August 25, 1999

Subject: Third series of feedbacks on August 11 and other miscellaneous items

Hello everyone

I promise to include a brief report on my own meditation experience on August 11 along with the next series of feedbacks on this. Here it is. The flow of vibrating energies, palpable and very intense in the head area, was more intense than usual because of the number of people involved in this link up - the thought/sense of "We Are All One" kept ringing/echoing within. Aside from channeling as much as possible of those vibrations around the world for healing purpose during the whole 20 minutes, 2 sudden insights occurred. I heard/felt that the critical 144,000 souls-connected threshold was reached once again and I "saw" briefly huges buildings collapsing on the side with clouds billowing in front. I sensed it symbolically depicted the way our current civilization's paradigm is bound to go pretty soon. Yet when I saw news of the big earthquake in Turkey, I could not avoid making a link with this image. For the second meditation in the afternoon, the "mindphere" was much more relaxed and joyful with celebrational overtones. In the following days, many experiences of intense vibrational energies continued.

Again many thanks to all those who shared their experience with us all. There will be more such feedbacks in another coming email.

Love to All

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him a hundred and forty four thousand, having his Father's name written in their foreheads."

Revelations 14:1


Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999
Subject: Re: Earthquakes in Turkey!!!! -------URGENT!!!------

Dear Jean,

Please pass on the following email to your network. Our group here in
Cyprus will be connecting through meditation tomorrow night (Thursday)
at 8.30pm. We propose that those who can to also connect 8.30 their
local time or whenever they can and to send letters of support.
Love and light,

Maggie Erotokritou
The Women's Spiritual Network

Yesim Egel wrote:

Dear friends; As you know the quakes are continuing here in several
parts of Turkey and the energies are very dark in the areas.If you can
ask your subscribers to meditate, pray, send healing or anything that
can contribute to send light and love to the area, it will be a real
big support.There are so many people needing support and the energies
are stuck there!!! Thank you in advance. LoveYesim

From: "Palden Jenkins" <>
Subject: Re: Some personal feedbacks about the August 11 meditation
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999

Dear Jean

I've just returned to Glastonbury from Cornwall, SW England, in the centre
of the 100% eclipse line, where I was camping out for 8 days with the
OakDragon clan (which I started in 1987, though I'm just an occasional attendee nowadays). We were about 90 people, from five countries. A brief report.

The actual time of the eclipse was cloud-covered, yet it was fantastic. The
cloud upped the *feeling-tones* of the eclipse. I was shocked by the speed
with which things went dark through the clouds - and soon afterwards
brightened again. The darkness was eerie, very moving. The morning had been
cold, as if smothered with a blanket of.... nothing. It was all over
quickly - unlike a lunar eclipse we had at a camp in 1985 in Glastonbury,
which lasted 90 minutes! As the light returned, there was a long silence -
and then, suddenly, one of the camp participants broke out on the bagpipes,
playing a Scots Highland lament which wafted for miles. Just excellent!

In the days before the eclipse there was much anticipation, and people
planned ceremonies, drummings, OMs and things - virtually all of these were
eventually obliterated on the day by the overwhelming vibrational power
which simply rendered everyone still, silent and in quiet awe. All plans
melted thoroughly - this was great, since the plans were somewhat confusing
and overwhelmed with different people's different ideas, and the dissolution
of all this cacophony of ideas was welcomed by all!

One planned project which did succeed was a dowsing project, in which 5-6
people tracked an energy line nearby. They found that the energy retracted
from the line and rolled up into a ball at an energy-ley crossing point for
the duration of totality, and then it rolled out again so fast that one
dowser following it couldn't run fast enough to follow it! It was an
energy-shutdown of the highest order, as if the subtle energy patterns of
the area were resetting and rebooting themselves fundamentally.

For the rest of the eclipse day, people were seriously spaced-out! Little
happened! We simply grooved, pondered, and were generally quiet, sitting
round our campfires and *just being* with each other. It had a refreshing
non-intensity and existentiality to it. The day afterwards, an enormous row
broke out over relative trivialities, and in the days which followed there
was an interesting group process, much of it using talking-stick, to bring
things to resolution. This was interesting. As the resident
astrologer-astronomer, I had set up an 'astrodrama' for he eclipse, in which
a group of people each took on the archetypes of the planets and acted it
all out spontaneously before the assembled camp - enacting the kind of
conflicts and interactions which can go on between planets in a
configuration. It was funny how pertinent this was to the post-eclipse
fracas, since each of the archetypes was re-enacted in another way after the
eclipse, in the group-process which unfolded!

In the hours before the eclipse, just as first contact was being made above
the clouds, I had a very interesting meditation. Very, very still and at
peace. Very much a no-form meditation. I tried running various of my usual
meditation and psychic techniques, to see what happened, and it was as if
they were inaccessible, shut down. My usual inner contact with 'upstairs'
just didn't work. This was no problem - if anything a fascinating
discovery, since the voidness-experience was very strong. It really gave a
taste of the beingness end of the being-doing axis. Others reported this
too. My three-year old son Tulki trotted into the circle of meditators at
one stage, stood there for a few minutes, just being with us quietly, and
then trotted out again - he seemed totally at ease with all this. I also
experienced a form of 'cosmic darkness', not of the 'not-light' kind, but
more of a primordial kind which exists beyond light and polarity. This was
one of the more memorable meditations I've had in recent years.

After the eclipse went away, I was very aware of the shadow-spot racing
across the Earth over the Middle East. Particularly aware of Serbia and
Kurdistan - both areas I have worked with inwardly for some years now.
(When the Turkish earthquake happened a few days later, somehow it felt it
was neutralising something along this line, which follows a Eurasian social
stress-axis). The energy-connection of this band of countries from Britain
to India seemed deeply significant, and having been the first people along
this line to witness the eclipse energy-wave, I consciously sent good wishes
down along this line - my psychic capacities revived quite quickly after the
eclipse - within perhaps 20 minutes.

The camp was great. A nice mix of veterans, regular occasionals and newbies
to OakDragon, and a good spread of people. The area, on the Lizard
peninsula, was magical. A bizarre element was a rock festival which was
happening five miles away, throwing out sounds and lights at intervals. I
came back quite changed, and it's taking me ages to work through the 150
emails which awaited me - and, to be truthful, I don't feel too bothered!
I'd prefer to go on adventures with the kids. The eclipse conjuncted my
Pluto (in my chart) - and I was rendered into the here-and-now in a way
which I'll happily accept again another time too!

Here's wishing you well, Jean


From: "Tamu Miles" <>
Subject: August 11th and the New Millenium
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999

Dear Jean:

I have never checked out your site before today! I read through some of
the latest updates you have on the August 11th eclipse. I read parts of
your Vision page. I checked out your links. What you are creating rings
true in every cell of who I am. Not only because you are speaking global
unity and peace, but because you are seeing that spirituality needs to
speak directly to politics, science, technology, fear, poverty and
separation so that we can become ALL of who we are.

I see how to do what you are doing with a whole different flavor, and that
is why I rejoice in finding you. You are speaking and living a part of a
global dream that we all share. And we are each unique individuals who
contain specific transformational data and "how to" intent. Yet we all
have intent for the same movement.

August 11th, my mother and I went to the top of a mountain here on the
island. This gateway that the universe opened up, felt to me as a gateway
opening on the inside of myself. I could feel the entire planetary weather
system, thousands of animals such as dolphins and whales, and millions of
people around the world all gathering together in sacred ceremony, tuning
in in whatever way they do, to Source, to the planet and to the All That
Is. It is powerful to surf sites like yours, and others that I have seen,
and see people being cognitive of interdimensionality, of participating
WITH the universe in the birthing of Self, and Re-Creation.

I would really like to have a blurb about what you are doing on my section
of the site. My site contains two major sections. Living Language School
of Becoming, and the Temples of the Mother. I would like to put a page
linking to your site out of the Temples section. This is because I see
that you are being vessel for the Mother Self in all that is.

I can use sections of what you have on your home page, or you can send me a
blurb. It can be about a normal page long. It will link to a gateway page
that can help us count how many people went to your site through Living
Language, which will then have a link directly to your site and your e-mail

I would also like to be posted in your newsletter if that is possible. I
am offering through Living Language, many different kinds of Gateway
Ceremonies to help people remember tools woven by their own
interdimensionality that are designed to help each individual move through
these shifts with ease and Joy.

Specific text for newsletter:

Living Language School of Becoming ~ Tamu Miles
Teachings for the whole Self and tools for Transformation. Remember who
you are through Gateway Ceremonies, energetic/cellular awareness and
amalgamating All Self. Come and experience learning while drinking from
your Soul. Offered in sacred power places near Vancouver and Salt Spring
Island, BC Canada.

Thank you again for doing what you are doing. Let me know how to present
you on my site.

Tamu Miles


The Earth Rainbow Network, founded in February 1997, has an extensive list of nearly 1500 people in more than 40 countries sharing visions and feedbacks on a broad range of subjects including themes such as personal and planetary transformation, spiritual renaissance as well as their views on all kinds of worthy causes. To be added on this list write to and simply include "Add me to your list" in the subject field of your email. You may also check the Earth Rainbow Network website at and read some of the material posted to this list and linked at the bottom of the first webpage of this site.

From: (Eve Howard)
Subject: A perception regarding the 11th
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999

On the 11th. - the day certainly carried an aura of change and mysticism. We had a meditation group with about eight members. What I feel has been the most resounding outcome at least for myself has been an added certainty and conviction to messages and stands of which I have been already aware.
I know this does not sound to be any sort of miracle but it may if I could only express the dozens of ways in which it has already presented itself. A brief example: I sit on the Board of Directors for our county Builders Assn. I had been given the task of researching "Smart Growth" if you are not familiar this is an initiative fueled in part by VP Gore. A wonderful vehicle for some formidable change is not compromised. After speaking to local Govt. officials and getting their buy-in for a combined effort I was presenting it to the board for approval. As their response was typical in that the reason this was a good idea was so that the industry's needs are guarded. I did not hesitate to reply that this was indeed not the goal, while all interests should be considered - our problems have arisen from actions being fueled by special interests rather than the greater good and we all know it is time to start doing what we are doing for the right reasons. After some blank stares and shock they all agreed and the flavor of the meeting and the room changed - maybe forever!

Blessings and Peace to you,


Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999
From: Dan Furst <>
Subject: August 11 Report

Hello, Jean, and thanks as always for circulating as much superb
material as you do. Here's a little report on another Grand Cross event on
August 11. There were also gatherings in Waimanalo on windward Oahu and on
Maui, and no doubt smaller private gatherings too.

Here in Honolulu, the Sacred Sounds group did an interactive
ceremony and performance called "Music of the Spheres" with about 60 people
in the audience who became a choir and dance ensemble when necessary. We
had a sacred orchestra of 15 players on drums, flute, guitar, didjeridoos,
crystal singing bowls, bells and chimes. Our intent to generate an upward
energy spiral and raising of frequency seems to have worked, as all people
we've talked to since have said they felt elated and charged with immense
energy, and some didn't need to sleep again until the next day. Many of us
also had the distinct feeling that we were receiving a standing wave of
very high-frequency energy, and being lifted by it

Some, like me, crashed two days after the event and slept for about
a day and a half. This suggests that part of the art of moving into higher
and finer frequencies of vibration is to complete the graceful return to
the routine of life in third density, for as long as that needs to be done.
Doing it ineptly or too quickly feels the way the bends must feel to a deep
sea diver.

It must be possible to learn the art of experiencing higher and
higher frequencies of vibration, while still keeping the body energetic and
well- charged, so it falls into normal sleep when needed, but not much more.

What a planet!
What an exciting time!



Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999
From: Ursula Schloer-Aznar <>
Subject: Fish kill from mining in Cebu

Can you help me to disseminate the news about the spilling of
mining-tailings into the Tanyon Strait, the sea between Cebu and Negros?
Many dolphins will be affected, the fishes are all dying, the sea became
milky bluish white and everything around it is dead, as of yesterday it
went already 5 miles into the sea.

Nothing is done as of now, we need to publish this. It happened near the
old Atlas Copper Mines in Toledo/Cebu, it seems that an old dam had
broken and all the poison coming from Pyrite mining has spilled into a
river and then in the sea. Atlas used open pit mining (copper, silver,
pyrite and gold), they never restored the area, destroyed the farmland and many small rivers and springs.

It was the second biggest copper mine in Asia, but closed down 4 years
ago after big profits had been made. Only a deposit of 10 Million Pesos was made
for eventual damages.

Please forward or tell me which groups can be contacted, thank you so much


The report about our wonderful experience with the performance of
"Cosmic Convergence" will follow in details if you wish so, it was the
greatest gift. We received light from above and from the earth, the
music which was created for this event and the movements of the
dance-group lifted every participant. We stood in a large circle for a
long time - before we started we were enclosed by a natural curtain,
white fog, when the music started it cleared and the city below with the
sea and the islands appeared, at the end of the performance the curtain
closed again.

We are concerned about the dolphins in the Tanyon Strait - could not the
water help? Is it available also for use as described by Drunvalo?
If anyone knows, please answer or send us the water by DHL or Fed.

Express to:

Ursula Schloer
Shambala center
123 F. Ramos Str.
Cebu City 6000

It could be paid in the US by Graciela Arciello
1657 N. Van Doorn Str., Alexandria, Virg.
Tel. 0703 5673596
But there might also be somebody concerned who could just help, please
try to find out, we have to do our physical part to stop the killing of

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999
From: Anne Walton <>
Subject: stories of light from the Shadow

Hi Jean,

Got your address from Ellen Hayakawa; I understand that she has mentioned
the book we are creating. Here's the request for stories; the more people
you can distribute it to the better.

Thanks and blessings, Anne

"Stories of Light from the Shadow"

We invite you to contribute stories of the heart... We're creating a multi
dimensional book entitled "88 Stories of Light from the Shadow"; a
collection of word, picture, music and dance stories involving children and
youth. We are asking for stories in which the grace, love, laughter and
presence of God/ Goddess/ Spirit/Universal Energy was experienced even in
the midst of pain, war, conflict, family separation, illness, heart-ache
and death. We believe the sharing of healing stories inspires inner peace
which leads to global peace. Part of the proceeds of the book will be used
for the acquisition of land and the building of an International
Spiritual/Peace Healing Centre on Bowen Island, BC. Children who have
experienced pain, conflict, war and loss will come to the centre to heal
through the spirit of the land. We'd be delighted to receive word, picture,
music and dance stories created by children, youth and adults.

Guidelines for submission of stories:

* Contributions to be submitted by Oct 31/99
* Length of stories: word, picture/photo or music stories of up to 600
words or equivalent; drawings and illustrations welcome
* Format: Wherever possible, send as a Word, Wordperfect, text, or email
document/attachment. (Mac users please use an IBM formatted disk).
Hand/type written stories are also welcome.
* Contact information to be included by contributors:
Name, Mailing address, Phone & Fax #s, email address
* Contributors who are selected for inclusion in the book will receive a
complimentary copy and will be listed, with descriptive bio, in the
acknowledgments at the end of the book (if desired).
* Items which are submitted will only be returned if accompanied by a self
addressed envelope with the appropriate postage

Submissions to be forwarded to
Anne Walton, 1489 Marine Dr, #548, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1B8, Canada
(604) 512 8266 email:

In love, light and laughter,
Anne Walton & Ellen Hayakawa

From: "Paula & David Nurse" <>
Subject: August 11
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999

Dear Jean,

As I turned 50 on August 11 this year, and with all the activities happening cosmically, I decided to honor this event with a special ritual. My husband took the day off from work and we left our house at 3:30 a.m. for a trip up to the top of Mauna Kea for sunrise. The sky was clear of any cloudcover which is quite unusual for this side of the island, and we reached the Onizuka center which is just below the summit, at around 5:00 a.m. The sky was a blanket of stars and one could hardly count the number of shooting stars streaking across the sky. We headed on up to the top of the mountain just as first light was breaking. Mauna Kea is 14,000 feet and many believe it is a spiritual portal and an entry point for the Galactic Federation as well as other extraterrestrial entities from the Light. There was no wind, and it was absolutely clear...we could see almost the entire Island from our point of view.

At the exact moment the sun started to peek over the horizon, I sat on the rim of the crater and offered a crystal to the mountain. Then I began a drum ceremony with a special drum that was made for me by an Indian man who walks The Wochangi Way, and he had painted a lioness on the drum (The lion being my spirit animal and also representative of courage). My husband waited in the car and although he is not a visibly spiritual man, honoured my ritual. As I began to drum with the sun coming up, I felt a tremendous heart expansion and a release of all fear and negativity. It was so intense, I began to cry and continued to do so for the remainder of our trip down the mountain. I felt a huge wave of forgiveness and gratitute for having been given the opportunity to live in these times, and the love between humanity and the Mother was enormous. There was no one else up there and I thought it would have been pretty crowded, but I found out that a group had gone up later on in the morning to be there for 11:11.
It was a profound and powerful experience and although we must all work together for the good of the planet, the message that I got was that we must all start with our own individual bring to the 'group' a grounded and fear-less sense of healing and unity.
Much aloha to all, and happy birthday to those that celebrated their entrance onto the planet on that special day.

Paula Nurse

Starseed Beads & Gems
P. O. Box 3308
Honoka'a, HI 96727

Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999
Subject: thanks

Hi's Lynne Ericksson here. It's been a long time since we've been in contact. I just spent a few hours with Ed Elkin in LA and it brought you freshly to mind again. So I thought I'd say hello and a big thanks for all the communication you send out. I know it's a lot of work and I wanted you to know that you are appreciated. I'm especially grateful today for all the magnificent crop circle photos!!! WOW!!! They're more amazing each year.

I was in Oregon with my sisters for the eclipse. We went to the coast, got up at 3am and sat at the ocean for 2 hours "tuning in" with everyone. It was a very sweet experience and I'm sure it all makes a big difference. With my nature being prone to anxiety, I HAVE to look at the bright, positive side of that's where I'm focusing my attention. I know the near future will bring many changes but I visualize a positive, life-enhancing outcome from these transformations. And then I pray I'm right! :-)

Be well my friend...and again thanks for all you love and concern for everyone.

Much love, Lynne

From: "Ben Lovegrove" <>
Subject: Suggested link
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999

Fountain International is a
network, based on an idea that
really works. The concept is that
communities - like people -
suffer from dis-ease and may be
healed. This 'community healing'
will affect people, places and
ultimately the Planet. Every
person can now play their part in
the improvement of the quality
of their lives and their own area.
Explore our web site to find out


Please forward this message to your contacts

Dear Potential Participant,

Here's an invitation to have some fun!!!Ö please join us at

(September 21-24, 1999)

This is an invitation to a gathering of Great Spirits, Hearts and Minds who
are being called to organize and prepare for The 2001 Summit on Spirituality
& Sustainability which will take place in Vancouver in September of 2001.
Our vision - to bring together 2001 leaders in business, politics,
government, science, health, education, the arts and the major spiritual
traditions from around the world is happening! And we want you to share in
the opportunity to create The 2001 Summit!

The Summit will address spirituality or consciousness as the real issue
underlying sustainability and all of the economic and social challenges we
have created. Ultimately it is by accessing the human spirit and the Divine
or Universal Energy that the love, compassion and creative genius will come
to resolve the social and environmental challenges facing us. The 2001
Summit is a celebration of our accomplishments past, present and future and
will continue to plant the seeds for world peace through inner peace. This
event will serve to energize people in ways that will manifest their full
potential as human and cosmic divine beings.

You are invited to participate to the first international organizing meeting
for The 2001 Summit on Spirituality and Sustainability. It will take place
from September 21-24, 1999 on Bowen Island (just north of the city of
Vancouver), British Columbia, Canada at Xenia a lovely quiet retreat centre
that is infused with the peace of nature. We are inviting people like yourself, people of goodwill from the various sectors of business, government,
politics, health, education, communication, religion and the arts, people
who are individually and collectively committed to unfolding the next steps
of Spirit/Chi/God /Allah/Goddess/Higher Source/ the Universe's plan to bring
their best ideas for The 2001 Summit on Spirituality and Sustainability.

Together at the organizing meeting we will talk about what we want for the
Summit and for our world and BE our own resources. We will establish new
exciting connections and relationships between people, groups, nations and
the Earth as we organize for the Summit! Please feel free to post this
on a web-site or to send this invitation to others in your networks who
might be interested.

Hope to see you here in September!

In Spirit, Love and Light,
Ellen Hayakawa,

The Centre for Spirituality and Sustainability
and The Vancouver Organizing Committee of
The 2001 Summit on Spirituality and Sustainability

Ellen Hayakawa <>,


From: "Ron Baker" <>
Subject: WorldWide Meditation: Emergence of the World Soul
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999


We, at Children of Light, are writing to share another exciting opportunity. This one is called WorldWide Meditation: Emergence of the World Soul. The WorldWide Meditations we have planned in the past have been coordinated with the planetary initiations of Ascension that we have been experiencing since January, 1997. It is now time for the next initiation and meditation.

On Saturday, September 18, 1999 at 10pm Universal Time (6pm Eastern NY) we have another opportunity to serve one another in a powerful way.

These Ascension initiations have been introduced through the Christ model, though they are not singular to any religion or group. Archangel Gabriel has simply introduced them in this way, for these energy accelerations are allowing us as a planet to experience the same healing process that the one Jesus demonstrated nearly 2000 years ago.

The previous initiations have included the Birth, the Baptism and the Transfiguration on the Mount in 1997, followed by the Renunciation/Crucifixion and the Cocooning (representing the three days in the tomb) in 1998. We now move to the Resurrection initiation.


The energy for this Resurrection initiation will begin to build on August 11. It will then combine with a feminine/Goddess vortex of energy from the star Sirius. These energies will join and pour into the Earth.

Just as each of us downloads energy through the crown chakra and then into our bodies, our planet will do the same thing to integrate these energies. These healing energies will move down through the planetary chakras until they are grounded fully into her first chakra. This chakra is located in Lhasa, Tibet, which will be the focal point of the meditation.

We, Ron Baker and Robert Baker, will be leading a group of people to be in Tibet for this initiation. We are writing to ask each of you to join with us in meditation, wherever you are located, so that we may all create another powerful day of healing for Earth and for one another. By joining together on September 18 at the appropriate time for your location and time zone, you play an important role in grounding these energies. In this way, we will form a band of energy around the planet, working together to raise the consciousness of our world.

Gabriel tells us that we have all created a healing impact for the previous initiations. The numbers for the last meditation apparently reached higher than 12 million people. In order to make September 18 the most healing yet, we need your help to pass the word. We ask that you forward this Email to your friends. Refer them to the web site at Children of Light for more details and information.

We thank you all for your help and look forward to joining with you on September 18!


Ron Baker and Robert Baker


The members of GEM meditate, at noon, every day, or when ever you can,
wherever you are. Each member meditates in whatever way they feel most
comfortable. You can meditate as briefly or as long as you like. That means
that every day, for twenty-four hours, there is a "wave" of positive,
healing, light and energy, circling the globe as each of us meditates at
noon, where we live:-)) There are now many people on every continent all
around the earth joining together each day as members of GEM:-))

I usually keep a brief moment for World Peace Prayer: "May Peace Prevail on
Earth" every day at noon. You are welcome to join in that too! Essentially
each of us is praying or meditating for the benefit of all beings in
whatever way feels best to us. Please continue to keep up the good work
and may health and happiness be with you now and always:-)) Thank You:-))

To subscribe to GEM-Meditation please go to:

CHECK ALSO: News from August 11th:
Beyond Meditation into Global Acts of Vibrational Intent