March 20, 1999

Subject: Second series of feedbacks on the Call for a Global Peace Vigil

Hello everyone

Brace yourself for another eye-full assortment of mind-opening material. The first one below wetted my eyes real good. See my various responses and comments below and take heart. We are going to make a heaven of a difference!

Love to you all

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

From: "Kim Baker" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999
Subject: Re: Evidence Webpage Intro - feedback from South Africa

Dear Jean,

I read through all of what you have compiled, together
with your heart-stirring call for a Peace Vigil.

Let me deal with the "Dark" side first, before dealing
with the "Light" side.

Here in South Africa, things are extremely turbulent, and
despite any spin-doctoring, racism has never been more
rife, crime, murder, and civilian unrest is at an
all-time high. Hatred is rampant, many have cold hearts,
and cynicism abounds. Those who are not cynical tend
to be profiting, there is too much corruption. Apart
from the outer forms of all this (corruption, management
abuses, fraud - Alan Boesak just recently found guilty
of fraud, etc) - the *underlying* spiritual manifestation
is one of heartlessness, mean-spiritedness, no care,
love or respect for ones self, other people, or the environment.
People drive on the roads like crazed maniacs, daily there
are reports of unnecessary deaths through reckless driving.
Farmers are being brutally murdered daily. The environment is
being shamelessly abused, without even any pretence at concern...I
could go on and on, but that is enough to outline that part.

A small elite is enjoying the new South Africa, just as a small elite
enjoyed the old apartheid South Africa. In short, nothing has changed
for the people on the ground, many are homeless, jobless, and
in poverty. Only those in power are enjoying the change. Social
inequality and injustice prevails. That is the reality on one level.


On another level, technology is being imposed on the people, we
cannot vote in the next election without having a bar-coded ID,
being finger-printed, and so on. Just recently, Telkom (the
telecommunications monopoly in South Africa) announced that very
soon the "smart card" and a cashless society will be introduced,
and BECAUSE OF THE HIGH CRIME RATE, it will be more secure to
implant these cards, in microchip form, under the skin of the
right hand. They demonstrated how a bar-code reader would be run
over the front of the hand, and one could then buy and sell.
(I was left wondering if they had GOT the idea from the Bible's
"Revelations", or if they are unaware that they are fulfilling
that paragraph....). They also demonstrated how one can then
be monitored completely, as to what building you are in, etc.
This was on the TV program called "In Touch", screened on SATV
last Sunday at 5.30 pm.

In short, what I sense is that the crime rate has been deliberately
stimulated, not checked, left to run rampant, to make people
fearful, revengeful, and VERY willing to accept something like
an implanted chip, if that's what it will take to reduce crime.
Already, they have started implanting the chip into prisoners and
animals, as test cases.

America's sudden "great concern" for Africa, the training of masses
of troops in Africa, led by the US Government, and assisted by
the South African National Defence Force (called "Operation Blue
Crane"), allegedly for "peacekeeping", in the context of what you
have presented to us, Jean, suddenly starts to make sense. I perceive
a certain elect within the ANC to be completely in allegiance with
those elements in the US government, and in complete co-operation
with them.


It's hard to see it at the moment. It's not apparent from the
outer reality of a degraded environment and degraded people abusing
themselves, their children, animals, and everything in sight, while
those in power comfortably chuckle, and enrich themselves even more,
out of sight.....

But, I personally had an epiphany a week ago....the LIGHT IS RIGHT
HERE INSIDE US. I felt it in the area of the heart chakra, and
once I "saw" it, I established a link, a link that had been broken.
Each and every one of us have it, and as long as we are "linked"
or "connected" to it, we can love, we can create, we can build in
hope. Despair only comes when we have lost that link to our OWN
INNER LIGHT. This may seem obvious to your many readers, out there
in the "lighter" parts of the world, but believe me, when one is
fully IN a state of despair, a realisation like that is permanently
life changing.

SUMMING UP: (at last!) :-)

And so, I feel that whatever outward forms the destructive forces
take, even if they take away our property, and our physical liberty,
and injure us, as long as we DO NOT LOSE THE CONNECTION TO OUR OWN
HEARTS, the Source of Love and Light, they will not win. THIS is to
be the test, because in the coming times, it IS going to be very hard
for most to keep that link. Trauma and fear tends to fixate one's
focus, and before you know it, you've lost your link.

So, the motto I'm spreading around now is:


I see your Global Peace Vigil as the ultimate "Internet", (SOME CALL THIS THE "INNERNET") where we can all link, it's free, it's real, there will be no Y2K problems, hackers, or virus's, and the Forces of Darkness cannot do anything
about it. Even if for some reason we cannot link up through the Internet anymore, we will be linked in Spirit, and in Heart, Soul, and Mind. In fact, it IS we who have the Power, for true power can only be used to spread love, hope, light, laughter, creation.

Those very small, dead-heart people who wish to control and enslave,
have managed to manipulate the international political system to
ensure that they now occupy positions of power - in most of our
governments and MNCs, to the point that I see the existing structures
as obsolete for decent people - and their only hope of survival is
if we actually fall for their lie that we have no power. They firmly
believe, as do billions, that power comes from money, military power
to crush dissidents and freedom fighters....but that is a kind of
"dead" power, it is the power one gets in Hell. Not worth having,
if the price is a Dead Heart. No. The TRUE POWER is from the heart,
from love, from spiritual awareness, and manifests in ways that those
types of power-grabbers cannot even conceive of.

Sorry, this was a bit long, but I felt it all needed to be
articulated, in this moment.

With warmest Love to you, and all who are reading this.


(Cape Town, South Africa)


Dear Kim,

The situation you describe in your country (about which I saw a few TV reports) is indeed quite despairing, but as you experienced, the living Light of Love is just a thought/feeling away. This Heart-Link IS the key and the more people experience it, the more it's gonna be easy for other like-minded/hearted people to experience the same.

And as Mel Saunders wrote (complete text entitled "Peace and The Human Potential" to be included in a forthcoming email to all):

"Change yourself and change the world" happens with each one of us every day to a greater or lesser degree with our own small or large following of people. It's always our choice as to the degree WE wish to change the world by way of our individual actions! But NEVER underestimate your own personal power and freedom to act and change the world!!

(end of quote)

This inner attitude of empowering ourselves to change the world by changing our very own experience of being/feeling/connecting with the Power of Love within that you describe is probably the most Earth-changing action we *can* each choose to take right now!

And the rest will follow most naturally as we each will adjust our priorities, actions and behaviours in line with this inner awareness. But, just like a deep-sea diver, we must never stop breathing in this aware consciousness of "being/feeling/connecting with the Power of Love within" which will become in the days, months and years to come our only Life-line to the spiritual realm of existence where we all came from.

Thanks again for sharing your "epiphany" with all of us sister ;-)

Jean Hudon




A nanowire prototype from Israel is eerily similar to one of Brinkley's prophesied events...

by Peter P.

A recent technological breakthrough by two Israeli physicists and a chemist, in which strands of DNA were incorporated into a working electronic component, is eerily similar to a prophesied event seen by psychic and author, Dannion Brinkley. Brinkley, after being struck by lightning in the mid-70s, reported having a near-death experience (NDE) in which he was shown a series of prophetic visions by what he termed "light beings."

Each vision, or set of visions, was seen in a so-called "box" which Brinkley wrote about in his 1994 bestseller, "Saved by the Light".

The Box-12 vision read, in part, "I watched as a biological engineer from the Middle East found a way to alter DNA and create a biological virus that would be used in the manufacture of computer chips."

According to Brinkley, this breakthrough would lead to the oft-prophesied miniature data-storing computer chip, placed under the skin of each human being and containing their entire life-history -- the so-called "Mark of the Beast". As Brinkley describes, without this implant, you wouldn't be able to do anything in the civilized world, enter any electronically controlled building or receive any governmental support.

In his vision he saw that this microchip, once implanted, could also kill its host by dissolving itself into a poisonous compound after receiving an electronic command the moment he or she passes near an electronic control point if that person is considered a threat in any way to the System. It was also explained that this prophecy would come to pass only if humans eventually refuse to heed the warning signs of such an impending world dictature and do nothing to prevent it.

The nanoelectronic breakthrough, by Technion-Israel Institute of Technology researchers, is described as a nanowire prototype. It consists of two gold electrodes, linked by a chemically-bound synthesized DNA strand 'scaffolding' with attached silver grains used to pass a current.

It is an almost threefold improvement over existing technology used to make computer chips and the researchers speculate this can be used to make computer memories.

"Brinkley's Box 12"; vision was prophesied for the late 1990s.


From: "Kim Baker" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999
Subject: Re feedback from South Africa

Dear Jean,

This was a feedback received to the piece I wrote on South Africa:

Dear Kim,

This is a WONDERFUL piece.

My concern is that what's happening in SA now could be happening
anywhere in the world in a short amount of time due to dropping
out spiritual essentials from awareness and lack of the necessities
of life, and/or political/military chaos. It's a fine line and
slippery slope to just what you describe. Yet we all have the
key to healing within, even those who have nothing in the world,
all political leaders and military have the same.

Much love,


From: "Dr. RA-Ja & Prof. Moi-RA Dove" <>
Subject: Re: Call for a Global Peace Vigil
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999

Dearest Jean,


You have managed to put into written form the thoughts and feelings of all
true global lightworkers especially during this time!

We would appreciate very much that we can reprint your material (with some
editing - no changes of words - just some deletions where necessary) to fit
into an article in our upcoming issue of the AQUARIAN PERSPECTIVES JOURNAL
distributed on newsstands, and by private subscripion world-wide.

We will include full credits and give your web-site and email contact

Anything else we can do for you, please to let us know!

Blessings to you in all you do!

Ommmmmm mitakuye oyas'

Dr. RA-Ja Maitreya-dhana Dove/Prof. Moi-RA Mar-E Dove

Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999
From: Roger Miles <>
Subject: Re: Call for a Global Peace Vigil in Elohim Journal

Hi jean,

I am honoured that you take time to correspond. Thanks.

Absolutely Yes to your message - it fits so perfectly into the Transition
edition of the Journal.

Whether the issue is Y2K or the changes that are being forcast for 9/9/99
or the Grand Cross, or earth changes - it matters not. These are all
external perspectives of how we are viewing ourselves. They all need to be
treated with the same formula that you describe.

Interesting that there are so many scenarios - all affecting different
segments of the population. No boundaries and no separation. Earth
changes for the spiritual, technological crash for the technical - it's all
there for each one of us. We have the ability to defuse each issue if we
recognise that the problem we perceive is within - here I go again - you
know this stuff.

One last thing - let's keep a sense of humour and smile - it is only a
wondrous game and what is the worst that can happen?

I am really pleased to have made contact with you. Thank you for being


Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999
Subject: Re: Evidence Webpage Intro

Dear Jean,

Are you aware of the work of John Pilger and David Icke? John Pilger is a
respected British journalist who has written a 700-page tome on the New World
Order and the threat it poses. It is the product of 20 years of research.
Pilger is very cautious and doesn't write down anything that he can't
absolutely document. Nonetheless, if only 10% of what he says is true, it can
be very scary.

David Icke is also a very careful journalist who does his homework and
documents everything, though for some he loses a lot of credibility when he
states that evil aliens from the fourth dimension are behind the whole thing.
This all may be true, for all I know, but as a writer myself I question the
wisdom of putting it into such a book if you want people to take it seriously.
Nonetheless, if you set that aside, his book "And the Truth Shall Make you
Free" is an eye-opener.

However, Icke also states that the New World Order is weakening, partly
because of the growing Unity among those on the Path of Light. Look at what
this newsgroup has accomplished! I'll never forget participating in the
global meditation to stop war in Iraq -- and it stopped! How strong was the
influence of the global meditation? We'll never really know for sure. All I
can say is that it certainly didn't hurt! And don't forget all the emails to
save the whales from sonar experiments -- and the experiments were (at least
temporarily) stopped!

We know better now than to believe anything government tells us. I have been
watching on the History Channel (for the third time) the documentary series
called THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY. It's scary! How can we believe anything
that government feeds us anymore?

Your prior emails about fear are right on the mark. We have to realize that
knowledge is power. If we know that there is a chance, for example, that 10%
of what John Pilger and David Icke tell us is true, then, rather than letting
it scare us to death, we can use that knowledge to our advantage. A recent
example: According to Icke, Bill Clinton was the golden boy of the New World
Order -- who betrayed them by becoming all too popular with the people and all
too capable of responding to that popularity by actually considering their
interests! So they decided to get him out of office. This happened once
before, with the Kennedys, who were expected to follow the dictates of the
global conspiracy by doing what their dad wanted. However, when J. P. Kennedy
had his stroke, John and Robert followed their hearts and got ethical --
betraying the interests of those who put them in office. The New World Order
assassinated them -- but BECAUSE the people of the world are aware of the
existence of a powerful global network of megalomaniacs, the use of another
convenient patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald wouldn't be any too wise, so to get
Clinton, the Network used Kenneth Starr to trump up charges based on a
ridiculous peccadillo which admittedly was, if nothing else, a dumb thing to

So what happens? The country -- in fact, the world -- unites behind President
Clinton and uses the power of the vote to keep him in office! One newsgroup I
belong to, called "We won't forget," has raised no less than 13 million
dollars for a campaign to vote everyone out of office in 2000 who pushed for
impeachment -- and contributions keep coming in.

As we used to say in the 60's: Power to the people! And knowledge of such
possibilities as you outline in your email is power. We need to keep
exchanging such knowledge as it comes to us -- not so that we can hide in our
basements and tremble with fear, but so we can take steps to offset any action
others might take to subvert our best interests. Then we can create a world
of peace and harmony among all life forms -- which is basically the dream of
all on this newsgroup.

Onward and upward!

Mary Devlin



Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999
From: Palden Jenkins <>

In calling for a peace vigil - an honourable thing which I support in
principle - just make sure that that peace is not the peace of suppression
of the issues which need working out in the world. To me, it's not peace
that we need, as such (although that's important). What we need is what
the Council of Nine called 'forwardness', which is progressive resolution
of the issues which benight us - and sometimes a showdown is necessary for
this to happen. The issue is whether humanity learns from its lessons.
Think of all the dysfunctional families many of us have grown up in, which
nominally were at peace and did all the right things to look as if they
were a family - when in fact there was strife and dissent going on under
the surface, for future generations to work out! Is it the case, in some
people, that praying for peace actually involves a suppression of true
healing? My prayer is for forwardness - in whatever manifestations are
needed to find the quickest, deepest and most effective route to total
world transformation and healing. Without illness, healing is only
sometimes found.



From: "Patti Jeane Spencer" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999
Subject: Re: PAN ALERT - Call for a Global Peace Vigil


I would also like permission to publish on my website "Gathering of
the Eagles" which will be back up after 1st of month. And
I think it was totally wonderful and I passed it on to my mailing list and
have had some to write they were going to be involved. I'll send
another note around they can join your mailing list it you'll give me the
way they can do it. This is also my desire, to gather those together to
send Light for planet earth. I am also an experiencer and writer for
higher extraterrestrial intelligences. I am doing a column for the 5th
World Journal CE-IVContact Forum and I will be interviewing
different ones that have something to say for the betterment of planet
earth and I would like to talk with you later, perhaps by phone, for an
article on your work. I am a published metaphysical writer from the
60's but right now all my incentive is toward bringing not only earth
peace but universal peace with our Star Friends that are helping us in
our endeavors on earth that we came here to do.

May the Light of Lights shine upon your work,

Patti Jeane Spencer

P.S. Also someone asked: "Also, from what I understood in your message this is
an ongoing vigil for the next few months? Or, is there a specific date
and time for this vigil?" It is indeed intended to be for the next few
months whenever people want or feel called to join in.


A list for positive contactees as well as other paranormal
encounters to freely share and discuss their experiences without
harassment: To join:

Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999
Subject: Re: Call for a Global Peace Vigil

Jean -

Thank you for sending me this message again. I was so touched after I read it
the first time and so was a friend I shared it with. As a new member of PAN I
am grateful to be receiving these kinds of encouraging messages. And will
look forward to seeing your website. I will have to tell you too that I got
goose bumps reading your message as just a few days before I got it, a message
came through to me during a meditation that was incredibly similar. I haven't
put it on the PAN Network, but wanted to share it with you. Don't exactly know
who I connected with but it was incredible.

Blessings of Light - Christine Kennedy


"We are of the light of ages past and creations past that are the link to your
understanding and evolvement. We are here to assist you in bringing the light
in, in carrying forth the work... We are the beings of love and light, here
to assist you and the whole planet - those who wish to be assisted. We carry
the imprint or encoding of love and light from far dimensions. We are here to
assist you, to awaken you and the many - to bring awareness into the heart -
the enduring place of light and love. We are ready to bring form to your
plane - a different form - different vibration. Cling to what is light, to
what brings light. All other forms don't matter, are not consequential. The
only form that matters is light - the Essence of the form that creates light
as you know it. Keep the heart vibration clear. Keep working on this. We
are expecting a major shift soon in the area of polarity of the earth plane.
We will be warning many of this and you will hear/know. [Four days later I got
your email message on the peace vigil!!!] Be at peace, all is well."


"Much is occurring in many realms that creates the shift in your plane. We
wish to convey that this shift is a necessary planetary alignment of all
forces - a culmination, if you will, into other planetary alignment with the
cosmos and beyond. We are preparing all who make themselves ready, available;
all who are ready. Many will be involved in this shift that will change the
earth's configuration and destiny. Many will see what has never been seen,
and what is to occur; for the transmission that creates light. The time of
excitement is here as the completion of all things is at hand..... Peace &
Tranquility will rain/reign. Much to anticipate. Much to prepare for in all
realms of existence. We are to serve you, to bring you all into completeness."

Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999
From: Fay Lindley Taylor <>
Subject: Re: Evidence Webpage Intro + Feedbacks on the Call for a Global PeaceVigil

Thanks for all the work and information generation. Canada has civilian detention centres in Northern Alberta and Northern Quebec. Canada's Emergency Planning Order, put through as an Order In Council right after the October Crisis as a replacement for the War Measures Act, is just as devious as the U.S. ones. This Order appeared in Canada's Media for one news slot and then was immediately pulled. It was discussed in more detail in the Alberta Report, but never discussed in the House of Commons. It is not well known even among government bureaucrats in Ottawa.


From: "boudewijn Wegerif" <>
Subject: Follow Up on
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999

Dear Family and Friends,

A few days ago I wrote to many of you, under A Time to Pray, about the
information that Jean Hudon, the Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator, has
been working on. Now I am able to advise all of you that the information
has been posted at

Jean has written about this to the 1,000-strong Earth Rainbow Network
e-mail group:

"After reviewing lots of information and pondering all this material, I
came to the conclusion that a plan exists to forcefully take over the
fake democracy in America and establish a fascist technodictature that
would make the Hitlerian Nazism pale in comparison. I am aware that such
a bold and outragous assertion is bound to cause waves and make a lot of
people uncomfortable about such a possibility. My intent is not to scare
anyone nor to trigger a revolution. As a concerned citizen of this world
and someone who has been campaining for peace and a healthier
environment for nearly 20 years, I believe we are entering a period of
heightened turbulence fraught with great dangers, but also pregnant with
immense possibilities for the spiritual liberation of humanity."

I, Boudewijn, want to add: We are not dealing with a conspiracy THEORY
here but FACTS, facts that Jean Hudon may not have pieced together into
quite the picture that the dark forces have in mind, but facts
nevertheless pointing to a dark future through which we must carry the
light of prayer and a commitment to truth and justice.

For love and truth,


Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999
From: Heather Hill Bed & Breakfast <>
Subject: Evidence for the Need of Global Peace Vigil

Mr. Hudon:

Read your manuscript Evidence for the Need ..... and it scared the hell
out of me. If these things that you describe are happening or going to
happen, why aren't our Congress, scientists, leaders, state police,
local police , on and on know about it and do something. I can believe
what you are saying, but I cannot believe good leaders and good people
are doing nothing about it. Comment please.

David Nicklas


From: "Joan Adamak" <>
Subject: Bilderberg conference
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999

Dear Jean:

It is so easy to spread rumors which take root over the years and the rumor perpetuates itself and one can never find any evidence to back it up. In this instance, after having read the report on the Bilderberg conference which allegedly took place in 1996, do you personally know that this took place, where, and who was there? Taylor Caldwell aluded to something like this in one of her books, but one can never establish that these meetings took place or who the members are. I am not challenging you--but only sincerely asking the question.


Joan Adamak


Dear Joan

Thanks for your comment. It is indeed impossible to personally verify such information as you correctly concluded. However I've read at lenght about this covert organization in a number of books from various unrelated sources who all point to the existence of such an elite group of (nowaday) approximately 300 people that was founded by the first megarich people (aka, Rockefeller, Rostchild, Morgan & Cie) with the intent of one day extending its control over the entire world - in short, the usual megalomaniac quest for the ultimate power, the I-wanna-be-the-king-of-the-world syndrome that has plagued this planet for centuries. If you never heard about the Trilateral Commission and other such offshoots of their efforts, then I understand it can be hard to believe in such ploys. But then it is "normal" that most people are utterly unaware of these stealth organizations and plans because they have been operating in the most complete secrecy, manipulating all the governments of the world (whose "elected" leaders are mere pawns in their plans), remote-controlling the world economy and deliberately fostering wars and financing both sides of the war divide (helping and arming both the Hitler regime and the Allies, the Bolchevik regime and the Western alliance against the Reds and even now helping the Chinese Communists get stronger economically and allowing them access to the latest nuclear technologies developed in Los Alamos and making sure no one makes too many waves against this technology transfer -- see this week Times magazine article on this - to make sure they have an edge if and when World War III gets underway).

And don't expect to read anything about this elite group in the mainstream newsmedia of the world which are all owned and controlled by them - I personally know journalists who told me that if they try to cover certains topics, they can be sure their story won't be published or aired and they risk losing their job. It's an even more subtle and cunning disinformation system than the old Pravda-style Soviet regime control of the media in USSR. At least Russian people *knew* that they were being fed propaganda and falsities. Here nearly nobody knows that and almost no one cares anyway because so many are caught up in the survival rat-race to "earn a living" (slavery under another disguise to me), felt completely into the trap of the money-driven consumer and materialistic society, have been brainwashed from their childhood to believe in the sacred tenets of the capitalistic economic system adoring the supreme mighty dollar and are willing to do almost anything to jump on the gravy train bandwagon. And all this while billions of people (mostly in the poor South countries) are living a miserable life to assemble for a pitiful wage the products of the Wall Marts, Sears and Reebooks of this world and serve the 20% of the world population that consume 80% of the ressources of the planet and while a mere 300 multibillionairy human beings have managed to own and control over half the world wealth and are quickly grabbing the rest.

So if you still doubt the possibility of the facts mentioned in the report on the Bilderberg conference ( and if those reading this have not seen it yet, it is posted at ), as for me I don't. Simply look at the current news with Nato just about to massively airstrike Yugoslavia - as they planned - to trigger a wider Balkan conflict and you'll see that what is in this report is for real.

And that was my sincere response.

Peace, Joy and Harmony to you

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World
War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

-- Albert Einstein