new models of local and regional governance for the future. In love, Shanna

Local Currencies Flourishing Around The US
By Paul Van Slambrouck
Christian Science Monitor News Service

2-27-99 SAN FRANCISCO - If globalism has got you down, take heart. A flourishing movement that seeks to supplement the almighty dollar with an all-local currency is providing refuge around the country, and world, for those who feel that mega-economic forces are stripping individuals and communities of control over their own affairs. "There is tremendous interest and energy" in the movement to establish local or community-based currencies, says Susan Witt, director of the The Schumacher Society is a firm supporter of the concept, and Witt says there is "revival" under way right now. The concept is simple: Establishing a local currency within a town or region lets residents exchange goods or services in a way that guarantees the currency will stay local and not seep out into the great sea of global commerce. In communities with local currencies, the U.S. dollar continues to circulate and remains the backbone of the local economy. But as seen by advocates, local money provides a powerful tool for community cohesiveness and rejuvenation.

The north coast hamlet of Mendocino, Calif., plans to launch a local currency called Seed in the next few days. Further down the coast, a Time Dollar system that allows community service organizations to trade services is about to begin in Santa Cruz. And last year, local currencies became available in places as diverse as Toronto and Berea, Ky. All this activity follows already well-established programs like the Ithaca Hours in New York and the Local Economic Trading System (LETS) pioneered in Canada and now operating in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and in several European countries. There are about 2,000 local currency systems in operation around the world, according to Bernard Lietaer, a former Belgium central banker who is now setting up a clearinghouse for community currencies from his base as a research fellow at the University of California at Berkeley. Local currencies flourished in the United States following the Great Depression, when jobs and money were scarce. Over the years, stressed communities have often created local currencies or scrip as a means to allow people to trade skills and goods, even when they're unemployed and have no traditional dollars to spend.

But today, the motivation behind local currencies stems more from a view that communities are losing their sense of interconnectedness among residents, who don't know each other and who buy goods that are imported with dollars that are often earned from a distant corporation. "It's a counterpoint to globalization," says Lewis Solomon, a law professor at George Washington Law School and author of "Rethinking Our Centralized Monetary System: The Case for a System of Local Currencies." Local currencies have proven themselves viable, says Solomon, but their prevalence depends, ultimately, on "how much antipathy builds to the global economy." The movement itself is diverse, blending primarily environmentalists and community activists, but with a sprinkling of Libertarians, millennium bug alarmists, and even survivalists who fear a major financial meltdown is inevitable. But at its core is a yearning for more control, less seeming vulnerability, and greater interaction among people of the same geography. "Community is becoming a vacant term. We're not really even trading with each other any more," says Michael Linton, one of the founders of LETS in Canada.

While local currencies may appeal to some as a return to simpler times, it's quite modern in terms of taking advantage of technology. Linton has been working on a smart card that would allow people to make purchases with local and even regional currencies, automatically. And software needed to begin a LETS system can already be downloaded from the Internet. Local currency systems are usually set up and run by volunteers. The BREAD program, begun in Berkeley in 1997, is typical. Members apply to join, must be able to provide a good or service to the community, and must agree to honor the local currency. Once admitted, members are listed in a local directory, which now includes about 350 listings, including gardeners, restaurateurs, artists and auto mechanics. Each member is initially issued paper currency worth four Bread hours, valued at $12 per hour. There is about $15,000 worth of Bread currency in circulation right now. "We have quite a cross-section of members," says Miyoko Sakashita, Bread co-founder. "Most are middle to low-income, and from all age groups." As one sign of the movement's current vigor, advocates from all over the country and world began meeting this week in the Santa Cruz mountains at a church-owned retreat site. Called simply "The Gathering," the aim is to "connect the local currency movement, and create the infrastructure for a new, more just economy," says organizer Carol Brouillet. While some critics question the logic of a system that encourages buying local goods, even when better or cheaper goods may be available elsewhere, advocates say that kind of math is simplistic. "Things may be cheaper over the hill," says Margaret Howe, one of the organizers of the new Seed program in Mendocino, Calif., "but there is a cost to the community in buying over there, instead of here."


from: Corporate Watch

USA: Wealthiest One Percent Demand Minority Status


The Onion February 1999

WASHINGTON, DC--A grass-roots coalition representing the highest socioeconomic stratum of Americans marched on Washington Tuesday to demand that the nation's wealthiest one percent be granted official minority status.

Journeying to the nation's capital from monied enclaves and gated communities across the nation, the marchers gathered on the National Mall in a unified call for "an end to the discrimination we face daily as members of America's least-recognized minority group."

"We have been invisible for far too long," said billionaire shipping heiress Mrs. Winston O. Lathrop, of the Boston Lathrops, in an impassioned speech at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. "Just because we are among the richest persons on the planet does not mean we are not human beings. Just because we have yachts, mansions and vast corporate holdings in major multinationals does not mean we deserve to be treated as second-class citizens."

Calling the current system of federal support for only certain minority groups "grossly unfair," the marchers demanded that the nation's wealthiest one percent be afforded the same benefits other minorities enjoy.

"Public schools, from what my servants tell me, now offer Hispanic and African-American students special counselors who are sensitive to their unique needs as minorities," said Manhattan socialite Virginia Des Jardins, founder of One Percent Nation, a newsletter dedicated to increasing awareness of minority-elite issues and raising identity- consciousness among one-percenters. "Where are the counselors who can relate to our special needs? Unless you were raised in an environment with 17 maids, you cannot possibly understand what it's like. And day after day, as the economic gap between us and the masses widens, the situation only worsens, and we become ever more marginalized."

Exacerbating the problem, Dallas-based oil baron H. Milton Endicott said, are affirmative-action programs that give economically disadvantaged minorities preference in hiring and college admissions at the expense of the minority elite.

"Black students are becoming an all-too-familiar site on Ivy League campuses and in the board room," Endicott said. "It's getting harder and harder to get accepted to Harvard solely on name alone. All we're asking for is a level playing field."

Marchers, accompanied by their chauffeurs, manservants, and thousands of paid employees, were vocal in their demands for special programs that would help members of the minority-elite live in a society that, as one rallygoer said, "all too often views us with fear and loathing, just because our massive stockpiles of wealth somehow make us 'different.'"

"People on the street stare at us like we're not the same as them--and why?" mining magnate Herbert Lassiter IV said. "Because of the vast sums we have hidden in Swiss banks? Because we receive dinner invitations from Saudi royalty? Because our ties cost more than their families earn in a year? We must learn to embrace these differences and use them to bring us closer together, not to drive us further apart."

Lassiter also stressed the importance of intervention for at-risk one- percenters, many of whom are driven to low self-esteem and self- destructive behavior by the outside world's great indifference to their plight.

"Misunderstood by a world that sees them as outsiders not to be trusted, more and more of the wealthiest one percent are turning to white-collar crime," Lassiter said. "I've seen kids as young as 23 spending up to six months in minimum-security facilities for tax evasion, wasting away in places that offer only the most rudimentary of golf and dining accommodations. That's a hell no young scion should ever have to face."

One-percenters, Des Jardins said, need access to "safe spaces" where they can nurture and foster their own sense of socioeconomic pride and identity with others of their own kind, free from the disapproving glare of the non-wealthy majority. Educating the masses about the special challenges facing the wealthiest one percent, Des Jardins said, is also vital. Such efforts, however, are only the beginning.

"Until the majority learns to stop their terrible othering of the wealthiest one-percent, there will never be true equality," Des Jardins said. "For every one of us, there are 99 plebeians who view us with bigotry and anti-plutocratism."

"They look down on us, just because we're superior," White continued. "Well, our response is, 'We're here, we're fabulously well-off, get used to it.' We shall overcome."


Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 From: Mark Graffis <> Subject: Environmental Bad Guys

In the dominant celebrity culture, explanations of societal phenomena that focus on institutions, laws and processes tend not to resonate with the public.

Increasingly, it seems, events and trends are understood and reported as the products of individuals: Bill Gates creates the computer revolution, Boris Yeltsin leads Russia to a purported democracy, Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, flanked by Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan and Deputy Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers guide the world economy through turbulent times to a prosperous future.

Well, say reporters James Ridgeway and Jeffrey St. Clair, let's apply the personification-of-social-developments approach even-handedly. In A Pocket Guide to Environmental Bad Guys (New York: Thunder's Mouth Press), Ridgeway and St. Clair name names of the worst polluters, deforesters and despoilers of the wild, and the top lobbyists they employ to pass laws, gut regulations, broker deals and win tax breaks to legitimize their poisoning and destruction of the environment. (For more on the book, see "You can focus on institutions and laws until you're blue in the face," Ridgeway says, but no one will pay attention. "While there has been a plethora of books on how the environment is getting better," he says, in fact things are getting worse. And the way to grab people's attention is not by waving statistical trends on deforestation or global warming or any of a myriad of other environmental ills. People respond when they can put a human face on problems. There's another reason to identify the "bad guys," Ridgeway says. "You need to know your enemy," Ridgeway explains. "How they operate, what they eat, what their styles" of doing business are. So who do Ridgeway and St. Clair identify as the bad guys? Here's a smattering:

* John Bryson, CEO of Edison International. Ridgeway and St. Clair list Bryson's "most imaginative sideline" as co-founding the Natural Resources Defense Council. Edison's subsidiary Mission Energy is building dirty coal-fired plants in Indonesia.

* Charles Hurwitz, CEO of Maxxam, who just managed to ransom the Headwaters redwood grove in northern California for nearly half a billion dollars. Faced with threats that Maxxam saws would chew the entire forest, the Clinton administration agreed to pay $480 million to acquire Headwaters -- even though the government estimated the market value at less than $100 million and even though companies owned by Hurwitz owe the government nearly $2 billion for the collapse of a savings and loan.

* Jim Bob Moffett, head of Freeport McMoran, the mining giant that operates the world's largest gold and copper mine in Indonesia. Local indigenous communities charge the company has polluted local rivers, killing fish and forests, and that the Indonesian military has committed brutal human rights abuses to crush anti-Freeport protests. Moffett's "quotable quote," according to Environmental Bad Guys, refers to Freeport pollution at the Indonesian mine: "[It's] equivalent to me pissing in the Arafura Sea."

* Ira Rennert, who is now building the largest residence in the United States, on Long Island, and controls 95 percent of Renco Group, which in turn owns Magnesium Corp. of America, "the largest source of air pollution in America."

* Donald Pearlman, a former high official in the Reagan Energy and Interior Departments, who "is by far the energy industry's most effective lobbyist in fighting climate control rules."

Identifying the bad guys is Ridgeway and St. Clair's entry point, but it is not the entirety of their handy Pocket Guide. In addition to peeling away corporate greenwashing to reveal how dirty Big Business really is, they highlight the critical work being done by thousands of grassroots groups in the United States to put the bad guys in their place.

Ridgeway and St. Clair have subtitled Environmental Bad Guys "(and a Few Ideas on How to Stop Them)." The most important of these ideas, Ridgeway explains, is that hope for saving the environment lies not with "the large environmental groups which sit in Washington, and don't represent anybody or anything," but with the smaller groups that have maintained their edge, practice a combative politics and are directly confronting corporate power.

It turns out that while highlighting individual bad guys may be a key to focusing the public on environmental degradation, the key to blocking them is not to rely on individual celebrities, but garnering public support. Prominent environmental good guys -- people like David Brower, founder of the Earth Island Institute and Friends of the Earth, and Lois Gibbs, made famous at Love Canal and now heading the Center for Health, Environment and Justice -- have made their mark not as backroom lobbyists, but as effective organizers and crusaders for environmental justice.

Russell Mokhiber is editor of the Washington, D.C.-based Corporate Crime Reporter. Robert Weissman is editor of the Washington, D.C.-based Multinational Monitor.

(c) Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

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From: Gerardus <>

Cosmic Cookie

Do not think for one Minute that you have a Soul. On the Contrary... your Soul has you!

The Human Form or Instrument is created by Spirit
in order to experience the Plane of Earth.
You are only visiting this Plane.

This Plane of Existence is an enormous Movie Theater
into which you are born and live for a while.

Since you know nothing but this Theater
you think that this is the only Thing there is.

The Movie you're watching is but a Dream.
Please wake up and discover who you really are.